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GOT7 As Roommates

So I was reminded of the one I did for BTS (which you could find here) and I thought this would be a cute thing to do <3

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(hot ass)

  • he strikes me as a dad type
  • like he’ll be kinda protective of you, making sure you don’t stay out too late and come home at the right time.
  • he’ll say that it’s to keep a watch on you but he lowkey misses you.
  • typical dad always ends up falling asleep on the sofa.
  • so you always have to shake him to get him to actually go to bed.
  • you’ll feel really awkward when you accidentally call him dad bc he basically is
  • “is this a new fetish or something?”
    “shut up im jaebum”
  • also just another gross male that you have to deal with.
  • “leader of got7 or president of the US i don’t care, just wash the dishes”
  • people often mistake him for your boyfriend bc you guys are weirdly comfortable around him.
  • he’ll probably just walk around half naked with no shame
  • you’ll just throw his dirty laundry to get him to put clothes on.
  • does get a lil’ awkward if you’re ever upset.
  • will shyly admit he ordered take out to cheer you up and you chill for the rest of the evening.
  • he’ll get quite angry if someone has upset you or work is giving you a hard time but won’t show it.
  • since he’s a dad for thot7 as well, just expect the guys to often be over.
  • reliable dad friend roommate beom ™
  • you always make him cringe or make fun (in a friendly way okay)
  • you’ll be over sitting in a weird position on the sofa you’ll just be like “the a teaser, amirite” and poor boy would die of cringe.
  • with that weird dinosaur laugh he has

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drunk boyfriend tag

summary: dan and phil get drunk and film the boyfriend tag (similar to what shane dawson did)

tags: alcohol, so much sweetness and cuteness your teeth will hurt, extreme fluff

by: angelboydjh on tumblr

word count: ~1.8k

first fic posted!! please, ignore any mistakes and reblog and like!! ilu!! send in requests for fics :-)


dan and phil got a little drunk. they originally got out some Ribena, which is completely unharmful, until dan spotted vodka on the kitchen counter, which they only keep for parties. its almost gone, with a half a bottle left, so dan thought of an idea.

“phil, lets get drunk.” phil looked at dan confused; dan never really likes drinking as much as he used to, hes grown, the satisfaction of being drunk doesnt really thrill as much, and its the same with phil.

“why?” asked phil, sipping his Ribena.

“because why not! we have no meeting tomorrow, we are bored out of our minds, and itll be fun! we’ll even be safe, we can control each other well.” phil thought about it. he never really likes hangovers, who does? he gets them bad, and he knows dan gets them worse, but dan was right, they were extremely bored and had no meetings tomorrow. phil shrugged, and replied with a sure, causing dan to jump up with joy.

dan grabbed the bottle and went to phils room, closing the door, and sitting on his bed. he opens to bottle and pours a lot in his drink, doing the same to phil. there is now many 4 shots full left of the drink and dan was happy he rationed out well.

“wanna do a toast?” asked phil.

“with our vodka filled ribena?” chuckled dan. phil nodded, giggling a little.

“why not?” phil responded, and dan nodded agreeing. they lifted their glass cups up and they look at each other. “to us!”

dan laughed at the cliché, but echoed phil, and a clink noise was heard when the touched glasses. dan downed about half of his drink in that one sip, phil only taking a baby sip.

phil made a face, hating the taste of vodka. dan hid his disgust, looking at phil.

“now we wait.” dan took another sip, already feeling slightly dizzy.


dan was fully drunk. he was giggling, putting his head on phil, slurring his words, all of it.

phil was only tipsy. he didnt drink much yet, only about half of his drink. dan, of course, drank all of it, even the rest in the bottle!

“phil!” dan slurred out, and phil glanced over slowly, so he doesnt get dizzy, and raised his eyebrow. “we should do a boyfriend tag.”

phil thought about this. is he that drunk that he doesnt really care if they do one or not? yes. he doesnt really care, its not like itll be posted. phil knows better than that.

“sure.” phil got up to get his camera from the other side of the room, and dan plopped on the bed laughing at who knows what.

it took phil about 2 minutes to set up everything for filming, and an extra 5 minutes to find good goddamn questions.

he finally found some question, a total of twenty. he can barely read them because of his blurry vision, and since he didnt have neither his contacts or glasses on. so he grabbed his glasses from the bed side and put them on to see if itll help. nope. he took another sip of his drink and locked his phone. he’ll cross that bridge when he gets to it. he gets up and turns on the camera, praying to god its in focus.

“dan, its on, we are filming.” once those words left phils mouth, dan shot up from phils bed and looked at phil.

“okay, okay, okay, okay,” he kept repeating that until he finally was next to phil on the bed facing the camera. phil giggled at dan, dan looking at him with his red cheeks.

“okay, ready, babe?” asked phil, seeing double of dan. dan nodded, and smiled at phil and then at the camera.

“okay,” phil breathed in and then ‘took in his persona’.

“hey guys!” he said cheerfully, but all it did is make him dizzy. dan was like, on top of phil, so hes grateful that he was, or phil wouldve fallen over.

“im here with dan.” phil pointed at him, and dan waved, his white oversized cat shirt being exposed, and you could even see his naked legs, since hes wearing shorts. “we are doing the boyfriend tag.” phil said slowly, and dan nodded jumping up and down on the bed.

“phil is my boyfriend! boyfriend phil! philip lester, boyfriend!” he yelled, making phil giggle.

“okay, want ask the questions, or do u want me go ask them?” asked phil to dan.

“ask me the questions! then we will do it back!” dan suggested, and phil nodded encouragingly.

“okay, first question.” phil unlocked his phone and read it very carefully.

“when is my birthday?” he asked. “bonus points for the zodiac sign!”

“january 30th, that makes you a……” he strung out the 'a’ to think. “an Aquarius! aquarium.” he laughed, and phil chuckled.

“correct baby.” he leaned in to kiss dan, and dan kissed him, tasting of vodka and ribena.

“okay, now,” phil was going to go to the next question, but dan protested.

“now do mine! do mine!” dan pouted, crossing his arms.

“june 11th! youre a gemini.” phil stuttered out, making dan laugh.

“lucky guess.” he muttered jokingly.

“next question,” phil scrolled down the page. “where did i grow up?”

“im too drunk for this phil!!” he moaned out. “the north! thats all youre getting.”

“well, youre not wrong.” said phil. “ill give you the point.”

“what about me?” asked dan.

“the south.”

“ugh! exact place!”

“not fair, you didnt do that for me!”

“ugh, whatever.” dan pouted again.

“wipe that pout off your face princess.” phil whispered, grabbing dans chin.

“im just kidding philly!” dan kissed phil, getting him off guard.

“okay, next,” phil asked. “whats my middle name?”

“michael! these are too easy! i want harder ones. test me!” dan groaned out, and phil rolled his eyes.

“okay, okay,” phil said. he scrolled down to another website, which had different questions. “how about this: where was our first date?”

“EASY!” he yelled, throwing his hands up. “well, kinda,” he muttered. “its hard!”

“well, tell me.” phil said suggestively, leaning closer to dan.

“we first met of course at the train station,” he muttered out. “and then we went straight to your house, and, did things. does that count as a first date?” this took him way too long to say, as he was stuttering madly.

“yes, it does. great job, cutie.” phil said happily and leaned in for a kiss.

“okay, let me ask the question!” phil started to give him the phone, but dan refused, saying he wants go make one up.

“whats the first thing you notice about me?” he asked a bashful.

“your smile.” phil said simply. no explanation was needed to make dan feel all warm inside. dan covered his face and leaned on phils shoulder, grinning like mad.

once he got up, he looked at phil, seeing his wonderful, eyes.

“you know what mine is.” he muttered, almost inaudible. it was phils turn to blush. they lean in and kiss once again, but longer than before.

when they pulled apart, dan was seeing actual stars, and couldnt even understand what was happening, completely forgot about the video.

“oh my god, i love you so much.” he said in a shush tone, with phils hand on his cheek. they were only a few inches away from each other, and phil loved it. phil was exploding every inch of dans face, and so was dan. every moment phil made, it made him more dizzy and more dazed, but he didnt care.

within a few moments, they both locked eyes, and somehow, both remembered they were recording.

“uh, one more question,” phil stuttered out, as dan looked around for his almost empty drink. “okay, last question. what is my favorite color?”

“easy, blue.” dan said, as he drank his final sips of his drink before crushed it and threw it.

“hey!” phil protested, looking over at the cup.

“ill pick it ip later, babe.” dan slurred out almost incoherently. “whats mine?”

“easy, pink.” phil mocked. dan smiled softly, putting his arms around phils neck, phil put this hands on dans waist.

“what kind of pink?” he muttered, with his sloppy grin on his face, his curly hair perfect in tack still. (which surprised phil)

“pastel.” dan groaned jokingly, letting his head drop down onto phils shoulders.

“oh my god, i tried to trick you!” dan yelled.

