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New Year. New Me. {Peter Pan Imagine}


Part One  Part Two 

Peter Pan Imagine 

Author: Joi A. Wade 

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Requested: Yes,  HI CAN I HAVE A EXTREME FLUFF IMAGINE WITH ROBBIE KAY OR PETER PAN WHERE YOU GUYS GET INTO A REALLY REALLY BAD FIGHT AND YOU DECIDE YOU GUYS SHOULD BREAK UP AND HES LIKE NO BABE WAIT IM SORRY AND YOURE LIKE NOPE I CANT DO THIS ANYMORE AND THEN YOU LEAVE AND HE CANT FUNCTION WITHOUT YOU SO HE TRIES TO WIN YOU BACK AND IT TAKES A WHILE BUT ONE DAY HE FINALLY WINS YOU BACK EXTREMELY FLUFFY PLEASE,  OMYGOD I SO LOVE THIS!!!!,  I love this so much ohmhgod,  I got chills! Is there going to be another part?,  AAAH I love this!!!! ;uu; part 3…?,  You should do a part three to New Year New Me, home slice!😬😬,  New year new me is amazing😭 please tell me that there is gonna be a part 3,  That was absolutely amazing! Will there be a third part to New Year New Me?,  Omgggggg 😍😍 I just read both parts of New Year new me you’ve got me hooked ITS SO GOOD !!!!!!1!111!1!1!!!1

Note: Last part after this coming soon! Hasn’t been pre-read, so might be some errors. Enjoy the juice!

Months have passed since the whole New Years incident. Peter has tried contacting Y/n for the longest, from texts to calls, emails, through her friends, voicemail. You name it, he’s tried it. But, nothing from her. Y/n was really done with him. And that didn’t sit right in his stomach, his brain or his heart. 

When he got back to the place the two of them shared, her side of the room? Empty. Her stuff in the bathroom, the closets, the living room. It was all cleaned out. This was really happening, and he was the only one to blame. He didn’t know how long he thought his whole game would last, he just wanted to have someone on the side, just wiling to give themselves up for his needs and wants. But now, all he really wanted and needed was his love to forgive him. 

Peter was a wreck without Y/n by his side. How she would cook breakfast on certain mornings, or him cooking for her and being scolded for almost burning the kitchen down. Usually she did most of the house cleaning, because he worked most of the time, and now their home was a complete mess and it smelled of depression and months of just barely showering. He kept the curtains closed all day, leaving it to look dark; he barely ate, or slept, and he was pretty sure he’s now fired from not coming into work. He was even threatened to be kicked out if he didn’t pay the rent. 

Knocks could be heard from the front door, making Peter awaken from his dark slumber. He hasn’t been dreaming since Y/n left him, just endless darkness surrounding his mind. Once his eyes adjusted, he found the ceiling yet again for the hundredth time that day, and the knocking just kept coming. Letting out a soft groan, Peter turning his head to where he see the door. Confused for a second as to why, he then remembered he never made it to the bed. He was laying the couch.  

Reaching over, Peter took a look at his phone, seeing that there were multiple missed called and messages from work, some friends…Wendy. But, none from the only person he’s been wanting to talk to. The loud and rapid knocking got worse, making Peter groan louder at the annoying noise the echoed around the place. Getting up lazily from the couch, he slowly made it way to the door, shouting at whoever it was that he was coming. Once he opened the door, all he wanted to do was slam it right back. But, it was too late. She flung herself at him. 

“Oh, Peter! Why haven’t you been returning my calls? I was so worried about you, what have you been doing? And, ugh!” As quickly as she clung to him, she pushed him away once the smell hit her nostrils. “You smell like shit. When was the last time you took a shower-”

“What the hell do you want?” He rasps, eyes glaring down at the petite woman that stood with the bedroom eyes he swore he never wanted to see again. 

“I’ve missed you…I’ve missed us-”

“Us? There is no us. There never was, and there never will be. You ruined my life, I should have never let you in, you’ve tainted the best relationship I’ve ever had, and I let you. If I ever see you face again, I swear to God I will be put in jail for beating the shit out of you.” 

Without even hesitation, he slammed the door in her face. Walking away from the pounding, he tried ignoring her whining for him to come back and talk, but just went deeper into the condo. About 20 minutes passed when Wendy finally stopped trying and left, leaving Peter to sit in his funk and silence yet again. He couldn’t take it anymore. Not knowing if you were okay or not was driving him crazy. Were you still in town? Did you find someone else. 

