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Mission: Semi-Automatic // Chapter 7

anyway this an example of “holy shit i just remembered i havent posted anything in like 2 months and people will actually stop giving a shit i write this fic” so here is chapter 7 and i swear to gosh it will pick up just stick with me plea se

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Rondo slipped a business card into Percy’s jacket pocket, telling him to call him about a job. Then, Percy walked with Annabeth back to the front of the house. Jason was out front, waiting for them. They entered the car again, speeding off.

“We don’t even need a bug!” Annabeth sounded happily surprised.

“Yeah, but I can’t work for him without you.” Percy flipped the card in his fingers, “I’m not that kind of agent,” He mumbled, and Annabeth laughed.

“Seaweed Brain, look at the area code. Los Angeles.” Annabeth laughed, and Percy looked at her quizzically.

“Seaweed Brain?”

“California…. You not understanding that I’d go anyway…” Annabeth held her hands out, waiting for him to get it.

“Not very clever,” Percy laughed.

“It will be, when we are in LA,” Annabeth countered, unhooking her jewelry to put in her clutch. Percy noticed the shine of a metal revolver, small enough to go unnoticed.

Percy took this as the okay to get comfortable, untying his tie. He opened two buttons, letting himself breathe more freely, leaning his head back on the headrest. The two of them let out a tired sigh, before hearing a stomach rumble. A second after, Percy’s stomach rumbled as well. Annabeth and he exchanged glances before leaning up to talk to Jason.

“You want burgers?” They asked together.

“Hell yeah. One of you look up a burger place.” Jason kept driving, and Percy took out his phone.

He scrolled through nearby fast food chains before saying through a breath, “There’s a McDonald’s off the next exit.”

Ten minutes later all three of the covered themselves in napkins. Annabeth had already let a drop of ketchup drip onto her napkins. All of them conversed through hums and huffs. The paper remains of their meal was chucked into the garbage before heading back again. Percy found himself close to falling asleep in the car, head leaning against the window. The minutes before he actually fell asleep, he wondered about the mission.

What would he tell his mom? He hated lying, and didn’t know just how much he could tell her. It took a minute to decide to ask Chiron about it, because it mattered. If he was moving to LA, how big of a lie would it be? Probably not as big, but he needed to figure out what to say. The worst part was that he wanted to leave. Percy wanted to go, the deep need to complete the mission was buried in him. There was no way around it, so he had to let something give.

“Annabeth?” Percy lets his voice come out, sleepy and gravelly.

“Yes?” He can’t see her, but he can tell she isn’t super focused on him.

“What do I tell my family?” The instant the words left the car changed temperature. It got colder. Everything felt stiff, causing Percy to sit up.

The look in Annabeth’s eyes is almost broken. Percy felt his chest tighten at the confused and sad look etched on her face.

“I don’t know.” Her words were soft, slowly looking up to hold eye contact with him. The normally stormy eyes burned into him, and Percy nodded slightly. Annabeth turned away at that moment, and Percy took the cue to take a nap.

Upon waking up, Percy was back at the HQ. Annabeth had shaken him awake, already out of the car. Percy followed her out of the car, groggy and ready to go home. Jason walked ahead of them, all of them in silence.

They were all greeted by Chiron,  who escorted them to a conference room down the hall. Jason went back to his desk, and Chiron let Annabeth leave.

“Percy, debrief me.”

Percy did as he was told, telling Chiron everything. Almost everything, leaving out the flashbacks. He finished his debriefing with a question.

“What do I tell my mom?” His voice sounded broken. The way he sounded, the desperation, wasn’t intentional. Percy had only been at this for about three days, but the crushing weight of having to lie to his mom weighed on him. Would it get easier?

“Almost the whole truth,” Chiron paused, leaning his elbows on the reflective metal table, “Tell her you’re working with the FBI. We have to move you to LA, your talents are needed there. Tell her it is confidential, but you wish you could tell her.”

Percy felt immediately better, letting out a sigh, “Thank you, sir. You have no idea how much I hate lying to my mom.”

Chiron let out a heartly laugh, waving it off. “Quite alright, Percy.” Chiron moved open the door, “Go home. Everyone’s going anyway. Make some friends.”

Percy felt a lopsided grin enter his expression, and he thanked his boss before leaving the room.

The open office was the whole team in a circle, laughing loudly. Grover spotted Percy, waving him over. Percy joined the group, being passed a beer by Annabeth. She put her finger to her lips, and Percy felt a laugh bubble in his chest.

“You keep surprising me, Chase.” Percy took a swig, and Jason threw a wink his way.

“She tends to do that,” Grover commented, before patting him on the back. “Hate to be a buzzkill, but the plants need a-tending to.” He saluted the group before making an exit.

Everyone cheered a goodbye, pulling Percy closer into the circle.

“Alright- we need a nickname for Mr Mystery.” Piper pointed at Percy. Percy pulled an obnoxious dumbfounded face.

“Who, me? I’m an open book!” He shrugged his shoulders with an exaggerated pout.

“Yeah, with half the pages with important info blacked out,” Thalia laughed, raising her hand, “Aight, guys, O’Hara’s! Drinks on me!”

“Ooh, generous! I’ll push my luck with that.” Annabeth nudged the punky girl, and Percy smiled broadly.

“Shots- see what the new guy can take,” Piper suggested, waving at Percy’s outfit, “Change first. We are going to a pub, Slick.”

“Alright, gimme a second!” Percy laughed, finding his way to change into comfortable clothing.

Everyone took a few cars to Piper’s apartment and called an uber to ride to the bar. The night passed in a haze of drinks and laughter. Sports stayed on the televisions all night, soft pop music playing in the background as Percy felt himself get to know his team. He liked the sound of that. His team. It has a sense of belonging and security. The little neon signs advertising alcohol and letting every visitor know the bar was open drowned out to background lighting as they all took shots. Percy felt like he was in a group of friends. It felt comforting.

The night ended with everyone staying at Piper’s, spread out across rugs and couches, Annabeth and Thalia taking the small bed in the second bedroom.


{{VERY IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER!! i put it in caps bc thts how important it is!!! this is pure, unedited 12 yr old mod roria sportarobbie fanfiction !! u can tell its really old bc the whole time robbie is like >:’( and it makes sportacus :c also! robbie gets hit in the face and sportacus cries which is unfitting bc the fic itself isnt that sad?? but it has a happy ending!! just thought id warn you all im literally posting something really poorly written and its also rlly long and like almost 5 yrs old ?? one of the first things i wrote for lazytown!! but anyway here it is }}

Curled up in his chair, Robbie woke up and his eyes fluttered in sync with his heart and with the butterflies in his stomach. A tiny gleam of hope rose up in his chest, and a small smile graced his soft lips. It was finally the day. The day he had been waiting for. The day he had not-so-subtly hinted about since last month. He tried his best to stamp out the fiery optimism that held his heart in its grip, but the cold, icy hand of doubt could not pry it off. 

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