“well, you didnt. 8 years of friendship pays off.” phil joked. dan put his head on phils shoulder, his head facing the camera.

“can we finish? i wanna cuddle with you watch disney movies.” phil chuckled and nodded.

“we’ll finish, lets do the outro.” phil tapped dan, so he can get up from his shoulder, but dan didnt move a muscle, indicating hes not moving.

“okay, well, goodbye everyone, please like a subscribe to me and dans channel, and our gaming channel! love you!” he waved and awkwardly looked at dan.

“i need to turn off that camera baby.” dan groaned and got up from phils shoulder. phil got up and turned off the camera, sitting right on his bed again next to dan.

“can we just cuddle?” phil can tell dan was getting tired, and getting all drained. he gets like this when hes drunk, but also after recording videos.

“of course, princess.” phil laid down, then wrapping his arms around dan who is not next to them. they peacefully fall asleep, with the lights on and phils snoring.


it was the morning, and phil is posting his premade video on lessamazingphil, just a quick vlog from florida. its taking surprisingly long to process, since its only 2 minutes, but phil didnt question it. its almost done, so phil went to go see dan, who has the worst hangover ever.

“how are you baby?” asked phil, laying next to dan.

“better, how bad was it?” he asked, and phil laughed.

“you were fine, not as bad as a few months ago, but you were not any better.” dan groaned, and at that moment his phone dinged. he unlocked his phone to see the notification, YouTube popping up, and it was phils new video.

“uh, phil.” dan said.

“yes?” phil hummed.

“you posted the wrong video.”

“what?” phil yelled a little too loudly for dan, as he backed away and gave phil his phone in just one beat.

“i uploaded our drunk boyfriend tag.” dans eyes widen.

“we filmed a video? no way, i dont remember this. did we kiss?”

“i was drunk too!”

“well, i would keep it up.”


“we already made this mistake once, lets just let them have what they want.”

Misfire [Chapter 2]

Summary: The four times Bucky tries to ask you out and fails.

Warnings: couple of swear words, that’s all!

a/n: The response I got for the first part was u n r e a l. Thank you guys so much! I hope you enjoy part 2, because it might be one of my favorites ;)

Chapter 1

The Sight

“Love letters!” Steve snapped his fingers dramatically.

“The fuck you mean ‘love letters’?” Bucky frowned.

“Language!” Tony chided, making Bucky snort and Steve shake his head while mumbling under his breath.

“Write her a love letter. You know, ‘Oh Y/N you’re so great, I’m totally in love with you’ blah blah,” Steve continued, glaring at Tony who was smirking at him. 

“I’m not in love with her,” he sighed, leading both of them to roll their eyes at him eerily simultaneously.

“Okay, sure. And Rogers here didn’t make a hole in the wall with the toaster because he couldn’t figure out how to use it.” 

“Hey! I am not-”

“Okay whatever. How do I give it to her?” Bucky interrupted their banter before it upscaled.

“Slip it under her door?” 

“No, wait. Put it in her designated mailbox. That way you won’t get caught if she suddenly opens her door,” Tony raised, talking about the separate mailboxes the team had for themselves so as to not read each other’s private matters.

Too many times had Clint mocked Sam for his addiction to Vogue when they showed up in the mail addressed to him.

“Yeah, that would work.” He nodded his head

“Well go! Start writing!” Steve urged him, nearly pushing him off the couch they were all lounging around on.

Bucky caught himself on the arm rest just before he fell, shooting a hard look at Tony who was sniggering. He dusted himself off and straightened up before sauntering off, growing red at the thought of what he wanted to write to you.

Dear Y/N

Hey Y/N

Yo Y/N hows it going bruh

Hi there

He sighed, finally feeling content with the opening part he had spent the past fifteen minutes trying to perfect.

I like you

I love you?

I think youre gr8 10/10 would recommend

I adore you

He let out a deep breath he didn’t know he was holding.

You have no clue who this is

I hope you never find out who this is

dude im hella sure you have no fuckin idea who i am and that’s good but like

It may not hit you right away as to who I am, but I can assure you that I am very much prominent in your life.

You’re beautiful, and I want to say so much more, but words cannot express how captivating you really are.

Bucky stared blankly at the piece of paper he had drafted this on, feeling the heat creep up his neck at how cheesy it all was.

He wondered if he should write more. 

“Oh, fuck it,” he mumbled, signing it off with ‘Your teammate’.

As he nibbled on his cereal, his mind drifted to whether you had received it or not. It had been a few days since he had dropped it into your mailbox and had yet to notice a sign as to whether you had seen it or not.

The team surrounded him, with the exception of you and Sam. Presumably gone to get your morning drink from Starbucks.

As Bruce passed around another plate of bacon, a loud boisterous laughter interrupted everyone’s chatter, making them turn their heads to the doorway.

Sam and you stood there, both of you red in the face but for completely different reasons. 

You were crimson from laughter and Sam…Sam was red for a whole another cause.

“Who the fuck left this in my mailbox?” he panted, clutching a white lined notebook paper and Bucky almost fainted.

That was the letter he meant to post to you.

“What’s that?” he swallowed thickly, earning Sam’s gaze.

“A-a confession letter! About someone’s feelings!” He almost yelled. He was scandalised to say the least.

“What does it say?” Nat piped up, eyebrows furrowed and Bucky could swear his heart stopped.

“Hi there. I adore you,” Sam began, but was interrupted by another fit of laughter from you, soon joined in by Tony who sent a knowing look to Bucky. 

Bucky sank lower in his seat, if that was even possible.

“It may not hit you right away as to who I am, but I can assure you that I am very much prominent in your life.” Sam cleared his throat uncomfortably, eyes scanning over the next set of words.

“What more?” Tony prompted him to go on, a hint of a smirk playing at his lips.

“Um- You’re, uh, beautiful, and I want to say so much more, but words cannot express how-” He coughed loudly to express his distaste- “captivating you really are.”

And now there were four people who were ruby red- two from embarrassment and two from laughing too hard.

Of course the latter included Tony, who knew exactly what was going on. You were just laughing at the expression on poor Sam’s face.

“Which one is your box?” Bucky asked meekly, already knowing the answer but not understanding how he had messed it up.

“The second one from the left, second row.” His eyebrow quirked up. “Why, you know who put this in?”

“How does it matter, Sam?” Steve quickly jumped in, trying to save his friend from further humiliation.

“There is someone in the room right now who is in love with me, of course it matters! Look y’all. Y’all are great and shit, but you’re definitely not on the same level as I am. I’m clearly a 10, and you’re probably all a 5 or 6. Barnes is a 4. Barton is a 3,” he added quickly, earning protests from Clint who had his face stuffed with eggs.

“Now, I’m asking you again, Barnes. Did you see someone out this in?”

Uhh-” he began to stammer nervously. “Umm-”

“It was Tony,” Steve blurted out, immediately biting his lip as Tony spat out his orange juice.

“What the FUCK?!” Tony bellowed, wiping at his chin furiously while Sam had the most flabbergasted look on his face. “It wasn’t me! It was Barnes!”

“What?! No!” He quickly regained his composure, glancing around in urgency. “It was Steve!”

“Steve?” Sam looked mortified, and rightly so. 

“Jesus, no! It wasn’t me!” He threw his hands up in despair.

“Which one of you was it?!” 




Jesus fucking Christ.” Sam groaned, slapping his forehead.

All three of them glared at each other simultaneously, obviously mad at the other for blaming them.

“Even if this is some sort of joke, I’m not dating any of you.” His expression was half in between appalled and shocked as he turned on his heel and stalked out of the kitchen, leaving you at the doorway.

Bucky broke away from the petty staring contest and towards you, beckoning you to sit next to him.

You strode towards the table, pulling out the seat and sitting next to him with a large smile, still finding the whole thing very funny.

“Are you laughing at the letter?” Bucky asked you lowly as the normal talk resumed to the table, probably centred around the commotion which had just occurred.

“No, I’m laughing at Sam’s expression. The letter was nice,” you whispered back and Bucky could feel a weight life off his shoulders as he smiled back at you.

Okay so maybe it wasn’t going great so far, but third time’s the charm, right?.

Chapter 3


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Playboy, bad boy Kim Taehyung (two)

Originally posted by jjks

Series genre: Smut, angst, fluff

Description: Kim Taehyung, one of the nastiest human beings you have ever been associated with. You despite even breathing the same air as him yet he still somehow finds a place in your life.

note: Park Jimin will also play a major role in this series.

Ch1 Ch2

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wjsn for newbies here we go

BACKSTORY so cosmic girls/wjsn is made up of four units (wonder, joy, sweet, and natural) and is the baby sister girl group to sistar and monsta x. they are WILDLY gay and chaotic (have been coined the Chaos Family by yours truly). their concept is that they are from space and thats it thats the concept so space is gay. theyve had two comebacks and had a member in ioi and a member who participated in girl spirit

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17: I Have Questions: Question 1

A little piece inspired by the song ‘ I Have Questions’ by Camila Cabello. 
Feedback is amazing, so feel free to let me know how you’re feeling about this!
Part 2 and 3 to come.

