im not there

let me share my own story from today:

i went to the grocery store down the street earlier today. i wasnt wearing any makeup, i was in a hoodie and sweats, tired as fuck, and thinking “hey, im not going to see anybody i know. i’m fine”

i get what i need and go to checkout but there was only one cashier working and it was one i had never seen before since this is the only grocery store i ever go to

i walk up to the cashier and i swear, i dont know why i decided today was the day i wanted to look like shit, because it was this guy i was friends with back in sixth grade (about seven years ago) and i s2g, puberty hit him like a freight truck

i have never seen a more attractive person

and here i was…standing in front of this literal god of sunlight…. wearing no makeup in sweats and a hoodie buying two bags of cat food and tampons

they seem so like. like they seem like they could have already kissed because theyre just SO but then also john and greg are like joking about sherlock it feels like something out of a fic almost ?! like what is happening??? is sherlock okay are they okay is anyone okay

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