im not sure you understand how rare it is to have a good mood

Cupid | 01

Jimin goes to his family gathering due to his youngest sibling getting married as  he is stuck with his parents and siblings who have already found their true love. His parents always on his back about finding a girl that can love him and that he can love back. He just wanted to wait, little did he know that his true love was right by his side all along.

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Warning: Smut (later chapters)

Genre: Cupid!au
Pairing: Park Jimin X Reader 

Jimin had been on his phone the whole dinner. He had felt like his siblings were rubbing off their affection and snot to their partners. As Jimin’s father had made yet another toast to the newly engaged couple. Making plans for when and how. His mother had already made lots of ideas on how its going to be or how its going to look but she needed her and her fiancee to choose. It wasn’t like every day she has this moment and Jimin was genuinely happy for her. He just didn’t like how his parents compared him to his siblings.

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You Can't Spell Elementarily Without "ily"

Alfred has never liked English.

 It wasn’t exciting, it was tedious, and it could be utterly ridiculous. (Some authors choose certain names because they like them, not because they are trying to insert some secret meaning!) But what he hated most of all was how unstraightforward it all was. There was no one “right” answer, and a lot of things depended on personal opinion. Alfred hated that. He was a math and science guy, and he liked things to be clear-cut and concise

The only reason he was taking LitAnalysis301 was because he needed the credits to graduate. Alfred wished he got his credits out of the way last year, but instead he spent his freshman year of college exploring fields and majors. If only he’d hadn’t been so stupid. 

And of course it didn’t help that he took the class at eight am. Damn it for being the only time left

Alfred was doodling as the professor entered the room. At least the professor’s cute. Professor Arthur Kirkland was a man of a small stature, with sandy blond hair and really thick eyebrows, large enough to be the cause of a nickname. He had piercing emerald eyes that stared right through you, and he was British, making many swoon with his accent. 

(If he were being honest, it made Alfred swoon a bit as well.) 

Professor Kirkland cleared his throat.
“I hope you all did the reading last night, because you will all be writing an essay on your findings. Due in 3 days. Futhermore, turn to page 367 in your textbooks….”

Alfred complied, trying not to get too distracted. The class wasn’t too difficult, being as mostly freshmen took it, however, Professor Kirkland was so enchanting that Alfred often found himself captivated in his mannerisms and the musicality of his voice rather than what he was saying. It didn’t help that it seemed like Professor Kirkland gazed at him more than the other students either.

 However, Alfred felt guilty. He was loathe to admit it, but he had a crush on his english professor. A guy wayyy older than him. He was gross. 

Alfred couldn’t help it! Kirkland was way too cute for his own good: the way his eyebrows scrunched up when he was grading, his snarkiness, his passion, the way his eyes lit up when he was teaching something he was excited about, his sorry attempts at jokes, the way he tried to lighten the mood when he could tell everyone was having a bad morning, his gruffiness, his laughter, his rare smile that made Alfred’s heart melt. 

 Alfred knew he shouldn’t, but he found every excuse to spend time with the man one-on-one. He would take longer than necessary getting his materials packed up, he would stay after class to ask about things that he actually had no trouble with, and he would attend all the events Kirkland suggested, (would also attend) even if they weren’t required. 

 He just tried his damn best to impress him. Alfred would answer questions in class, lead discussions, try to show how much of a leader and a good person he was, do all his homework, and spend all-nighters writing perfect essays. 

And for what? It seemed like it was for nothing. Kirkland never really noticed Alfred, barely even saying “well done” on his near perfect essays. Near perfect! By Kirkland standards! A feat practically impossible to achieve! 

So against his better judgements, (and his best friend Kiku’s very cautious warnings and ill-advisement) Alfred bought roses (Kirkland’s favorite, he did his research) and marched up to Kirkland one day after class. 

“Uh, Professor Kirkland?” Alfred blushed slightly, nervously shuffling his feet. 

“Yes Jones?” 

 He knows my name! Holy fuck- calm down Jones, you can do this. Alfred took a deep breath and shoved the roses at the Brit’s face. “I really like you!” Smooth, Jones.

The professor blushed, accepting the roses and setting them down. “Jones-” 

“Please, it’s Alfred.” 

Alfred  then, listen I’m touched, but-” 

Alfred interrupted him. “Yes I know I’m disgusting, I’m 20 and you’re probably almost double my age and I shouldn’t have a crush on you but I do because you’re amazing and funny and I hate English and Literature but I like you, and-”

 “Alfred please, listen to me.” Alfred raised his head, ashamed.
Kirkland put his hand on Alfred’s cheek. “I’m not disgusted by you, I mean sure it’s a little unconventional, but I’m in no place to talk, seeing as I, uh, rather fancy you too-” he was cut off by Alfred’s lips crashing into his, which he promptly responded to. After they broke away from each other, Alfred was grinning ear to ear, and Arthur had a light blush on him as well. However, his expression still became more serious 

 “Alfred, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t think we can see each other. And let me finish!” Arthur said, seeing that Alfred’s mouth had started to open. “It’s not that I don’t like you, and the age difference isn’t a problem, I’m only 24. Yes, I know, surprising. But I’m your teacher. You’re my student. It wouldn’t be right.” 

Alfred wanted to say many things. He wanted to say that who cared. He wanted to say that they could be careful. He wanted to say that if they just weren’t caught that they could work. But Alfred knew deep in his heart that Arthur was right. They couldn’t. He sighed. “You’re right.”

I’m so sorry-” 

“But what if I wasn’t your student! After this class. I wouldn’t be your student. We could date then, couldn’t we? 

“I suppose we could…” 

 “We can! I’ll wait for you.” 

Arthur smiled. Alfred grinned back. 

“Now I know why you seemed to always stare at me.” 

 Arthur blushed. “I-I-I- hoped you wouldn’t notice! I was that obvious?” Alfred chuckled, nodding. “I couldn’t help it! You’re too captivating.” Arthur smacked his chest. “You see I wanted to give you full marks on your papers, but I have a reputation to uphold.

 Alfred shook his head. “Understandable.” 

“I noticed, you know.” 

Alfred raised an eyebrow. “Noticed what?” 

 “How you tried your best to spend time with me.“ It was Alfred’s turn to blush. 

 “It was cute.” Arthur gave him a peck on the cheek.

 Eventually they exchanged numbers, both heading their separate ways. In class, nothing changed. But in reality, they texted and called and hung out as friends, but nothing more. Not until Alfred was done with that that class, where upon the first day he could, he kissed Arthur hard on the lips, who responded by putting his arms around Alfred. 

 “Shall we make up for all the time we missed?” Alfred smiled, gazing into Arthur’s eyes, still as beautiful as ever. 

 “Of course love. I’m tired of waiting.”




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hello dear! im not sure if you write but the song scared to be lonely (the aucustic one though!!!!!!!) gives me large harry thoughts and i cant write but like maybe you could listen and try to like something angsty ooooh or maybe harry drabbles based off Harrys lyrics ya know like "im just trying to remember how it feels to have a heart beat" i dont know im just in an angsty harry mood and youre the only harry blog i follow fore some reason (culd you reccomend me some good writers please

hello love!!!

I just want to say, no i am not a writer, this is the first thing i’ve ever written and i’m kinda terrible but i thought i’d give it a shot because i love this song (and Dua Lipa) a ton!!

i suggest you leave the writing to the professionals
(my recommendations)
(these are only some of my favorites but they’re all so wonderful!! you should definitely follow them, also you can probably find so many wonderful fic writers through the tag!)

but after hopefully answering everything you wanted, i present to you a crappy angst drabble

Scared To Be Lonely

“You can’t just come home and expect everything to be okay again, Harry!”
You breathed in the air that occupied you, noticing that it felt tense and heavy. You understood you were just picking another fight, knowing it would just end the way it always does. You fight, you cry, he comforts you and you apologize. You end the night in a tangle of limbs, your bare bodies left sweaty and cold.
Though the sheets were the only thing between you two,it felt like you were worlds away. You would wake up the next morning like it never happened and send Harry off to just repeat it later that night. This routine was something you’d become accustomed to over the past few months. The truth was, you were spiraling out of touch, you forgot how it felt to be loved. When you first started dating Harry it was great, you constantly had your hands on each other, you couldn’t stand to be far from him, never getting over the way your heart skipped a beat when you looked into his eyes,always feeling safe in the comfort of his inked arms. It was perfect for the better part of a year.
Harry started to get so busy,barely paying attention to you anymore. He’d been so caught up in his new album and his movie and all of the exciting events that this year had brought him.Yes, you couldn’t be more proud of your superstar, but sometimes it all got a bit too much.He was rarely home, and when he was he acted like a stranger.
“You don’t talk to me anymore, you act like i’m not even here and the only time you pay attention to me is when you want a fuck! You only need me because you’re scared to be lonely, you can’t handle the feeling of not being loved. You’re lucky i can because you’ve been abandoning me for the past month!”
At this point you’re screaming,you inhale sharply, feeling the tears stinging your eyes.
“I can’t do this, i can’t keep coming back for more when i’m left hanging everyday!”
You look to Harry, he’s standing in the doorway of your shared bedroom, a fire raging in his eyes.
“ Yeh seriously think i’m that selfish? I don’t use you for a fuck. Why won’t you support me this one time, stop picking these stupid fights and think about how i’m feeling!”
“Y/N, Yeh think this is all my fault?”
He asked, running his hands through his hair out of frustration.
“Im busy baby”
he started, hoping to level out the fight, understanding he won’t win. he never wins. It’s best he just fixes what he can, tapes it together best he can and wait till he finally has a break from work to truly figure out what’s wrong
“ I have so many interviews to do right now, management is working me so-”
You interrupt his statement to retaliate, your voice raising louder by the second.
“ Yes i know you’re busy, clearly too fucking busy for your own damn girlfriend.”
You yell, standing up to slam the door. Creating yet another space between you two.
You slide down onto the floor and hug your knees tight to your chest. There are tears streaming down your face and you can hear Harry’s angry sighs through the wood.
You’re losing your mind, you think to yourself, knowing this fight wasn’t about anything different than usual, but damn was it messed up.This time you took it too far, not knowing why you said what you said. You knew he was doing what he loved and you were standing in the way of that, just adding more to the stress he had.
Yep you were definitely losing your mind.
He wasn’t the selfish one, you were.You were sure of it. You did what you did for one reason and one reason only.
You can’t even wrap your head around the thought of not being with Harry, not seeing his emerald eyes every morning. You were the one creating this pain for yourself. All because you’re too scared to be lonely.


