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Yes hi hello I will give you all the brownies and fluffy blankets I have for a story about Peter please

well, the bitty bug isn’t around much–i understand he has school stuff and also spends most of his time fighting a hilarious menagerie of animal-themed villains–but i was around the first time he met most of the avengers. tony had everyone show up in the common room so he could introduce us. 

parker’s great, but let me tell you, that kid has absolutely no chill. i mean, he can fake it for about thirty seconds, and then he goes full fanboy mode. the introduction to steve was roughly 50/50 ‘sorry about the shield thing’ and ‘can you sign everything i own please.’ he shook hands with thor and the whole time his face was clearly going ‘i did not know they made people this big,’ and that was promptly followed by absolute terror when meeting natasha. smart kid. 

he pretty obviously had no idea who clint was, and sam started snarking him right off the bat. but i guess scott had told him about how they’d first met, so peter had some snappy comebacks about who exactly wins in a fight between a bird and a bug, which i thoroughly enjoyed. 

and then tony introduced him to dr banner, and parker got so flustered about meeting “one of the greatest scientists of our era” that he accidentally turned on his sticky hands and could not turn them off. which is a thing he has i guess?? all i know is that an awkwardly enthusiastic handshake got pretty hilarious when peter realized how long he’d had hold of bruce’s hand and tried to yank his hand back. because peter has superstrength and sticky hands.

and dr banner does not. 

(at least not as himself, anyway.)

so peterbird yanked his hand back, and poor dr banner was yanked forward, and the two of them toppled over. and then they tried to get up, but their hands were still stuck together–and peter had tried to brace dr banner when they fell, so his left hand was stuck to bruce’s chest. so mostly they were just flopping around on the carpet like landed fish. peter was apologizing so much im shocked that he didnt asphyxiate, and dr banner was trying not to laugh at him. 

the rest of us were cackling like lunatics, and tony was being quite offended that peter hadn’t geeked out about meeting him.

it was a pretty good first impression.  

Please………………let them be happy…

Also please go read Come Around, it’s super good and inspired this drawing more or less (and a subtle shout out to another great post jfdsklalfjkdk)


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Could you recommend me some of those HD fan sites YouTube accounts that take those amazing focus videos? Account for each member and accounts that focus on bts all together if you know any.

for the hd fansites on youtube,, theres no specific account that i watch tbh if i wanted to watch a specific member i just search “*member name* focus @ *whatever event*” 

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