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hey @ voltron ๐Ÿ‘where๐Ÿ‘is๐Ÿ‘my๐Ÿ‘platonic๐Ÿ‘keith๐Ÿ‘and๐Ÿ‘pidge๐Ÿ‘bonding๐Ÿ‘moments๐Ÿ‘they๐Ÿ‘fought๐Ÿ‘fucking๐Ÿ‘Sendak๐Ÿ‘together๐Ÿ‘KEITH๐Ÿ‘CRADLED๐Ÿ‘PIDGE๐Ÿ‘IN๐Ÿ‘HIS๐Ÿ‘ARMS๐Ÿ‘WHEN๐Ÿ‘ULAZ๐Ÿ‘THREW๐Ÿ‘HER๐Ÿ‘AT๐Ÿ‘HIM๐Ÿ‘AND๐Ÿ‘SHE๐Ÿ‘REMEMBERED๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

ahem, sorry im just mmmm ive been here since day 1 waiting for some explicit character bonding time with these two

in conclusion, keith and pidge need to bond in s4 thanks for coming to my TED Talks

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Right now I’m really angry about how bad this ons chapter turned out. Why out of all the things it had to be in order to unlock Shinoa’s power, it had to be sexual desire? First off that’s degrading to women, and it makes it seem as though all women in manga HAVE to find a man and have sex with them and I hate that. Second, it’s degrading to Shinoa’s character overall. I was really happy that we got Shinoa, someone who was a leader and sassy and powerful, and now’s she’s being downgraded to a girl who had to have sex to gain power and I’m???? I’m not gonna lie, I think I will drop Ons if they do end up adding in a sex scene to the manga, especially after the creator told the fans that there would NOT be any romance, but how could I forget, he only said that when Mikayuu was brought up at an interview, so of course he would say that. I even have a feeling that he’ll add in a scene in the future where Shinoa somehow finds out and tells everyone, only to have kind and supportive Yuu say “Oh, I’ll help you unlock your power Shinoa cause that’s what family does right?”

To all my followers who follow me because of Yuumikayuu, I’m sorry if I do follow in on my word and leave the fandom if my thoughts do come out to be true.

Family Gathering Pt. 1

Request: OH MY GOD I JUST HAD THE MOST AMAZING IDEA EVER! Can I request a one-shot or whatever ur comfortable with where the batfamily from another alternative universe without batmom shows up one day in the universe w/ batmom?!? IM BEGGING

A/N: I am in love with this prompt. Credit to the person who requested it!

“Damn, I thought I was one of a kind.” Jason cursed, pouting with his muscled arms wrapped across his chest as he stared at his alternate self. “I guess I can finally add something to the list of lies mom tells me.” 

Dick rolled his eyes at his younger brother, “Is that seriously the only thing you’re thinking about right now?” 

“Like you weren’t thinking about the exact same thing.” Jason said, glaring, “Just because I’m obviously mom’s favorite doesn’t give you the right to be jealous and to single me out every time she’s brought up.” 

“In your dreams, Todd.” Damian scoffed, his piercing blue eyes glinting dangerously. “Mother happens to favor me the most.” 

“Where’s the proof, Boy Demon?” Tim challenged, raising an unamused eyebrow at the growing preteen. “If anything, I’m her favorite since I’m unarguably the only sane one.” 

“Sane?” Jason said in disbelief, “Puh-lease, sane people don’t drink more than two cups of coffee per day, and actually sleep for about eight hours each night. Not to mention they don’t wear a fucking cape.” 

Tim clenched his jaw, “For the millionth time, there’s nothing wrong with the cape!” 

During this tennis match of a banter, Bruce stood in the sidelines sighing in exasperation at his sons’ behavior. You’d expect them to kick it down a notch when people were around, but nope. 

The other Bruce and his family, on the other hand, were frozen in shock. 

Had they heard their counterparts right? Mom? Bruce had gotten married? The world must be ending, many of them thought.

Alfred patted his look-alike’s shoulder with an understanding smile, “I reacted the same way when Master Bruce told me he was planning on marrying Miss. Y/N. But do not fret, she’s absolutely wonderful!”

“You have to tell me everything about her, young chap.” Alternate Alfred said, smiling widely. The alternate batfamily wondered if he had ever smiled like that before. 

“I got married?” Alternate Bruce asked his doppelgänger in shock, “How? Does she know about -”

Bruce nodded, cutting him off. “She does. Found out all by herself.” He said, smiling at the mention of his wife. “As of how, I have no idea. You have to ask her about that.” 

“The old man finally tied the knot!” Alternate Jason spoke loudly, catching the attention of everyone in the room. He cackled, “She’s either delusional or mental.” 