-best friends to lovers!winwin

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  • before i start
  • stop!! sleeping!! on!! this!! boy!!
  • he’s so damn talented and he’s actually more than just cute
  • and his visuals are ending all models their career
  • like i’m not saying y’all should appreciate him .. but that’s exactly what im saying
  • little message that had to be sent out there i’m sorry but it was needed
  • here comes the good stuff though!
  • you and sicheng would be very much tied to each other
  • he’d completely trust you and you would pretty much count on him
  • the both of you know each other so well
  • sometimes it would cause you to take over his actions and he’d say things you usually say
  • it’s because you hang out so much and are around each other for most of the time
  • it would be hard for him when he’d notice he catched feelings though
  • like he’d try to deny it and shake off his thoughts
  • whenever he’d find himself thinking of you he’d sigh and do his best to stop it
  • he would do everything to try to control his own mind and emotions
  • but very quickly
  • he’d come to the conclusion that it’s impossible to just let go of you
  • you’ve already made him fall so deeply
  • and he’d be so surprised at himself that he actually let this happen
  • he’d wonder how this got to be true and why he had to deal with this
  • it’s so not easy to stay strong when you know you like a person you’re close with
  • and that you never had a kind of romantic relationship with
  • since you both were best friends it would be extra difficult
  • he’d probably spend so many nights overthinking and being unable to sleep
  • you’d notice him acting a little more awkward as well
  • like his energy just wouldn’t be the same anymore
  • you were used to his excitement and how hype he is but it would just be kind of gone?
  • when you’d ask him he’d probably ignore it and claim he’s fine
  • but on a very rare day he’d actually open himself up
  • he asked to come over at the dorm and go watch a drama together
  • you’d be a little surprised still because he had been so quiet for days
  • and all of the sudden he was in the mood to invite you again
  • but anyways you wouldn’t say no to anything because of course you still care
  • as he’s your best friend!
  • so once you’d be at the dorm the members wouldn’t be there at all
  • it would only be him
  • and he’d immediately take you to the living room and ask you to take a seat
  • there would be scented candles and the lights would be a little dimmed
  • you would be so curious and wonder what the hell was going on
  • but before you could say anything sicheng would literally spoil you
  • allowing you to eat snacks and wrap a blanket around you
  • you’d just lay there on the sofa and intensely stare at him
  • still waiting for him to explain what was going on
  • “(Y/N) you’re confused right?”
  • “ .. i mean i guess?”
  • “it’s okay i totally understand and that’s why i’ll be honest now”
  • “be honest?”
  • “yes, there’s some serious things i really need to tell you”
  • “serious things? sicheng you’re scaring me!”
  • “please don’t be scared i promise it’ll be quick”
  • “okay go ahead”
  • “i like you! there! i said it!!”
  • “wait what?”
  • “i like you (Y/N)!”
  • you’d gasp and be speechless for a whole damn minute
  • and he’d cross his fingers while nervously glancing at you
  • there would be a severe silence between you two for a few seconds
  • until you’d decide to speak up
  • “sicheng is this why you were acting so weird lately?”
  • “i’m so sorry (Y/N), you can’t imagine how hard it was for me”
  • “no i’m the one who should be sorry for making you feel like that”
  • “don’t (Y/N), this is not your fault at all”
  • “ .. it is??”
  • “no it isn’t because look at me now, i’m not being sad anymore”
  • “how come though?”
  • “i confessed and that meakes me feel so relieved”
  • “i’m happy for you sicheng, i really am”
  • “thank you (Y/N) but uhmm .. can i just  ask one thing?”
  • “sure! is it another secret?”
  • “haha you silly, it isn’t … i was just wondering if you may like me too”
  • “sicheng! i think i do!!”
  • he’d have his eyes wide open as he heard your response
  • he like didn’t expect it all and he’s so shocked about it
  • he’s really really happy about it tho cus like?? yes! y’all can become a couple!!
  • and you both actually would
  • the two of you would be even more close after being each other their s/o
  • and sicheng would be head over heels about you
  • it would be like a person having their first crush and it’d just be so adorable
  • his feelings for you would be so pure and he has great intentions
  • you’d both form a beautiful pair and create a bigger bond
  • than you already had as friends~

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Ideal top 11??? Obviously i think Jaehwan will be in yours so like, the additional top 10?

Sorry for making you wait! But I think I can finally answer your question!

I guess this list is a mixture of what I think the final lineup ranking will look like combined of course with my own personal preferences

DISCLAIMER: things that personally matter to me MOST in an idol group include:
Overall group chemistry (no fake kindness, genuinely get along with others)
And in the case of PD101, A manly group NOT a boy group (none of that, “we are the Dream boys”….)

1. Kang Daniel
He was eye catching since the beginning and we don’t even have to talk about how much his popularity has soared. If god forbid anything happen to Kim Jonghyun’s rank, he would be amazing leader potential. Daniel is skilled without question and i can still see him working hard to improve his singing and dancing skills on pd101. His ability to have a cute and manly personality is a bonus

2. Park Jihoon
He won’t die in the hearts of Korean fans. And yes, I’m using his visual as my backup but that is also kind of the role of idols, to grab your attention and stand out. Being a very stable dancer and having a genuinely kind personality is a bonus. I think Jihoon is very hard working and he has an honest consideration for constantly pleasing his fans.

3. Kim Jonghyun
Everyone knows he’s the best and maybe the only real candidate for leader. He’s most attractive quality is his hard working attitude. I think when you look at other kpop leaders in the industry, the best ones are always the ones that lead by pushing their members from the back. Moreover I think if this group were to ever get into any fights, Jonghyun would be a very neutral character and always keep a rational mind, making sure everyone was being appreciated and on good terms with each other

4. Ong Seongwoo
He’s an all rounder. More importantly and rare, HES GOT SENSE. He has a playful variety personality that attracts people and makes them happy. Looks are a bonus and skills are dependable. Who cares if the group already has a large female fanbase but still, it’s good to know that Seongwoo has a solid group of male fans which means they probably won’t go for little boy concepts.

5. Hwang Minhyun
Another dependable member that adds unique vocal qualities. He also adds to creating a more manly and grown up group image. Despite being an idol for so long, I think Minhyun is ALWAYS showing signs of improvement. Like Seongwoo, I think he’s also a very valuable all rounder. Honestly I don’t think the country should choose the top 11, Minhyun should.

6. Kim Jaehwan
Yes I’m very Kim jaehwan biased but I don’t wanna see him sitting at 11th. He deserves a rank around 6th. He’s skills are unbelievable. He’s works extremely hard despite never really dancing this much in his whole life and he’s super dependable. EVERY performance with him has been legendary. I’m sick of people arguing that he should be a singer not an idol… of course he wanted to be a singer, he’s tried so many times! But now hes come to his last resort, the one place where he can gain skills and still do what he loves, SINGING but as an idol.

7. Lee Daehwi
I didn’t think things were looking good for daehwi due to the hate he was receiving as being a “center that was lacking” but just thinking/imaging what an ‘idol’ is, daehwi is exactly that except he comes with SKILLS. The only concern is that he is still young so he would have trouble blending into a very manly image but NEVER has started proving me wrong. On a side note, he’s a very suitable maknae

8. Park Woojin
He has an insanely good rapping voice and he’s even better at dancing. I was afraid that he would have trouble getting along with the others but it’s seems he’s SO MUCH MORE comfortable with the Hyungs now. He has a beagle character for sure! What I think is most valuable about Woojin is that he can do cute and manly.

9. Lai Guanlin
I feel like this is some idea from SM but you can’t have a perfect group. When you see members that are lacking in certain areas, thats when the skills of others are highlighted even more, because they help to fill each others weak points. I think Lai Guanlin has shown a lot of improvement even though he has a LONG WAY to go but Koreans kind of like that. Koreans have lots of emotion and sympathy, they like to see underdogs come through and watch how they grow which is why I think Guanlin has been so popular

10. Im Youngmin
Yeah another rapper to add to this group but I think youngmin has been a consistently good performer whether it be rap or dance. He has a surprisingly large fanbase which are very dedicated so it is quite a possibility seeing him in the final lineup. Seeing him adapt and his positive attitude after leaving the NEVER group was very admirable, a quick learner indeed.

