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Is Kinstuck still a thing? If not, than shoot! If yes, who are Meenah and Feferi's fathers and do they even care?

Kinstuck is still a thing in my heart and brain even if I haven’t updated it in a thousand years whoops

I might as well confirm that meenah’s bio-dad is actually GHB… which makes kurloz and gamzee her uncles technically I guess. Feferi’s dad is a dude condy met in college who is not a main cast member, I don’t have a name for him but he’s a sorta goofy ska musician/scuba instructor who lives in cabo. Don’t ask me why I just thought it was fun.

Condy never told them outright who their dad’s were, she’d usually just laugh or play it off when they asked or say stuff like “What? Having the best mom in the world isn’t enough for you?”, but they’re both really smart and resourceful so they eventually did figure it out. But It was more just a sibling-bonding thing and a way to one-up their mom more than something they actually cared about. 

Meenah doesn’t really like GHB, he was basically the main male authority figure in their lives growing up and she thinks he’s a grumpy jerk, so she was sorta bummed out about being related to him and she certainly doesn’t go out of her way to hang out with him. At 17 (the time of the portraits) Feferi has skype called her dad twice and thinks he’s nice enough, but doesn’t really feel a pressing need to get to know him better.

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This is Dazai from Taka’s Eat Me Au, I hope you like it Takaaa~ |´∀`●)

@zzkatierosezz replied to your photo “i left a somewhat salty comment on Duff’s page today and this…”

I was reading these comments earlier and wondering what her problem was!

where do i start? ive had four people dm me here talking about how this person does this all the time, to everyone! and i read all her other comments (she replied to everyone that didn’t 100% agree with her opinion, even the ones that agreed 98% she came for that 2%), and she goes on and on about how other people don’t realize that IT’S JUST A SHOW! ITS FICTIONAL! LET IT GO! …… she spent the whole day telling other people that they were taking a tv show too seriously…… do ya see the irony

meanwhile im just having some good old fashioned benevolent trolling, didn’t get mad, didn’t insult her, wasn’t rude to anyone. never once acknowledged what she had to say.. four word sentences,,, stupid silly screencaps of jack nicholsons face…. and every time she replied i could just imagine her with that angry pulsing vein on her neck like…. this is the perfect example of everything thats wrong with the Major Crimes fandom (and every other fandom tbh), its not the Rusty discourse its this sort of people who CANNOT tolerate the fact that someone else might have some genuine criticism over their favorite show

stg facebook truly is a hellish place