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soulmate! Hoshi

for anon: soulmate hoshi please? i loved all the soulmate aus so far!!!!keep up the good work!!!

a/n: TYSM and hope you enjoy!!

Summary: in which the closer you are to your soulmate, you can hear what song their listening too, visa versa (part two)

  • the first year you could comprehend what a soulmate actually was,
  • you were completely obsessed with finding your “mark”
  • and after that mess, searching through the “soulmate” section in the library and asking around
  • you kind of just gave up of finding your soulmate
  • figured “go with the flow” is best
  • but that didn’t stop you from lowkey being jealous of your friends who had obvious signs
  • hell even one had her soulmate’s first words
  • you think you could live with anything, even "get out the way" if it meant you would for sure meet he or, what the hell, she one day
  • flash forward years later not really lol your still young and fresh okay
  • your college offers programs for classes over seas for a year
  • for your major, the best places would be, south korea, singapore, and japan
  • lots of people were choosing south korea, and but you actually already know korean, as a result of your high school friend who was korean
  • so to be a little different you and your best friend in college, choose japan
  • even though flying is a bitch, you and your friend land safely and head to baggage claim
  • suddenly you hear this slight beat in your ears
  • looking down at your phone, you see the music is turned off
  • “f/n do you hear some music?”
  • “nah you alright?”
  • “yeah it’s probably just my post plane effects”
  • when you sit in the taxi on the way to your airport, you play your music and eventually the beat is gone
  • the next day when your prepping for a class, you hear the beat again
  • you search everywhere and after your friend says she hears nothing, you almost pull your hair out
  • then it clicks,
  • holy shit you’ve read of soulmates having this before
  • maybe he’s japanese????
  • after telling your friend, on any spare time you guys had, you both travel all through japan
  • the disappointment you feel hurts, in fact in seems the farther you travel through japan, the quieter the beat gets
  • the one thing you notice is the same beat seems to play over and over again
  • at one point you to start to subconsciously drum your fingers to them 24/7
  • you wonder if your soulmate can hear your music too and is thinking about you? hopefully?
  • at the end of your time in japan, you and your friend decided to take a week vacation in seoul, south korea
  • “girl did you see the street food there, if we gain a couple pounds, it’ll definitely be okay”
  • and literally, the first thing you notice when landing at Incheon is the melody added to that beat
  • “f/n. shit i think my soulmate’s korean”
  • as you get closer to seoul, you can start to hear the whispers of lyrics
  • by the time your in your hotel you can hear the lyrics as if your playing it from your phone quietly 
  • “ulgo sipci anha”
  • despite the bit of jet lag you have, you grab a small backpack full of all your essentials and head out, leaving a note for your friend who’s already knocked out
  • as you run around seoul aimlessly, you somehow figure out directions with the sounds
  • this leads you to the front of a large building
  • smartly, you plug in your earphones and play a hiphop song, loud with heavy beats
  • if there’s a way you can hear a song about boys not wanting to cry then he could hear you blasting kokak blacks’ tunnel vision in one ear
  • no matter how far you walk along the street you always hear the song the loudest at the building
  • after mustering up some courage, your about to knock but the crying song stops
  • you step back three feet, kind of freaked out, the mash of the two songs only becoming yours
  • suddenly a cute black haired boy dressed in sweaty workout clothes explodes from the doors
  • he stares at you with wide eyes and takes a step back
  • bumping into a whole soccer team of guys coming out or peaking heads out the door
  • you slowly reach your hand up to your earbud and as you take that one out, the music in his ears stop also
