im not very good but i wanted to try


This is an Angst with prompt 64- “Did they hurt you”. Im not very good with blood scenes yet and I felt like there are so many torture scene that I wanted to try something new. 

Warnings um idk i guess screaming 

Edited by @winter-patrick

“Newt, I don’t think it’s a good idea to leave your case unguarded like this.” Newt and Jacob were already climbing into the case while you stood outside. 

“Y/n, everything will be fine. Its 2am in New York, I highly doubt someone will come along at this hour.“ You’re still hesitant and fiddled with your hands. 

“And Y/n, the Erumpent will need your help.” Sighing, you step into the case and close the lid. 

You were tending to the Erumpent when you heard a knock at the case. Your heartbeat got quicker as your thoughts began to race. Newt opened the case and stepped out, you followed, and then Jacob. You were met with the face of Tina and many unknown faces. 

“Is that Scamander, Theseus Scamander, the war hero?“ 

“No, it’s his little brother.“ You hear people murmuring. 

“Mr. Scamander, tell me, which one of your creatures did this?” Madame Picquery asked pointing to the floating body. You gasped at the marks on the No-Maj’s face. 

“That’s not one of my creatures, those marks, this was an Obscurus.” Gasps ripples through the faces of the room. 

“You go too far, Mr. Scamander, there are no Obscuruses in New York. Graves, impound his case!” Newt’s case flies from the ground and into Graves’ hand. 

“Don’t hurt my creatures. Please, they’re not dangerous. They’re not dangerous!” Guards drag you, Newt and Tina away. 

Newt continues to beg for his creatures’ safety. It breaks your heart, hearing such desperation in his voice. You’re put into a cold cell. You hear Tina apologizing, you understand, she never meant for this to happen. 

“What’s an Obscurus, Obscurial thing?” you hear Jacob ask. 

Newt proceeds to tell the story of the 8-year-old girl you two met in Sudan. You block him out, the story makes you too emotional. A banging makes you refocus, 

“We’re here for Y/n L/n.” Newt stands in front of you protectively 

“Why?” he questions. 

“That’s none of your business.” They grab you and drag you to an interrogation room, Newts yelling can be heard in the distance. 

“Now, you’ve been traveling with Mr. Scamander for… 5 years now?” 

“Yes, that’s correct.” 

“Now, why would someone as smart as you travel with a Hogwarts drop-out?” 

“Because, Mr. Graves, protecting these beasts are important, something every wizard should know that.”

 “What about these creatures are important? They are dangerous, and the wizards should know. Now tell me. Which beasts did that to the No-Maj?” 

“Mr. Graves, you can try to interrogate me all you want, if this is what you call interrogation. But These. Animals. Are. Not. Dangerous.” Your blood boils at the accusations. He doesn’t know these beasts. 

“That’s all, take them to the next room. You may not be helpful here, but we can use you for something else.” You’re placed into a chair and held down. 

You hear Newt and Graves talking in the next room. Newt sounds as passionate as you about his creatures.Suddenly, one of the guards puts his wand up to your temple. He takes a silvery substance from your head. 

“We can’t actually make you scream in pain, but that doesn’t mean we can’t trick Scamander into thinking you’re hurt,” he gives you a devilish smile before performing some complicated spells. 

Suddenly, your scream echoes from his wand. You here Newt begging Graves to stop hurting you. You desperately wanted to call out to Newt, saying you were okay, but they cast a silence charm. You can hear his voice crack as he continues to plead. You hear chairs shuffling and sobbing. 

“You’ve been sentenced to death, for aiding and abetting a criminal, L/n.” You stand up carefully, in a burst of rage, you elbow the guard in the nose and kick him in the nuts. 

You point that guard’s wand to the other one and knocked him out. Grabbing the keys, you unlock your cuffs and run to find Newt and Tina. Turning a corner, you run head first into Queenie and Jacob. 

“Oh, Y/N, sweetie. Are you okay?” She pulls you into a hug. 

“Come, we must find Tina and Newt.” A few minutes later, you run into them. Newt rushes to hug you but you stop him, 

“In the case, now!” All of you get into the case and Queenie takes the case. Inside, Newt runs to you checking all over for injuries. 

“D-did they hurt you?” “Newt, I’m okay, I’m okay, I promise,” you place your hand on his cheek and wipe away his tears. 

“B-but I heard you screaming, a-and crying and I got so worried.” 

“T-they used a spell, they pulled my memory from when I broke my arm. They didn’t do anything to me, I promise.” He pulls you into a hug and continues to cry. 

You start crying too, seeing Newt like this, it just destroyed you. You rub his back until he stops crying, looking up at you with red eyes he smiles. 

“I love you so much, Y/n.” 

“I-I love you too, Newt.

