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All around smooching to end the night on a happy note (。・ω・。)ノ♡


heyy guess what series i finally watched

you know what i really want an ova of? ennoshita’s movies.

like not just fhq either like all of them with behind the scenes stuff and director ennoshita regretting some casting decisions and everyone getting way too into their roles and fuckin around with the costumes and props or how the hell they even got some people to agree to be in them but its fine bc in the end the movie looks great regardless

you only see maybe a minuet or a half minuet of the finished product but as a whole the experience alone would be amazing

To anyone who says “[Character] is [insert]sexual and everything else is wrong because I said so! uwuwu”

To anyone who says “[Character] is obviously [insert gender identity here], so if you’re viewing them differently, you’re the worst uwuwuwu”

To anyone who harrasses others and/or talks shit about them because they headcanon something differently and thus, want to invalidate these people’s opinions in any way.

so, this just came to me at one point…

(also, obvious spoilers are obvious)

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Can you recommend any good DJWifi centric fics?

check out this fic tag cuz most of it features oneshots, and links to stories focusing/ including them heavily  seriously go through it you’ll find find some killer oneshots and fic links)

other recs 

and some random ones i don’t think i’ve reblogged/ i can remember at the top of my head

Now, All I see is You (2 oneshots, slowburn-ish,  it fluff with music being the theme. not sure if they’re gonna continue it but boy its so cute A++ on that)

Chatoyant  by @marshmallohno (first two chapters focuses on them. A++ interactions/dynamic)


A Night on the Town by @krzed ( oneshot, Christmas fic with incredibly miraculous presents, hella good , nsfw-ish but not really its mostly just mentions stuff

Honest proposal ( its a short one-shot but its funny and sweet)

Akuma Victums’ club ( not specifically about them but the interactions between themselves and the other classmates is really great and it warms my heart)

fragile ones by @sadrien (im still crying from this one, akuma victim flashbacks and they comfort eachother )

Frozen first dates by @siderealscribblings (well..the title says it all. one-shot and its frickin adorable) 

Snowball fight by @insanitysscribblings (again the title says it all. its a oneshot and its cute as hell)

Knighted  by@thelastpilot (princess and royal guard au!! multi-fic, in process to bro)

heya thanks for 666 pals!! i thought since this is one of the only numbers that matters i’d do another blog rate! it’ll be simple with a lil’ twist


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Despite the massive celebration over the release of Welcome to the Madness there is a LOT of discourse bubbling under the surface…

And honestly? I feel kinda bad for the antis. They have all this shit being rubbed in their faces and they don’t want to see it. Even the anti tag is has otayuri trickling in. People are even ATTACKING the antis and going after them just to rub it in their faces and telling them to leave the fandom. True some are in fact quitting this fandom altogether because of WttM and I completely understand their reasons why but what I don’t understand is why we can’t just…chill.

I totally get the hype over WttM and otayuri (hell im loosing mcfuckin my mind over this shit) but can the otayuri shippers just leave the antis alone?? It’s like poking someone and they tell you to stop but instead you do it even more. Please. I’m just trying to promote the peace. We can all get along if the otayuri shippers just stay on their side of the fandom.

Please be the decent human beings I know you’re capable of being

If the angels were all female










you know what i’m tired of? writing made by smaller blogs being ignored by big blogs because other writers are their friends. it’s fine to support your friends, obviously, and you should, but seriously? some of these writers are incredibly talented, and you ignoring them in favor of some middle-of-the-road piece by your friends is crazy. absolutely insane. just because you like someone as a person, or they are sweet, DOES NOT mean they are good. 

and im sorry to say it, but mileven content is all the same nowadays. its all been done, every idea portrayed in slightly different ways at varying levels of quality. write mileven, by all means, but writing the exact same idea over and over is cheap. write something else, for once. write some of the adults. write some of the teens. i guarantee it will still get more notes than someone writing a smaller ship with their heart in it. because you’re friends with the right people.