  • the grin that graces his face has to be the cutest thing you’ve ever seen
  • he looks at your face brightly, noticing the happy smile on your face
  • like the match made in heaven you guys are, you run up to him laughing and he opens his arm laughing
  • your arms go around his shoulders and his around your waist
  • you get lifted slightly and this situation makes you smile and giggle even harder
  • suddenly you feel yourself get pulled forward from what you notice is your soulmate’s friends pulling him back inside the building
  • “as happy as i am for you to find your soulmate, lets not have any pictures taken”
  • he ignores them completely with the smile seemingly permanent
  • setting you down, he holds your hands tightly, grinning
  • “my name’s kwon soonyoung and ill definitely be calling you soon”
  • you giggle and answer
  •  "my name’s f/n l/n. i would call you honey, but your so much sweeter than that.“
  •  you guys laugh again and he pulls you in closer, burying his head in your nape and yours in his chest
  • “wow someone who’s actually PERFECT for soonyoung”
  • “the cringe couple”
  • “ewwww LMAO”
  • after being introduced and explained too that they are actually a group called seventeen and bombarded by them with questions,
  • you and soonyoung are given time alone
  • aka sitting in the corner and pretending svt isn’t trying to eavesdrop on the other side of the dance studio
  • getting to know each other must have been the funnest and cutest experience of each other’s life
  • “its a great song but i was tired of listening to just one portion of a song about boys crying after the first 10 minutes”
  • “yahh, i create choreography, so of course i play it over”
  • you guys openly and cutely discuss pet names
  • “i dont want to call you y/n, that’s what everyone else calls you,” he pouts
  • “what about you? you have something you wanna be called?”
  •  he slightly gets flustered, and before he can answer you ask,
  • “you know how americans will call their husbands hubby?”
  • he nods at the mention
  • “what do you think about bubby? boyfriend instead of husband”
  • he smiles sweetly and laughs, “i like it, and i’ll call you jagi (honey) in honor of your pickup line”
  • you laugh and accept of course
  •  the corners of his mouth twitch up in a slight smirk
  • “so am i your boyfriend now?”
  • you slap his arm lightly, “yah im not that easy, take me on a date first”
  • you guys get closer on the emotional level
  • he looks at you and smiles softly
  • “i think your too pretty to be my soulmate" 
  • "what do you mean??? your the most attractive guy ever. clearly we are soulmates, two good looking people together? helloo”
  • you wiggle your eyebrows at him and wink cutely
  • he chuckles softly
  • “are you sure, you’ve seen the other members, they have way better bodies and faces than me”
  • you realize at this moment your soulmate had insecurities
  • why are korean beauty standards like this
  • “look at me”
  • you boldly hold his face in both of your hands, instantly making his ears turn red
  • “i don’t know or care that other people don’t find you attractive. to me you are the most handsome" 
  • "your the perfect height for me, i dont need to you to be any taller" 
  • "your eyes are the most attractive thing, i didn’t think someone can be so hot and cute as the same time but damn you proved me wrong" 
  • "i could go on and on but if i say all of them now, it would take forever”
  • you bring his face closer and press your lips on his cheek softly
  • he smiles with pink cheeks and pecks your neck, settling his head there and whispers
  • “you don’t need to be perfect but i know your perfect for me”
  • you laugh tenderly and whisper in his ear,
  • “i love how you can keep up with my cheesy comments but let’s not do this 24/7”
  • he chuckles loudly
  • “let’s be a comfortable & fun couple, those are the best”
  •  "definitely”
  • svt at the side like “this has to be the cheesiest and cutest moment i’ll ever witness”
  • “it’s a drama in real life lol”
  • seungkwan says this a little too loudly
  • you and soonyoung both look over and then at each other
  • “you wanna throw it or will i?”

