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Me: *draws a male character*
Me: he looks like i girl i C AN T DRAW G UYS
My brain: thats!! Because!! You gave him!! Female body language!! And keys!!
Me: well how do i fix th-
My brain: S P R E A D T H E L E G S

facts about the signs
  • aries: angry to hide the tears. will fight you but will cry about it when they're home alone and will act like it didnt bother them.
  • taurus: tired all the time from dealing with bullshit. has patience of a saint. hates drama but also can't stop themselves from being around drama because they get bored and want to put their opinion on something.
  • gemini: dramatic as fuck but also wonders why everyone can't find their chill all the time. liars that dont even know it.
  • cancer: says they want constructive criticism but they really mean they want you to tell them theyre good. will cry if you're even a little mean to them.
  • leo: loud because they hate the quiet. quiet leads to them being real instead of the personality they give out. if no ones giving them attention they'll think they're no longer valuable. thinks they're royalty.
  • virgo: very particular and anal about how things are done. will cut a bitch for daring to screw up any set plans they have for themselves.
  • libra: charismatic and peaceful people but can end up feeling hollow and empty if they don't have enough social interaction or their social circle is fighting.
  • scorpio: confused to be unfeeling and stone-faced, but that's really just their face. they're the 'what are feelings?' people but also will be the first to act out if angry. intensely passionate.
  • sagittarius: seductive and philosophical. lives for the fantasies in their head, but never want the realities. will fall in love with an idea of a person rather than the actual person themselves.
  • capricorn: workaholic and wants to feel secure, and will usually find it in money. will neglect themselves and others. easily tired and can feel like their life doesnt have a lot of meaning.
  • aquarius: not good with people on their own or doesn't know how to interact with others. conversations can be stiff and uncomfortable for you. people may think you're weird or 'out there' and don't know to get through to you. you're often the loner or cling to a small group of people.
  • pisces: emotional but brave. tend to let yourself feel things rather than stuff it, and some people can find it irritating. is more likely to follow their own path than others. has a way of bringing other people out of their shells.

right so i was watching taz animations again and, well:

“We don’t know anything about this. We don’t know anything about this creature and we’re putting all our faith into it? … What if this thing reproduces asexually and pops out a kid that makes us forget it’s own existence? Then we’d be sunk!”

that’s from lunar interlude II



So um yeah ;v; here are my bebs (and some of my friends bebs) in a flipnote hatena-ish style.. I might have gone a little bit away from the aesthetic tbh but yeah im working on a tablet so

Also!! this style is based on the last “phase” of my style back then!! 

If you don’t know who is who i put all the names in the captions so make sure to click on em!!

Tomorrow is Ramadan!

Hello everyone so idk if all of you know this about me but I’m a Muslim and i will be fasting for the month of Ramadan. I would REALLY appreciate it if you tagged the following things for me:

•Brendon Urie’s topless body (pls)


This what I will personally be avoiding. If you want to help your other Muslim followers you can also tag:

•Cursing or swearing


a huge bunch of twitter pics ranging from obvious effort to absolutely zero. read the captions for more ofc

drawings one and two are two more collabs between me and hachibani! both were my ideas but she did the sketch in the first, i touched up/lined/coloured – in the second i sketched and she lined, then i coloured!

you may have seen those fire emblem haikyuus before on bani’s blog but this is my original chart lol, i just never got around to posting it before she drew em (shakes fist lovingly)

30 questions tag

I was tagged by @yeonjungie (Hi! omg we should chat sometime)

Rule: answer the 30 questions and tag 30 followers that you would like to know better (Like legit I will be on your side with any tea u need to spill)

nickname: Em?
gender: female
star sign: Capricorn
height: 5′3
time: 4:35pm
birthday:January 11
favorite band(s): I don’t have enough time or space for this but; Bts, Seventeen, Twice, Gfreind, Wanna One, Vixx, BtoB, A.C.E, Monsta X NCT? idk i like so many
favorite solo artist(s): Hyuna, Samuel (my bb), Chungha, 
song stuck in my head: dinosaur - Wanna One -Energetic
last movie i watched: The Return of the King (extended edition of course, literally if anyone wants to chat about lotr or tolkien hit me up)
last show i watched: Game of Thrones (Literally come at me with any opinions)
when did i create my blog: this one i made a month or two ago around the same time produce 101 was still airing
what do i post: Kpop, and some shitposts and memes but mostly kpop
last thing i googled: Ancalagon the Black (he was a dragon from tolkien)
do u have other blogs: I have a produce 101 blog ( @2bioi) and an A.C.E blog ( @cacti-choice ) as well as my old blogs @malicapie, @4hoursinsummer and @ballin-for-the-dead ) but I don’t tend to use those ones as much anymore
do u get asks: very occasionally and then i take ten billion years to actually do them
why did u choose this blog name: Because I live in New Zealand in the north island and i blog about kpop, which is based in the southern korean peninsuala
following: 1519, (i like to have new shit)
followers: 82 (but how many of those are porn bots?We’ll never know)
favorite colors: Pink and Orange
average hours of sleep: 10
lucky number: 13
instruments: None
what am i wearing: Track pants and a crop top
how many blankets i sleep with: 4
dream job: Reading through peoples work and editing it 
dream trip: I would love to visit somewhere with a heavy culteral background 
favorite food: Ambrosia 
nationality: New Zealander
favorite song now: Probably wanna Ones new song or maybe the.the.the?