I hope y’all enjoyed that. Night

but it’s like-
the night throbs in my veins sometimes
and i don’t know what to do with this energy?
it isn’t my heart, no, not that, not anything known,
but it flows like blood would and i want to leap out of the window-
i want to meet the stars / i want to tell them that the night
isn’t the darkest place that i’ve been but even when i’m there
somehow starlight still guides me.

l.s. | it flows like blood would © 2017

i wish i can take my life into full control. be able to do absolutely everything without this sense of being controlled or stopped by anyone. i know im only 18 and im “young” but i think i’ve lived enough at least to know that bad things happen to good people and that good people are sometimes able to change some bad people and i think i learnt what it was like to love myself so much to fight for the one i love so much despite everything. i believe that faith pushes two people together it makes them stick, it makes them want each other. i know we are young but sometimes the best love happens young, its not dumb young love because its raw and real and sometimes very messy and when all goes bad we still feel the good. i mean its real for me i’ve been in fake love before it makes you want to die and you try to convince yourself its love but its not. im not convincing myself i live it, its beautiful. its like waking up and feeling you there, its missing you and wanting to do everything this world will ever allow me to do with you. love is supposed to be real and raw, i dont have to say it for us to fucking feel it constantly in our bones and running through our veins. today made me realize that something life changing can happen at any given second, i still cannot imagine how id live if you were not around, i love you in every single way possible, its real because for us there has never been anyone else, its always been us even if we force ourselves to fake otherwise we cant do it. i may only be 18 and write over the top poems but theres no way to romanticize the love i have for you its just the realest thing and it makes my body warm and my mind at ease and maybe my head just fits perfectly on your chest and my arms wrap around your neck just right, your nose is the most perfect facial feature my eyes have ever seen on anyone. i think i fall in love with you a bit more each day, not just with you but with us, im in love with the way we help eachother grow and change for the better, i love us for how we fix eachothers faults, i love us for how beautiful we are together. i cant explain how i feel, i can just show you in every single way possible.

rises from my grave hello friends it’s me mario did you all forget about me yet 😭💦

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anyway i know its cheesy to say this but tbh if ur writing fic that isnt like great but ur constantly experimenting with styles and trying new things you. are doing something very important. even if u fail with styles and fics then tbh?? ur failures are more important than ur successes. the fact that u are willing to expand and to try even if u fail…..well thats the sign of a great writer if ya ask me. so seeing people like that and seeing their works in the tag just feels very refreshing to me. im so excited for new talent and i want to see u all grow 

the biggest sign of a bad writer is someone who never goes far beyond their comfort zone and someone who never challenges themself. the fact that u are out there and doing that means u have the heart of a good writer, u just need to polish up ur talents. u will get there eventually and i wholeheartedly support u every step of the way

anyway like. dont attack people who are upset that they were full-out queerbaited by bbc sherlock. this was very deep queerbaiting. so many characters in this series are queer-coded (villains and main characters). 

these arent fangirls crying because their ‘OTP’ was stomped on. these are queer people who were led right up to potential representation and then had it thrown in their faces. and im really tired of people trying to brush it off as something else. 


so at school were doing an “interaction” assignment, and one of the options was a slap / kick / fight. and i wanted to try out saitama and genos from One punch Man. all those traces are me trying to learn the models, figure out anatomy and so forth.

so at first I thumbnailed and roughed a very basic boring animation of saitama teaching genos to slap, which i decided was not good enough and didnt serve the show justice. whats the point of using characters from such a dynamic action series if Im not using them properly?

then i made the gif at the bottom, more fitting for such an amazing series. this is WIP, hopefully i get to clean up by the end of next week!

hey howdy wassup

hi yall just poppin in to say that if you like my art a lot you should commission me, and here are some good reasons why

  • i am disabled and find it very hard to work, im trying to raise money to see a psychiatrist and get treatment so i can move on with my life and make a real living
  • im also a trans guy who wants to transition and any little bit towards my top surgery fund helps
  • im tryin to get into the habit of streaming regularly so that i can launch a patreon next month! getting commissioned would give me more reason to stream regularly
  • once im in the habit of regular streaming and i launch my patreon, my commission prices will change, some will be less expensive, some will be more expensive, and there will be fewer slots, the next month or so is the only time to get them at the prices they’re at.