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The Seventeen Soulmate AU series:

|| Seungcheol / Pt. 2 || Jeonghan / Pt. 2 || Joshua / Pt.2 || Jun / Pt.2 || Hoshi / Pt.2 || Wonwoo || Woozi / Pt.2 || Seokmin / Pt.2 || Mingyu / Pt.2 || Minghao || Seungkwan || Vernon / Pt.2 || Dino ||

100% reconmend you another soulmate au here, soulmate! Joshua ;)

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'IS THAT PAINT?! wait, nope, just my blood.'

A super cute Pietro x Reader for a lovely anon who gave the request. I hope you like it love! Masterlist

Summary: Injured during a battle, you call out for help. Your boyfriend Pietro, comes to help you out; and attempts to take you back to the jet to rest.

 If you want to request you can chose from my prompt list or send me something original! Request Here!

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“Iv'e been hurt in sector 7.” I yelled into my earpiece. “Its not serious!” I looked at my side where the bullet had entered. Warm blood had already soaked my suit but it didn’t hurt much. I grabbed my handgun and shot at the remaining agents. My aim was off but something slammed them to the ground before my bullets had a chance to hit them. A blue streak stopped beside where I was laying. “This looks pretty serious (Y/N).” Pietro said squatting down beside me. “Pietro’s here guys.” I grinned “Assess the situation as fast as you can Pietro. We’re not done yet” Steve’s voice rang out in both of our earpieces. “Copy” Pietro said turning his attention back to me. He reached out to touch my side. “OWW!” I yelled. “Don’t do that!” Pietro’s brow furrowed as he slid his hands under my body. “Im going to need to take you back to the quinjet.” “No, no. Im okay.” I said reaching over to push Pietro’s hands away. “Really?” He said a small smirk on his face. “Get up then.” I pushed my hands at the ground and slowly stood, trying not to make a sound. As soon as I was standing on two feet, my head felt dizzy. “Whoa” Pietro said as he caught me gracefully in his arms. “Im taking (Y/N) to the quinjet.” “Im fine Piet.” I said lightly swatting the arm that was around my neck. “(Y/N) you just swung at thin air.” He smirked. “Im tired” I said burrowing my face into Pietro’s shirt. “Do not pass out on me.” He said firmly as his grip tightened.

Suddenly, we were in the quinjet and my stomach was revolting. “Whoa. Oh my gosh what was that.” I yelled looking at the clean white tile floor. “I used my speed to get us to the jet.” Pietro said gently laying me down on Bruce’s table. “Stay here and rest (Y/N). I’ll be back as soon as Steve will let me.” He reached out to hold my hand and brush some hair off my grimy forehead. I looked at his hands and tried to hold his hand back. “IS THAT PAINT?! wait, nope, just my blood.” I said looking at his bright red fingers. “That is my blood right?” I asked nervously. “Yes but I don’t see how-” Pietro began. “It’s just that if I get paint on the floor Tony will kill me.” I said closing my eyes. “Steve can I stay with-?” Pietro began again. “Yeah” Steve interrupted. “I don’t want her hurting herself.” I could hear Pietro telling me something in Russian as I drifted off to sleep.

Stay, Jack Maynard Imagine

-Gif not mine-

-You see your ex Jack at the club-


The speakers were playing music loudly, you couldn’t hear anything else going on around you. You were at the club with a few of your girlfriends and you all split up to dance with different guys.

You got stuck dancing with a tall man who had dark brown hair, he wasn’t the best looking but you didn’t care because you were too drunk to tell. You were grinding up to him while a slow but upbeat song was on. He had his hands on your hips pulling you in closer so you could get a better feeling of his member.

The feeling turned you off as you were only dancing, trying to have a good time. You walk away leaving the man behind and you go to order another shot for yourself.

As you were ordering your shot you couldn’t help but notice a familiar face at the table in the corner near the bar. “Jack” you sigh to yourself.

Jack was your ex and you didn’t end on the best terms but it never stopped you two from hooking up. It was inevitable. You two were made for each other sexually but you could never communicate properly.

You would see each other at the club and things would escalate quickly, leaving you in his bed the next morning. You take your shot and slam the cub down while making your shot face. It burned your throat but you knew it was worth it. You got up from your seat and made your way the table Jack was sat at.

He was with his friends but you couldn’t think properly so it didn’t matter. “Hey” you say putting your hands down on the table giving Jack a smile. All of the guys looked at you confused, including Jack.

“Y/N, you look like a mess” Jack says keeping his face confused. You laugh in response and sit down next to him, sliding the rest of the boys over. “So how’s life been?” you ask slurring your words. Jack looks around the table at his confused friends and sighs. “It’s good” he answers not caring about how yours has been. “Clearly me too” you tell him anyways putting your hand on his arm.

