im not sure why

all shade all t - amber shoulda called up some celebs and asked them to donate to the slut walk seeing as how slut walks beeeeen happening and amber putting her name on it doesnt make it more inclusive or more important. plus she doesnt even claim her blackness so im not sure why anybody cappin’ for her so hard that they tryna drag folks for suggesting her rich self fronts coins.

The problem i have with girls is the ones that like me arent down, and the problem i have with guys is that they dont even seriously like me in the first place.
Ultimately girls are just frustrating because the ones im around are either undercover (lol) or still just unsure about themselves. Im pretty good at picking up on if someone likes girls but its still like well what if im wrong? So i just end up annoyed getting mixed signals and too scared to bring it up myself
Then with guys i end up thinking theres something wrong with me personally when shit doesnt work out. Like maybe im too this or that or maybe i did something wrong. I always end up hurt when i like a guy and i place a lot of worth into being liked by men and having sex with men, but im not sure why

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tbh I don't ship Lapidot either really but I think the appeal for some people is how much Lapis could really annoy peridot like she'd be making fart jokes and button mashing all peridot's machines like the precious lil delinquent she is and some ppl see Lapis as gem royalty and Peridot as like a generically made service bot like pearls so that dynamic might also be some of the appeal idk

true true. like theres a lot of material for it 2 which is nice and i think its kinda cute! but for some reason i just cant get really into it and im not sure why? like ive tried but its just not my thing rn i guess :0 

(leans on yu) im not (leans harder) sure why (my elbow is diggin into your face) but im pretty certain (i push my elbow into your mouth) ikimaru sent that anon earlier (my arm is halfway down your throat) just cause

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okay, but why are the characters black? im sure they're just black to be black. jfc, adara could be white, galaxy could be white, literally ALL your characters could be whit and it'd make a huge improvement. the whole cast doesnt need to be a a bunch of kinky haired niggers. or does it- because literally no one would lile your art otherwise?


no way in like, literally all hell, is it physically possible for adara to be white.

she lives in the bahamas, one, and two, sHE USED TO LIVE ON THE FU CKI N G S UNNNNNNNNNNNNN

galaxy couldn’t be white cause HE USE TO LIVE IN THE OCEAN. HE’S GOTA VERY NICE TAN

and did you really just use the n word to get your point across? cause like, i can pull out something too cracker barrel.
yes people would still like my art

you want a white character?

go make your damn own

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👌Good shit- Can Khârn and Argel Tal get in on this or is it a primarch-only party?

((well considering this blog is just the primarchs i would normally say no but because im in a  good mood ima say sure))

“why in the hell do we have to wear these stupid shorts again?” Kharn grunted as the shorts once more rode up into his ass “i’d rather be fighting naked than this”

“we were asked to do this by one of the Aristocrat families for their daughters birthday, they donated a considerable amount of money for us to take their daughter on a ‘date’ wearing these” Argel Tal replied sighing “come one we shouldn’t keep the girl waiting, the longer we do the longer we need to wear these”

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Would you be happy or sad if a girl will be pregnant from Marco? And what do you think when will he have a baby? Sorry if my English is bad😙

Hi sweetie sure i would be happy why not? im sure it will be one of the happiest days in his life so his happiness should be the most important thing :) and we get to see mini marco or marco’s little princess :)  your English is perfecto :P

i got a lil sappy

Ok I’m always a sassy ball of shit but I’ve never taken the time to actually thank you guys for being so amazing, supportive, and hilarious. This blog would be nothing without your submissions (i.e. your horrible experiences lol) and I’m so happy that we could take a shared experience and make it into something so big. I was just looking at the follower count and I was like, “Wow. I was feeling really angsty about boys one day and thought “maybe I’m not alone let’s see what happens” and then 220,000 (and Aziz Ansari what the poop???) of you were like “bruh same” and ugh oh my god I’m gonna cry. 

I complain all the time about how many messages we get (over 24k right now) but most of that is just super nice, super sweet messages from you guys that make us smile like goofs. We only ever post the negative ones because comedy and w/e but it just makes everything really negative so I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for keeping this blog running, for sharing it, for laughing/crying over it. Many hearts and much love 2 u <3 

I feel like the new animators got really lazy with the endings. In the beginning the chibi ones were really cute, and the non chibi ones told a story. In the newer ones when they just have one picture shown with a slow zoom out it just seems so half assed. Like seriously? Put some effort into it.
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