‘Number one; tell me who you think you are. You’ve got some nerve trying to tear my faith apart.’

It had been building up for a while, little fights just piling up in the back of your mind and pulling from your focus frequently.

Last Saturday it had been about money, and about how you felt that you were not ever allowed to pay for anything that involved the two of you. 

“It’s not fair on you, though! A relationship is a two way street and you’re not letting me have anything in it!” You exclaimed over the island in the kitchen of your flat.

“It doesn’t bother me!” His arms were flailing as he moved them to help emphasise what he was saying.

“But it bothers me!” You put your hands on the granite counter, “You’ve got all the damn power in this and it isn’t fair!” You were thankful that it was a Saturday and weekend that Nora had decided to spend at her family house in the countryside. This wasn’t something you wanted her to hear.

“This is stupid,” and he shook his head. “Why can’t I pay for things?”

“You can, Harry, but not everything. I’m feeling like I’m obligated to do something for you but you won’t let me. This isn’t how it’s supposed to be.”

 “This is stupid, I’m not arguing about this.” And with that, he turned on his heel, waved as he does when he sees strangers staring at him. You stood there in shock that he had just walked out on you, and you heard the door shut behind him


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To Borrow #5

My sweet crazy baby Saeyoung <3 I honestly honestly didn’t think I’d want to play this guy’s route. Even more so than Yoosung. However he was my Solas from DA:I in MM. This crazy knowledgable, powerful and horribly broken dark horse that comes to claim your heart out of nowhere <3

Also I am not super tech savvy. I am not a hacker. I am not any sort of programmer. Please just remember that and read ahead with a pinch of salt I guess :) 

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A Case of Amortentia - Drarry

I got this idea from a prompt/headcanon but i can’t remember what it exactly was but yeah, this happened. I’m actually really happy with the result.

“Why the hell does it reek of Potter’s cologne in here, it smells awful.” Draco Malfoy complained loudly as he entered Potions late.

Both Slytherins and Gryffindors fell completely silent, and for some reason his godfather, Professor Snape, looked vaguely embarrassed. Draco raised his eyebrows and looked around the room. His gaze landed on the Golden Trio. Granger looked as though her eyes could pop out of their sockets any moment, the Weasel looked slightly green and Potter looked completely dumbfounded.

“What?” Draco asked with a challenging tone, not understanding why everyone was looking at him as if he’d spontaneously grown another head. Surely he wasn’t the only one smelling that stench of cinnamon with a hint of caramel, and okay, so what if Potter’s cologne actually smelled good? It’s not like he’d admit that out loud.

Then, Draco turned to look at his friends. Pansy looked utterly horrified, Greg and Vince looked mildly surprised and Blaise, the git, looked smug.

“Draco, so nice of you to finally join us.” Snape said. It sounded very much forced, even more so than usual, although Draco doubted anyone had picked up on that. “Miss Granger, would you care to enlighten Mr Malfoy as to what exactly we are brewing today?”

Granger looked downright shocked when Snape willingly called on her. She cleared her throat and straightened herself out before answering. “We’re brewing Amortentia, Professor. The most powerful love potion known to man.”

Draco felt what little colour his face had drain away as his heart dropped. No.

“And what can you tell us about the scent of it?” Draco spotted a wicked glint in Snape’s black eyes. “Mr. Potter? Surely you’d remember, as I told you five minutes ago.”

Potter’s face slowly turned red. “It uh- it reminds a person of the things or people they find most attractive, even when they don’t realize that’s what … or, who … they’re attracted to.”

“Correct.” Snape said, and after a moment of hesitation he reluctantly added, “Five points to Gryffindor.”

Both the houses started murmuring in disbelief, and even Draco himself had trouble believing that Snape just gave the Gryffindor House points. This had to be the first time it happened in … well, ever.

“Wait, does this mean Malfoy’s in love with Harry?” Seamus Finnigan asked rather obnoxiously. Draco felt heat crawling up his neck. He quickly narrowed his eyes at the Irish boy in an attempt to shut him up and drive the idea out of his mind. But things like that never really worked on him.

“Malfoy’s gay!” Dean Thomas exclaimed, a slight gleam of joy in his eyes. “Shay, we’re not the only ones.”

The last thing Draco needed right now was a pair of obnoxious Gryffindorks welcoming him into some sort of gay club, so he did the most reasonable thing he could think of in that moment.

He turned and ran.


Draco Malfoy was alone, sitting on the floor of the Astronomy Tower, viciously glaring at the view of the lake. He felt awfully embarrassed about the Potions fiasco, and really wished he’d kept his mouth shut. What’d compelled him to say those words walking into a Potions classroom late, for Merlin’s sake. It was Potions; the smell had obviously come from what they were brewing, and not from Potter. He silently cursed himself. Stupid, stupid, stupid. He should’ve known.

Draco had the urge to slap himself. He’d completely ruined his image. People would never take him serious again. The rumour he was attracted to blokes, more specifically, Potter, had probably already spread itself through the school, if not further. Yes, his father would definitely hear about this, but not in the way Draco used to flaunt it around in his previous years. Lucius would be livid. His only heir, in love with The Boy Who Lived.

Draco laughed in spite of himself. Once again, Potter had managed to mess with his life, and this time it wasn’t even actually his fault. He could already see the Daily Prophet headlines: ‘Malfoy Heir smells The Chosen One in Amortentia’. Well, it wasn’t a lie, but he’d rather it be something personal instead of a publicly known fact. And he wasn’t exactly what you’d call 'on good terms’ with Potter, so now his already low chances were about as low as they could possibly get. Wonderful.

“Everyone’s fine with it, you know.” A voice, Potter’s voice, suddenly rang out from behind him. Draco jumped. He’d been too caught up in his own misery to notice anyone sneaking in. Or notice that the sun had begun to set, for that matter. Merlin knows how long Potter had been standing there. And why the bloody hell wasn’t he yelling at him? Surely Potter would at least be uncomfortable with the idea he had his rival of 5 years lusting after him. Apparently not, seeing as he, not so graciously, went to sit next to Draco. They both looked at the lake for a while, completely silent, before Potter added to his previous statement, “Although I imagined a declaration of love from you would be slightly more classy.”

Draco’s head snapped to the side to look at Potter, who hadn’t moved his eyes from the view. Was he hearing this correctly? He had to make sure. “Potter, did you just say you imagined me declaring my love to you?”

Draco swore he saw Potter blush when the Gryffindor looked down at his lap, smiling slightly. Then he looked back to the lake. “You know what I smelled in the Amortentia?”

Draco’s mouth went dry. This would be the moment when Potter tells him he doesn’t feel the same and that he should bugger off, he was sure.

“Treacle tart, a broomstick handle … and you.” Potter turned his face to look at him with those last words. Draco froze out of shock, his mind already trying to find ways to wrap itself around as to what exactly just happened and why. There’s no way Potter actually meant that. He was messing with his head; it was the only logical explanation.

“Potter, I know you hate me but believe it or not, I have feelings, and it’s pretty sodding low of you to play with them like that.” Draco spat venomously, immediately becoming defensive. Potter liking him back sounded too good to be true, and in Draco’s experience, when that was the case, it often was.

Potter looked at him confused, even slightly hurt. “I’m not- What are you talking about?”

“Yeah, I know what you’re up to. It’s probably Weasel’s idea of a joke. Wouldn’t surprise me with those twingers for brothers. In fact, I - mmphh.” Draco was cut off mid-rant by a hand gently turning his head to the right and a set of lips being pressed to his own. Draco’s eyes flew wide open, only to confirm that it was indeed Potter who was kissing him. And then Potter started moving his lips and Draco was gone.

The amount of emotion put into that one kiss was overwhelming, and there was really no way Potter was this good of an actor. Draco finally closed his eyes as well and kissed back. His heart was racing, and his mind couldn’t completely keep up.

“I …” Draco started when they finally broke their kiss, but Potter - no, Harry, actually - was already speaking.

“Draco, I’m not joking. I promise.” The look in Harry’s eyes was sincere, and it left Draco speechless.

“You … I- You’re- You’re not …” Draco struggled to get out, his mind still working to catch up with him.

Harry softly laughed. “Glad you realized that.”

This had to be a dream. Why? Because not only had Harry kissed him, he’d declared his love right back. And good things like that just didn’t happen to Draco in real life. Then again, it had felt real. There was only one way to find out.

Draco grabbed the front of Harry’s robes and pulled him in for another kiss. This one, unlike the first, was heated and frantic. Oh yeah, definitely real.

