im not talented like others here are

im thinking about making a discord server for art stuff cause i know there’s lots of talented people who follow me here that I’ve yet to have been able to see a lot of art from! n i love seeing other people’s art & talking about it!!

let me kno if any of you would be interested in something like that

now i’m emotional so imma rant like i know baekhyun is really loud and literally thrives on attention but no offense he is always first to cheer the others on when they’re on stage etc he’s always encouraging them and like. other than that he is more than just a loud mouth piece he is really sweet and nice and wherever he goes people compliment him for being a sweetheart like his entire cast was in love w him and everyone who knows him only sing praises and like. he’s talented but he really works hard yknow??? like he always talks about how he wants to be an all-rounder and he went out and tried to do it last year and he’s improving with every step and he’s just ! he really cares about his band and his fans and people in general?? like he literally out here believing his purpose in life is to bring others happiness like im gonna cry but he genuinely just wants to be a bright light but other times he’s also reserved like when he hides away and spends time by himself like he said he likes the detachment and that levels his head…..he’s such a good guy i hope he never stops being happy and healthy

HI ARMY'S! #NamjoonStanSpeaking

I just want to remind you that Namjoon dropped his single “Change” along with Wale & I want ARMYS to hype him up as much as you hyped up Yoongi & Agust D. As you can till this moment notice that Namjoon as member,talented person & mainly leader is being extremely ignored & rather hated & called ugly than loved & for what? I really dont know myself….I guess because people can’t come at him for not being talented so they go for his looks.[ Which I don’t get either because hallooo are yall blind? The boy is drop-dead gorgeous tf ]

Yes I am aware of the fact he is in fact not the only member NOT being treated the way they deserve to [like Jin or Hobi…] but Hobi has been in spotlight more for a while since BS&T era,Jin has gained better feedback since his variety shows & dad jokes😂.

I don’t really see any improvement in Joon’s area. I know it’s not the members fault but the only thing on my dash in a while now has been mainly Maknae Line & here & there some Hobi or Suga. And Im honestly really dissapointed because what is the reason for someone not to respect all the members equally.

I don’t know, it was just bothering me for a while now that it’s a few new eras in & I see the other members being more in spotlight but still no results in Joon’s area. Like I see such a beautiful,talented,kind & intelligent person but some fans just don’t see it & it’s so…sad to be honest. So please show him some love,even if you are not Namjoon stan,just let’s all show him we care & that we love him.💞