Just as that thought crossed his mind, he got a text message. Looking at the ID, his heart dropped when he say it wasn’t who he was hoping for. Sighing heavily, he opens it. It was Felix. 

‘Dude, it’s been months. I haven’t seen or heard from you.’ 

Rolling his eyes, he replies. ‘And?’

‘Look I know you’re wallowing, but this is ridiculous.’

‘You and Tiger have made it clear that you want nothing to do with me. Just like her.’

‘I admit, what you did was below the belt, but you’re still my best friend. I care, and Y/n still cares about you. Whether you believe it or not. She does.’ 

Not responding this time, Peter just stares at those words Felix left. Ping.  Looking again, another message. This time, a short video. Of her and some dude. This turned his blood into ice. So here he was crying over someone who won’t return his calls and goes out with other guys. Sure, he has no right to Y/n, they weren’t together. But that doesn’t stop the little green monster that built in the pit of his stomach. Who were you with? Squinting at the picture, he nearly choked once he identified who exactly you were with. 

Her ex, Newton. 

“That British son of a bitch.” 

The good in Dean’s life. Finally.

Pairing : SamxReader, Dean
Word count : 913
Author : Mel

Final part to Pregnancy Curse.

The boys hauled ass home once they finally dealt with the nest. You heard the door then their boots running down the stairs. “Babe!” Sam yelled.

“Sweetheart!” You could hear them running around looking for you.

“In here!” You called from your bedroom. “Why are you home so early!?”

Both boys ran to the bedroom door. Dean getting there first, then Sam pushing past him. “Why are you just laying here?”

“What do you mean?” You looked at him confused.

“I told you to call!” Dean was almost panicked.

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Angel’s Daughter

Pairing: Daddy!Gabriel x Reader 
Words: 1224
Requested by Anonymous:  Can I please get a Gabriel oneshot where the reader had a daughter to him that he didn’t know about and he turns up when she’s only just starting school (4-6 years old) and she’s been getting bullied and the reader is unsure about letting him into her daughter’s life until she sees him stand up for her and play harmless pranks on her bullies which makes their daughter laugh and hug him? 

          You heard the sound of wings and knew who it was immediately. You hadn’t seen him in five years. Not since he had to go into hiding because of Lucifer. You hadn’t questioned it. You wanted Gabriel to be safe.

           “Y/N,” Gabriel’s voice was questioning.

           You turned around to look at him, “Hi, Gabriel.”

           “It’s been …”

           “Five years,” you said for him.

           “How are you?”

           “I’m great,” you said, “Really great.”

           “Great,” he nodded, “Umm …”

           “Gabriel,” you sighed his name, “I just … it’s been five years. I know why you’re here. I just don’t know if I can.”

           “I understand,” he said, looking around the room. His eyes landed on the pictures and you knew what he saw, “Is that …?”

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anonymous asked:

im new to the henvie hell i need guidance

@xibrev my time has come.

Well, I’m going to try to avoid any spoilers. Where I’m getting all this is from gameplay videos that have already been released on Youtube, so don’t think I have special access or anything. I should be so lucky.

I also don’t know how familiar you are with Assassin’s Creed and Henry Green and Evie Frye, so here’s the basic rundown: They’re trying to stop oppression in Victorian London, they stab bad people and look damn good while doing it, and they have cute accents. Sorry if this is all familiar to you.

So because Henry’s the Assassin running London, Evie and her twin brother Jacob (who, if you didn’t know, is basically like that hilarious weird uncle) are looking for his shop while standing on top of a roof, because why the hell not. (As anybody who’s been involved in Assassin’s Creed very long knows, you learn to suspend disbelief pretty quickly with that franchise.) So what happens next?


And then there’s, like, swelling violin music in the background while they’re introducing themselves and she’s sizing him up. I mean, this is like a violent Nicholas Sparks movie.

And then…

What’s going on here: Evie’s looking at Henry like she’d swim the Seven Seas if he asked her to or if he vaguely implied that it needed to be done, Henry’s looking at Evie like he wants to marry her and also like he wants to make her scream his name, and Evie’s brother Jacob is already cockblocking them.

Yeah, clearly Jacob picks up on something, because he starts acting like a dick to Henry pretty quickly.

You need to hear the spite in his voice.