this is my commission information currently
this is my art tag
these are commissions ive done

things people submit
  • Aries: I get so frustrated when people waste my time taking their time. Like "let's get a move on people, there's only so many hours the sun is out!!"
  • Taurus: I hate how I love routine to the point where Im not able to leave a toxic relationship. My stubbornness wont let me give up on someone I love even though I know they are no good for me.
  • Gemini: There's a distinctive flaw in my personality - it's ever changing. I can't even decide what style I want to wear. One day I'll wear all black and the next I'll wear flower crowns and floral clothes. My personality changes like my dress sense does.
  • Cancer: It's true that we are very sensitive, but we can keep our emotions for us without showing anyone. It's weird because we always try to show our toughness but yet people say we are sweet and kind but when we are alone we can count on just our strength, yet often I wish people didn't confuse our kindness with weakness.
  • Leo: I am constantly in need of attention. Not only from my boyfriend, but from all of my friends. I crave people falling in love with me. Nothing is more devastating to me than being a second choice.
  • Virgo: I'm really needy I wilt without attention from my close friends but I feel like I'm bothering everyone when I want to talk about my problems because I'm so used to doing the helping. Then I feel selfish for wanting help in return.
  • Libra: A lot of people tell me Im pretty and forget my intelligence. I feel like ppl care more about the physical than whats inside. Ive been told many times that ppl were surprised Im also smart because I look pretty. That depresses me.
  • Scorpio: I find that I like to have control of things, so I often take the place as the leader of the group, and when I am not I have very strong opinions on things and express them without a filter, and often take the place as a co-leader, I also find that it is easy to tell people what to do.
  • Sagittarius: It's true clingy people do annoy me. If you bother to stop me from having fun I will immediately drop my smile and give you the scariest death stare you've ever scene. Stop me from exploring places where adventure lies ahead and you'll be next on my kill list.
  • Capricorn: I come off as aloof, cold and shy when in reality I'm just at peace, observing. I'm afraid this trait of mine will push people away and that they find me boring, arrogant or stuck up. I want love but I'm afraid of vulnerability.
  • Aquarius: I don't like people that don't know how to keep a conversation going it annoys me on a level that is extreme because if ur awkward then I'm gonna get awkward and there's gonna be a uncomfortable silence. No.
  • Pisces: I am constantly torn between everything in life. One day I think I want my life to be stable and become a normal upper middle class citizen then the next I want to run away to a strange place with nothing but a camera. It's this way with everything in my life.

Joker x reader

warnings: none except out of character Joker
requested by @keya168
description: You’re pregnant with J’s baby, and he doesnt handle your excessive needs well.

PS. this is a new kind of imagine that im trying, sorry if its not exactly what you wanted.

A/N: im sorry everythings taking so long, guys…im not in a very good place rn, im busy and exhausted and slightly depressed. sorry if stuff is slow.



The sound of hurried footsteps up the stairs.

“Is it now!" 

"Can I have ice cream?”

“…but you just had a cheeseburger-”


“Okay, dollface. Relax, I’ll be right back.”

Footsteps down the stairwell.


Footsteps up the stairs again.


“With pickles on top?”

“Oh God, darlin…”

“Pretty please?

”*sigh* Anything for you…“

Retreating footsteps.


Somewhat slower footsteps once again coming up the stairwell.


“…can I have some grilled cheese too, babe?”

“Y/N, I haven’t even gotten your goddamn pickled ice cream yet.”

“Please, baby?”


Footsteps down the hallway.


“That’s it! What could you possibly want now, woman!”

“*trembling lip* I just wanted snuggles after you were done…”

“Oh…I’m sorry, baby, I promise I’ll snuggle with you. Just let me make your food, all right?”

“*sniffle* All right.”

Fading footsteps down the stairs again.

“Hey J!!!!”

Sighing from downstairs.

“I’m calling Harley.”

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how did u get started with art? i love ur works,, i really feel motivated lately , i've never tried drawing before or anything (tried taking a class but it got shut down :( ) now im a bit older, and i want to draw as well as u but idk where to start,,tbh im just interested in painting and not so much in works w pencils n such ah maybe thats bad lol

my mom is an artist and shes definitly what got me started!! i have a lot of good memories of being very young playing with legos in the studio while she painted.. she also started teaching kid’s art classes outta our home when i was in like 5th grade, since then ive had access to a huge variety of art materials, trying out as much stuff as possible to see what you like is very beneficial… i wouldnt say pencils etc. are easier than painting but are certainly more accessible and faster? even if you want to be a painter, you learn a ton through experimentation you couldnt teach yourself through just one medium.. ive definitely settled on watercolor and pencils but doing other stuff helped teach me how to do what i know now. my main advice is to do as much art as you can using different tools and concepts as you can, i hope you find something you really like!!!! paint is personally the hardest medium for me but i also think its one of the most beautiful.. using good oil paint is wonderful, color blends unlike anything else, its very therapeutic if not frustrating

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Hello! I wanted to drop by and say that I love your OC's! Noah is definitely my favorite and I look forward to seeing more of him. Hope you have a wonderful day.

knowing that you like him already made my day very wonderful i’m so happy 🌷

(here he is, trying hard to hide his crush… but obviously failing)

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Fucking do speed paints you sack of golden shit you're too good. mother fucker. Don't ask rhetorical questions like "is my art good enough that people would want to s-" to which everyone would unanimously reply shut the fuck up you're a hella great person ass lord we're unworthy of your golden ass art and you're a wonderful motherfuckin' person so of fuckin course we wanna see some speedpaints what are we? Fools?