which is another thing- what is up with the cliques on here? this isnt highschool, guys. people should be recognized for talent, not because theyre your best friend or your groupchat mate. because honestly? some of the writing that goes around on here is subpar. its cheap and its uninteresting, and the themes are boring as hell. but because theyre either big blogs or FRIENDS with big blogs, they get hella notes. and its unfair! it really is unfair. because you reblog these posts tagging them as like “oh my god this is so good im dying, so cute, perfection, your writing is a masterpiece” when its really not. im sorry to say, but some of the most popular headcanons or pieces of writing are really not all that original. and then a smaller blog comes along, and you all ignore it. you say you support artists and writers no matter what and will signal boost, but you dont. you completely and utterly ignore it, and dont even give them a reblog. you KNOW youre a popular blog. you KNOW you have influential KOW that reblogs are better than liking or commenting on something, tey you do it anyways. if you think writing is good, fucking reblog it. thats how people see content. support small writers, or they wont be writers anymore. 

stop making this fandom into a cliquey mess, and stop posting only what your friends post. its bland and irritating. support small artists.


Fashionweek 1/??  VINO VASHARI

Spoilt human noble engie main, I wanted the armor to look functional but fancy? After being forcibly kicked out of the Krytan high life, he mainly works for the pact with whispers jobs on the side. 
im bad at writing things like these so here have the thingies:

Head: Reading Glasses
Shoulder: Rubicon Shoulders
Chest: Aetherblade Jerkin
Gloves: Aetherblade Armguards
Pants: Inquest leggings
Feet: Forgeman’s Boots
Back: Guild backpack (im STILL mourning the engi kit backpacks :((  )
Weapon: too many (shown: Balthazars pistol, HOPE) (not shown: Predator, HMS divinity)
Dyes: Iron, Antique gold, Lifesblood

anonymous asked:

Wait wait. What is this shit list? I saw one thing mentioned earlier and now people are cyberbullying people for writing things they don't like? Explain? Help? I'm missing this entire story.

ok ok alright alright lemme break it down for nyall

  1. a yoi fic rec blog which i will not mention has a *~secret~* “badlist” which lists out “problematic” writers, and i believe most if not all of them write ota/yuri
  2. because of this list the authors start getting harassed (bc news flash: saying “dont harass them” in a shit list will not stop people from harassing them!!!!!)
  3. someone exposes the list so people are aware of why people are getting attacked 
  4. people start harassing the original poster of the list and we have come full circle
  5. op refuses to apologize for creating the list and getting all these people cyberbullied

what a fun day in tumblr dot hell :)

here’s some of my sakakura headcanons bc I have…a lot of them and some of them are cool I guess

  • he has freckles.  everywhere.  mostly on his cheeks though
  • oftentimes he and yukizome would work all night before a big event if munakata needed to be present for it so munakata could go to sleep for awhile (this rarely, if ever, worked)
  • munakata and yukizome constantly went over budget for these things and sakakura was the one who had to keep them from going too extravagant and landing themselves in debt for the rest of their lives
  • he had a lot of pent up aggression when he was a kid bc he didn’t know how to cope healthily with being gay so he straight up started a fight club when he was 11 years old 
  • he doesn’t like to put anything in his body that can alter his boxing performance negatively so he doesn’t drink or even use caffeine really.  he gets even stricter about it when he becomes head of the sixth branch
  • because he’s been on such a strict diet his whole life he’s a fucking awful cook and thinks pepper is a risky, exotic spice 
  • really everything he’s ever cooked has tasted like paper with maybe a hint of dirt
  • when he and munakata start dating they have no idea what to do to have fun because they are the most serious people on the planet and probably find a serious amount of enjoyment in a game of chess or a puzzle
  • his favorite animals are birds because at one point when he was at His Lowest he saw gay birds on campus and it was the first time he ever saw anyone or anything like him
  • he has no thermoregulation and is always fucking freezing and that’s why he wears that jacket EVERYWHERE, but munakata and yukizome don’t know that because he wants to be able to give them his jacket if they get too cold and doesn’t want them to refuse 
  • he doesn’t have very expensive taste at all so nobody realizes how Loaded he is (ex world class athlete, high ranking position in the FF, you get the picture) until he starts buying kyosuke “the world is straight up over but I gotta have my chandelier” munakata whatever the hell he wants
  • because they’ve both been 80 years old their entire lives he and munakata exclusively refer to sex as “making love” and they think doing it without any candles lit is an extremely kinky event