Thanks ARMY✌

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Meanwhile, a recap on Jon and Sansa's 'unadulterated platonic relationship'
  • S05E07
  • Sansa, after being raped and abused: ...but you are a bastard
  • Ramsay: (this girl never learn does she?) well you know who else is a bastard? Jon Snow
  • Sansa: Jon Snow who?
  • Ramsay: this dumb bitch... Your half-brother!! Remember? He's Lord Commander now. Another bastard rising. Bastards for the win!
  • --
  • S06E04
  • After 84 years... (The first Stark reunion, i sure TF am crying)
  • Jonsa: (intently stares at each other for 30 seconds and the hug™)
  • -
  • Sansa: *reminisce childhood memories*
  • Sansa: im sorry im an ass to you and havent really treated you as my brother until now
  • Jon: nah. It's not your fault
  • Sansa: i was awful, just admit it
  • Jon: (snorts) well what you gonna do. I was always been a brooder
  • Sansa: can you forgive me?
  • Jon: theres nothing to forgive
  • Sansa; forgive meee : (
  • Jon: okay. :)
  • Sansa: :)
  • Sansa: *tries to be cool by drinking ale, but fails miserably)
  • Jon: (oh shes so cute, my cute little sister)
  • Sansa: okay but real talk where will you go?
  • Jon: me? There's no more 'me'. There's only you and I.
  • Sansa: fine. Where will WE go?
  • Jon: we can't stay here
  • Sansa: Home™. We have to go home.
  • Jon: you crazy?? Boltons are there and i'm tired of fighting.
  • Sansa: that is the wrong attitude, Jon!! We are going home and winning Winterfell, even if it's the last thing I do!!
  • -
  • Jon: *reads 'you traitor bastard', 'rickon is here', 'sansa is my wife'* okay im done
  • Sansa: no go on. *reads basically ramsay being the psychopath that he is* you see my point now?
  • Jon: we have no army to fight
  • Sansa: *the hand hold™* you are father's son. We need to take back what is ours.
  • Jon: okay
  • -
  • S06E05
  • Sansa: the North remembers and they remember the Starks
  • Ser Davos: ok. But Jon is not a Stark.
  • Sansa: but I am. And idc, he IS my father's son.
  • -
  • Brienne: im your sworn shield. Im not gonna leave you here alone w these untrustworthy dudes
  • Sansa: im here w Jon
  • Brienne: jon is ok. He's too dark, but okay. Others, not too much. Esp the bearded-guy. He's so obsessed w me.
  • Sansa: (snorts) but Jon is not others. Jon is my bro. 'Jon is Jon'™. He'll keep me safe. I trust him
  • Brienne: then why the fuck you lyin' to him?
  • -
  • Jon: new dress?
  • Sansa: i made it myself. Did you like it?
  • Jon: i LOVE it!! I mean, the wolf?? The details are so intricate. Such a talented hand!
  • Sansa: awww. Well, good cause i made one for you too. *hands the cloak™* since you're gonna be Ned 2.0, you should dress the part.
  • Jon: thank you, Sansa.
  • Sansa: You're welcome :)
  • Jon: *grins like an idiot* (wtf just happened)
  • -
  • S06E07
  • Lyanna: Bear islands knows no King but the king in the North whose name is Stark. I see no Stark. You're a Snow. And your sister is a Bolton, or a Lannister. Who knows anymore
  • Sansa: hun, the fact that I'm here in one piece and still sane after the idiot mad king Joffrey, and the psychopath sicko Ramsey should speak for myself.
  • Ser Davos: *gives motivational speech*
  • Lyanna: ok. I'll give you 62 o our men
  • Later, Sansa: did we just stand there and get dragged for 62 men?
  • -
  • S06E09
  • Jon: you dont have to be here
  • Sansa: yes, i do.
  • Ramsay: aww. My beloved wife. Ive missed you terribly. Thank you for returning Lady Bolton safely. Now bend the knee.
  • Jon: i think TF not. One on one, you and me.
  • Ramsay: you kidding me? You're the best swordsman in the North, no one is dumb enough to fight you one on one. Whats the point of having an army, if you wont use it?
  • Jon: will your army fight for you if you wont fight for them?
  • Ramsay: oh wow Sansa. You got yourself a fine young man right here. Jon snow, your pride will be the death of your little bro
  • Sansa: how do we know you have him?
  • Ramsay: *throws Shaggydog head*
  • Sansa: oh now you've crossed the line, consider yourself dead tom. *dramatic exit*
  • Ramsay: she's a fine woman, your sister. I look forward to having her back in my bed. ofc you guys are fine too. My dogs are starving for you.
  • -
  • Men talks military strategies.
  • Jon: i want him angry. I want him making a mistake.
  • Sansa: youve met him for 6 seconds and you think you know him. Ive lived w him. I know him. Did it ever occur to you to ask my opinion?!
  • Jon: okay. You're right.
  • Sansa: *rants about Ramsay being manipulative* he's been doing it all his life
  • Jon: hun, i've defended the Wall from Giants and barbaric cannibals with what? 100 people? I think i can handle Ramsay Bolton just fine
  • Sansa: you dont know him
  • Jon: okay. Then tell me. Whats YOUR plan?
  • Sansa: idk!! Dont ask me!! Just dont be stupid
  • Jon: ????
  • Sansa: *continues to tell jon they need more men BUT not telling him they can have the knights of the Vale*
  • Sansa: if Ramsay wins, im not going back there alive
  • Jon: i wont ever let him touch you again. I'll protect you, i promise.
  • Sansa: i'd like to see you try.
  • -
  • Jon: if i die, dont bring me back
  • Red woman: im not your servant
  • Jon: you're in my camp. Im your Commander
  • -
  • Jon: *probably forgets his plan and that he's the Commander, so he stupidly marches front and center to the Boltons*
  • Ser Davos: *waited until Jon Snow is halfway through the battlefield* Go! go!! Follow your stupid commander!!
  • -
  • Ramsay: oh well, since my army is gone. How about i take you up w your offer? One on one?
  • Jon: bitch... *finally beats the crap out of Ramsay but stops when he sees Sansa*
  • -
  • Sansa: Jon. Where is he?
  • --
  • S06E10
  • Jon: im having the Lord's chamber prepared for you.
  • Sansa: you should take it.
  • Jon: no you take it.
  • Sansa: no you!!
  • Jon: 'I'm not a Stark'™
  • Sansa: You are to me.
  • Jon: You're the Lady of Winterfell. You're the reason why we're standing here. You. The knights of the Vale rode for you. Speaking of, you wanna tell me why you never mentioned you have a battalion in your pocket?
  • Sansa: oops. Sorry?
  • Jon: (comes closer) we need to trust each other. *forehead kiss™ that lasted a little longer*
  • -
  • *Sansa sits at the left side of Jon, looking proud as the North names him King in the North*
  • --
  • S07E01
  • Jon: you are my sis but i'm king now. You cant undermine me.
  • Sansa: i cant tell you when youre being an idiot? Bec joffrey--
  • Jon: *shookt* you think i'm like joffrey??
  • Sansa: (softens) no
  • Jon: thank you
  • Sansa: you're good at this
  • Jon: psh. No.
  • Sansa: you areee. They respect you but--
  • Jon: (laughs) everything before the word 'but' is horse shit.
  • Sansa: ok. Whatever. Stop babying me
  • Jon: i'll stop if you stop undermining me.
  • Sansa: i would never!! *grabs hand*
  • Jon: (this girl cant keep her hand to herself)
  • Sansa: i love dad and Robb but they are idiots. And you know what happens to idiots? They die. So dont be an idiot
  • Jon: And how should i be smarter? By listening to you?
  • Sansa: that would definitely be a first.
  • *insert ned/cat parallel here*
  • -
  • Sansa: youre so obsessed w the Night king, you forgot about the Incest queen in the South.
  • Jon: im obsessed w him bec i saw the fantasy shit he has beyond the wall
  • Sansa: hun, the South has their own fuckery. Father underestimated Cersei, that obvs didnt turn out so well
  • Jon: ok but--
  • Sansa: Jon, you've read the Art of War by Ned Stark. I've read the one by Cersei.
  • Jon: Did she sign your copy?
  • Sansa: Yes. I'm her number one stan.
  • -
  • S07E02
  • Jon: *after Sam tells him there is dragonglass in dragonstone which lol Ser Davos DID NOT even mention) i should go to dragonstone.
  • Sansa: Jon 'reckless, stubborn, you know nothing' Snow! What did we talk about being an idiot? Have you forgotten why father fought the mad king in the first place? That girl is dangerous!!
  • Everyone: we need the King in the North in the North!!
  • Jon: North is my home. And i will never stop fighting for it. But we need allies
  • Sansa: you're abandoning me!! You're abandoning our home!! (Stay)
  • Jon: You'll be safe here. I'll leave Ghost to you. And you'll keep everyone safe. Until I return, the North is yours. (This is me trusting you)
  • Sansa: okay.
  • -
  • LF: *blah blah blah*
  • Jon: (oh god. When will he ever stop talking? Is it too much to ask for a moment of silence around here? I just wanna be emo w my homies)
  • Littlefinger: i love Sansa--
  • Jon: (snaps and chokes LF) istg you touch her and i'll kill you myself
  • -
  • LF: so that was a little intense. Oh Cat 2.0!! There you are!! Hellooo!!
  • Jon: *looks back and waves at Sansa before leaving - ala Brienne & Jaime style*
  • LF: damn. At Ned 2.0? Story of my life, huh?
  • --
  • S07E03
  • Tyrion: And Sansa. Does she miss me terribly?
  • Jon: (i'd be careful of what you say next)
  • Tyrion: well i've never touched her and i was really nice to her
  • Jon: oh good. I mean idc. But that's really great. I'd hate to almost kill you myself. Not that i care.
  • -
  • Jon: *looks like fine snack at the mountain top* i miss home.
  • Tyrion: *subtly ships Jonaerys*
  • Jon: (rolls eyes) you know what's real? The White Walkers.
  • -
  • Bran: *comes back to WF but is cryptic AF*
  • Sansa: i wish Jon were here
  • Bran: and you were so beautiful, in your white wedding dress--
  • Sansa: (kim kardashian voice) if you know how i feel why would u say that like you put me in such an uncomfortable situation like u know im not happy i know im trying to see if it will work out here and i know that its not--
  • --
  • S07E04
  • Arya: jon left you in charge?
  • Sansa: he did. I hope he comes back soon. I remember how stoked he was to see me. We're buddy-buddies now. His heart will probs stop if sees you.
  • -
  • Ser Davos: so you and the Pretty dragon lady.*nudge, nudge* jonaerys is real. I ship it. Bec i saw you look at her direction for .1 second and i know foh shure you are secretly in love w her. I have the receipts.
  • Jon: you're delusional™
  • Theon: Sansa--
  • Jon: (loses his shit) you think i'll be tired of going all batshit crazy over someone mentioning her name?? Your traitorous coward useless ass can choke
  • Ser Davos: (this damn bastard cant keep it together ffs)
  • -
  • S07E05
  • Northerns lords: *kiss ass to Sansa*
  • Sansa: ok thats nice but Jon is our king. Im a loyal ho, you fake ass lords cant relate.
  • -
  • Sansa, probably: Jon I wish you can come back v soon. I miss you. Obviously Ghost does too, remember him? The Northern lords Are bipolar fuckers who are as loyal as fake fans are. Arya and Bran are back but they've gone cray cray. PS. Bran says the undeadz are heading towards the Eastwatch. He has visions now.
  • --
  • S07E06
  • Arya: *hypocritical speech about something that happened 6 seasons ago*
  • Sansa: sis i love u but stfu. Even tho Jon is an idiot, he gives me credit that i deserve. We won Winterfell back because of ME--
  • Arya: 'Sis', idk about you and Jon and but 'I' single-handedly avenged the Red Wedding by wiping the Freys out. But go awf i guess.
  • -
  • Sansa: their loyalty is to Jon. Which is debatable btw. Jon had left me on seenzone for weeks.
  • LF: doesnt matter. He left you in charge. The North likes you
  • Sansa: those lords probably doesnt even know what 'loyalty' is. If they found out about the letter I wrote 6 seasons ago when my character hasnt developed yet, by the time Jon comes back, he'll have no army left
  • LF: ok but Arya is your sister. She wouldn betray you
  • Sansa: she would if she thinks i'm going to betray Jon. Which is never gonna happen.
  • --
  • Meanwhile,
  • Jon: i serve the North
  • Also, Jon: i'd bend the knee but...
im lov my mutuals

