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Are we allowed to post pics from ISAC now?

LOL so basically this whole “do not post pics from ISAC” is a rumor. Every year international fans go off about how posting pics from ISAC will ruin BTS (or any idol groups) chances for screen time. But it’s not true~ While it may have been a bit risky for fans while they are in the venue (as security could see this photos/videos and kick them out), the rest of the “do not post ISAC photos/videos” is a rumor… It probably started from the fact that photos/videos are technically not allowed (but the same goes for concerts LOL). (As a fan who has been around with BTS for all the ISACs) BTS always gets screen time [especially now that they are probably one of the most popular groups at ISAC], so we don’t need to worry. Also they won and their entire Team B won all of ISAC, so you can’t really cut the winners out. If Korean fans and fansites (who know how ISAC works better than us International fans) are posting photos, we can assume its fine. Also BTS literally posted photos from ISAC and Tae accidentally spoiled that BTS won (LOL) so…if BTS is posting pics… Either way ISAC photos are online so… If you don’t wish to see ISAC photos though, you can blacklist #idol star athletics championship. Hope this helped somewhat…
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Riz Ahmed on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert


IM DYING ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

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im so salty honestly i was supposed to meet up w people to go somewhere at 11 but everyone is just like ‘can we do it an hour later i just woke up’ bitch we have been planning this for a week now we have to re-do half the planning for the trip GOD why cant people just fucking stick to schedules and set a fucking alarm if you know youre not gonna wake up on time