“Jay!” Alternate Dick hissed, nudging his brother in order to stop him from saying something that could ultimately piss their counterparts off. Both batfamilies might be somewhat the same, but you didn’t exist in the other universe, which was the main difference and main thing to remember. 

Dick chuckled and shrugged as a way of saying he didn’t mind alternate Jason’s comment. “She’s more like a saint.” He said, “If I were her, I would’ve ran for the hills already.” 

“What an idiotic thing for you to say, Grayson.” Damian said, plainly. “Mother doesn’t even like hills. She finds them too much of a struggle to climb.” 

Alternate Tim whistled at his statement and looked at his equivalent, “Your mom must be something special if the demon spawn’s acting like this.” 

Tim snickered and shook his head, “You have no idea.” 

“What does she look like?” Alternate Bruce questioned curiously, “She might live somewhere in our dimension, but maybe just not in Gotham.”

“Doubtful,” Bruce sighed, “If she existed, you would’ve met her already. Y/N was born and raised in Gotham. And despite the city’s flaws, she never wanted to leave.” 

“Then I must meet Mistress Y/N before we depart, Master Bruce.” Alternate Alfred stated, “It would be an honor to meet the woman who has managed to tame you.” 

“And us too apparently.” Alternate Dick piped in.

“We do not need to be nurtured like helpless infants.” Alternate Damian snarked, “We are perfectly fine without her presence in our lives, father.” 

Alternate Bruce eyed the somewhat happier and less dark family before him. “You wouldn’t know that, Damian. You’ve never met her.”

“Not to mention he’s still dead set on his own mom ‘claiming’ her rightful spot in the family.” Alternate Tim scoffed, shuddering at the thought of having to see Talia every single day. What a nightmare. 

Tim made a disgusted face, “Make sure that never happens.” 

Alternate Jason nodded, “For once I agree with you on something, replacement. Imagine having to live with your ex hook up.” 

Some gagged at the reminder that Jason had actually slept with Damian’s mother while others promptly ignored the unnecessary comment. 

“Did you really have to bring that up, Jaybird?” A voice that could only belong to you said. You have yet to enter the room, but you had heard what Jason said and was quite disturbed at the image of your son being seduced by the Wicked Witch of the West.

“Time for a family gathering!” Dick said, grinning.

Blame Me

I’m always the piece of shit.

The one who causes all the fights.

The reason for everything going to shit.

The reason nothing can go right.

The one who does everything wrong.

For every little problem.

Every time you disagree.

I’ll be wrong.

I’ll be the problem.

I’ll take the blame.

Since obviously, that’s the only thing I’m good at.

The one thing you can count on.

I’ll be here to take the fall.

Only one person can be wrong.

So it might as well be me.

polar opposites

Originally posted by magiccastles

[jaebum x reader]

genre: fluff

word count: 1713

โ€œWhat made us so beautiful is that we were never likely to happen.โ€

Of all the people living in the world today, no one wouldโ€™ve guessed that you two would become a couple โ€“ well, considering youโ€™re polar opposites.

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hello!! i was wondering if you could do those list (?) scenario thingies with jealous!pledis trainees? if would be nice if you did aron as well but if you don't it's fine!! thank you!!

hello!! thanks for requesting!! i just did jonghyun and dongho first!! and i’ll make a new post for minki and minhyun bc it got kinda long lol - i hope this is okay!! 

also its really late and im writing this so i apologize if anything doesn’t make sense jfkdnfjsldn

jonghyun :

- the type to trust you a lot and has a lot of faith in you, so making him jealous would be hard

- quieter than usual when he’s jealous, mainly because he starts to overthink a lot

- and it’ll become obvious tbh

- mainly because he’s not talking as much and he’s pouting??

- he doesn’t mean too lol but it just happens - especially if he catches u texting them

- ‘’why are they spamming you with 7373883 messages’’

- ‘’listen,,,i can explain’’

- ‘’tHEY should be practicing nOT SENDING U mEMES OR FOOLING OFF’’

- najkdnkf a mess really

- and because he over thinks, he likes to ask questions - which makes it v obvious that he’s jealous lol

- like ‘’why are they hanging out with seongwoo and daniel so much??”

- ‘’they asked me to hang out, and ik that you’re really busy lately!! and i didn’t want to disturb you…’’

- ‘’i know but,, you’ve been spending so much time with them…’’

- ‘’are you jealous?”

- ‘’hAHA me??? nO,,,’’

- after some arguing(??) he would eventually admit it and you’re just

- ‘’you know i love you right?”