His arm was big and at that moment you would’ve done anything to have it wrapped around you again.

“Y/N, no” two of your friends say coming up the table grabbing your arm to pull you from your seat. “I’m having fun” you complain as they stand you up. “You came here to get over him” one of them say causing Jack to laugh.

As you are pulled away you turn your head to Jack giving him a wink, “I’ll see ya later”. Jack laughs in response and you continue on your way back to the dance floor.


A slow song begins to play and you are greeted by the same tall man from earlier causing you to groan. You lightly try to push him away but he grabs on to your waist pulling you in closer. “Stop” you say pushing him away slightly harder. You wanted to get away from the creep but he wasn’t giving up easily.

“Don’t you want a good time?” He asks putting this hand on your butt to pull you in again. You tried to get away from his grip but it tightened and it caused you pain. “Ouch!” you yell hoping he’d stop or that someone would make him stop but nothing changed.

You try pulling away and were clearly struggling. “I’m going to show you a good time tonight” the guy says in your ear. You begin to cry and look around to hopefully find one of your friends when you hear another voice come into the mix. “No you’re not” you hear another man say from behind you.

The creep pushes you to the side and you look to see who was challenging him, it was Jack. “Who do you think you are?” the creep says to Jack laughing. Jack doesn’t respond and punches the creep across the face causing him to fling backwards.

The creep puts up his fists to fight back but stops as soon as he sees two of Jack’s friends join him. “Fuck you” the creep says to all of you as he disappears in the crowd. Jack signals a thanks to the guys and whispers something to them causing them to walk away.

He turns back to you giving you a light smile and pulls you in for a hug. There you continue on crying, thankful for Jack being there. “Im gonna take you home” Jack says lightly in your ear. He puts his head back and you nod at him tears slowly stopping.


The two of you stand outside waiting for the uber to arrive. It was cold outside and you began to shiver. Jack notices and takes off his jacket to wrap around you. “Thank you” you say putting your head in your hand that was leaning on your leg. “It’s just a jacket” Jack says brushing it off. “I meant for that and for saving me from that creep” you say looking at Jack. “Oh” he says dryly, quickly giving you a light smile.

When the uber gets to the club the both of you enter, Jack telling him where you needed to go. The ride was quiet and you had your head leaned against Jack’s shoulder. You began to fall asleep when all of a sudden the uber stopped and Jack moved his shoulder, shaking you awake. You had arrived at your apartment and Jack walked you upstairs.

You invited him into your apartment and offered him some water. He had a glass and then told you that you should try to sleep. Your heart sank at the thought of Jack leaving you alone and Jack could tell. “I’ll stay until you fall asleep if you want” Jack says trying to comfort you. You smile lightly and get up to change into your pjs.

Jack stayed in the living room when you began to lay down in bed but something about being alone felt wrong. You got up and walked to the living room to see Jack watching one of his favourite shows. “Jack?” you ask lightly causing him to turn to you. “Yes?” he asks. “Do you think you could lay with me?” you ask desperately. Jack smiles at you and walks over to hug you. “Of course” he whispers in your ear.

The two of you walk into your bedroom and Jack lays you down. He walks around to the other side of the bed and slips under the covers next to you. You pull yourself in closer to Jack’s body and he begins to run his hand through your hair. “Just stay the night” you say slowly drifting. Jack giggles lightly and then kisses your forehead. “Sure, princess” he says smoothly.

You smile as you get closer and closer to falling asleep. “I’ve missed this” you say under your breath. You hear Jack mumble something back and you figure he agreed. You drift off to the feeling of Jack’s hand in your hair and his light breathing. You realize that this is what you missed.  

