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{{VERY IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER!! i put it in caps bc thts how important it is!!! this is pure, unedited 12 yr old mod roria sportarobbie fanfiction !! u can tell its really old bc the whole time robbie is like >:’( and it makes sportacus :c also! robbie gets hit in the face and sportacus cries which is unfitting bc the fic itself isnt that sad?? but it has a happy ending!! just thought id warn you all im literally posting something really poorly written and its also rlly long and like almost 5 yrs old ?? one of the first things i wrote for lazytown!! but anyway here it is }}

Curled up in his chair, Robbie woke up and his eyes fluttered in sync with his heart and with the butterflies in his stomach. A tiny gleam of hope rose up in his chest, and a small smile graced his soft lips. It was finally the day. The day he had been waiting for. The day he had not-so-subtly hinted about since last month. He tried his best to stamp out the fiery optimism that held his heart in its grip, but the cold, icy hand of doubt could not pry it off. 

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ok so u all probably know by now that i love everything iwaizumi-related but ive never really shared my headcanons for him??? hes.. my favorite (loud groaning, you all know that)

well here u go!!! iwaizumi headcanons. masterlist. truly a work of art, a novel about iwaizumi hajime 

• iwa is probably like… the Best™ around kids. like… oikawa’s great and all with kids but iwa is…. the best ( “iwa-chan, it’s probably because you have the mind of a seven year old” ) but… honestly just imagine him like coming with oikawa to coach at Lil Tykes and theyre all hangin off of him bc they love him ( “hajime’s back !!!” ) 

• which means…. he’d be a super cool dad (im not gonna elaborate i think the above headcanon paragraph speaks for itself)

• he’s definitely a chocolate kind of guy. like…. does not eat anything vanilla flavored ever and would not be caught dead with anything vanilla in his reach

• half of me is like… ‘he’s probably a morning person. could get up and make coffee and read the newspaper and it’ll be like 5am’ and the other half is like ‘there is literally no way he’d get out of bed prior to 10am out of his own will’ and ive been torn over this for months

• eats midnight snacks like his life depends on it,,, bonus points if its like… giant brand cereal like these creatively named ones

• probably has to hug something when he sleeps like a big pillow or stuffed animal or oikawa (hah im super subtle)

• wore braces from like… age nine to age sixteen. hated every second of it and rightfully so,,, but honestly just imagine iwa with braces its very cute

• knows his geography like the back of his hand !!!! holy shoot this boy…. is Smart™ and dont let oikawa’s teasing fool u he’s like… really smart

• he seems like his favorite color would be green tbh. just. yeah

• also he’s super supportive in canon, which we know, but i think with oikawa and his Many Girlfriends Over The Years™ he’s had a lot of practice with how to comfort him, or like…. even better,,, if oikawa’s like “oh thats a cute girl” iwa will lean over and be like “yeah she’s pretty cute” but with all due respect he is actually looking at the cute guy behind her (hes literally. The Gay™) (theres not many characters i headcanon as 100% gay but. he is)

• i love the idea that he has no fashion sense at all and i second that but i also think there are some times when he’s probably thrown an outfit together, walked to school, and gotten jaw-dropping looks because he’s legitimately better dressed than oikawa that day

• he doesnt even brush his hair he just stands up and leaves

• hates spinach but will eat broccoli in huge bowls and no one will ever know why

• also going along with my seijou mariokart headcanon post he always chooses toad during mariokart and no one understan d s where it comes from (neither does he… he just likes the weird noises toad makes when u select him and occasionally… he snort-laughs and its super cute)

• ALSO going along with the above….. his laugh…. can grow flowers in a desert… can bring the dead back to life…. truly a blessing… and even better when its a tiny lil giggle

• always bites on his tongue or rolls his tongue around his mouth and teachers ask him if he’s chewing gum a lot and he doesnt really know how to respond 

• always has like… a notepad and pens on him. “hey iwa-chan a girl gave me her number i need something to write it down quickly quICKLY” and he’s like “ok i got u” ( “iwa-chan ur a livesaver” )

• the kind of guy who would like… sub-text say “oh my god i could kiss you right now !!” after someone says something smart/flat out amazing

• please send me iwa-chan headcanons. i love hi m

BONUS when he’s flattered he pulls the drawstring on his hoodie and just. hides

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