- ‘’i know,,,but you’re spending so much time with them and i just,, really miss you?? like i know you guys are really good friends but i just don’t know fjkdnsfkdn’’

- and you would reassure him that yes, you loved him a lot and that you promised to spend more time w him

- and that u ended up climbing into his lap and pepper his face in kisses in order to make him smile again bc you loved him so much?? and you just wanted to see his beautiful smile hehe

(listen this wasn’t supposed to be this long but something happened please save me)


- honestly doesn’t get jealous easily bc once people see that you are his, they don’t wanna mess with him lol

- but if he does, it’s over a petty thing tbh LOL such as not giving him much attention or hanging out w someone else more than him if that makes sense

- he loves you a lot and he doesn’t want to dictate who you hang out with and such so he tries to think logically but sometimes,,it fails lol

- like jonghyun, he becomes quieter bc he tries to think logically about it, but sometimes he just doesn’t want to talk about it and admit he’s jealous lol

- also acts a bit pouty and a bit crabby when you talk about hanging out with daniel or something idk

- ‘’want to go to the store?”

- ‘’idk why don’t u ask daniel’’

- ‘’??? are you okay?”

- it wouldn’t take you long to figure it out tbh LOL bc dongho is such a fluffy and affectionate person to you and when he’s jealous, he would distance himself more in order to sort out his thoughts

- and because of that lol, it wouldn’t take you long before you confronted him

- ‘’is everything okay?”

- and dongho isn’t the one to beat around the bush tbh even though he hates to admit it, he rather the two of you sort it out than dragging it out

- ‘’im jealous’’

- ‘’’andjksndsf whAT wdym??”

- and dongho would only go on about how he’s jealous that you’re hanging out with daniel so much

- ‘’i miss u a lot okay!! and i don’t want to dictate who you hang out with bc it’s your friends and i have no right to choose who you hang out with,,but i miss you?? njdofnf its like i never see you anymore…’’

- and you would be like “??? i didn’t know you felt that way’’

- and then try to resolve things LOL mainly just cutting down time with daniel to spend time w your bf bc how could you ignore him? you felt so bad that you just hugged him right then and there

- ‘’im sorry!! i didn’t know u felt like that :(( i promise to spend more time with you, okay?’’

- i have no idea what to put besides that you two went on date after making up after promising to spend more time together hehe

tAe ๐Ÿฏ sEEMs tO bE ThE tyPe โŒจ๏ธ oF mEMbeR thAt woULd aSk โ“ ArMy ๐Ÿ’ฃ iF iT wAs oKaY tHat hE DAte ๐Ÿ‘จ‍โค๏ธ‍๐Ÿ’‹‍๐Ÿ‘จ oR gEt maRRiEd๐Ÿ‘ฐ๐Ÿ’. He’S thE oNe wHo caLLS โ˜Ž๏ธ uS hIS wiFe ๐Ÿ‘ฐ๐Ÿ’ ANd gIRlfriEndS ๐Ÿ‘ฉ‍โค๏ธ‍๐Ÿ’‹‍๐Ÿ‘ฉ. IT’s oNLy rigHt โœ”๏ธ ThAt hE tEll ๐Ÿ—ฃ uS dirEctLY, eveN iF wE disAgrEE ๐Ÿ™… wiTh hiM He woUld stILl dO iT bUt aT lEaSt hE askED โ“ uS fiRSt lETTing uS kNOw. I fINd thaT mOrE thOUghTFul ๐Ÿค”.

This might be true, yes. But that’s the point of the story tbh. We can all be selfish and seriously, if you have not yet felt so angry and sad to the point of badly wanting to get back to the people who hurt you and put you through so many horrible and emotionally and mentally destructive things, then wow. But hey i’m not saying you should do it. get revenge?Kill yourself?

I think most people miss another one of the points the story’s trying to make, or reach people with. This is not just about showing how your words and little actions can affect to some people to the point of killing themselves. This is also about people like hannah. Her “revenge” did worse things to the people on the tapes, guilt, fear, regret and soooo much more, and if that’s what her goal was then she succeeded, but that’s not all, her parents were hurting, not knowing why, or where did they go wrong? Now, is this what she wants? Maybe not. The show ended with implying that alex committed suicide, and maybe justin too, and tyler planning something not nice at all, probably school shooting, idk? Is this what she wants? Maybe not too. The show is trying to help suicidal people not only by stopping other people from doing horrible things to a person but also showing those who still has suicide thoughts how they would change everything in a bad way. That they matter and if one person didn’t care, that does not mean there won’t be anyone who’ll ccare. im sure their parents would be soooooo sooo glad if they just sit down and tell them everything. It’s hard but it will be worth it. And right now there are helplines, if telling their parents is out of question because of personal issues and things i dont really know, then helplines would help.

Hannah had been selfish, and so are we. Hannah made bad decisions and so do we. Hannah wanted revenge, and sometimes we want that to.

Maybe for you hannah’s reason is not enough to put her parents thru that much but for hannah its all already too much to handle to the point of not caring about anyone at all. She said it. She doesn’t care about everything aanymore.
Maybe 1 mile run is bearable for you but for some people half a mile is already too much.

