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i know ur rly like cats so this is tonka,, she likes to sit in baskets a lot and shes
vv camera shy so that last picture was hard to get,,,

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pls pls pls do the 99 prompt with thor I just love the way you write!

Prompt: “03:18AM, you were in for a long night”

A/N: Thank you very much :) I changed the pronoun because I prefer writing in this POV, I hope you’re okay with that. I JUST REALIZED THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE POSTED LIKE 3 WEEKS AGO IM SO SORRY.

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Being an Avenger wasn’t only about kicking bad guys’ asses, it also meant spending endless nights researching. I wasn’t exactly fond of this part of my job and that was why I was usually working with Tony but today was his and Pepper’s anniversary so I offered to do this one alone, which proved to be one of the biggest mistakes of my life.

I had to look over at least 15 more files and my eyes were closing. I got up to make another cup of coffee and checked the clock. 03:18AM, I was in for a long night… I sat back in my chair and let my eyes rest for a moment.

I woke up from the sound of my phone buzzing. I jumped up and realized I had fallen asleep. Luckily I was sleeping for only half an hour so I still had time. I stretched and went back to work.

“Y/n? Why are you up so late?” I heard a familiar voice ask. Great, out of all people who could see me with dark circles under my eyes wearing sweats and being sleep deprived, it had to be my long time crush!

“Oh, hey Thor. I was working and lost track of time, I guess” I said choosing to skip the part I fell asleep on the desk.

“That explains a lot…” he said.

“Yeah, but what are you doing up so late?” I asked trying to get my hair under control.

“I don’t know… I just have a lot of things in my mind” he replied in a more serious tone than before.

“Do you want to talk about it? They say it helps and I could really use a break” I suggested. He agreed and we headed to the balcony. There was a small couch but considering how big he was I almost had to sit on top of him. I thanked my luck for the lack of lighting because he couldn’t see me blushing.

“Stars look beautiful from here” Thor said.

“They’re the proof there’s something bigger out there” I replied. We stayed in silence for a while, observing the stars. “You said you had many things on your mind, can I help with anything” I asked. I didn’t want to seem as if I was prying but that was why we were here, right?

“I think I should go back to Asgard” he said.

“I’m sure they need you there, but so do we, you know” I said turning to look into his eyes.

“I know, but I believe you would be able to keep your realm safe without me. I mean you are a great team” he replied.

“You have no idea how things were before you came” I said. That was a long time ago when Tony was nothing more than a playboy billionaire and Steve was still trying to understand touch screens. “But if you think it’d be better for your people you should go”

“I have unfinished business here. When I have completed them I will return to Asgard to help my Father” he said but I could feel there was something more. I really tried to pay attention in what he was saying but I got distracted by staring at him.

“I don’t want you to feel like you owe us anything. You’ve helped us more than we could ever hope and we’re grateful for that, and I’m talking for all the Avengers”

“You’re too kind my Lady” he said. I blushed and looked away even though it was dark. Suddenly I felt a cold wind blow and I shivered in my tank top. Thor must have felt me shiver because he put his arm around me and pulled me closer to him. “Another reason I can’t leave is because in my stay I’ve met someone special” he added and I could feel my heart breaking. I knew that moment would come sooner or later but that didn’t make it hurt any less.

“I’m very happy for you Thor. Have you told her yet?” I said trying to keep a straight voice, but I couldn’t hide the sadness in my voice.

“If you ask if I have admitted my feelings the answer is no” he said sounding… nervous? Why would he be nervous talking to me about his crush?

“You should talk to her!” I said trying to sound excited “I’m sure she’ll be excited”

“Really? How do you know this?” he asked me hopefully.

“She’d be an idiot not to” I replied before I could think about it “I mean, you’re such a nice guy, not to mention handsome” I added trying to cover up my feelings.

“What if she doesn’t think that?” he said completely ignoring my previous statement.

“Well, if you tell me who we’re talking about, maybe I can help” I offered.

“It is complicated… I want to tell her, but I don’t know how”

“Describe how you feel and everything else will work out” I told him. All I wanted was to get away and crawl into my bed and listen every sad song I had on my playlist… twice. “Just go for it” I added with a forced smile.

“Okay then…” he said standing up. He took a deep breath and turned to look at me. “Y/n I have something I have to tell you. I know you probably don’t feel the same way but I have what Midgardians call ’a crush’ on you. What I want to say is that I’m in love with you and I have to know if you feel the same way” he said looking everywhere but in my eyes. For a minute I was too shocked to do anything else than breathe but then I started laughing. Thor looked at me confused.

“I thought you hated me! Lately you seemed to avoid being alone in a room with me and stuff like that” I explained before getting up and walking right on front of him “I like you too” I said looking in his blue eyes. A huge smile spread in Thor’s face, he was so adorable, like a kid given his favorite candy. “You know that’s the part where you kiss me” I added chuckling when I saw he was looking at me hesitantly. He didn’t need to be told twice, he placed his hands on my waist and pulled me flush against him before kissing me. Screw fireworks, I felt like a nuclear bomb had just exploded inside me. Maybe I should take night shifts more often.