Suddenly, Harry’s hands were pushing him down as the Gryffindor crawled on top of him. Draco’s back hit the floor slightly harder than was comfortable, but honestly, Draco didn’t care. Not when he had Harry Potter nipping at his bottom lip in the hope he got the hint to open his mouth for a snog. Draco, of course, denied Harry this pleasure. As a result, Harry moved on to the pale skin of Draco’s neck.

Draco was rather inexperienced when it came to things like this, he had to admit. Kissing? Sure, he’d been kissed by both girls and boys. But only ever on the mouth and never anywhere else. Neck was new territory to him, and he honest to Merlin did not expect the extreme sensitivity of the skin there.

Draco’s mouth fell open as Harry slightly sucked a bit of skin between his teeth. He unintentionally made a high-pitched noise in the back of his throat. Why on Earth was he only finding out about this now?

Harry moved onto a patch of skin near his collarbone, revealing a blotchy, red mark, and did the same thing as before. Draco’s fingers tangled themselves in the unruly mess that was Harry’s hair.

“Harry.” He whispered desperately, causing the Gryffindor to look up, a devious grin on his face. “Harry, kiss me, please.”

He didn’t have to be told twice. Harry swiftly reconnected their lips, and this time Draco did part his lips for a snog. In fact, he was the one to initiate it. Harry was, very obviously, pleasantly surprised.

“Hey Draco?” Harry asked breathlessly when he finally pulled away.

“Yeah?” Draco’s heart was racing. Part of his mind was still convinced that, any minute now, he would wake up in his bed and discover this all had been a dream. Oh, how unbelievably furious he’d be if that was the case. However, most of his mind told him that this was, in fact, real.

“We should head down to dinner.” Harry suggested.

Draco frowned. “Do we really have to?”

“Yes, I’m hungry. Now get up.” Harry stood up and then helped him to his feet as well. Draco straightened out his robes, before doing the same for Harry. He softly pressed his lips to Harry’s once more before taking his hand and walking downstairs to the Great Hall. Draco pulled Harry back before he could open the doors separating them from the rest of the students.

“Harry, wait.” Harry turned to look at Draco, slightly concerned.

“What? What’s wrong?”

Draco gave him an insecure look. “What if people make fun of us?”

Harry sighed and looked Draco in the eyes. “They won’t. They accepted Dean and Seamus, remember? Why would they treat us any different?”

“Well, for one, I’ve insulted you and your friends more times than you and I can respectively count. Two, you in return have also explicitly expressed your hatred towards me more than just a few times. Three, the Weasel and Granger. No doubt they’d despise the idea of you hanging around me at all.” He ranted, but Harry only grinned.

“Draco, it was actually Ron who convinced me to, and I quote, 'go get the little Snake that you’ve been obsessing over since First Year, because I’m sick and tired of you looking like a lovesick puppy.’ Hermione, apparently, agreed.” Harry explained. Draco’s mouth fell open.

“Seriously?” - Harry nodded - “Granger and Weasel convinced you?” Draco couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Harry’s friends were fine with him dating the son of a Death Eater?

“Otherwise I’d be stuck with feelings I’d be too chicken to act upon. And Ron especially was getting sick of me sulking because you just wouldn’t notice me, or so I thought.”

“I thought Gryffindors were supposed to be stupidly brave?”

“I also have a sense of self-preservation, Draco.” Harry told him. “The Sorting Hat even wanted to put me in Slytherin first.”

Draco gave Harry an incredulous look and playfully pushed him. “Okay, now you’re messing with me, Potter.”

“I’m not, honest!” Harry laughed. Then he held out his hand for Draco to take again. “Shall we go?”

Draco took a deep breath and then laced his fingers through Harry’s. “We shall.”

With that, Harry pushed open the door of the Great Hall. The second they walked in, the entire school fell silent. Draco froze up, fearing the worst. No doubt people would hate him for taking their Golden Boy away from them. Harry noticed and gave Draco’s hand a reassuring squeeze. That simple action caused Draco to relax immediately.

Suddenly a voice Draco recognized as Blaise’s sounded through the completely silent room, “Took you long enough …”

And with that the silence transformed into a deafening roar of cheering, clapping and whistling. Draco felt a smile creep onto his face, and his cheeks were probably very red. He glanced at Harry, who was openly grinning. Draco felt genuinely happy in that moment.

He looked over at the staff table, and to his greatest shock, Snape had a small, proud smile on his face and McGonagall had a similar expression. He even spotted a few professors slipping each other a few Galleons. Draco laughed slightly at that. His own professors had seen this coming way before he himself did. Wow. Talk about being oblivious.

“Draco?” Harry asked him with a sly smirk. “Tonight, Astronomy Tower at 2?”

Draco smiled at him, slowly feeling himself fall more and more in love with Harry Potter every second spent with the Golden Boy. His Golden Boy. “Definitely.”

Upside Down (part 4)

Intro: I kinda wanted to pull them apart before I put them together, so the next two chapters are focused on that.  Love is hard.  And running away from feelings is sometimes easier than facing them.  

Pairing: Scotty x reader (and best friend!Jim Kirk)

Word Count:  1,616

Warnings: totally 100% fake engineering everything, (I was too lazy to actually come up with proper terms so I just made up words), eventual injury, swears.

Summary: The starting point for this fic was Scotty x reader who loves engineering as much as he does.  So that’s where I went with this fic.  You are second-in-command engineer and Scotty one day ends up being in charge, much to your chagrin.  You butt heads.  Scotty gets hurt.  Feelings get hurt (mostly my own).  Welcome to my trashcan.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5


“You look like crap.” A voice naggled at you, rousing you from your sleep, but you didn’t open your eyes or lift your head, assuming it was Jim coming to say hi. 

That was until a set of fingers tightened on yours, making your eyes fly open and your head pop up. 

“Scotty?” You breathed, squinting in the bright lights of the room to see Scotty with his head propped up and his eyes open, a small smile on his mouth. 

“Have you eaten anything recently, lass, you look worn down to the bone.” Scotty worried, his hand releasing yours to brush across your cheek softly, making your breath catch and tears prick at your eyes. 

“You can’t say much, you don’t look so good yourself.” You joked with a watery laugh. 

Scotty dropped his hand back to the bed, this time not touching yours.  He furrowed his brow as he looked at you, “Shouldn’t you be running our ship?" 

You huffed a laugh, feeling a warmth in your chest when he called it ‘our’ ship as he usually referred to it as 'his’ ship. 

"Yeah, well my shift doesn’t start until…” You checked your watch, your shift started 20 minutes ago, “now, but I left Riley in charge.”

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I’m so proud of you, I love you

u can read it on AO3 

They had been dating for three months now, him and Hunk, and it was good- no, great, and Keith knew Hunk was an amazing person, probably one of the best people in the world. But that didn’t stop Keith from worrying about coming out to him. He wanted to come out to him, he wanted his wonderful boyfriend to know. Keith was proud of being a trans boy. He was just scared.

But why?

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Good Loss - Ten

Request: Could you write something about Ten and an arcade and you have a regular thing of going there? I dunno



You walk into the arcade, the dim lights overhead contrasted with the bright neon lights coming from the video games around you.  You check your phone, then smile. He’ll be here soon.

“You’re here already? You’re early,” the man at the counter says. “Was school over early?”

“Yep,” you say.  

The man smiles and hands you a soda, the same drink that you order every day.  You nod in thanks and walk over to your favorite game, a shooting game.

“Wow, looks like you’re prepared to get beat again?” you hear from behind you.

You turn around and smile.  Ten walks towards you, slinging his backpack off of his shoulder.  He is also still in his school uniform, and he loosens his tie.

‘I’m feeling confident today [y/n]. Maybe you should pick another game today.”

You snort and turn back to the game. “You’re paying today, Ten.”

He steps next to you, grabbing the gun and resting it on his shoulder.  He looks at you and cocks his head cutely. “Wow, aren’t you something today? Wanna make a bet then?”

You pick up your gun and Ten puts his coins into the machine. “Best out of ten games? You know, because-”

Ten sighs. “Ha ha ha.  So funny, never heard that joke before.”

“Stop talking,” you say. “I want to beat you while when you’re focused.”

“Ooooh, wow,” Ten says, turning back to the screen.

You glance at him.  Ten pushes his hair from his eyes and keeps his eyes focused on the screen.  He bites his bottom lip in concentration and you have to look away to start the game.  


On your first day of school this year, you had decided to stay out late with some friends.  You had made plans to go to the arcade in your town, but they all flaked out at the last minute.  So, you went by yourself.

You walked into the arcade and started to play a game when he walked up to you. He was wearing a different school’s uniform, but he looked about your age.  His brown hair was down and natural, and he had beautiful eyes.  Is he foreign maybe?  He looks like an idol…

“Wanna play a round?”

You glanced at him, surprised. “What?”

He tilts his head and crosses his arms. “I’ll buy you food if you even win a single game in here.  You’ve never been here, right?”

You take a step back. “How do you know …?”

He laughs. “You’re trying to put money in the ticket slot.”