11. Yoon Jisung
You all think I joke but for real. He would tie the entire group together. Jisung is a good singer, great expressions and very driven. I think he’s dancing needs improvement and by that I think he just needs MORE confidence. Honestly he would be a great mood maker and really help the whole group get along. I can already see him shining on variety shows. In the words of Daniel, “idols should be good at everything”, INCLUDING VARIETY.

It’s an odd combo I know… but I truly believe the chemistry between this group would be amazing.

I’ll now explain why popular candidates like dongho, Samuel, Bae jinyoung etc. missed out on this list, but THEY STILL HAVE A GOOD CHANCE OF BEING IN THE FINAL LINEUP

Dongho- I personally think Dongho is skilled for sure, but for me personally his entire image is very different to boys like daehwi and jihoon. I’m just not sure how he’d fit in. Also I think 3 nuest members will cause a lot more bad finger pointing at nuest and I also considered how Minki would feel if all of them got in except for him. It would feel AWFUL.

Bae Jinyoung - still mostly a visual but I think with more practice his vocals could be better. Every time I hear him sing it just feels like his struggling. BUT ASIDE ALL THAT, He needs CONFIDENCE. How can you be a performer if your not confident in your skills. Yes everyone is hating on haknyeon right now but he knows he’s lacking and yet, he’s still confident on stage. That’s something I think we need more of from jinyoung even though we’ve only seen tiny bits of it in Oh Little Girl

Kim Samuel - Samuel is a hard topic you see, I more than anyone else just wanna see his dreams come true but I don’t think he deserves to be buried in a group of 11 idol imaged boys. Samuel is unique, he should reach higher, solo is the way to go. However I completely respect if pd 101 is his way of gaining more attention before taking the next step as a solo artist

Yoo Seonho - I just don’t understand how he’s good at piano but lacks in the singing department haha. Seonho is great, he’s hardworking and I was suprised he picked up the choreography for Open It quickly. I think what puts him slightly behind Lai Guanlin is that he’s still unstable. I don’t think he’s really found HIS strength yet, although I think he’s leaning towards singing, it still has quite a way to go.

Ha Sungwoon - we all feel bad for him but I dunno anymore. I kinda resent him for giving up the role of main vocal in Downpour so easily. I wish he would’ve fought harder to be center then instead of being the one to suggest Jaehwan do it. But now it seems a little late. Sungwoo is overqualified for pd 101, but after mnet dedicated quite a bit of screen time to him, there’s nothing else they can do for his ranking. It’s ultimately up to the people and the only reason I can think of is that he doesn’t capture the attention of the majority? And I think that same statement goes for Noh Taehyun. Both skilled but unable to capture mass attention sometimes. It’s just unpredictable with Sungwoon in general because his fanbase is also so unpredictable

So dats where I stand on my top 11, and if you read through all of that I honestly love you, leave a like so I know❤️


Just my personal opinions, please don’t be salty.

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Im sure these kinda asks must get annoying but what kinda person personality-wise would our jungkookie go for? Ive had numerous astrology websites pin me and his meme ass as super compatible. That fact is intriguing but i dont trust those sites like i trust your insight <3 i need more completely useless maladaptive daydreaming fuel

Anon, it took me so long to get back to you, I’m so sorry! I wanted to write it without being a rush, you know? ‘Cause Jungkook is kinda complicated. lol So here we go:

First of all, it’s important to understand that this guy has many placements in his chart that are working perfectly, at their best capacity. That by itself already means two things: he’s obviously good at many things since he has an easier time than most controlling his mind and body and also that he’s very picky and demanding since he expects a lot of himself and others. That being said, Jungkook is also a perfeccionist when talking about relationships: he’ll analyze everything that is involved in it to be the absolute best at it. As if the world was holding a competition of the best boyfriend alive™. So while that’d be awesome for his partner, to be as spoiled as that person would be, it could also mean some exaggeration. ‘Cause Jungkook needs the person to be as into it as he is, constantly working as hard as he is, you know? 

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GOT7 Hogwarts Moodboard AU Introductory Post

Park Jinyoung : Ravenclaw

Fifth Year | 11″ Beech, Unicorn Tail Hair, Supple | Ravenclaw Prefect | Bat (Patronus) | Pureblood | Legilimens (special ability) | Transfiguration, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Herbology (best subjects) | Im Jaebum (boyfriend) | Mark Tuan & Choi Youngjae (best friends) | Leader of the Silver Spears | Chess Captain

  • Savage AF
  • Seriously, you need to understand how savage this boy is. The sheer amount of sass is overwhelming
  • When him and Mark get together you better just keep your distance because ISTG they’ll sass you into oblivion
  • Park Jinyoung is easily the poster child for Ravenclaw. You can often find him with a book or two always on hand.
  • He aces every test and his mind is as sharp as a blade
  • He can probably outwit you without even looking up from his book
  • The sorting hat shouted out Ravenclaw before it was even properly situated on his head, okay?
  • He’s a touch devious, but don’t go thinking deviousness is only for the Slytherins - although Jinyoung is typically more playful but still
  • He practically lives in the library
  • If you can’t find him, that’s probably where he is
  • On the rare chance he’s NOT in the library you can check the greenhouse (he’s usually there with Youngjae)
  • He was chosen as prefect by the Head of House. He’s aiming for Head Boy…because it’s Jinyoung.
  • Listen, Jinyoung’s uniform is spotless and perfect. He looks like a freaking prince, okay? PERFECT.
  • When his resting bitch face isn’t in play you can usually see him with a knowing look on his eye and a small smirk that resembles the attitude of a cheshire cat.
  • Jinyoung just KNOWS something that you don’t. All the time. Or at least, it’s just best to assume so.
  • He is a leader of the Silver Spears with Mark. He’s also the chess captain.
  • To be honest, the poor boy needs a good challenge in chess. With the exception of Mark, none of the other students can beat him.
  • But Mark only plays when he’s in the mood. Whereas Jinyoung plays all the time just because. So the boy needs a challenge SOMEWHERE.
  • Jinyoung is friends with the centaur pack that lives in the woods. They’re very like minded, or so Firenze says.
  • Jinyoung is not particularly enthralled by divination and astronomy, but he certainly sees the logic and usefulness of it. That’s typically how he is with most subjects.
  • He’s probably going to become an Unspeakable for the Department of Mysteries. So he PREFERS to have information (even if it’s only a little bit) on almost every subject there is.
  • Jinyoung is a legilimens. Which basically means if he wants to he can read your mind or plant ideas or false memories into your head. The only people that can keep him out is an occlumens.
  • To be fair, Jinyoung doesn’t ever read someone’s mind without their permission. He feels bad otherwise. But still. The point is he COULD if he wanted to.
  • Jinyoung’s the ‘mom’ of the group. He takes care of everybody and also does a lot of the disciplining when Bammie and Yugyeom start acting up.
  • He swears they’re going to give him gray hair but he loves them to pieces.
  • Choi Youngjae is eternal sunshine and Jinyoung is determined to never let that light dim. He has such a soft spot for that boy.
  • Mark is his best friend. Mark is probably the only one who can mentally keep up with Jinyoung at times. Their friendship is probably the most complex out of the entire group TBH.
  • They’re the pair that has conversations without saying a single word. The eye contact is real between these two, okay?
  • They contrast enough that it works though. Mark lives on coffee and hates tea. Jinyoung prefers tea and tries to stay away from all that caffeine, for example. But they’re similar in enough ways too.
  • They both have zero tolerance for bullshit or for their loved ones being hurt.
  • If you manage to have both Jinyoung AND Mark on your ass for hurting someone they love…just….do yourself a favor and kill yourself before they get their hands on you. They are fucking TERRIFYING together, okay? TERRIFYING.
  • Mark has taught Jinyoung some basic non verbal magic and Jinyoung has taught Mark some basic legilimency. Because sharing is caring.
  • Markjin is basically best friend goals. Okay?
  • Jinyoung is extremely supportive. He’s 10000% certain that Jaebum is going to become Head Auror, that Jackson will become a professional Quidditch Legend, and that Mark can not only master non verbal magic but wandless magic too. Trying to tell Jinyoung otherwise is basically a suicide mission.
  • Like I said, he’s the mom of the group and even though his ‘children’ piss him off to no end sometimes, they’re still his kids. So if you touch them, if you hurt them, if you threaten them – just run. There’s really nothing else I can say. Just fucking run. Fast.
  • Jinyoung will not put up with your shit. Most of his patience goes towards his academics and his circle of friends that tend to act like toddlers. So he has NO patience left over for your bullshit.
  • Rational thinking 101. You can’t win an argument with him. He’ll win with logic and reason two minutes into the conversation and leave you feeling like an idiot child.
  • Don’t bother him during exam time. He’ll set you on fire. I’m not kidding.
  • Jaebum is the love of his life. He’s aware that people don’t understand WHY. He also doesn’t give to shakes of a rat’s ass WHAT people think.
  • Jaebum comes off as cold and uncaring, but Jinyoung gets to see Jaebum when he’s soft and full of love.
  • When he covers Youngjae with a blanket so he doesn’t get cold, when he refills Mark’s coffee because Mark needs it or he’s going to crash
  • When he ruffles Yugyeom’s hair and wraps an arm around Jackson’s shoulders, the struggle he goes through when he protects Bammie.
  • And the way he loves and protects Jinyoung no matter what.
  • He sees all of that and will protect that image at all cost. Trying to tell Jinyoung that Jaebum is a bad person is a sure fire way to get yourself landed in the hospital wing.
  • He the CUTEST smile and eye crinkles. If you see them, congratulations, you’ve been blessed.
  • Jinyoung is fierce and beautiful and passionate and intelligent and ethereal and you can see it from a mile away. He’s a deep thinker with the force of a hurricane in his soul.
  • Basically, Park Jinyoung a badass mofo. You want him as your friend - not your enemy. Okay? Okay.