uhhh hi it’s your local loser here again but this time im full of love (pls excuse the lack of a banner im. lazy and i have writing to do hsjfdsj)!! over the past few monhs, i’ve made a Heckton of new mutuals nd i want to appreciate all of u because you all mean a Lot to me nd make my crocodile heart sing, so here goes!! (im sorry in advance if i mess up your notifs this got too long nd im the worst :(() 

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I don't get it man (rant)

Why do people need to make a big deal out of ships?! SHIPS?! FOR FICTIONAL CHARACTERS?!!!! It shouldn’t matter honestly. Most probably people want a fandom that isn’t struck with shipping problems. And people harassing others because of it. IF YOU DONT LIKE IT THEN STAY AWAY! What do you get from telling people that they drew something wrong? Or that it isn’t valid? Or that the ship is wrong? You don’t really get a trophy or anything so what’s the main gain here? Im in so many fandoms and I have seen the same problem over and over again. Fandoms are supposed to be a place where we can share talent and ideas around and enjoy it with our favorite characters, shows, ect. Not a place to be scared or get harassed for something you like. Just remember why these shows were made, for human enjoyment. But mainly I think people forgot that these are supposed to be fun. What happened to that? Im not sure whether this is an angry or upset kind of post but it had to be said. So calm down please? Thank you reading 😊 Edit: Mobile sucks and it makes this post look like crap n matter how hard I try.

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bruna omg I love the Kara x RPDR headcanon. More pleaseeee

O SHIT ok so… all of these were discussed w kat @allybroke so credit for her as well for these ! 

this is kind of a mess to be honest cause i got v excited abt this so, ,, here we go ! 