Evie’s reaction?

“Don’t kill my brother, love.”

I almost choked on a tomato when this happened: 

“For you, Evie, certainly.” (He originally called her “Miss Frye.” Why so informal all of a sudden, Henry? Wink wink.)

“And we will meet back on the train.” *cue adorable arm touching*

“Be careful,” Evie says with the expression of a woman seeing her man off to sea.

And then this cute little exchange.

I don’t know if they’re together yet by this point, but clearly she’s wearing the pants, and that’s the way, uh huh, uh huh, he likes it.

But then some shit happens and she saves his life and…

Henry: “Do you have the plans?”

Evie: “Did they hurt you?” (Fuck the plans!)

And then this happens…

Evie (with the most caring expression ever): “Get Miss Nightingale to look at that [the gash on his head]. Blah blah blah I’ll go be the badass here.”

Henry: “We’ll talk to the Maharajah again.”

Evie (with the perfect “I love you but you are a fucking idiot” expression): “I will talk to the Maharajah. You will get your head looked at.” (Remember what I said about her wearing the pants? She’s not ordering him. She’s informing him.)

Henry (with his man-pride clearly wounded): “I’m sorry my capture has undone your plans!”

Evie: “You’ll be safer on the train!” (Because she loves his sweet company and wants him to live so she can enjoy it a little longer.)

Henry: “You can’t just walk into Buckingham Palace alone!” (Henry, sweetie, I appreciate that you want to protect your girl, but she can handle her damn self.)

Evie: “I won’t be alone. I’ll see you on the train, Mr. Green.” (Yeah, she’s pissed. Henry better get his head looked at and buy her some flowers. But hey, every couple needs a lovers’ quarrel. Maybe they’ll have some makeup sex later.)

And then I don’t know what this is about, but they look like they’re about to kiss.

Anyway, so here’s the evidence: 

1. They look at each other like they never want to look away.

2. Jacob really seems hostile to Henry for “seemingly” no reason.

3. Uh, cinematography. Could it be more obvious?

4. I’ve watched videos with people talking as they play the game, and whether they’ve played the whole game or not is unknown to me, but they seem to pick up on some sexual tension, so clearly I’m not alone here.

5. In a podcast, Victoria Atkin (Evie’s voice actress) kind of danced around the issue in a very hinty way.

6. This post, about something on Ubisoft’s website. Date guys from India (where Henry happens to be from)? Women can propose? What are y’all saying?

Here’s a video where a lot of this happened, by the way. Sadly, the other video got taken down.

If you’d like to know more about Henvie Hell, please feel free to browse my Henvie tag. You may also want to visit, @xibrev, my King of Henvie Hell. (I’m the Queen, obviously.)

tfa thoughts, finally

I HAVE A LOT OF THOUGHTS and im finally writing them down, and this is really incoherent and i meant to finish this ages ago but whoops, the point is: here goes

I’m deliberately sticking with all of the GOOD, because I’ve seen so many criticisms and while criticisms can be and are valid, they’re all grinding my gears because they completely seem to dismiss the revolutionary nature of this film and


This is really incoherent, kind of unstructured, and full of loud yelling, but

Let’s roll

(NOTE: THIS IS FULL OF TFA SPOILERS. MAJOR SPOILERS. DON’T READ IF YOU’VE NOT SEEN THE FILM. Tagging @cogito-ergo-dumb  and @mlder bc i explicitly remember them yelling at me to let them know when I post this, and rn I’m in a lot of pain and don’t have the energy to scour through my inbox to find everyone else who requested they be tagged. I’m so, so sorry. I’ll come back and add u to this later, peeps. anyway, here goes:)

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Can you please help this reach Taylor. I would really greatly appreciate it and promos to help each and every one of you do the same!! Please reblog and tag Tay?? 😘