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Illumi + Hisoka + Chrollo + Pariston Relationship and NSFW Headcanons


[[omg why do people like Pariston(no legit send me in my ask box or something why you all like him in genuinely confused please). Whelp here goes<3]]




-he’s like a Yandere. Anyone who even looks at you that he doesn’t approve of will be dead.

- you are under watch about 24/7 by him or Hisoka, or probably locked up in his bedroom so you won’t ever be experienced to danger.

- it doesn’t matter if you’re strong enough to defend yourself, he will always protect you and make sure nothing happens to you.

- also I feel like he’d understand a little he may be taking his actions of protection a bit far, and buy you lots of stuff to make up for it.


- chances are you’re strong, if he picked you as an s/o, or you have potential to become strong, so I feel like he could trust you’ll be alright on your own.

- lol he might trust you to defend yourself, but if you were in a bind he’d help you out to questions asked.

- he LOVES to show you off. LOVES.

- we don’t know shit about his background(if y'all would like for me to tell you what I think happened for his backstory let me know cause I AM DOWN FOR THAT), but I think we can all agree he went threw some shit, so be prepared to, when the time comes, to listen to him, and be understanding.

- he’s the kinda guy who’s like ‘what’s done is done’, but not exactly “forgive and forget”. He may forgive but he won’t ever forget, so be careful.


- He’s very chill all the time, and he’s very good at calming you down so you’ll have no worries if you’re his s/o.

- he loves books, especially old ones, so he’ll probably read you old Shakespeare sonnets and plays in your free time, if you’d like.

- he’s more vocal than physical with his feelings. He’ll most likely tell you how he feels for you daily, but may not show it in actions, but he really does mean what he says.

- he never lies, at least to you, so you can trust that what he says is the truth.

- He may be sadistic, but I feel like he wouldn’t be that way with you. He’d be a very sweet and understanding s/o honestly I think. And protective.


- this little shit may look innocent but he will secretly ruin your life, but he really does love you. He just likes to see you struggle.

- he’ll buy you anything and everything you do and don’t want, just because. He doesn’t need a reason to do nice things in his eyes.

- he’ll make you breakfast that’s actually decent in the morning and wake you up by singing you cute songs in the morning (like I’m sorry but I can totally see him singing Catch you, Catch me in that scenario haha)

- he’s totally be okay with you having guy friends and hanging out with them (only because he’ll scare the shit out of all of them, SCARING into them that YOU are HIS)

- in terms of PDA and affection, he’s surprisingly not very touchy touchy, though he does like to link arms in public and enjoys peck kisses mostly. It’s not hard to convince him to cuddle though, he’ll do it if you ask him.

(swear I imagine they all have regular dongs?)


- doesn’t have a very high libido, so sexual encounters are a bit rare

- His length would probably be long, like 7 and a half inches? But not too very thick

- he likes the watch facial expressions you make during doing the do, so he’ll stare at you a lot

- though he kind of hates PDA, doing the do in public places doesn’t bother him, if he’s in the mood.

- he doesn’t really see the point in making sexual encounters longer than they need to, so you’ll have to tell him if you want when to be longer or whatever (sorry I can’t explain it well?)


- has a regular/high libido, so sexual enter-course happens about once or twice every other day

- his length is about average, 6 and a half inches and normal girth I guess?

- the sounds you make turn him on the most, so don’t try to muffle your moans and screams, cause he’ll only make you scream and moan louder

- Hisoka doesn’t give a fuck, he will straight up do you in the day of light in a crowd of people if he wants to, anywhere and everywhere is fair game to him.

- I feel like he would have a few kinks, like a kink of orgasm denial. Also is a bit of a masochist + sadist.

-(bonus): he’ll let you think you’re dominating if you want to, but no matter what he will ALWAYS be in charge


- he likes slow, spiritual sex. He’s quite gentle and loves to please

- his libido is pretty normal, but doesn’t act upon his sexual desires unless you’re up for it as well.

- I have a feeling that Chrollo would have a big member, like 7 inches and pretty thick

- he loves to body worship when doing the do. He’ll kiss every inch of you and tell you everything he loves about you.

- he doesn’t exactly have many kinks, but he’s willing to try pretty much anything, and enjoys role play.



- his libido is… Honestly I don’t know. I feel like he’d just be really random with it.

- Pariston’s member would be kinda like Illumi’s? Pretty long, and regular thickness

- he finds your screams to be very attractive. Pain and pleasure go hand in hand with him really.

- office sex is his favorite place to do it. Especially when there’s the chance he can get caught, he likes the thrill of it. Embarrassing you doesn’t bother him really, since he finds it cute when you’re embarrassed

Chapter TwentyEight


Pushing Lani’s curly mane to the side, I leant down and kissed her bare shoulder before getting up off the bed. Stretching my arms outs, I groaned as a few bones cracked and sluggishly made my way over to the bathroom.

Though I was still tired, last night was one of the sleeps had in the past few days and it was all thanks to the fact I had my woman in my arms as well as being buried deep inside of her .

Quickly doing my business as I puffed on my morning cigarette, I flushed the toilet and headed to the basin where a mug instantly stared back at me in the mirror. Shaking my head at the bruised handprint that was visible on my cheek, I mentally coached myself not to get angry and instead put out my smoke and headed for the shower.

Lani was literally the only person on this planet who could put their hands on me and get away with it, though it didn’t mean I don’t think about handing her ass for it. Turning on the cold water as I rid my mind of the thoughts, I let out a small groan as the freezing cold water hit my body and soothed my tightened muscles.

Squeezing the body wash on the loafer, I mentally planned out my day as I washed over my body and rid myself of all the sweat and sex that lingered on me. Clenching my jaw as the water hit the scratch marks Lani left on my back, I hastily finished up my shower and wrapped a towel loosely around my waist as I stepped out.

Once again I made my way over to the basin and ran my hand over my growing beard that had started to look out of control. Not really in the mood for standing around for a hour to shave it all off, I quickly grabbed the clippers and trimmed it neatly until I looked more presentable and clean.

Splashing some water on my face to rid myself of the hair, I sprayed my deodorant and finished off with my cologne before making my way back into the main bedroom. Smirking while licking my lips at the sight of a naked Lani on top of the covers, I had to refrain myself from literally jumping on the bed and filling her up with in seconds.

Managing to some how control myself, I let out a groan as I shook my head and headed towards our over sized walk in wardrobe only to find my nigga LJ lounged out on the carpet sleeping. Shaking my head at the little fucker, I surprised myself as thoughts of missing his spotted self invaded my mind causing a mug to instantly form on my face.

“Im missing cats now? Fucks wrong with me?”, I muttered lowly to myself as I pulled out my boxers and slipped them on before tugging my legs into some black basketball short. Not bothering with a shirt, I proceeded to put my socks on and slipped my feet into my jordan slip ons before turning the lights off and heading out.

Heading straight for the bed, I sat on the edge and let my gaze roam over my womans body as I felt my dick instantly start to react. Running my fingers up her smooth thigh, over her round ass and up her spine, I couldnt help but grin as she broke out in goosebumps and slowly began waking up.

Turning her head so I could now see half of her face, I bit my lip in amusement as she tried to blow out air to push the curls that rested in front of her lips. Removing my hand from her spine, i used it to move her hair and watched as her eyes slowly fluttered opened as she stretched out her body across the bed.

“Morning”, She mumbled lowly in a sleepy tone causing me to just sit there and watch her intensly as I drank her in and refrained myself from grabbing her body and never letting her go. Was I obsessed with her? Shit that was something I asked myself everyday. Truth be told, I probably was. I studied her every move, reaction, word, behaviour and actions as if she was a rare gift.

I couldnt help it. I loved her so much that I continued to try and find more things to love about her but I was sure that after years of going at it I had fallen in love with every last bit of her, “Morning baby”, I finally muttered as I broke out of my trance and paid attention.

“Your doing it again”, She giggled against the pillow with closed eyes, “I cant help it”, I shrugged unapologetically as I knew she was talking about me doing nothing back watching her every move, “I dont understand why, Im nothing special”, She said lightly as she rolled over towards me so that she was now laying on her back, naked body in full view.

“Oh you have no idea how very wrong you are”, I heard myself reply huskily as I leant down and ran my tongue over her already perky nipple. Biting down, she let out a moan as I tugged it with my teeth before completely letting go and sitting back up. Frowning with a pout, I couldn’t help but let out a chuckle at the pleading look she was giving me, “You know Id want nothing more than to stay laid up inside you forever and ever but I cant let Zay fend for himself”, I grinned as I lent down and pecked her pink, pouty lips.