  • lemme start w a few things that ive already mentioned in tha other ask: kara’s fav season s8 bc its the least catty of all, but she also loves s6 bc its when alex got into the show (def bc bianca del rio) & bc she really loves adore.
  • adore is her fav drag queen bc adore is the underdog and shes kind and sweet and lovable and so talented and kara is always repeating adore’s catch phrases like “im a freaking libra !” and alex is like “ur not a libra” & whenever j’onn is like trying to b serious and telling her abt a mission or whatever shes like “party!”
  • kara saying “LETS GET SICKENING!” before every mission
  • kara answering “absolutelyyy” w her best gia gunn voice to every single fuckin thing alex asks her 
  • kara at pride and shes endearing everyone to her bc shes saying all these drag terms in a normal conv and sometimes shes not even using them right but shes so cute and sweet to everyone talking to her that they dont care
  • kara going to a gay bar w alex and people take one look at kara and theyre like o honey shes lost…. but then by the end of the night shes attracted every single fuckin rpdr fan & the drags from the club and theyre all passionately discussing the show and kara is jus tryna calm alex out bc shes drunk and YELLING about how katya was ROBBED
  • kara connecting w the queens bc they have “secret” identities too 
  • alex getting into rpdr bc of kara and at first she doesnt want to admit it but actually fucking loves it so much and she 100% repeats the stuff bianca del rio says in normal conversations
  • after kara listens to alaska’s songs whenever she is gonna say anything she either starts with “my name is Kara Zor-El and i have something to sayyyy” OR shes always like “Greetings Earthlings my name is Kara Zor-El from planet Krypton”
  • kara thinking that alaska is deadass an alien and shes like “omg alex can u like search planet Glamtron for me i dont kno tha one !” and alex is jus like “omg….”
  • kara’s guilty pleasure is loving willam so much bc she doesnt want anyone knowing she laughs at some of the mean things willam says
  • kara seeing the queens out of drag for the first time and shes like “this is like.. MAGIC!!!!!” bc theyre so different
  • kara loves trixie mattel and this is just a fact.
  • kara and alex binge watching the show together and theyre watching season 4 and kara is like “i rly dont like phi phi… shes not very… nice” and alex going “u can say shes a bitch its ok”
  • kara getting genuinely upset watching season 5 and watching roxxxy be mean to jinkx for no reason and being like why is she SO MEAN alex !!!!!!!!!
  • kara and alex competing to see whom does alyssa’s tongue pop better???????
  • kara would def be friends w every single drag queen in national city btw
  • when she finds out cat grant is ACTUALLY friends w rupaul bc one day she enters catco and what the fuck is that rupaul sitting on cat’s couch…..
  • kara meeting rupaul while shes supergirl and completely geeking out and telling her abt how much she loves the show and why she loves it so much and ru is just endeared bc its impossible not to b endeared by kara???????
  • kara deadass being a judge @ rpdr as supergirl im yelling can u IMAGINE that??????? she wouldnt b able to say anything mean and shed be like “i think ur so great. u did amazing. u invented-” and she jus goes on and on
  • kara finding out a little boy in national city wants to do drag for his halloween and wants to be supergirl but his friends are teasing him and kara is deadass like “alex im going” and alex is like “sis im not stopping u” and kara deadass shows up at his house w a supergirl suit that she got winn to make and she goes w him to halloween and flies him home 
  • it actually becomes a thing like every year kara spends her night helping little boys that want to dress up for the first time but their friends tease him or their parents wont let him like kara just makes sure shes w them at all times and supports them and introduces them to her friends and shes jus !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! about it all
  • kara introducing lena to rpdr and lena’s fav drag queen is deadass alyssa edwards like dont fight me on this.
  • lena and kara sending each other gifs of rpdr back and forth
  • whenever lena feels herself being extra or losing her chill shes like: “the five G’s lena. Good God Get a Grip Girl” 
  • when lena and kara are watching season 5 of rpdr lena makes kara go back on alyssa and coco’s fight bc she just loses it all the time coco says IM NOT JOKNG BITCH and does the head turn
  • ok but my fav! the gang is all hanging out at the bar or something and rpdr comes up bc of course it does and then alex and lena are at each other’s throats bc alex is team katya and lena is team alaska and kara is just in the middle bc she loves both. lena is like “a person who was at the top the most should win” meanwhile alex is like “THAT SHIT WAS RIGGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
  • kara just enjoys the show and thinks everyone is a winner at the end of the day. 
Please help

Okay, so here’s the deal. I have a chronic illness (Hidradenitis Suppurativa) that has kept me from working for a while now. I’m in danger of losing everything. My house. My kids. Everything. I’ve tried getting TANF and food stamps, but, even though I haven’t got a paycheck in two months and even submitted paperwork to show that, I “make too much” to qualify. I try every day, but I am in so much pain that often times I can’t even move.

I am asking for help from people with a lot of trepidation. If you can help with donations, it would be greatly appreciated. I would even write you an spn ficlet if you’d like. I have no other talents or I would take advantage of that. If you can donate via PayPal my email is If you can’t, please repost this so others can see and decide if they want to help or reblog.

Do I expect people to help, actually no. I don’t. Let’s face it. I’m not in the “in” crowd. Im just someone over here doing his own thing. I just don’t want to lose everything, so I’m asking for help. I have until the 21st to get rent in or they evict. I have until the 23rd to get the electric bill paid. I still have to pay At&T their share for Internet and phones. I have to get my meds to keep my anxiety under control. All in all, I’m about $1,000 short for the month. Anything would help. Even if I can get just one bill paid, it would be a relief.

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How do you like Mark?? Likes so fucking scared of everything and honestly os just attention seeking lmao and has barely the same talent as Yoongi from BTS or Jiyoung from Bigbang

i just shat my pants reading this ask. *cracks my knuckles* whoever you are, i don’t get why you’re comparing your favourites who’ve done absolutely NOTHING to deserve this comparisons & im sure they wouldn’t want a fan like you to be making fun of idols like that because it’s tough being an idol & every single one of them, i repeat EVERY SINGLE ONE of them dedicated most of their lives just to be an idol. just to please fans like you and to compare idols like they’re toys? no honey, that’s not how it works. they worked their ass off for their dreams and goals; because they wanted to pursue their passion. i’m an army too and i’ve been there ever since their debut & bigbang & jiyong? they’ve always been the kings of the kpop industry, and i know how hard they’ve worked to get to where they are now and i’m super proud of them, but i don’t go around throwing shade on other fandoms & idols, rubbing it in their faces that “xxx from xxx group is so much better why do you like xx”. dude if you’re that capable go head over to korea right now and go spend one quarter of your life training, trying to fit in into the industry & having to appeal and be accepted by the netizens & public. it’s hard. especially people and ‘fans’ like you who like to pull them down when they’re clearly trying their best. please dont be so ignorant and think from an idol and their fans’ perpective, would you like it if i go around trying to spread hate about your favourites, pulling them down and finding flaws in them which NORMAL PEOPLE normally have? if you have so much time on your hands please spend it wisely to think over what you’re doing. and if you don’t like mark (or any other groups because they’re not as talented as you think your favourites are) then please get your ass off my blog and keep your hate and mean comments to yourself