Now 30 is gonna be a challenge but fuck it 

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Today I met my friend’s corn snake Darko (like the movie Donnie Darko). He’s such a cutie, y'all. Look at them eyes~ He’s apparently still a fairly young snake, so he should get bigger, but I’m not entirely sure. I don’t know much about snakes. He was reeeaaally smooth, tho. Gosh, snakes are so cute. I could let this little dude slither all over my arms for ages.


Holding a new snake is prolly one of the best experiences! You get so attached to em’ so quick lol~ Glitty rates him “good babie 10/10″!

~ @riyuyami (Im on mobile unfortunately so can someone tag em please? Thank you). I gave some thought to how the Millennium World Arc would sort of play off with the Duo Vessel AU and well, its something.

 So one is the Ceremonial Duel. How Joey would let Yugi have the honor of dueling Atem because he had a “stronger bond” with him so the duel is fine and all but as Joey is cheering on Yugi, he feels pain. Deep emotional pain. He knows that Yugi will win but as soon as he does, Atem has to go. Its going to be tough but it was meant to be, it was meant to happen. Joey is emotionally ruined by this. 

What I found interesting is that how well this Vessel AU works in terms of DSOD, The only appearances of Atem within that movie are with of course Yugi, Joey, and Seto. Seto does not have the slightest clue that Joey and Atem have a tie in so more emotional baggage is dumped on here. While Joey is watching Yugi duel with Seto, Joey is trying his best to not be an emotional wreck because he also would want to see Atem too just like Yugi and Seto but he knows that is gone. Its not going to happen. It brings him so much pain. His eyes want to be dry but tears have to fall sooner or later. Someone has got to tell Seto that Joey was also very close to Atem. 
“ You were close to him were you Joey? “ Seto asks, his voice soft and full of reason. He wants to get a real answer out of the blonde boy. 
He does. 
Joey looks down at his lap, he closes his eyes and sighs,
“ Very. “

 Third thing is the fact that the Doma Arc is so wild when you think about it in this AU. ~


@commanderchrist tagged literally all of his mutuals for a 6 selfies from the year and he said that hes gonna get mad if i dont post em, so im not gonna dissapoint him. im just gonna say Heck It and copy him by forcing all my mutuals to do the same, if you dont post your selfies my Rage Shall Know No Bounds

My hand is eternally stained blue, but it is FINISHED

Ya know your franchise is trash when you have to make up “and they lived happily ever after” AUs for TWO generations of the same goddamn family like

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answer 30 questions + tag 10 people you’d like to know better!

Nicknames : Katie…Kat…???

Star sign : Leo!

Gender : female

MBTI type : ISFJ

Height : 5″5? (I probably labeled that wrong lol)

Time : 3:53pm!

Birthday : August 14th!

Favourite bands : Starset, Red, Linkin Park…eh just depends

Favourite solo artists : Idk I just listen to music

Song stuck in my head : currently listening to music so it’s void

Last movie I watched : Heathers! Finally watched the actual movie

Last show I watched : My little pony…its a good show!

Other blogs : none! Had an art blog but I deleted it…ehe…

When I created my blog: 2013…2012??

What I post about : FIRE EMBLEM, TAKUMI, TAKUMI, and uh Sonic the hedgehog, art, memes, all that good stuff.

Last thing I googled : Fire emblem awakening (it’s been 4 years!)

Following : 818! Some of these blogs are probably dead *sigh*

Followers : 646! and only like 5 of you pay attention to me >_>

Favorite color : Any shade of blue and green!

Average hours of sleep : uhhh now its usually like 8 or 9 I guess

Lucky number : Takumi

Instruments : my…vocal cords?? I’m not musically inclined

What I’m wearing : Pajamas that show off my tiny muscles

How many blankets I sleep with : Two!

Dream jobs : General artist,,,storyboard artist, character designer, voice actor??