Pulling away the smile she wore soon faded into a frown and almost instantly she sat upright as tears formed in her eyes, “What’s wrong?”, I instantly asked not understanding the sudden mood change or sadness in her eyes.

“Your face Ty, look at your face”, She panicked as a tear fell before placing her hand on my cheek and running her fingers across it, “Look what I did”, She whispered as she shook her head with disgust.

“Dont worry baby, I got you back anyways. Taught yo ass a lesson, literally”, I mumbled the last bit lowly causing her tears to stop as she looked up at me confused before opening her eyes wide at realization. Turning around, she gasped at the large red hand prints on her ass before turning around with accusing eyes.

“What? You thought you was gonna get away with it?”, I chuckled as I shrugged and quickly stood up off the bed before she could attack, “Plus don’t even try to trip cause you was loving it last night”, I winked before dipping out the room just as she sent a pillow flying my way.

Chuckling at her saltness, I headed straight for Isaiahs room and broke out in a grin when I found him in a deep sleep with his legs and arm spread out while his mouth was wide open. Turning the light on in the room, I headed straight for his bed and climbed on so I could wake him up as he had overslept and needed to have breakfast.

Laying beside him, I kissed his cheek and ran my fingers through his growing curls, mentally reminding myself to take him to the barber so both him and I could get a haircut, “Little man”, I muttered lowly as I squeezed his chubby cheeks softly.

“Come on Zay”, I chuckled as I poked at his sides causing him to slowly start waking up as he tossed around in bed, “We gon’ hang out if you wake up now lil man”, I bribed him as I watched on with amusement as he slowly pried his eyes open and let out a small yawn.

“Daddy?”, He asked confused as I grinned and wrapped my arms around his tiny body and brought him on top of my chest, “Can you wake up so we can hang out?”, I asked him casually causing him to instantly start nodding his head sleepily and hide his face in my shoulder.

“Come on sleepy man”, I chuckled as I stood up and began carrying him back towards my bedroom. Sticking my head in, I made sure Lani wasn’t naked in full view, only to find her no longer on the bed.

“Lani, where you at baby?”, I called out as I stepped into the room, only to hear the shower on from the bathroom, “Having a shower”, She call out causing Zay to lift his head at the sound of his moms voice.

“Come on lil man, shes having a shower. How bout we go make some breakfast and surprise her?”, I asked him causing him to nod his head with excitement as I exited to the bedroom and made a quick stop to the spare bathroom for Isaiah to pee.

Once he had done his business, I helped him wash his hands and took him down to the kitchen where I got all the items needed to made three bowls of fruit loops. Seeing the cereal, I could have sworn that Zay looked at it than back at me with a ‘nigga are you serious’ face before going back and resting his face on my shoulder.

Laughing at his expression, I poured all our cereal and sat them on a tray before heading out to the back yard and towards the lounge chairs that were situated in front of the ocean.

Sitting the tray on the round wooden table in front of the chairs, I sat Zay next to me and brought the table closer to we could eat off it, “Daddy you go away again?”, Isaiah suddenly asked me as I sat his bowl in front of him and frowned at the question.

“Naw man, daddy just had some work he needed to do ight? I would never leave you or mommy for good”, I told him, not liking that my own son had doubts that I would be gone from his life, “I love you and mommy more than anything in this world, dont forget that little man”, I said as I felt the need to reassure him.

“Okay daddy, Zaya missed you”, He said speaking about himself in third person which caused me to look over at him with amusement. Leaning over I kissed the top of his head and handed him his spoon so he could start eating his fruit loops. Turning my attention to my own cereal, we began eating in sync as both our attention altered from our food and back out towards the view in front of us.

Though I never told anyone, the only reason I brought this mansion was because of the view. It always seemed to put my mind at ease whenever I came out here and just watched the water crash against the docks. Pulled out of my thoughts as the sound of the glass doors sliding open, I looked over my shoulder only to find Nalani making her way over in a casual outfit that she looked effortlessly flawless in.

Her now wet hair, hung low and wavy down her back and I mentally thanked god for this piece of heaven he for some reason blessed me with, “What are my two favourite people doing?”, She smiled as she got closer and made her way around the chairs so she could in between us.

“We made you breakfast mommy!”, Zay beamed as he stood up from his seat and carefully lifted up his moms bowl of cereal and handed it to her which she accepted with a massive smile on her face, “Awwww soggy fruit loops. Aren’t my boys the sweetest”, She chuckled as she leant over and kissed Zay on his cheek and then placed a kiss on my lips.

Sitting back in a comfortable silence, I was thankful for the peace and quiet and just enjoyed the presence of my family as we all devoured our cereal while we took in the sight of Miami beach. I of course was the first to finish, so I sat back on the lounge and turned my attention from to the view and onto the two people who meant the most to me.

“Lani?”, I called her name causing her to set her bowl down and look over at me with curious eyes, “What’s up baby?”, She said almost immediately as she leant over and rested her head on my shoulder.

“You mind if I take Isaiah out and have a boys day with him?”, I asked hesitantly not knowing how she would take it. Frowning she pulled away and looked up with a confused expression, “Ty of course you can. I dont know why you keep asking permission when he’s your son just as much as mine baby. You guys go out and have fun and Ill call the girls and chill with them”, She reassured me causing me to nod my head as I wrapped my arm around her shoulder and kissed her head.

Though I really, really didnt want to be away from her for a second, I also thought it would be good idea to take Isaiah out and have a father son day as we had yet to have anything like that.

“That okay with you little man? Wanna spend the day with your pops?”, I hesitantly asked Isaiah as I kept my hold on Lani, feeling my anxiety build just at the thought of being away from her today. Noticing my hesitance and increased breathing, Lani rubbed my thigh and looked up at me with one of her soothing smiles.

“Ill be right here when you get back baby. You will be okay”, She assured me softly as she rested her head against my chest and hugged me,“Maybe you should come?”, I muttered lowly causing her to instantly shake her head.

“Ty, you will be fine baby. You need to spend some time with him, matter of fact why dont you ask Ace and J to go with you that way you’re a little more at ease”, She suggested making me feel better. Though I would still prefer it to be her coming with us, I knew I would be able to hang with the boys for a few hours without needing Lani.

“Yea okay thats a good idea”, I nodded as I rested my face in the crook of her neck and inhaled her scent that always seemed to calm me like it was some sort of drug, “You finished eating sweety?”, I heard Lani ask Zay as I just stayed in my position with closed eyes.

“Yes all done”, I heard Zay beam from the other side of Lani before the sound of him standing up could be heard, “Daddy? You ok? Is daddy sleeping mommy?”, He asked as I felt him resting his head on my lap. 

“I dont know but I think we need to get daddy up so you guys can go get ready”, I heard her say lightly as she brought her hand up and ran her fingers through my curls, “Wake up daddy”, She whispered lowly in my ear causing me to smirk against her skin. Pulling away, I licked over my lips before closing the space between us so I could feel her lips on my own.

“Mmmm come on baby”, Lani mumbled into the kiss as I tried to slip my tongue in but she wasn’t tryna have any of that because Zay was still laying his head on my lap occupying himself as he traced the koi fish I had tattooed on the side of my calf.  

“Its a fish daddy”, He beamed as he looked up at us and back down to the colourful tattoo like it was the greatest thing on earth. Isaiah loved my tattoos, while we usually watched TV in bed, he would spend the entire time examining my chest pieces and sleeves. 

“Yea buddy its a fish”, I chuckled as ruffled his hair and watched as he studied the design, “ I get a fish like this to?”, He asked causing me to look over at Lani with an amused look, “Oh hell no, see what you started Ty?”, She frowned as she stood up while shaking her head and started placing the empty bowls back on the tray.

“What you talkin bout woman, I had all this ink before I even knew I had a kid”, I chuckled as I stood up and lifted Zay with me. Shaking her head, we followed behind her back into the house and into the kitchen, “No tattoos for Zay until his 30”, I heard her mumble lowly as she sat the tray next to the sink and began doing the dishes.

“You doing the most right now”, I said with amusement as I went and stood behind her with Zay still in my arms. Wrapping my arm around her waist, both Isaiah and I rested our heads on her back and relaxed our weight against her. 

Laughing light as she finished up the dishes, she turned the water off and used the dish towel to dry her hands. Turning around in my embrace, we re-lent our heads on her chest and felt her wrap her arms around us.

“Im gonna miss my two favourite men today”, She sighed as her grip got tighter causing me to let out my own sigh as I took in the moment with my family, “You guys better go and start getting ready”, She mumbled against my chest as Zay had his head laid on top of hers while he ran his tiny fingers through his moms hair.

Smiling at the scene, I let my hold on Lani go and kissed Isaiahs cheek as he sat up in my hold,  ”You wanna pick out what you wanna wear?”, I asked him causing him to grin, “Same as you daddy”, He said causing me to chuckle at the fact that he wanted to dress like me.

“Ight little man lets go get ready”, I muttered as I kissed Lani’s head one last time before heading back upstairs so I could get ready and then get my son into some matching clothes.