Hey everyone and, Taylor. My name is Brittany. 😁

I keep reading all of these long sad, tragic but yet beautiful stories written by all of you, explaining just how Taylor has impacted your lives. Every one of these stories has inspired me to tell mine, and how I hope I get the chance to thank Taylor for all that she has done for this simple girl who is just trying to find her place in this crazy world. So I just burned some candles, taking a deep breath, and here we go…
In my 25 years thus far, I have experienced a lot more than I should of at this young age. My father has been permanently disabled, and has had multiple brain tumors since I was 3 years old, so I never really remember having my father healthy and free. Since all of his traumatic brain injuries, he has a lot of mental issues and can sometimes be more than mean and nasty to my family, including me. My mother couldn’t take his controlling abuse anymore, so she eventually left him and they got divorced. I was left to take care of him and my younger siblings while working 2 jobs, playing on 3 softball teams, and going to college full time. I was completely burned out by the age of 22. Today, my father hates me because I wish to have a relationship with both my parents and not choose sides in the divorce. That’s how it’s supposed to be right? You would think so, but with all of his brain damage, my father can be extremely mentally abusive.
Before my parents got divorced, from when I was 12-18 years old, I had a very serious health concern that no doctor (even to this day) can explain. (Warning, only females may want to read this next part 😂) when I was 9 I first got my period at a very young age. When I was 12 is when everything went down hill. I literally had my period non stop from 12-18 years old. I remember countless nights in the hospital, surgeries, and blood transfusions due to loosing so much blood that I almost lost my life a handful of times. Not only was I bleeding but I was clotting and after each clot passed, the doctors told me the pain was the same as delivering a baby. Imagine going through that at least twice a day! I remember having my parents by my side crying their hearts out while watching me in so much pain, and not being able to make it better. Sometimes I felt as if my illness was the only thing holding them together at that time. I wouldn’t let friends or my siblings visit because I didn’t want them to see me in that state. I was so pale and weak, I couldn’t even walk anywhere without passing out within the first 2 steps.
At 18 I remember talking with my doctor in the hospital room, and her telling me that after talking to multiple big shot doctors across the U.S that they all felt that my only option of staying alive is to get a Hysterectomy. At only 18 years old, that was the last thing I wanted to hear. Devastated, I discussed this with my parents and after a lot of heart felt tears, arguing and confusion, we decided it was the only option if they wanted to keep their daughter. I remember going in for the surgery, with my CD player playing Taylor’s “tied together with a smile” through my ear buds. I just could not do it without her by my side. As I was waiting in the prep room to be taken back into the operating room, I remember seeing my reflection in the bathroom mirror across the hall. Never in my life have I looked in the mirror and actually liked what I seen. But at that moment, with Taylor playing in my ears, I smiled and cried all at the same time. It’s like I just knew it was going to be okay. Then in walked the nurses, and my doctor. My doctor had tears in her eyes and hugged and kissed my cheek and said “you ready, hun?” I put my head down and handed the CD player over to my mom. My doctor kept me calm the whole way to the room, and on the operating table right before I was put to sleep, by talking about my best friend Taylor and how proud she would be of me.
Ever since I was a child, I have wanted nothing more that to be a mother when I grow up. Now at 25 and in a serious relationship, I suffer from severe depression and anxiety with the thoughts of not being able to ever carry a child haunting me. I’ve always seemed to feel like I was never good enough, and liked what I seen looking in the mirror back at me. But now ever since my Hysterectomy, the haunting thoughts just seem to get worse. It is only when I listen to Taylor, that I seem to calm down and see that I’m not the only person who suffers with heart ache and loss. I listen to “Clean” and all I can think of is how after my surgery, I am clean from my illness. Thank you, Taylor.
All of my doctors and nurses still tell me to this day, that I need to write a book about my illness and everything I’ve over come.
Im laying here thinking about how amazing it is that someone I’ve never met, has completely been my safe house for so many years. Thinking about how much I love this person for always being there with her inspiring and heartfelt words, when the rest of the world has not. Thinking about how I actually got the chance to meet Andrea, and how I completely regret not sobbing and crawling into her arms and telling her that her daughter saved my life. Thinking about the lyrics and songs that I completely relate to, and how weird it is that Taylor and I can be so alike, but she doesn’t know I exist. 
Taylor, you are and will always be my best friend in my eyes. You are the only person who has ever truly been there and never left me. From relating to “Tied together with a Smile”, to everything to “Dear John” I thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting all of my thoughts into words. (Freaky thing about Dear John, I had practically the same experience with a guy named Jon. Spelled differently but I still think it’s crazy!“
I love you so much, Taylor and I really do hope that someday I will get the chance to tell you in person just how much YOU have changed my life. If it wasn’t for you, I probably never would of gotten that surgery and wouldn’t of made it to see 25. Thank you for your inspiration, kind words, caring heart and for giving me the courage I need to face another day. I love you😘😘😘 taylorswift