You blush and tug on your skirt. “I just have to win one…?”

He nods. “You choose the game.”


“I can’t believe I lost everything,” you said, your head down on the table.  

The boy sits in front of you, happily eating a pretzel and ice cream at the same time. “I can believe it,” he said. “I’ve been playing here for a year or so, and I’ve never been beat by a first-timer.”

You prop your head in your hands and look at the boy. “What’s your name?”

He looks up at you and grins. “I’m Ten. And you are…” He looks at your name tag. “[y/n].  Come back again and play with me.  You’re pretty good.”

And so you did.  


“Last game.  It’s 4-5 and I’m winning, so should we just call it now?” You look at Ten confidently. “I won’t make too hard of a deal with you if you just give up now.  This is my best game, anyways.”

“Heck no,” Ten replies.  He sits down in the racing game and looks up at you. “Get over here and stop bluffing.  I’m pretty good at this one too.”

“Fine. If you win this you win it all, alright?”

“Deal,” Ten says confidently. “Sit down and prepare for defeat [y/n].”

You comply, and Ten starts the game.  You start out in the lead, ahead of him by a good distance.  But somehow, he is right next to you by the last lap.  The finish line is in sight, and Ten pulls ahead, beating you by not even half a second.

You flop back in your seat. “Unbelievable.” I’m so disappointed, I was going to ask him to go to a movie with me…

Ten let’s out a whoop of joy and raises his hands above his head in victory. “Did you see that? I’m so good!”

You glare at him and stand up. Ten follows suit. “Alright,” you say, “what food am I buying you.  I only have 20,000 won so make sure it’s nothing big…”

“Nope,” Ten says, and you turn to him. He looks nervous, and rubs his hand through his hair. “It’s something different this time.”

“What is it…?” You step closer to him and whisper, “I’m not killing anyone for you…”

He laughs. “Not like that.  It’s just…” he let’s out a breath and looks at you, “something I wanted to do every time you came here.” He steps closer to you. “Don’t hit me, okay?”

You are about to protest when he closes his eyes and touches his lips to yours.  Your eyes widen in surprise.  Ten’s lips are soft and warm, and his face is so close to yours.  You can smell the scent of his cologne mixed with shampoo, and you can see his thick eyelashes.

He pulls back and looks at you nervously. “Um…”

You raise your hand and Ten flinches. You laugh, and put your hand softly on the side of his face. “That was a pretty good loss for me, wasn’t it?”

Ten smiles. “I’m glad.”

You slip your arms around Ten’s neck and pull him close to you.  His arms slide around your waist and he leans his head on your shoulder. “Thanks, Ten.”

“For what?” he mumbles.

“For winning,” you reply.



Nice to meet you. Taken.

Originally posted by freekicking

It’s already my third week away from home, away from Italy. I’ve moved out as I got accepted at a University in the U.K., University of Essex to be more specific. As I wanted to get used to the place and get a job before my studies start, I moved two months earlier. Gladly my parents have an old friend who owns a couple of hotels in London and he let me a room to stay until the university accommodation halls were open to move in.

To be fair, I wouldn’t have been able to do this if it wasn’t for my friend Savvas. Savvas is one of those friends you make during summer holidays as a kid that you lose contact when you are back home but then when social media happen you search their name and there they are? My dad is half Greek so we have been to Greece a lot of times for holidays. When I was eleven years old I met Savvas at the beach one day when my eighteen year old cousin completely ignored me while flirting with some guy. For the whole month I was there, all he was doing was bullying me about how horrible my greek sounded. Well okay to be fair that was not the only thing that he did. We always set a time to meet the next day at the beach, we would stay there until the sun was down or until our mums would come and kick our asses for sitting under the bright burning sun without any protection. Then I had to go back to Italy again. Three years ago I decided to look his name up on facebook and thats how it all started again. Endless conversations. He was the one who made me come to the UK. After he signed a contract with Arsenal he was forcing me to make applications for the universities there.

And here I am now. Having a part-time job, a small hotel room in north London and a great childhood friend by my side.

“I’m going to get the drinks, when you are done if I’m not here waiting for you then come and find me at the bar.” I nodded and made my way into a toilet. Today was the day we’ve been waiting for two years now. Drake’s concert.

“Yeah mum.. no mum.. yes mum.. okay mum.. I said I’m not drinking that much mum relax.. yes mum.. MUM GOODNIGHT!” I ended the call and walked closer to Savvas who was already there waiting for me with two cocktails and two guys that I’ve never seen before.

“Be more polite to your mum!”

“If you want to know she basically called you a rapist because she gave me the lecture of ‘don’t drink way to much tonight and don’t sleep at Savvas place’ so not only I defended you but you also lecture me too.” I said sarcastically as I gave him the most ironic smile ever.

“Yeah even if I was a rapist I wouldn’t have gone for you because if you will be taking as much time as you are taking in the toilet then no! I have been waiting here for like twenty minutes!” now his friends who he wasn’t polite enough to introduce me to, were barely holding their laughter.

“Sorry! My fault that there is queue in there longer that the queue to drake’s bed!”

“Whatever! Anyway. This are my friends Alex and Hector in case you don’t already know them and they invited us to their VIP box because they are all there.” I’m not sure what he meant by all but I turned around to face the two guys and gave them my hand to introduce myself.

“Elizabella.” I said and gave them a smile looking at them for the first time.

“Nice to meet you, we’ve heard a lot about you.” They both said smiled back at me.

“Well I’m not sure if it’s nice for me to meet you as if you are friends with Sav, you are just like him and that is not so nice. And please whatever he said about me, ignore it. It’s probably lies.”

“See! See! And then you ask me why I hate her!”

It has been one of the most beautiful nights I’ve had by far since I moved here. I don’t know if I’ve stopped dancing and singing with Alex at all. Basically, everyone in that VIP box was so cool and they were all party animals. They were almost all of them footballers of Arsenal but from the first team. Savvas is sometimes training with the first team so I guess that’s why he became friends with them. Sadly, the night had to come to an end there I was again in my lonely hotel room. I haven’t actually seen them again at all except from Alex and Rob who came out with Sav and me two more times.

A month passed and here we are to October where I am officially at my new room at the university halls. This weekend I’m staying over at that hotel room in London again as it’s Sav’s birthday and we are going to a greek club. I don’t really know why I agreed on that because I’m not really into greek music but yeah sometimes it’s cool. What confuses me more tho is that Alex, Hector, Rob and Carl have agreed to go to and they don’t even speak greek.

“The guys are coming, I’m going out to let them in.” Savvas shouted into my ear as he wore his jacket.

“Coming with you.” I just didn’t want to be left alone with any of his greek friends. I don’t even remember their names and most of them don’t seem to like me so staying there alone would have been more like hell to me. I grabbed his arm gently and followed him as he pushed through dancing bodies to get out of the club.

“It’s freezing how can you make it be out here with only a bra?”

“For the hundredth time, it’s not a bra! It is a bralette top !”

“Whatever! Still!”

“I would have been surprised if you weren’t fighting!” We both turned our heads and faced the guys laughing at our argument.

We had to wait again in a queue as Savvas obviously couldn’t let us in again without waiting. Hector was kind enough to pass me his jacket even if I rejected it at first. I have to admit he looks a little bit mysterious but in beautiful way. The way he looked into my eyes while placing it over my shoulders made the blood in my veins burn enough to make me warm but I didnt want to give back his jacket. The idea that it was previously touching his body and now it was covering me made me go crazy.

The whole night I’ve been dancing and drinking and dancing and drinking all over again. If I remember correctly I even got on stage when a band came on and danced along to one of my favorite greek songs. I remember savvas saying something something like “What’s left now? You are getting up there again to sing?” and that’s all I needed. I went closer to one of the securities and in a few moments, I was on stage again with a mic in my hands this time singing and not caring how many people were in there. I could spot hector in the crowd staring at me and I couldn’t break the eye contact. I loved the idea that he was all focused on me and I know he realized I stayed on stage just to give him more of me dancing and singing.

It was almost 5 am when we left the club and Alex was driving me, Savvas and hector back home as we were the last ones from the group that actually stayed until that late.

“I’m feeling like I am going to be sick.” I said and opened the car window to get some air.

“Well you should have drank less! How many drinks did you have actually? 15? 20?”

“Sav shut up seriously or I’m going to vomit on your ugly head.” Well this made this even worse. “Actually Alex please stop the car.” And with that I was out of the car nearly on my knees with hector behind me holdin my hair and rubbing my back.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah I am good thanks, should have listened to my mum’s non drinking advices though.”

“You should.”

“Are you done?” Alex shouted from his seat and made us both get into the car. “You are all staying at my place, I’m too tired to drive you all at you places and for sure I am not letting this young lady over there all alone drunk in a hotel room.”

“I guess there is no space for a no as an answer here, is it?” he didn’t even bother to give me an answer so I just shut my mouth and closed my eyes.