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If your still doing the prompts I’d love to read 21, 22, and 27 jamilton (possibly in the same one)

โ€” I was only gonna write 1k but somehow it became 2k cause I love hurt/comfort more than anything lol

โ€œwho hurt you?โ€ย โ€œdonโ€™t be scared, Im right hereโ€ย โ€œIโ€™m not leavingโ€


How his eyelids could be so heavy, yet his head so light, amazes him; the thought floating through his disoriented mind, as he lies on the cold pavement. The wind is frigid, and it nips at him, blowing his dark hair across his face, but without the strength to so much as push himself up off the ground, he hardly even worries about brushing it away.

โ€œAlex, goddammit!โ€

Someone is saying his name, over and over, and even when they arenโ€™t, it just keeps echoing in his head. He groans quietly, the ringing becoming overbearing, the sound of his own name sharp, piercing his mind with a throbbing sensation.

โ€œWho hurt you?โ€ He hears heavy footsteps, the sound of running, as someoneโ€” no he could place the voice. Itโ€™s deep, but with a certain degree of sweetness lacing the unmistakably southern accent. Thomas. Heโ€™s here?

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Heyyy there, I'm curious to know about the Cole/Seliel pairing. What are your favorite things about it? I don't see a lot of people who ship it so I'd like to hear your thoughts.


For starters, I really like their dynamic. It’s almost like a Batman and Catwoman kind of relationship and I’m a total sucker for those. Cole believes in doing the right thing while Seliel believes in doing what is right for herself and her father. Two different perspectives that gives a lot of wiggle space for further storytelling. It brings me to my second point which is sass. The first time they’ve met, all they did was compete on who is sassier and it was fun to watch, since they didn’t take each others’ crap for no reason. But in the end, they knew they had good intentions, as contrasting as their goals were. What sealed the deal for me was the whole Phantom ninja + Ghost ninja thing and honestly it was the most perfect thing ever. 

But *shrug* I guess I’m kinda biased bc Seliel is my favorite girl ninja.]]

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In chapter 60 we see He Tian for the first time. He's not alone but with some other guy. I wonder who it may be and why we don't see that guy anymore. What do you think?

hi, anon!! this reply comes incredibly late, and im really really sorry about it, i can only hope you’re still around to see this!!

okay, so, just to be clear, you mean these two guys, right??

aah, i remember seeing this theory running around in one of my very brief appearances on tumblr sometimes last month, but if i have to be honest i’ve never given much thought to it. now that i had the time to look better at it, i have to say that the black haired guy does resemble he tian a lot, both physically and personality-wise, so it’s definitely possible for that to be he tian’s first official appearance in the story, and if the fandom is considering this canon now, then count me in, im more than okay with this!!

as for the other guy, tho, i don’t think he is particularly important. even if the black haired guy was indeed he tian (and im pretty convinced that he was), this happened back in chapters 60 and 61, while he tian’s real main appearance is in chapter 102. it’s true that old xian used to update more often in the past, but still, a lot of time passed between those chapters, and it’s likely that the idea old xian had about he tian and his story changed throughout the weeks. it’s a natural part of the creation process, and most of the times what you came up with at the beginning turns out completely different once it actually comes the time to put it down on the page. he tian’s story was probably very different at first, and it’s possible that this dude was a big part of it (maybe he tian was supposed to go with him at first, who knows), but then, as the characters took life in old xian’s mind, they realised it wasn’t good, or that they simply didn’t like it, and they decided to change it, and thus tianshan was born

of course, we can’t be sure of anything (not even that the black haired guy was indeed he tian) unless old xian confirms it, and it’s probably never gonna happen, so we’ll probably never really know how things were supposed to go and how much they changed from the original idea, but yeah, i don’t think we should particularly worry about this other guy and why he doesn’t appear anymore, he probably was just written off from the story, or was always supposed to be just a background character. if we are going to accept that the black haired dude was he tian, then im simply going to consider this guy a classmate with which he hung out sometimes, with no particular meaning behind it (i did always find it strange that they never seem to interact with their classmates tbh)

…….unless old xian decides to surprise us all and bring the guy back to create some drama in the future, but there are already so many things on their plate, i really don’t think that’s going to happen. if anyone wants to use him to create headcanons or write fanfictions, though, you’re definitely gonna have my support!!

im back!!!!!

ive been giving this some major thought and ive decided that this blog will no longer rely so heavily on commissions! ill turn submissions on for only one day each week (sunday). after that im the only one who will post content! (i love all of ur guys art and it really helps me out when im out of ideas but tbh it made me lazy.) im going to clear out the submissions box right now and if it was something u really really wanted me to post you can resend it!!! thank you all so much for waiting! (also i updated how the blog looks so u can check that out too!!)