im not sure.. i dont use windows os

anonymous asked:

I'm sorry for asking this but I've been trying to get any good version of Photoshop for about a year and a half (kinda poor..) could you maybe guide me on how to get it uhm. Not legally.

sure its like. super easy. 

you basically just download a trial version of photoshop cc and then you look up a crack serial number generator 

if you google photoshop cc crack then you can find one pretty easy. if you have trouble maybe like youtube it for visual instructions that always helps me?? 

oh also if youre using mac os specify that in the google search bc AS EVERY MAC USER KNOWS everything caters to windows smh

SORRY i dont really have anything fancy to tell you bc i literally just googled it and winged it tbh @_@ but legit its super easy and im sure you will be able to do it!