I must have fallen asleep because when I re-opened my eyes I was in a bed with an oversized shirt on me and Alex leaving the room.

“Alex?” he turned around and looked at me. “I think I’m going to be sick again.” And with that he walked me to his bathroom and waited until I felt better. “I really don’t think it’s safe to go back to sleep in this condition.”

“I guess. I’ll stay up with you.”

We’ve spend the rest of the night/ early morning having deep talks about anything and everything. It was around 11 when we decided to go to the kitchen and make some breakfast for everyone. Basically Alex was the one making the breakfast while I was sitting on a chair leaning my head on the kitchen counter in just the oversized shirt and hector’s jacket. I looked like a mess. My hair was a mess. My face was a mess. Everything was a mess about me.

“Morning” A really sexy male morning voice made me pick my head up from the counter and look at another mess, Hector, who was just in his boxers and his shirt from last night.

“Good morning. Um.. Im sorry for wearing you jacket again but it’s cold in here and alex wouldnt turn on the heating as he claims its not cold.”

“It’s fine don’t apologize.”

“Thanks.” I smiled and placed my head on the counter again and looked at Alex while he was fighting to cook whatever it looked like pancakes.

I’ve spend the following hour just watching alex and hector fighting about their cooking skills and actually hector lecturing alex on how he should have been cooking and correcting him on whatever move he was trying to make. I couldn’t stop laughing the whole time.

“Ain’t no way I am eating that!” Hector said as he picked a pancake from the plate and threw it again back in. That was it. Alex picked the same pancake and shoved it into Hector’s mouth. I swear he was choking for at least ten minutes and I just couldn’t stop laughing.

“Then you complain about me and Sav fighting! You are worse than us!” I said between my laughers.

The rest of the day went like that. The four of us bullying each other, laughing all the time. The first one to leave was savvas as he had to meet some other friends and then there was hector.

“Wait, Hector!” I said and made a move to remove his jacket off of me but his response made me stop right there.

“Keep it, until the next time.” And before I could even reply he was already gone.

“Hey, Alex, can i ask you something?”


“Is Hector single?”

“No, he is in a relationship i think for a year now? Why?”

“N-Nothing just a-asking.”


Hope you liked it! Let me know if you want a second part and if you want let me know what you think will happen next!

Let me know as well if you liked it.

Also if you are wondering who Savvas is, his name is Savvas Mourgos and he’s playing for Arsenal. (check him out)

Hands Off

Request from a beautiful anon! Was going to finish but I’m so tired so I’m splitting it into two parts. Part 2 will go up tomorrow in the late morning/early afternoon. Hope you all enjoy!

Genre: Smut/Light Fluff

Adult content & language

Contains Text Image

“Jaeeeeeee” you groaned in frustration. “Please wake up”.

You shook his arm until he finally opened his eyes.

He fell asleep on you again for the third time this week. Only this time he did it while you were straddling him, wearing his favorite underwear.

He looked at you through his sleepy eyes, pulling you into his chest.

“I’m sorry baby, I’m so tired. Can we please do this tomorrow?” he asked as he yawned.

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Summary: just a lil one shot based on Perfect by the man Ed himself,from his Divide album. ((plus is still my fav album from him lmao))

pairing: isaac lahey x reader

a/n: i know i said i was gonna try posting more but 2017 hasn’t been too good for me and i’ve been working alot bc yo gurl needs to save for things and yeah life is just hectic af. sorry if it isnt too detailed but i hope this makes up for it and u enjoy this!! feedback is appreciated hehe thenks frands

I found a love for me. Darling, just dive right in and follow my lead

Well, I found a girl, beautiful and sweet.

Oh, I never knew you were the someone waiting for me.

Cause we were just kids when we fell in love,n

ot knowing what it was.

Isaac never knew that you would be the one that everyone kept talking about. You first knew Isaac from history. You saw him grow. He started out as that shy kid that no one really paid that much attention to. Then suddenly he became this complicated hotstuff,who thought he immediately was superior to others. Before returning back to his old self.

He approached you to help him with his history since you were one of the better students in class. There were the top students,so you had no idea why he picked you to be his tutor.

Countless of study sessions later,it was finally time for the exam. Time to see if all those tutoring sessions was worth it at all.

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Dating would be like... | V (Taehyung) Edition


  • Being the giggly couple 28/8
  • him being your best friend
  • the rest of the maknae line tagging along on your dates
  • and Tae doesn’t mind at all
  • you don’t mind either
  • Inside jokes gALORE
  • the type to message you CONSTANTLY
  • like, you could be in the bathroom
  • and he’s just like “i miss you :(”
  • “Babe I miss you where are you”
  • “Taehyung please i’m in the bathroom”
  • “Without me? D:”
  • lots of play fights or tickle fights that lead into something more once and a while ;D
  • you could be cooking or doing laundry on the bed or reading on the sofa and he would sneak up behind you 
  • and just wait there for a minute, taking in the sight of you
  • you looked so peaceful and cute with your comfy clothes on and your hair up, little wispy bits surrounding your face in a way that was cherubic 
  • and then he would let out a war cry and attach himself to your waist, kissing your neck and tickling your sides, wrapping his feet around your legs so you couldn’t escape his little ninja attack
  • somehow you wiggle your way so that you’re facing him, and you’re both just laying there with his arms around you and he’s hugging you so close that your nose is touching his and his warm breath is fanning across your face
  • and it’s just a very peaceful moment after the two of you had your fight
  • you’re laying there on the floor with the sun’s warm rays kissing the two of you and the sun is right on Taehyung’s face and the light is hitting his hair so that all the little highlights are glistening and the little specks of dust are floating around like tiny snowflakes and he’s looking at you with such love in his eyes that he’s taken all the words out of your mouth and the only thing you can do to convey how much you love him back is to just gently slip your hand up to cup his cheek as you press your lips onto his
  • and as he gets more and more into it he moves so that he’s sitting up and you’re on your knees, chest pressed against his as your arms loop around his neck and his hands slide down your waist and then down further ;D
  • i’m so single holy fuck 
  • anywAYS
  • slow, long kisses. sometimes he can give fast, teasing kisses depending on the mood and his energy level but mostly he just loves slow kissed bc he just adores being able to f e e l you and it’s one of his favorite ways to say “i love you” 
  • also depending on his mood: your lips will practically be bruised from how much and how hard he kisses you during a makeup session
  • he’s a v v touchy person so hugs and cuddles are a MUST.
  • when u two go to bed he’s spooning you but u wake up at like 4AM bc ur suffocating bc Taehyung has rolled on top of u in his sleep loL
  • his idea of couple shirts is him cutting up one of your favorite shirts to match his 
  • and ur mad for a lil bit but he’s so excited to show you and he looks so sweet and he really didn’t know and it’s okay bc he loves u and u love him and u know he did it bc he wanted to do a couple-y thing w you
  • Jimin and Jungkook give u guys hell but it’s okay Taehyung kisses ur forehead before he gives a shriek and tries to jump kick Jungkook’s butt
  • u cheering him on as suga and hobi take bets on who will win while Jin tries to separate them
  • Rapmon is just ignoring y'all 
  • listening to him rap the cyphers
  • you rapping the cyphers with him
  • him singing you to sleep in that delightfully deep voice of his
  • speaking of his voice sIN TIME HELL YEAH HELL Y E A H
  • i think we are all on the same page with this
  • he’s a loud one in bed
  • i’m talking moaning, groaning, gasps, dirty talk, the whole package.
  • and on the topic of packages: his isn’t small u lucky duck u 
  • he’s a v experimental person so he’ll try anything at least once, maybe twice. Hey, how about a third time? gotta make sure you both really like it
  • he’s INCREDIBLY good with his tongue, just making out with him will have you weak at the knees, can u imagine what else he’s good at with it?
  • sex w Tae wouldn’t be super hot an heavy, i mean, maybe once and a while, like if he jus got back from touring or he’s been away for a while and he NEEDS you, but mostly it’s just super fun, happy sex
  • like the kind where the two of you will accidentally knock heads while you’re in the middle of your business and just stop and laugh for a good 5 minutes until you kiss each other and move on
  • will still tickle u durning sex he won’t care he’ll do it anywhere lol
  • anytime you have sex w Tae, it won’t be the same. every time is VASTLY different, and one-of-a-kind. no two times will ever be the same
  • you dared him to rap cypher while u 2 were at it once and he just started rapping at the top of his lungs while he was taking u from the back u swear u almost broke your nose bc you collapsed face first onto the bed from laughing so hard and to this day u can’t listen to Yoongi’s part without cracking up
  • this boy is so gentle and fun and loving and crazy
  • and he adores u so much like
  • even old people who u dont even know come up 2 u and tell u how cute you 2 are and how in love you look 
  • introducing you to his grandmother
  • she loves you but she demands that u do a better job of keeping him chubby
  • you agree wholeheartedly 
  • Tae gets slightly nervous at how well u and his grandma get along like dont misunderstand him he’s thrilled to bits but like
  • his grandma has BABY PICTURES
  • he adores seeing you interact with his little cousins and his sibling and his parents
  • basically just interacting with his family
  • he’s such a family guy like he said he wanted to have as many kids until he got tired or whatever it was lmao so prepare urself
  • he gets very super excited when you play w little kids and he starts to imagine that they are yours and his kids and he has to stop himself otherwise he’ll cry from joy lol 
  • you guys have 3am talks about your future together and discuss baby names and how many kids and what you think they’ll look like with his ears and your eyes 
  • he goes out and buys u a little animal onesie the next day and ur like ily and i love this but slow ur roll my darling lover boy
  • your and his love is just so pure and beautiful and exciting like no day is like the last and even if you’ve had a bad day and he’s away on tour just hearing his soft deep voice telling you that he believes in you and he loves you to the moon and back a thousand times over to infinity is enough to get you through until he gets back and you can hold him in your arms and bury your head into his chest and just inhale his scent and feel like you’re home
  • i’m in too deep jesus cHRIST SEND HELP 
  • please love him forever and ever