also, answering your question. i love mark for who he is and his personality. i’ve talked to so many other kpop fandom mutuals who don’t even stan nct but they recognise mark too. why? because an idol who doesn’t give up, and if i have to say, he’s one of (or the) busiest idol who’s been constantly promoting since last year (or even when he was a rookie in 2015) he’s only debuted for a year and he’s written many songs, participated in a few collaborations & a few shows. despite all that, he’s never once been arrogant about his work & has never complained about having to work so much, instead, he’s more than happy and grateful that he’s always given so many opportunities to get his & nct’s name our there. him, being a rather shy and innocent boy, took up the courage to join a high school rapping program, which the other contestants had no idea who he was at first & he was completely alone. not to forget he was the only idol there? can you imagine the amount of nervousness & uneasiness surfaced within him because of the tremendous pressure he was facing? and to bring in the fact that mark has a rather low self confidence; he’s one of the most humble & genuine idols (or people) i’ve ever seen and he thinks of others more than he thinks about himself. he’s said many times that he’s working on his self confidence & he’s trying his best to be more confident in the things he does and he managed to have the confidence in going on the program & even getting to the finales; you see this personality of his’? he never gives up; never. even in shows where there’s games where it isnt even relevant at all, he’d keep trying until he actually succeeds in that game. attention seeking? you obviously don’t know mark. how can someone who still fumbles with his words and doesn’t even speak during interviews (unless he’s asked to or needs to) attention seeking? if you notice and observe (which you clearly didn’t) mark’s always smiling at the members when they have the attention instead and he’s someone selfless who tries to take care of the people around him. please don’t call him names like that when you don’t know him well. oh and talent? my boy right here has been working hard since he was a child and he flew to korea from canada (which he misses dearly but was willing to give up for his dream) to chase his dreams to become someone others will recognise. he’s improved a WHOLE lot from where he started and i can never be more proud of him. if he isn’t talented why would sm put him in every nct unit and make him participate in so many songs and tracks? im going to tell you here that this boy can dance, rap, sing, play the guitar, is flexible, and is one of the most nicest people out there. and ‘is scared of everything’?? i didn’t know idols couldn’t have fears too!!! are they gods or deities that are capable of doing everything? clearly not. they’re humans too. why would you want to make fun of his fears which im sure someone else would have too

so please don’t go around hating on him and comparing him to other idols because he’s just like them and for god’s sake, he’s still considered a rookie so give him time to grow & learn (just like how your favourites did), you can’t expect a newly grown plant to bloom overnight right? i mean after all these and you still hate mark then so be it, i can’t change anything but please leave my blog i dont need such negativity about mark on a mark blog

definitely not doing this series based off my old bias list
•okay first of all, protec this sunshine
•alth he was a lil too r00d in Cherry Bomb
•lets actually get started shall we
•okay so everyone knows how much he loves roasting everybody
talking about roasting i want roasted chicken
•donghyuck wld 173829482727/10 tease/insult you to death
•however, as much as he does it very frequently, he definitely knows his limitations
•if he knew that his insults hurt you in any way, i think he wldnt ever forgive himself for it cuz yall know he wldnt actually mean it but he’d blame himself for not knowing the sensitive spots in you heart
•also you kno how he can cook right
im getting hungrier but its 10.15 pm over here as im typing this out
•lets say donghyuck brought you to the dorms after school or smth and tae or dy isnt at the dorms and theres no food
•he wld tell you to sit at the sofa and wait for him to finish cooking for the both of you
•and youre just sitting there looking at him like
•my!! boyfriend!! is!! so!! talented!!
•also i think he wld give VERY GOOD HIGH QUALITY CUDDLES MHM YES
•dont fight with me on this
•clingy people usually give the best hugs
thats what my friend said about me the other time i was rlly emo and started clinging on everyone
•like yall are probably just hanging around the dorms watching a movie or just enjoying each others presence on the sofa cuz the bedroom is a no-no from eomma taebreeze
•and then you feel his arms snaking behind ur back and across ur arms n body
•and then hed rest his chin on ur shoulder and nuzzle his nose into ur shoulder every. ow and then just to smell that perfume he bought for you on ur birthday
•no matter how many times this happens it wld always shock you that donghyuck has this rlly soft side for you
•and i mean very soft esp when in private
•and youd just sit there hoping that the both of you cld stay like this forever in the comfort of each other’s arms
•also i forgot to mention that he wld get you to prank his memebers along with him as well :)
•"babe help me search up for some rlly good predebut photos of johnny hyung i need to take revenge on him bcuz of that time he called me a bird"
•"go boil some instant ramen soup for me i need to put it in mark hyung’s shampoo bottle"
•"what why"
•"cuz ramen hair ;) “
•the members wld definitely the both of you are cute but they wld very frequently complain of them getting headaches of how noisy he is naturally ard you and beg you to quieten him down a little
•also a the two moms of nct
•i think tae and dy wld sponsor ur restaurant dates
•"i just want to see the both of my kids smiling so i’d try to help them smile with ease :”) “ ~ty track
•in general haechan is a good boyfriend
•still not ove r how hes my ideal type and finding people liek him is hard for me :”)
•also did you guys hear that
•its the sound of my bias list shattering
•yeah Haechan Lee Donghyuck is definitely a rlly good boyfie in general :“)
•i hope you guys have a gr8 day/night/afternoon after seeing this post :”) ❤️
Fallacy x Encre