…i did this yesterday at the #gtmaccon in fishermall while attending an amazing event organize by keith perez. i did enjoy the event and meet new friends, hope to prepare more next year so we could have released some new stuff for the special event. heres blackpanther the movie version which appeared in civil war this year. im fond with the character and amazed how the actor did an amazing job on it, from voice to action truly bp come to life. im excited for his movie coming in a few years from now, its amazing how this character grow so fast in a very small part of the captain america cw. hope you guys have a wonderful weekend. #marvel #gtmaccon #blackpanther #marvelstudios #marvelcomics #illustrations #blacknwhite #artwork #fanart #hmtcomicboard #movie #hmtstudios #harveytolibao #titus #tituspens (at Fisher Mall)

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Ahoge kinda looks like your goggle husband (I don't remember his name)

LEONARDO WATCH?????? AGSJSJBDSUKENDFKD i will love leo to the end of my grave

fun fact purple ahoge has many many many inspirational characteristics from different anime characters im very fond of

-allen walker (d.gray-man)
-simon the digger (ttgl) (u guessed it HA)
-shu ouma (guilty crown)
-naruto uzumaki (NARDO!!!!)
-renton thurston (eureka seven)
-leonardo watch (kekkai sensen)

there might be more but i dont remember honestly haha

ANOTHER FUN FACT his outfit was inspired by got7 member mark tuan during a v app livestream LOL!!!!

I LOVE LEO YES, THATS MY GOGGLE HUSBAND (i think thats who ur referring to???)

Hey! My name is Rozalyn. I’m just looking for someone to chat with and become Internet friends!

Age: I’m 16 years old

Location: Canada, cambridge

Favourite hobbies: I love photography, and I LOVE tattoos. I’m very fond of travelling and being outdoors, camping, hiking, etc. I love to read, collect feathers, and buy stones and collect them as well. I used to play acoustic guitar and am getting back into it, I used to draw and paint as well. A weird hobby of mine is tye dying, shirts, sheets, skirts, etc.

I don’t have cable. But I love documentaries, which is odd i know. I love horror movies as well. I’m pretty open minded, so I listen to a lot of music. Im pretty chill so I’ll talk about anything.

I don’t care about race/gender/sexuality or anything, if your a good person then you are a good person! I don’t mind swearing, sometimes when I talk when I’m excited or angry my language is 99.9 percent profanity.

My birthday is October 22nd. I’m a libra, incase anyone reading this would like to know. I speak English, but I do know a couple words in Spanish, Russian,  and Latin. I love to learn new languages, so even if you aren’t very good in English we could help each other out! Okay sorry for the crap load of information. I’m hoping to find someone around my age, doesn’t matter the gender! You can reach me over tumblr ( outdoorwanderer) or;

Instagram: rzmcpherson
Snap chat: rzmcpherson3

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im sorry for unfollowing you,, im not very fond of overwatch, and i don't like to see it especially when im on mobile,,, i hope you understand and forgive me 3:

nnonono anon please dont apologize…. I completley understand i would never be mad at you for unfollowing. please, take care of YOURSELF
and dont hesitate to do something that makes you more comfortable
i love you!!!! take care!!!!

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Taylor/Austin are very close.. Believe, he follows Taylor's lead. If Taylor unfollows Calvin, Austin will follow suit. Your Anon thinks Taylor's parents are still fond of Calvin?? That's a joke in itself.

Is this still debatable? This topic that calvin liked? Why people cared so much and put everything like its a priority? Do you have a problem when Calvin followed these people? It was a liked so move on… It was a positive gesture so move on. Move on kids… It becomes an obsession already.. Im getting annoyed already.

[ @becauseofpack ]

He probably wasn’t supposed to think of himself as ‘Stiles’, nor his best friend-and-work-partner as ‘Scott’, but honestly the real names they had been given as part of the Host were very long and very complicated and Stiles had never really been fond of long or complicated, so he’d just kind of picked out nicknames from nowhere and slapped them onto other members of the Host. It seemed innocent enough, and the Boss didn’t seem to mind, so he kept doing it.

To that end, Stiles is waiting for Scott in their watching room, observing one of the hapless little bumbling humans that was their specific responsibility. He had orders from the Boss to make this particular human’s life significantly more complicated, but watching this poor loser stumble around trying to make it through his day–Stiles isn’t so sure. This isn’t the first time he’s had thoughts or emotions he isn’t supposed to have, ones counter to the instructions of the Boss, but this might be the strongest time, the first time he’s really struggled with it.

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hi! can you ship me? . i am usually considered cute and quirky. i live for doing puns and shitty jokes. im mostly shy at first and then all hell breaks lose when you get to know me better. i have a contagious laugh and i am semi invested in makeup and style. pastel aesthetic is my life. i am very homey and a family person. i love love cats. uhm if it helps i am a future nurse and i am fond to helping people. thank you ahead of time and keep up the great work //thumbs up//

I ship you with…Wonwoo!

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THE KING OF SHITTY JOKES; he’d automatically mesh with your personality and immediately want to be your friend. (He’s the most unknowingly aesthetic person ever too, so like, c’mon boyfriend goals, look at this gif) But he’s kind of an introvert so having a homey kind of person would be great for him. Just pat his head and let him read and there you go.

With you being a future nurse I couldn’t help but think about him when he was sick, and how we all worried about him. If he ever fell ill again, you could take great care of him and bring him anything he needed/wanted until he was feeling better, and he’d probably need a lot of snuggles and warm drinks, so you’d probably end up under a blanket with him all day (which really isn’t that bad of a deal)

- Marcy ♡