kkarkat,,,,,,,,,,,,, is that Yew……………………………………….

gARGLES THANKS, THANK S DUDE this was very Aggressivly Kind,,,,, hghhg DW ill do it ill do it im just trying to learn how to do things … Itll happen man,,,,,,, I Promise

@ dogblr, I have a semi-serious question. I want to be very thorough in Reaper’s (my 15 month old GSD) training, and part of that obviously entails taking him out in public quite often, as we live in a very isolated/rural area where he doesn’t get much exposure to other people. Obviously im building good foundational obedience skills (sit, down, stay, focus, leave it, etc) before trying anything ambitious. He gets snappy when he’s nervous, but I don’t want to muzzle him if I can help it (though I might just for safety’s sake).

So. I was wondering if it would be out of line to buy him a vest and put “Do Not Pet” and “Ignore Me” patches on it? I know he could be mistaken for a service dog that way, but I’m not going to use any patches that have anything about “working” or being a service dog on them, and if anyone asks, I’ll explain that he’s just in training and I don’t want him getting overwhelmed by people wanting to interact with him (ESPECIALLY little kids, for some reason they make him uncomfortable and i think its a combo of the kids being kinda nervous because he is a very big, scary-looking dog, and them being very noisy and high-pitched)

I was thinking a vest in a dark/neutral color (lbr I’m probably gonna hand-make it) and these 3 patches:

I have no intention of trying to take him in places where pets aren’t allowed, I just want to be able to expose him to new environments and build his confidence without worrying about some snot-nosed kid and their parent coming up and poking him in the side and then getting sued because my dog nipped at them.


I want to show support for everyone but I dont want to do anything that seems “tm”. I know everyone makes mistakes and as long as youre trying thats what matters most. I make/reblog posts send love to my friends and want to attend events like pride. My friends say Im very supportive and that they love me for that which makes me feel better. I just want to do my best to be a good person and make people happy but insecurities i guess just make me feel like im not doing enough. Is there anything else I can do? I love my friends and their happiness always comes first in my eyes. If anyone has any advice Id truly appreciate. Thanks. Hope you all are well

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will u write a cute michael or calum fluff abt him being ur first kiss?

(im gonna write michael i hope that’s ok lol) ok so the firs time u kiss michael will probably be very nervous and soft, u would probably do it when you’re kinda just chilling watching oitnb or something and he kinda looks at you and says “i really want to kiss you but you look like you’re concentrating so i wont” and you just look at him like ??? “i mean u can if you want” and you stare at each other for a good ten seconds trying to decide what to do until you push the laptop away from your lap, and just peck him very gently on the lips because neither of you are sure how you want to do it. but ofc it’s michael he will not accept just a peck so he pulls you back and kisses you more, not hard, and presses petal soft kisses between your lips and you both pull away with red faces and nervous laughing nICEE

send prompts 4 michael blurbs!¡

Not very important, but.

rant/story time???

I’ve been wanting to make some ocs since all my friends have really good and original ones but im like ??? terrified??? of other people seeing it????

when i was like 14 i had a (in my opinion) pretty good OC? I spent a few weeks trying it make it good enough, I posted it online, and I would use it for RP’s between me and my friends. Then it declined and i just stopped caring and i admit it sorta became a mary sue?  someone who used to be my friend did a sort of ..character review on it, and bashed it, and my other characters. They were pretty famous, had a lot of followers, and they turned them against me and my friends, etc.  My friends were hacked. They blamed me. I was hacked

like???? i just made it for fun?? it wasnt like a serious thing???

and i was fucking hacked and that person pitted like 30 people against me and my friends??? because of something that happened years ago??? 

like i was just 14. most of the characters we made at that time were cringy af, and they just exploited it?

heres some shit they said in the comments of one of the artworks((  replying to someone else’s comment, one of their friends: )) 

“ This shit is worse than bloom luna. Did some research and this bitch has other accounts on here where she posts more of this unholy amalgated mess of what she calls ‘art’ “

Other person: lmao what

"Flame her ass to your hearts content. This autistic fuck needs to die ”

“Sure thing fam~” 

it made me paranoid to even draw anything because i was like, i wanted to make my characters good enough, i tried to, but it never worked. i thought my art would never be good enough, and i basically dropped off the face of the earth for a while, art-wise. 

back in 2015, i started to draw again, but i wouldn’t make new characters or anything, i would just draw other stuff.
I’m basically terrified of them finding me again and like to this day i’m still paranoid about making ocs because im afraid i’ll just get another group of people bashing the ocs, my art style and myself and when i TRY to make OCs they just are copies of other characters and absolute shits because i have no idea how to even make it,,,good enough,,,,,