Entering our walk in closet for the second time today, Zay let out a squeal at the sight of LJ who was still laid out sleeping on the carpet. Chuckling at his excitement, I sat him on his feet and watched as he ran over and collapsed on the floor so he could lay down next to him. Isaiah swore up and down that not only was LJ his best friend but also his little brother, shit was hella cute even if that damn cat got on my nerves most of the time.

Leaving him to engage with our lazy ass kitten, I shuffled through my clothes until I found something suitable to wear. Slipping into some camo jeans, I added a printed black tee and some jordans and was impressed that it took me less than 10 minutes to get ready.

Heading to the mirror to check I looked alright and smirked at the sight before making my way over to Isaiah so I could get him ready and into a outfit that looked like mine. “Come on little man, your turn”, I muttered as I picked him off the floor and into my arms, “What bout Mason daddy?”, He pouted as he pointed down at LJ who was looking up at me like he was waiting to be picked up.

“Na bra, he staying here today”, I told him as I avoided the sad frown he made and began making my way out of my room and towards his. Pulling out my phone, I composed a quick msg to Brock, J and Ace letting them know the go for today and seeing if they wanted to come. Of course Brock had no choice in the matter, but within seconds J was messaging me back letting me know he was coming while Ace said he had plans with his woman.

Satisfied that I had at least one of my boys coming with me, I sat Isaiah on his unmade bed and headed over to his mini walk in that looked like a child’s shopping centre. Pulling out mini camo jeans, I paired it with a plain black tee and similar jordans. 

“Come on little man”, I muttered as I made my way back into Isaiahs bed room only to find him sitting there quietly as he patiently waited for me to come back. I swear we had to be blessed to have such a chilled out and good kid like him. Though he wasn’t a bad or anger kid like myself, he did however inherit the withdrawal and quiet side from me. Just like me, he prefered not to speak with people and keep to himself. 

Standing up on his bed without another word, he looked down at the clothes I brought in and then back over to my outfit. Grinning with approval he lifted his hands in the air so I could pull his pajama shirt off and exchange it for his black one. I continued on with the same process until he was now fully dressed in his new outfit and stood back to look him over.

“Yep you looking nearly as good as yo dad”, I chuckled causing him to grin as he stuck his hands out so I could carry him, “You getting too old for me to be carrying you everywhere”, I muttered as I kissed his cheek and continued to carry him out of the room, “I like when you carrying me daddy”, He said causing me to chuckle.

Just on clockwork I heard the front door opening and closing, followed by foot steps. Making my way down to the stairs, my gaze landed on Jeremiah and Jasmine walking in as they held hands, “How you get in?”, I muttered as I reached the bottom of the stairs and headed to the kitchen without saying hello.

“Nigga you gave me keys and hi to you to, rude ass”, J chuckled as he slapped a hand on my back and ruffled my hair knowing I hate it when people touch me, “Nigga dont even”, I mugged as I pushed him off him causing him to laugh even louder.

“Hey Ty, Hi babyboy, you lookin all fly”, Jas cooed as I side hugged her and let her take Zay from my arms so she could say hello to him, “We going?”, J asked as he headed to the fridge and pulled out two cartons of orange juice and handed one over to me.

Without answering we simultaneously opened the cartons and began drinking from it at the same time only to hear a round of lip smacking a few seconds later, “Really boys? Like was it that hard to just get glasses out?”, Lani sighed as she shook her head and came around the counter where she proceeded to snatch the cartons out of our grips.

“Doing be snatching shit”, I muttered just as J huffed, “Rude ass”. Shaking her head, Lani placed the orange juice back in the fridge before walking over and giving Jas a hug hello. Pulling away Lani looked at Zay before looking back at me while grinning, “Ahhh you look so adorable baby! Looking handsome like your daddy”, She gushed as she took Zay out of Jas’ arms and placed kissed all over his face.

Laughing as he wiggling in her embrace, I couldn’t help but grin lowly as I watched them interact. I know Lani always says she loves to just sit back and watch when Zay and I interact but she had no idea what it did to me when roles were in reversed and I watched them.

It was like my happiness and reason for living all put together whenever I watched on. Pulled out of my thoughts at the sound of another heavy set of footsteps, I looked over my shoulder only to see Brock entering the kitchen with LJ following close behind.

“How the fuck you get in?”, I muttered as he came over and dapped me and J, “Nigga you gave me keys”, He huffed as he proceeded to hug Jas and Lani before taking Zay from Lanis arms and throw him over his shoulder, something that Isaiah loved.

“Damn nigga who else you give your house keys out too?”, Jas laughed although there was a hint of seriousness behind her tone. Chuckling at the fact I was thinking the same thing, I simply shrugged my shoulders as I checked my rolex, “I’on but I need to get them locks changed”, I mumbled lowly only to have J throw an apple my way which I caught at the last minute.

“You aint changin shit nigga, now lets get going, I need to get this fro cut asap, its been attracting too many bitches”, He joked as he laughed only to quickly stop as Jas began mugging him, “Damn I was just playing”, He mumbled as he scratched the back of his head and walked over to her to give her a kiss.

“Ill meet y’all out by the car”, Brock announced as he handed Zay back over to Lani, kissed her head and made his way out, “Better keep them crusty lips off my woman”, I muttered under my breath as I made my way over to Lani just as J followed behind Brock and Jas went upstairs to mine and Lanis room.

“Dont talk to Brock like that”, Lani frowned as I wrapped my arm around her waist and pecked her pouted lips, “You know I was just playing”, I smirked as I quickly licked her lip causing her to laugh.

“You better get going baby, make sure you remember to feed Zay lunch okay”, She reminded me causing me to nod as I looked over at Isaiah and winked, “What you planning on doing today?”, I asked as I grabbed my phone and wallet and put them in my pocket as we headed to the front door.

“Jas and I are gonna lay in bed all day and have a supernatural marathon because you refuse to watch it with me”, She pouted as I just shook my head, “Thats cause we watched one episode and you wouldn’t stop screaming every second”, I smirked causing her to roll her eyes as she sucked her teeth.

“Uh because there was a freakin scarecrow that came alive and killed people”, She said in a ‘duh’ tone, this time causing me to roll my eyes at her antics, “Yea whatever woman, anyways just keep your phone close okay?”, I said as I needed her to make sure she picked up whenever I called.

“Relax baby, you will be fine”, She whispered as we got to the door. Standing on her tippy toes she gave Isaiah a kiss on the cheek before stepping closer and kissing me lips which instantly relaxed me, “Just make sure okay?”, I stressed as she pulled away and looked at me with worried eyes.

“Ill keep it on me at all times Ty”, She assured me causing me to let out a sigh. Kissing her lips one more time, I headed out the door and walked over to the black SUV that we were taking. Getting in the back with Isaiah, I strapped him in the toddler seat we had installed before sitting back and watched out the window as Lani waved while we pulled out of the driveway.

“Daddy we get haircuts?”, Zay asked, pulling me out of my thoughts which I was thankful for, “Yea little man and we gonna go and get more pictures for daddy”, I told him as I had plans to get some more ink done today.

Looking over with wide eyes, he grinned as he looked down at my exposed arms, “Me too daddy, me too”, He beamed causing us all to chuckle, “Yea he definitely your son nigga”, J laughed from the front seat as I nodded my head in agreement.


As soon as we pulled up to the strip a groan escaped all of our lips at the sight of a few paparazzi’s lurking around, “Man these niggas are everywhere”, I muttered lowly as I shook my head at the thought of having to deal with them today.

Parking out back and out of sight, Brock and myself got out of the car as we waited for Ty to unbuckle Isaiah and carry him out, “Bra the fuck yo hair looking like the niggas from jackson 5?”, Brock asked as he laughed obnoxiously loud while I just sucked my teeth.

“Chill with that, my lady loves it”, I shrugged as I placed my hands in my pockets while mugging him, “She tell you that? Cause if she did she lying”, He chuckled causing Ty to start laughing as he got out the car and eyed out my fro. 

“Man fuck yo both, I’m getting it cut anyways”, I huffed in a salty expression which only fueled their laughter even more. Shaking my head at their antics, we began walking around the block and towards the barber that we had been hitting up since youngins. Unfortunately as soon as we rounded the corner, the paps saw us and a good hand full raced over.

Brock immediately took his stance in front of us and being that he was a big, blulky mother fucker he did a good job at blocking most of their pictures. Ty on the other hand was doing a good job at ignoring them and instead kept his attention to Isaiah who was being carried in his arms and talking to him in a low voice.

Not being able to help, I grinned at the sight of them interacting. I swear they had to be twins and the fact that they had on matching outfits made shit look like they were identical, “Y’all are cute as shit”, I smirked knowing Ty hated being called cute with a passion.

“Paps or not nigga I will not hesitate to beat yo ass on this side walk”, He retorted almost instantly causing Brock and I too haunch over and laugh at his aggressive ass, “Bra a simple thank you would be nice”, I chuckled while shaking my head and pushing the door of the barber shop open.

“LENNYYYYYYYYY”, I hollered loudly as we burst through the door and were greeted with a bunch of all hood niggas and old niggas getting touch ups, playing chess and yelling at the re runs of the college basketball playing on TV.

“You tryna damage the last bit of hearing I have boy?”, Lenny’s ole grumpy ass huffed as he stood up from his chair and made his way over. Lenny was like the father we never had. Too many days and nights, us boys would spend in this very barber seeking out refugee and guidance from him.