end my existence i feel empty inside now i need to go watch a drama or something i’m in TEARS SOMEONE SEND ME SWEET STUFF LIKE U SEND TO ADMIN KT (shoutout to her for starting this for me as well like damn KT you really help inspire me for these when u start them A+ good job my love)

<3 you! ~Admin Hedgehog

<3 ty bae ^_^ it beautful -KT

“KIM NAMJOON WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?! Oh my God I think I’m gonna be sick” you screech as you walk into see your best friend straddling your boyfriend and his hands around he shoulders. Tears slowly start to rise up in your eyes, you clench your jaw refusing to let these tears spill. “Y/N! This isn’t what it seems like baby” he says quickly shoving off the traitorous swine off his lap “Not another word I do not want to hear a single word from you.” You spat at him with tears stinging your eyes threatening to fall.

You walk over and squat in front of the girl sprawled on the floor from being shoved down. “WHO the hell do you think you are? I trusted you. You are truely aweful. You are nothing to me at this point. Seeing as much I should probably let you know a few things. You are an AWEFUL person. You are ugly inside and out. None of your many boyfriends liked you in all honestly you were just easy. A toy to them to get a load off. “What the fuck do I know?” You must be thinking to yourself. Alot more than you think you pathetic wench. They told me everything. You are disgusting, to think I ever trusted you. You are trash. Get the fuck out” you spill out all the things you’ve bottled up. She looks at you with a smirk. “Whatever y/n. Your boyfriend wanted me he didn’t push me off right away. He was dozing off waiting for your ugly ass to get out of the shower. I just so happened to come in. You’re boyfriend is hot you know? So of course I wanted him I just went over sat on his lap and started kissing up his neck. He obviously wole up because he pulled me up to kiss him instead and up he went. You think he only wants you? Then how can he get his dick up so easy over me? Hm?” SHE gets up and brushes the dust over her butt before strutting out stopping at the door turning back to look at Namjoon “text later if you want some fun” she winks and walks out.

You turn your head over to where namjoon was sitting his face in his hands. You finally let the tears fall streaming down your still damn cheeks “why? What did I do wrong? Tell me please… why would you do that.after 5 years why the hell are you doing this. Are you bored of me” You fall onto your knees putting your face in your hands your wet hair falling around you as you begin to sob. “Y/N I thought she was you.. you’re the only one I want you know? I don’t want anyone else. You’re my baby girl. I’m sorry please baby girl” he says sliding off the couch to sit in front of you wrapping his strong arms around you. You push him off and stare at him your eyes filled with heartbreak as a tears stain your cheeks. “Why?” You whisper as a new set of tears start falling.

Namjoon gets up and screams “FUCK! I AM SO SORRY. JUST LET ME KNOW WHAT I CAN DO! ANYTHING PLEASE TELL ME I’M DESPERATE” He walks over to your couch and slams himself down putting his hands in his hands. It is quiet no sound in the room except for your quiet sobbing you look over to see Namjoons strong frame shaking. You crawl over and put a hand on his knee and he raises his face from his hands and you see his eyes filled with tears. “Y/n this just ruined everything…” he sobs gently throwing his arms around your shoulders. He falls forward until his head is resting in your neck. You rest your arms around his chest kissing his head. Despite how aweful you feel the site of him crying hurts even more. “Stop crying please my love” you whisper quietly he looks up at you and says softly “just please listen to me for even just one minute.” You sigh deeply and shake your head in agreement. He pulls away taking your small hands in his large warm hands. “You are the love of my life. You have been since I first layed eyes on you. I never would do anything to purposely ruin this. You are the best thing to have ever happened to me. This has been the best 5 years of me life. Meeting the boys could not have even brought me this much joy. Y/n you are like an angel the world sent down just for me. I have never wanted anything more.” You look at him and say bluntly “then what the heck did I walk in and see?” His eyes widen “I didn’t want any of that. I thought she was you. I was dreaming of you and feeling that suddenly made me think it was you. I never wanted your friend. She ruined everything today. I wanted to make today special..” he says to you. You sigh and sat there in silence until you see namjoon sitting up rummaging around in his pocket pulling out a set of rings “Today I was going to ask you if one day you promise to marry me. I was gonna say we can even still pretend were married until then. I got us these promise rings because I wanted to tell you I swear to love no one else but you for as long as I live. And until I can get you the best ring to finally propose with I was hoping you’d settle with a promise ring for now..” he says softly with his deep voice cracking. New tears fill your eyes and your head drops onto his chest you begin shaking your head “what is it? Do you actually agree?” He says wrapping his arms around you. “Yes” you reply in a small voice.

You feel him lift you up and scream happily. “I WAS SO AFRAID YOU’D SAY NO NOW Y/N.” He screams triumphantly. You laugh and replied quickly “but another fuck up like that and I’m gonna smack the dimples off your cheeks. So hurry up and put the ring on me before I change my mind. He sets you down on the couch and puts the ring on your small finger. You lace your fingers through his as you put the other ring on his finger.

–low key slutty stuff so stop reading if you a baby child–

He leans forward and kisses you deeply you kiss him back happily. He takes one of his hands and puts it on the small of your back sliding it down your body. You moans softly opening your mouth. He slides is warm tongue in your mouth greeting your tongue with his. Your tongues wrestle for dominance as you slide yourself into his lap curling your fingers in his hair. You feel a slight buldge jump beneath your clothed body. You bite his lip making a hungry growl come from deep within his chest causing him to fully harden under you. “Baby girl I love you so much” he states as he begins to kiss and nip at your neck slowly laying you down on the couch. His warm body on top of yours making sure there is no space between you. You start to his his adams apple licking and biting softly on the spot as you start trailing love bite all down his neck and exposed collarbone. He lets out a soft moan “Im the only one who makes you feel like this right?” You pur into his ear sliding your hand down his waist. He grunts letting you know your answer. He starts grinding against you when you hear a small gasp.
“WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON. YOURE DISGUSTING!” You pull away and look around to see his cellphone screen with your best friends video chat open and her lookong disgusted. Little to your knowing during that moment Namjoon pulled out his phone a starts a video chat with your best friend just to let her know that he is yours and showcasing the ring that’s on clearly on your finger in the screen. Namjoon chuckles “Well obviously I’m sharing a passionate moment with Y/N, my fiancée to be as you can tell by the ring and these marks all over my neck” showing your hands and turning his head so she can clearly see the marks you had left him. “Fine whatever I get it. You don’t want me. Jesus no need to show me that” she begins to say as namjoon brings your face up to his enveloping you in a loving kiss as your best friend hangs up. “Y/N I’m sorry about that I just had to set the record strait to her” “it’s ok good now she knows your mine” you say smiling pulling him back down to the kiss taking his phone and throwing it on the floor so you guys can finish what you started.


Pairing: Jimin x Taehyung

Genre: Fluff, Humor

Word Count: 1.8k

Summary: “I’m stuck in an elevator with Park Jimin and I’m going to be late for this meeting.”

Kim Taehyung pressed the button for the 32nd floor. He straightened his tie and cleared his throat while he waited for the arrows to point downward.

Another eye tearing yawn escaped his mouth. Taehyung had stayed up all night, editing his 100 slide power-point presentation that he was going to present to his boss, Mr. Kim Namjoon. The status of his job and ego relied on this very presentation.

It had to be perfect.

He was up against his rival, Park Jimin. Taehyung and Jimin had loathed each other from the moment Namjoon had announced that they were his favorite employees. As much as Taehyung hated to admit it, both of them excelled at their job. They were constantly trying to out do each other. Their latest competition was based on creating an idea that would really launch the stocks.

The silver coated elevator doors opened, breaking him out of his train of thoughts. It was currently rush hour and a large crowd of people piled out. Keeping his head low to avoid creating awkward eye contact with any of his co-workers, Taehyung moved to the back corner.