EHHHHHHHH THAT FUCKING PIC KILLED LIKE I AM STILL SCREAMING. JUST ENJOY~ and yes this is basically a continuation of The Living Art Piece (GO CHECK IT OUT!) *le shrug* its ending a bit different tho I also don’t know French so I’m just going to English it ;3

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kirst’s fluffy sterek list

Dedicated to @dylan-robrien who is fluff incarnate ♡

A Story To Tell The Grandcubs by mass_hipgnosis

babydoll, i recognize by goodboots

Cuddle Therapy by alisvolatpropiis

Free Condoms With Purchase by dragon_temeraire

I’ll Take My Coffee with Sunshine and Smiles by underscoredom

Light Up My World Like Nobody Else by Lissadiane

No Such Things Grow Here by demonicweirdo

Strawberry Fucking Shortcake by Triangulum

The One with the Napping by Captain_Loki

the other shoe by stilinskisparkles

The Sweet Solution by Siriusstuff

When we’re the best of friends by Emela

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Hi! Have you written a post about why you like chlo/nath that I could check out? Or could you maybe explain, if you haven't? I'm curious about the pairing and I want to know more about it! Thank you and hope you have a good day!

Hi nonny!! Great question!! I’ve discussed the ship before and how i got roped into the madness here: click me for the link!! (i rec reading some of the reblogs and replies on that post for other peoples story on how they came into the ship!!) 

i also talk about it here and here

basically the amazing @karawek drew peacock!nathanael and bee!chloe AND I WAS A GONER ;o;/ they are so beautiful!! and kara’s art is gorgeous!!! we chatted about it and came up with an au based around it and ever since then IVE BEEN SCREWED!! here’s the post that outlines the buzzkill au

check out kara’s art here and her chlonath art (x x x x x x) …ok some of those are just nathanael, but OMGGGGGGGGG ;o;/ 

Also, my boo, @twindoodle helped perpetuate this great love….HAVE YOU SEEN HER ART?!?!? like not just her chlonath art….but like ALL HER ART!!! i remember following her before i shipped chlonath, cause her art was so good! and then when i fell into the chlonath trash can i noticed she drew peacock!nathanael and bee!chloe based of karawek’s art and I DIEEEEDDD x___x 

links to twins art, her chlonath art, and her buzzkill art (x x)

Also this past june, i hosted chlonathweek2k17!!! it was loads of fun and so amazing to see a boost in such amazing chlonath content!!! 

Here’s a link to (hopefully all!) of the chlonathweek2k17 posts!! I tried my best to reblog every post!! (Ill have to delve through the tag again to double check!!) i also made a google spreadsheet with all the posts linked for each day! ill link it here if you’re interested!! (i also need to make sure thats up to date!! XD) 

other than that, i just think aesthetically they look adorable with each other! the blondie with the redhead gives me mad spitfire vibes and i love young justice! ;o;/ and i love the idea of nathanael being more and more willful like his superhero dream-self, and finding the courage to stand up to chloe. and i love the idea of chloe having an arc of redemption and them having that sort of gets on each other’s nerves but in a playful joking manner dynamic! 

another great chlonath artist is @aarspi ;o;/ like WOW! so many good pieces!!! and they also collabed with the amazing writer @krzed for chlonath week, AND MURDERED ME DOUBLY WITH THEIR ART AND WRITING!!!

Here’s a few links to some of my fav aarspi chlonath art (x x x x x x)

other notable posts that are up there as my top favs: 

@corgi-likes-chat made this beautiful nathbee kiss kiss 


@lunian also committed homicide in my murder with more chlonath babies

@mardimari just spoils me with cute! >////////<

@moonviewer anything moonviewer draws, I LOVE! this one particularly!!

@siderealscribblings this cute fanfic!!!

@clmeeni has an amazing angel!nathanael au in the works! and i’m already so in love with it!!! nathangel!!! amazing!!! here’s some art for it (x x x)

tldr: i ship them mostly because the love of my life, @karawek drew this and i died, since then i fell in love with the idea of both chloe and nathanael growing and developing as characters! and there have been so many talented artists and writers that have done just that!!

if youre looking for that sweet sweet chlonath content, feel free to peruse my chlonath tag on my blog (its linked in my description the lil 🍅 🐝 and ill link it here again!!

I KNOW IM MISSING LIKE 50 MILLION OTHER THINGS! butttttttt im starting to fall asleep and i really REALLY wanted to answer this ask, because it just got me so excited!! but i hope this helps as a smol introduction to the ship!!! honestly it’s just fun to play in the sandbox of this amazing universe thomas astruc created, this fandom is lovely and ill ship just about anything if there’s good content for it!!! this ship just so happens to be filled with beautiful art and lovely stories that grabbed my attention!! and through it I’ve made the greatest of friends and had so much fun!! 


Yeah I think we’re all on the same page here :’) It could have been better and blown us all away but it didn’t really reflect their talent and potential. Sounded a bit generic and nothing special about the songs individually, but like, they’re not bad songs, it’s not a bad album - but it definitely could have been bettER.

Oh well. This is only the first part of the Love Yourself series maybe the others will live up to our expectations?? ALSO WHAT IF WE SEE THE CHOREO AND IT CHANGES OUR LIFE WHO KNOWS anything can happen w BTS. 👀

I’m back from vacation (and crying) so i wanna make a list of all the trainees i will truly miss from produce 101′s last elimination.

Kim Seonglee who has a beautiful ass voice and got very little screentime. his vocals would’ve killed in the top 11. You will be truly missed ;;; a smiling angel :(

Byun Hyunmin My flippy boy :( Who actually has good stable vocals (i mean even his evaluation at the beginning was stable and he sounded great?) even after doing all that dancing and those flips and his iconic (well at least in my books) pushed back hair in the Right Round performance (still dead thx)

Woo Jinyoung cute cute boy, such a talented rapper, personally my favorite rapper on the show. He showed his own unique colors in his rapping. he went from rapping cute in mansae to nearly killing me in Who You. Why y’all hate talent???? Even tho he wasn’t my like /main/ bias. I think i’m personally gonna miss him the most.