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Lol me and my friends spammed the hell out of a plat//onicotayuriw//eek fanfic (shitty Hogwarts au) and got it deleted from tumblr. I have never been more proud of myself tbh. The official blog just made a post about it and im cackling

i. wow anon. i

listen. i get that you’re salty bc of platonic.ota.yuri.week like theyre 100% in the wrong bc theyre barring ota.yuri shippers from participating and if they’re gonna be like that they have no right to mod a week. i get that but. im sorry but this is taking it too far.

i only lightly skimmed the fic and for the most part it seemed innocent?? it’s just,, a hogwarts au. they’re playing quidditch. and from looking at the blog you apparently marked the fic as inappropriate?? why? because it depicted otabek and yuri as platonic?

Like… think of how the author must have felt when they found out their platonic fic was marked inappropriate for no reason. If any of my fics were marked inappropriate and deleted? I’d be crushed. That was something I would’ve worked on for hours and writing is my passion. If it got deleted for no reason other than the fact that this shippers vs antis thing still existed? You wouldn’t know how hurt I would feel.

Listen, I get that antis are annoying and sometimes you want to retaliate but this isn’t the right way of going about it. The only thing they’re doing wrong is being antagonistic towards people who do ship ota.yuri. Otherwise? There’s nothing wrong with liking them platonically, and if they want a week dedicated for that then let them. Block them, and it’s like they don’t even exist! This whole shippers vs antis is out of control as it is.

also ihfsdkjhsdka im sorry if i sound rude or like im mad at u its just… you really went too far there friend im sorry

ok I dont even ship ereri but I dont get when people hate it “because the age gap is weird” there is literally 18 years between my parents and they’ve been pretty functional for over 20 years

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And besides, you will just listen to any other anti without hearing out my friend? Is that the truth or just blindness.

Hearing out your friend? No, ive seen enough screenshots and seen her ‘explanation’ *which was just another lie?* to know she doesnt need to be in our communities/clubs, period.

Entitlement is not something any of us, regardless of who you are, take lightly. Saying ‘i know im safe for you’ when really, you arent, is entitlement that could trigger any member at any given moment. Those tags may be emptied, but it can still cause a trigger in someone, its called respect and not get mad when youve been blocked and go out if your own way to harass them. Which is also , if im thinking correctly, is against tumblrs rules and guidelines.

Not to mention, Youve gone out of your own way to not only harras me, but other blocklists as well over a reblog with blantent proof of her being a danger. Now then, if you dont mind, ill be blocking you from sending me anymore anons .

Edit: btw, im a blocklist, i report those who are consider a danger to my friends and members of my communitues/clubs. Its litterally what I do. Its not blindness when ive seen the proof, its called protecting 😑

To my followers in the south eastern United States, even if you only have a tropical storm warning PLEASE PREPARE. Fill your tubs with water, board up your home, batteries, flashlights, portable chargers, canned goods, WATER, seriously guys this isn’t a joke. This is a DEADLY storm. News can only predict so much but nature is nature and it can make last minute moves and you don’t want to be stuck unprepared while intense winds and rains impact your unprepared home and family. Hurricane Andrew was said to hit an hour north of my home back in 1992 and it moved last minute 80 miles south and completely FLATTENED the area of where I lived. It was an apocalypse. People weren’t prepared. Don’t risk it guys.

All the people that sent me hate/ or murder threats :) I have some instructions for you to follow -
Step 1- go to the email you used to create your tumblr accounts
Step 2- sign in
Step 3- at this point you will see an email addressed to you /and evidence of what u have done
Step 4- finally, a lawyers note, from Parisa Ramsahai :)

Im very sad that I only got the few of you who sent messages to my inbox - the others that I answered ,regrettably, I have no idea who you are

So, of course your parent/guardian must be informed, and not only that but your accounts on tumblr will be suspended from your use

So I hope u have learnt your lesson, as I have learnt mine, and I also pray that your bullying ways will end here

No but where are the “psychological repercussions” that stiles is supposed to be experiencing this season?
Not that I enjoy all the damn suffering that happens on this show but like the dude got possessed by a Japanese trickster spirit that used him to do the stuff of nightmares so I expect SOME kind of psychological damage after something like that?? or it’s going to make me angry
*deep breath* unfortunately patience is key with this television show