We owed everything to him and the first thing we did when us boys got signed was finish off his payments on the shop as well as get this nigga a nice big old house. Len deserved it though, it was him who use to hide us in the back every time we was running for the cops and it was him who fed us when our good for nothing parents didnt.

“Come here you little shits”, He muttered in a gruff tone as he balanced on his thin legs and shuffled his way over to embrace us in a hug. Lenny was everything a old man looked like. Snow white hair, skinny limbs, old school swagger, permanent frown and a hard gruff voice that seemed to scare the kids. He blamed it on his chain smoking and the war for his shitty attitude, but even though he was a old cracky fuck he still seemed to attract people to him like the plague.

He was a wise nigga, told it straight and had no time for bullshit, “Why the fuck y’all ain’t been to stop by? Nigga holdin on by a thin line and can drop dead any minute”, He exaggerated as he embraced me in a hug and slapped my back.

“Nigga you like 130 and you still talking, you aint going no where soon”, Ty muttered causing Lenny to pull back and mug him as everyone stood in silence. Engaged in a death stare, both men held their own for a few minutes before they busted up in laughter followed by everyone else in the room.

Ty and Lenny were two niggas who were so alike that they bumped heads as if they were at war with one another and the constant digs at each other were a common thing. They hated to love each other but under it all, I knew that Lenny saw Ty as a son and would do anything for him and vise versa.

“Well fuck me sideways, I know this nigga aint fathered a kid”, Lenny muttered as he looked over at Zay who was too busy hugging Tyson to notice anything going on, “Nigga you aint got a TV?”, Ty huffed as he tapped Isaiahs thigh to get his attention while I walked over at took a seat in Fat Joe’s chair so he could hit me up.

“Growing it out bra?”, Joe laughed as he wrapped the sheet around my neck and grabbed his comb, “Yea cuh, cut it all off”, I chuckled as he nodded and turned my attention back over to Ty and Lenny. Finally getting Zay to loosen his grip from around Ty’s neck, Isaiah shyly looked over at the old man.

“Zay this old nigga is Grampa Lenny” Ty introduced causing Lenny to narrow his eyes at the mention of ‘old’, he hated being called old and we all knew it, “Shit I hate to admit it, but good looking kid you got here. Props to his mom, thats all her”, Lenny egged on only to mess with Tyson.

“Bra fuck you talkin bout, you know I been the sexiest nigga to walk through this joint”, Ty huffed as he waved him off and handed a reluctant Isaiah to Lenny who was cheesing at the kid,“Sexy? Young blood my crusty ass is sexier than yo big headed self”, Lenny replied as Zay looked back at Tyson with wet eyes, “Nigga stop showing off them musty ass teeth, you scaring ma kid”, Tyson grumbled, this time causing us all to hunch over and laugh. The banter between them never stops and was pure entertainment for the rest of us.  

“Now, now y’all better stop using all that language before I bring out my wooden spoon. Y’all know mama dont play”, We heard a sweet voice coming from the back room before the door opened only to reveal my number one lady, “Mama Lacy”, I beamed at the sight of Lenny’s wife and ride or die.

Just like Lenny, Lacy was the mother we never had. When Ty busted out of the mental institute and we broke free of our foster parents, it was Lenny and Lacy who took us all in, “JayJay, my handsome boy”, She cheesed as she came over with open arms. Signalling Joe to stop cutting, I stood up and immediately embraced her in a bear hug, before pulling away and kissing her cheek.

“How have you been baby? I miss my little rascals”, She beamed as she rubbed my cheek, “Miss you too mama, you know we been hella busy but Imma make sure we come around more often”, I promised which instantly made smile even harder. Though we didnt visit as much as we should lately, Lacy and Lenny never take it to heart as they knew we had a lot going on. I also made sure to call them weekly to check in and keep them updated.

“Now what do we have here?”, Lacy asked with wide eyes that lit up at the sight of Isaiah who was now back in Tysons arms. Though Lacy and Lenny knew all about Isaiah, they had yet to see the kid or attend his birthday party as they had been staying in New York for a few months looking after Lacy’s sick sister.

“Doesnt he look like a angel”, She gushed as she went over and kissed Tyson on the cheek before turning all her attention onto Isaiah, “Yea complete opposite of his dad”, Lenny muttered lowly although we all heard and started laughing.

“Oh will you two stop it, y’all are always going at it”, Lacy frowned before planting a smile on her face and picking Isaiah up, “You like cupcakes baby? Grandma Lacy just made a fresh new batch, lets go out back and get some?”, She asked Isaiah who looked over at Tyson for approval. Nodding his head in encouragement, Zay whispered a small yes and went through the doors and out back with mama Lacy.

“Now come on you big kid, let me straight up this mess you made of your hair”, Lenny huffed in disgust as he eyes out Tysons hair and gestured towards the seat beside the one I was sitting on. Ignoring his insult, Ty pulled out a cigarette and sat down on the chair beside me before offering Lenny one.

“Not while Lace is around, she will kick my ass”, Len huffed as he shook his head and picked up his clippers, “So tell me, how much trouble you boys been in lately?”, He asked as I watched Joe do his thing through the mirror.

“Man why you say it like we always in trouble?”, Ty frowned as he took a drag of the cigarette and eyed out Lenny, “Nigga cause Im the same person who hid you from the damn 5 0 all these years”, He retorted with a ‘duh’ tone which made us laugh as he was right.

“We been keeping out of trouble these day Len, we getting too old for all that reckless shit”, I quickly came to Ty’s defence only for Lenny to look over and give me a ‘nigga you lying’ look. Though Len knew that we were the worst type of kids back then, we never ever told him what we exactly got up to, even though I know he always had a idea.

It wasn’t because we didnt trust him, it was more because we would never want him to be an accessory to one of our crimes, just by knowing what had happened. Knowing he wasnt going to get any more information out of us he thankfully changed the subject, “Whats this I hear y’all got yoursleves some pretty little things?”

“Imma bring around my girl so y’all can meet her and y’all know Ty still with Lani”, I informed him as he knew perfectly well who Lani was as Tyson use to make her come with him everywhere back in the day. He also knew her because when she had left, Tyson was a mess and Lenny and Lacy were around to see what had become of him.

“Good to hear you got yo girl back”, Lenny said genuinely as he knew how much Lani meant to him, “As for you afroman, Im glad you finally decided to give someone a chance. Make sure you bring her around so I can steal her from you”, He chuckled as he wiggled his white eyebrows.

“Nigga you dreaming”, I chuckled as I shook my head lightly, “Ace got a girl?”, He asked as he squinted his eyes and concentrated on cutting Tysons hair, “Yea he got himself a tough one”, I muttered causing him to stop what he was doing and look over with a raised eyebrow.

“Damn he really got himself a girl? That nigga is a hoe, how he settled down?”,He asked confused causing all the boys in the shop to nod their head in agreement. Most these men had seen us grow up and had been around for years, if we had any type of family they would be them.

“She wearing the pants in the relationship, that skinny nigga aint gonna come outta pocket”, Ty muttered while smirking lowly as he spoke the truth. Briana was a tough girl and she was exactly what Adrian needed. Before anyone else could say anything, Lacey burst through the door holding Isaiahs hand who was stuffing his face with a cupcake. In Laceys other hand she held a tray that was filled with her famous choc chip cupcakes that everyone died for.

Feeling my mouth water at the sight, Lacey laughed as she noticed my expression and came over to give us boys one. As well as paying Lennys shop off we also went out a brought Lacey’s dream bakery for her, baking was her absolute life and she was amazing at it so it was only right. If there was woman that deserved it all it would be her.

“You boys make sure you bring your women and come by the house for dinner one night?”, She asked in a pleading tone that made me feel guilty for not being around much and judging by Tysons expression I knew he was feeling guilty as well.

“We’ll come round Sunday?”, Ty said as he put out his cigarette and picked up Isaiah and sat him in his lap, “Perfect, Ill make all your favourites”, She beamed as she took a seat opposite us and began telling us everything we missed in the last few months.

It wasn’t until two hours, four haircuts and a rundown on what’s happening in the hood, that we had finally finished and decided to start heading out. Once we said our goodbyes we headed back out to the car and once again avoided the increased mob of paparazzi.

“Yo Lenny did a good fuckin job with this cut bra”, Brock muttered as he looked over his hair in the window before hopping in the drivers seat, “Still look ugly as fuck”, Tyson muttered which sent Brock into a laughing fit, “Nigga look who’s talking with that big ass head of yours”, He chuckled as he wiped the corner of his eyes and started the car.

“I’on know what yall on about, my head aint even that big”, Ty huffed from the back seat as we pulled out of the car park and headed towards the tattoo joint which was owned by Sean, Lani’s former neighbour.

“What you thinking of getting?”, I asked as I scrolled through my phone and replied back to the msgs from Jasmine, “Zay’s name and I want a dinosaur on my rib”, He muttered causing me to narrow my eyes and look back at him with confusion, “I’on why you surprised, he always coming up with fucked up shit”, Brock chuckled as he pulled up to the joint that was thankfully only a few minutes away from Lenny’s barber shop.