Dream trip : OOoo I don’t know. Anywhere nice with my good friends could be fun!

Favorite food : Mostly anything with pasta. Depends on the time of day.

Nationality : I suppose hispanic?

Hope I’m not being to nosy when I tag @muppetgamzee​ , @turnaboutsweetheart​ , @moonaluxe​ , @jackjack-p​ , @slightlygreenish​ , @asgardian-mischief​ , @whimsicalsnail​ and @unlcore ! SOrry

allya373  asked:

Do you prefer Nathaniel with the Peacock Miraculous, the Moth/Butterfly Miraculous, or as a civilian? Why?

Hello my lovely! 

I love this question! thanks for sending it my way!! ❤️ 

For me canonically, I’m happy and very excited to see whatever the show runners decide to share with us about Nathanael and what will happen in the future! i love that lil tomato! 🍅 

As for my own personal headcanons, I think you know how I feel about peacock!nathanael ;o;/ (spoiler alert, i love him) and it’s entirely @karawek’s fault XD LOOK AT HIM!!!!  also there’s so many other great pieces of art for peacock!nath and i am all hearteyes about it! XD check out my peacock!nathanael tag to see (im too lazy to link em all here! XD)  

as for butterfly!nath i believe i’ve only seen @siderealscribblings‘ butterfly!nath in his Miraculous World AU - which i love!!! kawaii-butterfly-kun is amazing and the world building in Royals is just fantastic and its such a great read! i love the description of his powers and as per usual-with all sandman fics-the banter an A+ 

annnnnndd lastly civilian nath is a beauty too, ;o;/ i just love that tomato! my fav use of civilian nathanael has got to be @twindoodle‘s au with nath knowing about bee!chloe and ITS AMAZING - all of twins art is amazing just go stare at it and cry with me, ok??? ;O;/ 

soooooooo….to answer the question….i prefer nath XD i like that so little is known about his character that the fandom has so many headcanons and au’s for him (i guess that’s the case for most of the ml side characters, it makes the hiatus fun in a way XD!) 

supersonic7ce  asked:

Here's a bunch of questions for ya! Feel free to answer all, none, or whichever catch your eye! 3 - 7 - 20 - 27 - 29 - 31 - 35 - 43 - 51 - 66 - 71 - 88 - ★ (consider this star a wild card and if you want, use it to answer another question of your choice!)


3) If you could have one super power, what would it be?
Probs talking to animals, I know it’s a cliche but everyone here knows how much I fukin love animals

7) If you had to choose one way to die, what would it be?
Uhhh probably like doing something I liked doing, but most of the things I like don’t actually kill me, so idk?? Having a heart attack from klance becoming canon probs

16) (⭐️) Would you get a tattoo?
You bet your ass I would, my big brother has like 5 of them on both of his arms and he!!! Looks!!! So!!!! Cool!!!!! I’ve always wanted one though lol

20) What was the last thing you cried for?
My grandad died about a month ago, p sure that was it…

27) What was the last book/movie that really impressed you?
FUKIN THE MISFITS BY JAMES HOWE!!!!! It was so sweet, and definitely political in a way I didn’t expect, but I loved all the characters, it’s still really cute and fluffy, please read this book it even has a little gay in it

29) Dumbest lie you ever told?
That my hair was naturally curly, I was so stupid when I was twelve I thought curly hair was better than straight so I lied to seem cool

31) Something you did and you are proud of?
Coming out to my dad!!! A couple of months ago I told him I was bi, and he was really happy for me, didn’t even ask me if I was sure or anything, just accepted me, and I’m really proud of myself for working up the courage to do that!!

35) How are you feeling right now?
I’m feeling okay, I randomly woke up with a cold last night though??? So I haven’t been able to breathe to well lol

43) Who inspires you?
Ash Hardell. She’s literally my role model I love her to bits, please look her up in YouTube if you like gay stuff and learning you won’t regret it

51) Who are you most comfortable around?
My bestest friend Soup!!! He’s, like, the only person I could talk about practically anything with ilysm!!!!!

66) How would you describe your bad side?
Moody and passive aggressive, I’m a bitch sometimes oops

71) Have you ever made someone feel bad about themselves intentionally?
Honestly? I can’t really think of a time other than when I called a kid in kindergarten “freckle face” and made him cry, I really hope he’s not insecure about his freckles now because they look cute

88) What are you scared of?
Anything paranormal (which coincidentally I also happen to love ghost movies wow I like to make myself suffer)

30 Questions Tag

Rules: Answer 30 questions then tag 20 blogs you would like to know better.