Yoo Hoeseung another boy with another beautiful voice. Also did i mention he was hilarious??? he makes me smile so much and laugh so much. him, haknyeon, and samuel with the pants laksdjf. lip swipe boy. Also another legendary meme. If he got more screentime im 100% sure the ‘national producers’ would love him more.

Lee Gwanghyun im gonna keep my cool and not write a 5 page paragraph its fine. Boy really all rounder????? how dare y’all seperate the starship boys im bitter, sewoon was upset when he didn’t see gwanghyun’s face on the screen for the 35th place, and gwanghyun told sewoon he’s gonna miss him??? y’all hate friendship and talent that much. His voice???? beautiful pls. Dance??? of course boy smooth. Rap?? boy said he gave himself a challenge with rap but made himself sound seem like he was a rapper. Went from replay to rhythm ta like no big deal, like lmao okay. ELMINATED TWICE!!!!! Y’ALL REALLY DONE THIS TO THIS SWEET BOY IM SO MAD!!!!!!!!! he’s so sweet and might not be the loudest, but how is that a bad thing? he proved himself with his skills and personality what more u want from him. im done i wanna keep going but….

Lee Insoo SAME AS GWANGHYUN?? DO U HATE TALENT WHY WAS HE VOTED OFF TWICE, WHAT DO U GUYS THINK UR DOING???? BOY CAN CHOREOGRAPH, CAN DANCE, CAN RAP, CAN SING, ALL ROUNDER???? IM SO CONFUSED IM JUST BAFFLED TBH. Also king of friendship? taking his pals out and recording each other having fun just like it should be??? also king of spilling tea and having mnet call him? truly a king.

Lee Kiwon ????????? really y’all???? you out here embarassing yourselves by not voting for him. my heart? its sore it hurts. i wanna write so much for this boy but instead i’m just gonna link u to what you are missing out on. Disgusted, embarrassed, my cute lil bean. i would talk more about this talented boy but i hope the videos will do everyone justice (not that i ex’pect anyone to read this skdfja)

Lee Youjin Im still !!!!!!!!mad!!!!!!!!!!!! he auditioned with his own song. and killed it, he messed up but it wasn’t even that big of a deal???????? each evaluation he just kept improving more. im ?????? can my poor heart just rest pls.

Justin why??? what was the reason???? another boy going from replay to shape of you??? boy can do anything he wants like wow???? he’s so young too, small child, how do u feel, crushing a childs dream ???? i can’t wait for my yuehua boys to debut for everyone can see their mistake


Hong Eunki Shhh, can u guys hear that? thats the sound of my heart breaking into 12billion pieces. Do i need to even explain how much i love this boy to you guys? Dance king? King of waacking? he made his whole right round team waack like what a fuckin legend. Boy out there being a leader that could literally give two shits rather ur popular or not. He gave an Hwanwoong the position even though he was a lower rank bc he believed that he fit the concept more. Most people would go for more popular members bc it does give them a better chance for score, but boy knows what the fuck he is doing. He’s so loveable? he makes friends with so many boys and he loves to hold hands. Literally can go from booty bouncing to graceful dancing. Idk if any of y’all seen his predeubt videos of him dancing, or auditioning for a play, or of him in drag(and not as a joke, it was a role in the play and let me say he fuckin killed it), but that boy can fuckin do everything. i just ;;; my heart hurts so much. Boy gives us everything adn what do we give him :( i hope you all will support him in whatever he chooses to do, bc u can’t deny that that boy is talented

Jung Jung/ Zhu Zheng Ting I DIDN’T WANT TO WRITE ANYTHING FOR HIM BC MY HEART, IITS SO SHATTERED, I ;;;; SMILING ANGEL, KING OF TRADITIONAL DANCING, KING OF TUMBLING, KING OF LOVE, JUST A KING. BOY WAS CENTER TWICE!!!! WHY DID U GUYS NOT NOTICE HIM!!!! he killed it everytime too :( He fills my hear with so so so so much love. He loves his members so much and cares for them. He’s trying so so hard to learn korean better for he can interact with everyone. His voice is also stable? He really never got a chance to show his vocals but with his little oppurtunities he showed everyone how well he did. Boy was in a national chinese dance competition and placed 1st. He had so much more to show and he was cut so short :( thank you for voting him through this far everyone, he was one of the “lesser” popular members, and me being not able to vote for him once breaks my heart. Thank you again everyone. Good luck to him adn the rest of the Yuehua boys on their debut and don’t get to follow their instagram. Also pleas continue to support the rest of the Yuehua boys!



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I'm just getting into myteen now, what's a good place to start learning about them? Besides this blog lol

Hey! Welcome!! Myteen is a great group!! okay, so this post is gonna be kinda long lol also sorry it took a while. Okay so to start with, they are under Music Works Entertainment (same company that has Minzy, Baek ZYoung and U SungEun) anyways, thanks to @saeoong (tbh my fave minjun stan i cri) here is a post with like every important video link, from their stages to individual fancams and their shows and stuff literally the god post. a very very important post tbh. 

saeoongs post will have these links, but these two are in my opinion the top two need to see videos 

here are all the offical sites and such:

the youtube channel FY!Myteen has subbed i think like the first 7 ep of myteen show but here is the link for that

and then i’ll just give you the basic run down for each member lol

Taebin  © 

  • Full name: Lee Saewoong
  • Position: sub-vocalist
  • January 22nd, 1996
  • Hometown: Busan, South Korea
  • use to live in New Zealand 
  • speaks english
  • Suuuuuper smart 

Originally posted by xi-heon


  • Full name: kim sangjin 
  • position: lead vocalist, main dancer
  • December 22nd, 1996
  • Hometown: Gwangju, South Korea
  • one of his nicknames is afer a fox
  • the 4d member of the group

Originally posted by taebinnie


  • full name: Choi Eunsu
  • Position: Leader, rap 
  • February 12th, 1997
  • Hometown: Ansan, South Korea
  • mom of the group
  • also this happened…….