There were a couple of people left in the elevator. One being a tall man with broad shoulders, Kim Seokjin, who was blocking his view from the others.


Taehyung hit his head against the wall and fought the urge to slide in between the doors that would close soon. Coincidentally, that voice belonged to the very associate he did not want to engage conversation with this early in the morning.


The voice belonged to Jung Hoseok who was running to catch up to the elevator. He had bed hair, his shirt was half unbuttoned, and his coffee was almost spilling out of the cup. Taehyung should have felt pity.

“Close the damn door, I swear to your mother’s grave if he gets in-“ Taehyung spoke frantically to Jin. Jin started panicking and pressed the close button repetitively. The elevator doors began closing in, slowly, but surely shutting out the image of Hoseok.

Taehyung breathed out in relief and smiled, at least one thing was going right.

A black, dressy shoe paired with smiley face socks suddenly appeared last minute right in between the doors, preventing them for shutting completely.

“Isn’t a great morning? I can tell today is going to be a great day.” Hoseok stated, his prominent smile beaming. The glint in his eyes never failed to shine. Jin opened the elevator doors, allowing Hoseok to come in and for him to leave.

“Aww Taehyungie. You tried to leave the doors open for me, right?” Hoseok spoke, admiration shown in all of his features.

Taehyung gave him a fake smile and nodded his head. A sneer came out from the back corner.

“Oh, Jimin! Hello, I didn’t notice you there!”

It was this that brought Taehyung’s attention. He looked up to see Jimin on the farthest corner of the elevator, his hands covering his face. He slowly removed them and also forced a smile.

He had bags under his eyes, similar to that of Taehyung’s. The only evidence that he had put just as much effort in as Taehyung.

Jimin wore a stylish gray blazer to fit the occasion, one that fitted him well. Of course Taehyung would never admit this, silently judging how disheveled Jimin’s silver hair was from running his hands through it often.

Taehyung looked down at his plain black and white blazer, matched with a white button down and a simple black tie and couldn’t help but hope it was quantity not quality that mattered.

“Oh…uh, hello Hoseok. How is everything?” Jimin spoke, his eyes finding their way on to Taehyung’s face.

“Good good. Life is good.”

There was an uncomfortable silence from the two staring at each other that even Hoseok couldn’t bring himself to fix. “The stairs are looking extra sharp today. I should give them a test run.”

Hoseok dashed out of the elevator before Taehyung could make up an excuse to stop him. He would rather spend 5 days with Hoseok than spend 5 minutes with Jimin. He was alone with Jimin and that thought alone made him want to join Hoseok on the stairs.

Being alone with Jimin never turned out good. The elevator doors shut again before Taehyung could leave.

“Well, if it isn’t Taehyung.”

“It is Taehyung.”

“-Of the marketing department.”

“It is Taehyung of the marketing department.”

“Not for long.” Jimin replies, his eyes twinkling in amusement.

“Oh, for long. And longer than that.” Taehyung shot back.

Jimin looked at his nails and spoke in a cocky manner. “I shouldn’t lower my self-worth by talking to you.“

“Its not like you didn’t start this conversation or anything.“ Taehyung retorted, rolling his eyes.

Jimin squinted his eyes at Taehyung and reached into the pocket of his blazer, freshly ironed, for his phone to distract himself from this situation.

Low Battery

10% of battery remaining

Jimin frantically checked the time. He reached forward to press the button again. He started tapping his foot out of nervousness. Out of his peripheral vision, he noticed Taehyung rehearsing over what he was going to say.

Jimin sneered once again, “He thinks he has a chance against me.”

Taehyung didn’t even bother replying to him.

Jimin checked the time again.

“Psst. Taehyung.”

Taehyung stopped in the middle of his sentence to give the short silver haired freak a look of annoyance and went back to what he was doing.

“Kim Taehyung!“ Jimin said a little louder. Taehyung didn’t even bother to look this time.

Deciding that he needed to give him a little push, Jimin slapped the back of Taehyung’s neck.

“WHAT.” Taehyung screamed out.

Jimin only smiled before saying, “Have you noticed we haven’t moved since Hoseok got off?”

“Oh, hell no.”

Taehyung prayed that his worst nightmare wasn’t coming true. He checked the floor they were currently on, the one Hoseok had gotten off on nearly ten minutes ago.


“I’m stuck in an elevator with Park Jimin and I’m going to be late for this meeting.“

The boys were so caught up in their fued that they hadn’t realized that the elevator showed no signs of moving.

“Lord have mercy.” Jimin smirked before realizing that he would be late for the meeting if Taehyung would. They both turned to face each other in horror.












They both screamed, simultaneously banging on the doors.

“Okay, stop.“ Jimin said out of breath when they hadn’t gotten any responses. “This isn’t helping.”

“Check your phone.” Jimin reasoned.

“Why don’t YOU check YOUR phone?” Taehyung said reaching into the pocket of his blazer.

“Mine is dead.” Jimin said through gritted teeth.

“Hold on, let me just check the other pocket.” Taehyung’s eyes suddenly widened.

“Don’t tell me you-” Jimin was about to begin, his breathing increased as he got ready to insult him.

“If it was like the clichés, my dumbass would have left it at home.” Taehyung waved the latest edition of the iPhone around, a look of satisfaction from almost setting off Jimin.

“No service?” Jimin laughed at Taehyung’s shocked face. “How is that ANY different from the clichés?”

Taehyung sighed, giving in to his aching legs from standing for so long. He sat down on the marble tiles. Feeling defeated, he closed his eyes.

“So what, are we just going to live in here for the rest of eternity?” Taehyung threw his hands up.

“God, don’t be so overdramatic. We aren’t going to live in here for the rest of eternity.”

“We are going to die before that happens.”

Taehyung gave Jimin a long, well deserved death glare.

“Hey, its not so bad.” Jimin said a few minutes later, also sitting down next to him.

“No offense, but this is the lowest of the low.” Taehyung responded.

“You could’ve been stuck with pointy boobed Sarah.”

“Shit. You right. Even you aren’t as bad as pointy boobed Sarah.” Taehyung agreed.

Jimin hugged his knees. “Bro, why doesn’t she wear a bra?“

“To serenade you.” Taehyung answered.

“What the hell? She’s like 50. She’s into you.” Jimin argued.

“No way. I saw the way she was checking you out last Friday.” Taehyung said.

“Either way, I don’t play that field.” Jimin admitted.

“Same. I swear it was pointy boobed Sarah that made me convert.” Taehyung confessed.

“You’re gay?” Jimin asked, sitting up a little straighter.

“Is that even a question? I swear everyone in the office knew that.”

“Except me and pointy boobed Sarah.”

“Right, of course.” Jimin laughed once again, this time with Taehyung joining along.

“Now that I think about it, you would be one of those ‘Move, I’m gay’ types of guys.” Taehyung said.

“Assuming my sexuality now are we?” Jimin smirked and wiggled his eyebrows.

“I saw the way your ass was flirting with Jeongguk and how you shut down Min Yoonji. That pretty much rules out straight.” Taehyung spoke in a matter-of-fact tone.

“Not to mention you distinctly remind Seokjin that you are into him yet he is dating the boss.”

To say Jimin was shocked was an understatement. He didn’t realize how observant Taehyung was on his life. “Well you aren’t innocent either.”

“How so?” Taehyung challenged him.

“The amount of times you and Hoseok kissed. Need I say more?” Jimin laughed at how red Taehyung’s cheeks were.

“THAT WAS LIKE TWO TIMES…AND THEY WERE DARES.” Taehyung tried to cover up.

“Whatever helps you sleep at night.”

“You know,” Taehyung turned to face him, “you aren’t so bad.”

“I know, all those years of hatred. I would’ve never thought we would have ended up in this situation.”

They both stared at each other in admiration.

“Hey-“THE ELEVATOR IS MOVING.” Jimin was about to speak before Taehyung interrupted him. He cheered, jumping up.

“Yea.” Jimin replied, feeling a little distraught. The bond-or whatever this was- they both created would probably end soon. Before he got a chance to start up another conversation, the elevator doors opened.

Instead of moving towards the door, both of them just stood there.

Taehyung then turned towards Jimin. Jimin didn’t know how to react, his usual cocky, confident self disappearing. Jimin felt Taehyung’s minty breath on his face.

“Good luck.” Taehyung whispered, catching him off guard and started walking. Jimin’s eyes fluttered open and he stood there in confusion.

Remembering who he was, Jimin ran to catch up to him. Taehyung was just about to enter Namjoon’s office when Jimin pushed him. “Move.“

Taehyung shot him a confused look and raised an eyebrow.

“I’m gay.” He justified, shooting Taehyung a quick wink.

Taehyung watched as Jimin entered Namjoon’s office first. Instead of getting pissed like he normally would have, Taehyung shook his head and laughed from his position on the floor.

He followed after Jimin. “May the best man win.”