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  1. Nicknames: Em, Emi
  2. Gender: Female
  3. Star Sign: Pisces
  4. Height: 5′6
  5. Time: 2:10am so sorry if there are any errors
  6. Birthday: March 1
  7. Favorite bands: bigbang, kard, backstreet boys, bastille some bands
  8. Favorite solo artist: besides dae, the weeknd, trey songz, enrique iglesias
  9. Song stuck in my head: major tom by peter schilling who remembers?
  10. Last movie watched: spiderman homecoming
  11. Last show watched: parks and rec im pretty sure i did a tag game like this before and i answered the office
  12. When did I create my blog: i think dec. 14, 2015
  13. What do I post? anything that is or related to bigbang
  14. Last thing googled? structured suit jackets
  15. Do you have other blogs? brighterdaes watch the video till end
  16. Do you get asks? once in a blue moon
  17. Why did you choose your url? i was just getting into bigbang and wasnt sure if anyone else had it, wanted to change it but i really wouldnt know what now
  18. Following: 224
  19. Followers: 1112
  20. Favorite colors: black and blue
  21. Average hours of sleep: right now 8-10
  22. Lucky number: 3
  23. Instruments: I wish
  24. What am I wearing: shorts and shirt creep
  25. How many blankets I sleep with: 1-2
  26. Dream job: professional camera man/ photographer
  27. Dream trip: im not sure, between going to new york and korea for the fried chicken
  28. Favorite food: Sandwhiches because you have infinite creations but right now im really loving burgers, i also really love bread
  29. Nationality: American
  30. Favorite song now: Breathin - Shinhwa

tagging: @missjessie1991  @talkynjey  @pep-maknae  @itsahuman  @enzelyn​ <3

eastgaysian  asked:

risky 1 and 9 and really risky 7 !

hi thank you!! i did 9 + 7 already so i’ll just do 1

1. @ people you want to be friends with
uhhhh theres a BUNCH theres no way i’ll be able to list all of em
but after a quick look at my notifs i’d say @terranatior (we’re already friends i Know but im too much of a dweeb 2 hit u up when i want to fjshfshd), @d4ta (love ur gay werewolf antics), and @pumpkindogart (i love ur art and ur tags on spg posts theyre so good!!!)

overwatch characters as things I overheard during highschool
  • Genji: "It's ass-grab Friday."
  • McCree: "Put your shirt back on, you Sasquatch man!"
  • Pharah: "Hurry! There's no time! GRAVITY!"
  • Reaper: "Well, it's 8:52, I'm gonna go burn in Hell."
  • Tracer: "You were walking around the street, like some kind of walk-streeter."
  • Bastion: (Watching someone draw) "Leg. Leg. Head."
  • Hanzo: "This fucker made me let my lizard out!"
  • Junkrat: "He went to the bathroom and came back with a bag of chips. Tell me THAT isn't gross."
  • Mei: "I'm not gonna give you my sweater, so just imagine you're warm."
  • Torbjörn: "My whole body hurts cause I'm so mad."
  • Widowmaker: "That's the sound of thieving at Walmart."
  • D.Va: "I love CS:GO and wasting my grandparent's money!"
  • Reinhardt: (Looking at a picture of a Steelix) "Is that a minion?"
  • Roadhog: "I would strangle you but my hands are covered in chapstick."
  • Winston: (In regards to a certain way to peel a banana) "He didn't know you could pinch the butthole!"
  • Zarya: "They're over there talking about dicks... I thought they were all lesbians?"
  • Lúcio: "I'm done with life but I'm not done with Dance."
  • Mercy: "A bunch of accidents are accidental."
  • Symmetra: "I can't hold back the urge to repress the people."
  • Zenyatta: "Why do I have everyone's feelings?"

21 high-octane songs to catch pokemon, conquer gyms, and kick ass to. 

1. kick ass - mika // 2. (i don’t care) i love it - icona pop ft. charli xcx // 3. burn - ellie goulding // 4. pokemon theme - kurt hugo schneider ft. lindsey stirling // 5. soul on fire - mystery skulls // 6. the phoenix - fall out boy // 7. kanto gymleader battle epic remix // 8. gasolina - daddy yankee // 9. all i do is win - dj khaled // 10. blow - ke$ha // 11. bring the noize - m.i.a. //12. turn down for what - dj snake ft. lil jon // 13. stronger - kanye west // 14. overtime - cash cash // 15. all night (cash cash radio edit) - icona pop // 16. i am the hunter - shirobon // 17. pocket monster - henry homesweet // 18. bangarang - skrillex // 19. bad reputation - joan jett // 20. my songs know what you did in the dark (light ‘em up) - fall out boy // 21. this town ain’t big enough for the both of us - sparks

download // listen