Originally posted by xi-heon


  • Full name: Kim Gukheon
  • Position: main vocalist 
  • April 15th, 1997
  • Hometown: Bundang, South Korea
  • dad of the group
  • an amazing voice tbh just wow

Originally posted by taebinnie


  • Full name: Shin Junseob
  • Position: rap, vocal
  • February 4th, 1998
  • Hometown: Gongju, South Korea
  • his nickname is “no jam” which basiclly means no fun but i mean look at that gif he’s fun
  • has been a replacment for some live stages 

Originally posted by xi-heon


  • full name: song yubin
  • position: main voalist
  • April 28th, 1998
  • Hometown: Daegu, South Korea
  • we know a lot about him lol
  • the first thing everyone said about him was that he looks like Mingyu from Seventeen but plz move on from that lol
  • already has a mv up 
  • has an instagram
  • already has some ost
  • pretty much the most popular cause he’s already debuted technically
  • owns dogs but is allergic to them lmao

Originally posted by saeoong


  • full name: park minjun
  • position: vocal, maknae
  • January 8th, 2001
  • Hometown: Seoul, South Korea
  • tallest member but still our baby
  • one of his nicknames is Moomin i cri
  • best eye smile
  • took a break to heal a shoulder injury so was gone for a while and people started to wonder if he was going to debut with myteen BUT hes back and ready to debut and lookin cute af as always

okay and then just a personal tidbit, i literally dont even know how i found myteen, but i discovered them around oct or nov of 2016. like when you googled myteen maybe two sites came up regarding them and then the rest was about how “my teen got pregnant” and i was always :’) and here on tumblr there were like two other myteen blogs so im so excited to see how they are getting more popular!! my year has been very busy so i wasn’t able to follow them as closely as i would have liked but i know enough to say that they are a wonderful, talented, cute, funny group and you won’t go wrong getting into them! the few fans they do have are all wonderful people and everything is just so much fun! i hope you love them as much as i do!!! 

alright and lastly blogs that you should follow:

@saeoong like i mentioned before lol @with-myteen @xi-heon @fy-taebin @princejunseob @xiheonsgf @softsnuper @taebinnie @minjunniie @formyteen 

~ Admin H


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*crosses legs, takes glass of wine*

I just…cannot believe that already 500 of you have decided to follow me. I feel so honored and emotional about this, and I really want to take the time to thank each and every one of you for being here. Some of us have not spoke, some of us speak everyday, but regardless of our communication level I appreciate, and adore, every single one of you. 

I spent most of today thinking about doing something special for this, because I can’t even believe that it’s happened so quickly. On the way home, I decided to do a small follow forever because, without you guys, I’d literally not be doing this. So, as a thank you, here is a tiny follow forever to highlight some of the most special people and friends I’ve made during my short time here. 

Originally posted by kyungso

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Hey so I drew this picture of Unknown after one of my math finals (ugh so many finals) and I was wondering what you thought of it? I’ve been trying to improve. (Btw you are my first tumblr crush at 17% haha) Hope you have a good weekend!

AHHH @whisperingshade22 to me its gorgeous! I don’t draw very well apart from clothing and even then it’s generally what I would call mediocre at that! I think you did an amazing job darling and thank you for sharing him with me!!! The only way to improve is to practise! It’s the same with writing or any other kind of creation- practise, practise practise! I can’t wait to see your next piece! 

To me… its looks like he’s just seen MC on the street for the first time- like she’s finally real and just within grasp but… no, he can’t feel that way about someone they’re going to use… can’t get attached… 


sort-of-weird  asked:

1. OMFG ARON WAS SO GOOD LIKE OMFG!! his rap was just so good ND he looks so freaking handsome and boyfriend material? Just wow? 2. :( we don't really have many Nu'est blogs? And we have so little Ren and Aron ones? :( I'm a new ㄴㅇㅅㅌ and I'm just so sad because every time I asked something about the boys you guys always explained or told me about them and we need that? We need you guys to guide us and to show us who Nu'est was and is to properly support them

Aron was literally amazing in ‘Loop’ I was so worried cos hes been out of the spotlight for 1 year, and also i think he went through some internal struggles. Lately his.. idk? His aura has changed? He used to hardly talk now he talks a lot it makes me happy :) he seems to have his determination back. He is also stepping up his Hyung game, probably bc it looks like it might be his reponsibilty to look after the members the way Minhyun did, now that Minhyun isnt here. Yes there arent many nuest blogs, dont let nuest becoming a 'trend’ fool you this fandom is still tinyyy. Aron was already the most underrated member, he wasnt on produce 101 when the other members were, making the diff of popularity 1000x worse. So unfortunately there are no new Aron blogs or fansites yet. Im hoping this comeback people see how much of a talented lovable idiot he is. Esp. Now that it he is working so friggin hard. I’m not gonna lie i was super worried about Aron. We didnt know why he didnt go on pd101 so I was SO SCARED. I thought he was having doubts about coming to Korea and feeling sorry for himself. Which is understandable as nu'est were under a lot of pressure almost disbanding. The other members covered it up but Aron is rlly shit at hiding his emotions lmao. In the v lives after canvas era you could tell he had lost his will a little (even Baekho said 'its like theres only 4 of us here’ cos he hardly spoke). Our makenae-hyung has been through so much personal struggle this year. He is going a lot better now and I’m so FRIGGIN PROUD OF HIM. If you cant tell i love Aron kwak to death thats why i was upset not many loves were hyping his feature in Raina’s 'Loop’. But i realise new loves are also just now finding out about him. I really hope there are more Aron stans in future. He is trying so hard now. And I hope there are many more Nu'est stans in general in the future as well!

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