Once again we waited for Ty to strap Isaiah out of his seat before making our way into the joint that seemed to be quiet thanks to it being wednesday midday, “Yo, good to see you niggas”, Sean appeared from the back room and came over to dap us.

Sean had become a friend of ours, of course that was after Tyson was over wanting to bash his face in for being friends Lani. Dapping him up, we followed behind him and headed out back to this private station. Once he had set up and Tyson told him what he wanted, I sat Zay in my lap and watched on beside Brock as Ty got tatted.

“Nigga really getting a dinosaur”, I muttered in disbelief as Sean pressed the stenciled dinosaur against Tysons ribs, “Nigga I fuckin like dinosaur’s ight?”, Ty mugged as I held onto my stomach and laughed at his salty expression.

“Lani know you getting it?”, Brock smirked causing Ty to look over with a frown, “Do I look like a little ass kid who needs to tell her everything?”, He asked causing us boys to look at each other before simultaneously saying, “Yes”.

 Sucking his teeth, he waved us off as Sean started up doing his thing and Isaiah watched on with wide, curious eyes, “Yo 100 bucks this kid gonna have his first ink before he hits 16”, I muttered as I watched on at how intrigued he was, “I dont think so man, not if you wanna see Lani start world war 3”, Ty shook his head and grinned at the thought.

“Im trying to knock Jas up”, I suddenly blurted out causing the sound of the tattoo gun to stop, as everyone froze and looked over at me, “What, a nigga cant have a kid?”, I chuckled hesitantly as I shrugged my shoulders.

“Damn bra it aint that, shit was just hella random”, Brock shrugged as he pulled out a pre rolled joint and lit it up. Shaking my head at his ass, I turned my attention back over to Ty as he hadn’t spoken a word and it was his opinion I wanted most, “You aint gonna say nothing?”, I asked him and watched as he eyed out Brocks joint.

“Why all of a sudden?”, He asked simply, not once removing his eyes from the blunt, “Nigga dont even think about it”, I muttered causing him to shake his head from his thoughts and turn his attention back to me, “And I'on, seeing you with Isaiah and Lani, got me thinking man. I guess I want a family of my own, you know?”, I confessed causing his usual frown to ease up as I knew he understood what I meant.

Family was something that Ty, Ace or I ever really had. Sure we had the subsitunes that we found along our rough upbringing, but it was totally different to actually having someone be  apart of you, “Shit man you know I support whatever you wanna do J, Jas is a good girl and if you think she the one you wanna be with for the rest of your life than shit make it happen”, He said genuinely causing me to sigh out in relief. That was all I needed to hear, it may not matter to other people but to me, Tysons approval mattered to me.

Grinning to myself slowly, I looked down at Isaiah who was still sitting in my lap but instead of watching Ty getting a tattoo, he had fallen asleep snuggled in my chest. It was that moment realization really hit, I want this. I wanted to have a kid with Jasmine.

Chapter 41: Showers for the Baby


“Why you got me captive in yah house CoCo?” I asked looking back at her as she massaged my back.

“You’ve only been here for a few days. Im off work your preparing for your tour. We’re spending time together.” She joked getting off of my back going to the bathroom. “Plus I don’t trust yo big headed ass! ”

“Whatever ma! I told you I was done fuckin hoes!” I chucked pulling her back to the bed.

“It sound good! Just like its been sounding since we met.” She replied rolling her eyes as she smiled.

“Who I’m in bed wit? And who got my kids?”

“That don’t mean shit! Watch yo dick gon fall off.” She laughed as I cut my eyes at her.

“It’ll fall of in yo mouth. Speaking-”

“August, no! You don’t deserve any head from me. Ion know whea dem hoes mouth been.”

I stood up pulling my pants down moving in front of her.


Before she could finish her words I pushed her head towards my dick forcing her to have no choice but to kiss the tip. Her thick soft lips slowly placed light kisses around the head licking the tip. “Fuck.” I groaned attempting to push her head more so I could get what i wanted,

“August Im not about to do it.” She laughed staring straight up at me.

“Why not?”

“Cuz you got too many hoes bouncing on yah dick and giving you head. Now put him up.” She giggled pulling me back down.

“Man … are you eva gon do it again.”

“Maybe if you stop letting it think for you… and stop wit these hoes.”

Before we could finish our conversation the twins came in with a pile full of mail.

“Here mommy!” AJ yelled as Seppie climbed on my lap.

“You got one too daddy!”

I looked at CoCo before opening the small blue envelope.

‘You have been cordially invited to the first shower of Tremaine Aldon Neverson Jr.’

“There’s no way in hell im going!” She said holding up the identical blue invitations.

“Man why not? They invited you.”

“We aren’t cool. She thinks I’m taking some shine from her. I don’t even under-’

"Mommy why are you so fat?'AJ blurted out starring straight at CoCo’s belly.”

She looked up at me then back at the twins.She shock written all over her face. I didn’t know what to say so I figured I would just let her handle it.

“Mommy has a baby inside of her.” She giggled placing each of the twin’s little hand on each side of her belly.

“You ate a baby?” Seppie asked looking up at her.

“Naah lil mama,daddy and mommy made your little brother.” I replied picking Seppie up replacing her hand on CoCo’s belly with mine.

“How you make babies?” AJ asked. I swear that little boy was definitely my son. He always wanted to ask questions about sex just like me’

“A mommy and daddy get in a bed and-”

“And think of a recipe for the baby. Then daddy puts his hands on mommy and wishes for the baby.” CoCo interrupted me. She had the twins in awe about her story on how babies come into the world.

“When is brother gonna be done?” Seppie asked talking more to Co’s stomach than to us.

“It takes nine months for her to come.”

I loved the way Co talked to the kids about are unborn baby. She loved being a mother and I could tell. The mother role is sexy on her and Im glad she was the women that created my family.

“I love you.” I blurted out as she continued to tell the twins stories.

“Whatever!” She giggled rolling her eyes playfully.


Brian been getting on my nerves for the past couple of days. Since his rap career exploded with Chris he was rarely home and if he was he was drunk.

“So you ain’t gon cook for me?” He asked pulling me down towards the end of the bed unwrapping the white towel from my body.

“Nope! Im pretty sure you got hoes that cook-”

“Here you go! Man I ain’t cheating on you! Why the fuck would I do that shit?” He growled rubbing my back harshly.

“That hurts!” I snatched away wrapping the towel again facing him. “Because you’ve done it before wit that Asia bitch! People really thought yall was together Brian!” I snapped!

“Maaan hea you go! I thought we got past that? We been together for what?… 5 years Tae. I love you ma. Ain’t NO bitch gon take yo spot.” He looked sincere but it was hard to forget the most painful 2 years of my life.

“Brian just stop looking like you cheatin when you at these clubs! I don’t no what that niggah Chris about but don’t let that shit get you caught up! ” I smirked pulling him down on the bed.

“I gotchu baby… now let me finish massaging you.” He smirked.

That massage quickly turned into some well needed love making. I missed my baby and hopefully all the shit he was spittin to me was true.

Ring, ring, ring my phone sounded as I was in the middle of attempting to let at Brian’s name as he sexed me from behind.

“Fuck!” He groaned as I reached for the phone pushing him away.

“Hey are you busy?” She asked

“Mmh stop Bri-”

“Uh, I’ll take that as a yes…FREAK!”

“Nooo what’s up?” I asked trying not moan as he continued.

“Look you wanna do me a huge ass favor?” She sounded stressed.


“Nyla invited me to her baby shower. I ain’t tryna go but Daddy making me. You wanna come with me? Cuz he gon be tied up with Trey and Chris.” She chuckled.

'Fuck’ I moaned lightly as he went further down allowing his finger to move in and out of me slowly.

“Hello?” She giggled.

“Ooh uhh … yeah I’ll go just-”

Before I could finish my sentence Brian pulled the phone away from me hanging it up.

“Selfish.” I chucked looking at him.

“You know you all mines.” He moaned before kissing my lips.

**** Few Days Later***


I wasn’t too excited about this baby shower but I didn’t have beef with Trey nor his unborn child plus Daddy Aug was making it hard for me to say no. Especially when he dressed me in this orange dress that disguised my baby bump.

“You good?” Tae asked looking into my face as we entered the house.

I didn’t understand why I felt so nervous. “Yeah Im good.” I lied sitting my gifts plus Aug’s on the table.

“Med school!” My heart fluttered at the sound of my brother. It was sad that I missed him more than Nyla but he kept her sane. He made her a better person.

“Daddy Trey Trey!” I joked pulling him into a hug!

“Maan you and Aug gon stop wit that! Especially when y'all on yall third one!” He joked rubbing my belly.

I caught a glimpse of Ny rolling her eyes as Trey touched my tummy. I quickly swatted his hand away. I really didn’t need any drama coming from her because I wasn’t in the mood for it.

“Yo girlfriend gon get mad if you keep playing with her tummy.” Tae blurted out pointing towards Ny.

“This must be Tae?” Trey chuckled.

“You talk too much. How everybody know me and ion know them?” She giggled eyeing me.

“Cuz I luh you guh.”

We talked for a few moments until I had to pee for the third time. I made my way up the steps. I noticed a girl with a sloppy blue bun in her head talking to a pregnant girl with a beautiful black bang. That shit was killer. I walked up to her so I could ask about her hair until I noticed who it was.

'What in THEE fuck.’