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MY FIRST SHINY IN TWO WEEKS I’M SO HAPPY. took a break from ralts to chain while watching the carbon overwatch series finals and i didn’t even notice him come in!!!! i was in the middle of watching complexity winning hanamura point B when i looked over and noticed him!!! he came in around 20-30 encounters, i really wasn’t counting.. want to thank @vikavolt-giveaways for MS Paint the smeargle, my spore holding morelull got taken out by a sludge so his thunder wave came in handy!!!

unpopular opinion but i don’t really care if stim blogs are accessible to NT people. i don’t really care about the opinions of NT regarding stim blogs and stim content and i dont really give a crap about NT people wanting more accessibility and “stakes” in stim blogs

“but mod n everybody stims!” yeah sure but NT stimming arent going to be persecuted/punished/viewed as gross or weird for stimming. im absolutely 100% for stim blogs catering exclusively and specifically to autistic folks, those with down syndrome, those with adhd, and other disorders and illnesses that require stimming. you’re not gross or weird and what you do is awesome

SasuSaku blank period (Making him jealous)

“Who the hell told you about this place?”
“Temari and Ino did.” Of course it would be her friends who dragged them into this nonsense. The troublesome and the beautiful, as called by their husbands, always gave Sakura idiotic ideas, Sasuke realized. From using overwhelming aromatic oils in the bedroom to purchasing weird sex toys. Not that he didn’t enjoy that last spice up of their private life, but this was too much.
“You said we were going on a masked party, not a masked sex party.”
“I just didn’t specify, that’s all.”
“Sakura!” He choked out her name, feeling like suffocating as they were nearing the curtained entrance. “I don’t want to.”
“But darling, it’s completly anonymous, no one will recognize us.” He was doubtful about that, not many pink haired women or right-armed-only men walked the Konoha streets.

“Not because I am ashamed.” He grunted “I wouldn’t want… other people to touch you.”
“That’s not necessary to do, we can just do our own thing, but among them.” She traced her fingers along his clenched jaw, but no matter how he was turned on by her clothes, under no circumstance will she lure him in. Her wife knew how to push his buttons and get her way, but this was not happening now.
“No. I don’t want them, or you, to watch, either. I don’t want them to see, hear, smell or taste. If Shikamaru or Sai are okay with their wifes being passed around and displayed like plates of food I don’t care, but I refuse to let my wife lower herself like that.”
There was a short silence, her emerald eyes were staring at him through the mask.
“You really are jealous.” She stated, grinning.
“Obviously. You’re mine and I am not sharing you.” Her heart melted. Success, just as Ino has predicted. What Sasuke didn’t know was this was ll a set up on him to confess he can be jealous to. She wanted to make sure she wasn’t the only one whose blood was boiling when her spouse was objectified by other women. Sakura propped herself up on tiptoes to give him a thankful peck on the cheek.
“Well that changes a lot. Thank you for finally saying that, Sasuke-kun. Now let’s go home.” She turned around to walk the path back to their house, but he caught her hang and spun her around. He had something else in mind right now.

Minutes later, he had her moaning in the narrow alley next to the sinful building. His wife wanted dirty, so dirty was exactly what he planned on giving her right now. Just not on the swingers party, just not in front of eyes of the other men - sure, he was now nipping on her neck in a very public place, but this part of the villiage was pretty much deserted during the night. All due to the secrecy event taking place in the house he presed her flustered body on.
“You did this on purpouse, didn’t you, Sakura.” His lips left hers for a brief moment.
“I wanted to see you jealous, Sasuke-kun. Recently I felt like you started to lose interest in me…” He glared at her and caressed the heat between her legs. This woman is going to be the death of him.
“Pathetic.” Sasuke bit on her neck. She moaned. “So annoying…” his mouth muffled her screams as he thrust two fingers inside of her.

Get to Know Me Better Tag

*squeals* Thank you so much @alazic02 for tagging me!! I was VERY surprised to be tagged by you ^^ I’m so happy!! alright now.. let’s get this started, shall we?

Rules: Answer the questions and tag 20 amazing followers you’d like to get to know better!

Name: Bishop

Nickname(s): Bishop is the nickname I use online ^^

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Height: 5′4″ and a half (about 163 cm)

Ethnicity: I’m Caucasian, but I don’t really know any percentage of what.. I heard something about my part of my family based around Ireland i think??

Favorite Fruit: Apple/banana.. pretty mild and generic lol

Favorite Season: Fall! The temperature is usually just right around then

Favorite Book: Damn.. I’m not sure.. I forget book titles and only remember stories sorry ^^;

Favorite Flower: Honestly I like all flowers but I’ve narrowed it down to delphiniums!

Favorite Scent: Hmm.. after thinking about it for a while, I like the smell of an orange, rich dark chocolate, and the smell of crackling wood /~o~\ ahh it’s nice to think about

Favorite Animal: Foxes! (but I love every animal I’m sorry I don’t mean to choose so abruptly,, all u little babies ilu all ;w;)

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate: Preferably sweet tea, I’m not too crazy over hot beverages but occasionally I would have coffee or hot chocolate

Cats or Dogs: Cats rn (I change every so often based on the pet I have aha) but I LOVE BOTH

Dream Trip: I’ve always wanted to go to Japan or France.. <3 maybe in the future?

Blog Created: HOLY CRAP I CREATED THIS BLOG AROUND AUGUST 2015?? I seriously feels like yesterday, but it’s been a little over a year?? WHOA

Number of Followers: 181 at the moment! Near to hitting 1,000 it seems ^-~

What Do I Post About: 90% Miraculous Ladybug, 5% general bull and fawning over people I follow/mutuals, 3% aesthetic pics, and 2% other fandoms/shows/movies etc.

Do I Get Asks On a Regular Basis: Not at all ;w; but I am absolutely fine with people sending me them for whatever they wish!

Aesthetic: Cool bodily shapes/silhouettes, dark pale colors or pretty light pastels (depends on mood), sunsets, the night sky, stars, space related things, freckles, flowers in books, flowers, books, blankets, fireplaces.. I could go on forever sigh

Favorite Band/Artist: I can’t really decide but I have been keeping pace with Gorillaz for a while now

Fictional Characters I’d Date: Are you kidding?? This would be a LONG list but I’ll narrow it down to Chat Noir from Miraculous Ladybug, Tomoe from Kamisama Hajiemashita/Kamisama Kiss, or Soushi Miketsukami from Inu x Boku SS (wow I really do have a thing for cat bois don’t I?? holy shiz)

Hogwarts House: I keep getting placed into Hufflepuff (but on a few occasions, Ravenclaw)

I’m supposed to tag twenty followers huh? I’ll go through my list of active followers.. @whatsthebee, @bluenightingalee, @vanilladeonna, @walsche, @derpasaures, @aegisv or @artgraveyard (I’m not sure so I’ll tag both of your blogs), @lilfsuphan, @tigernius, @where-are-the-webisodes-jeremy, @fomalhaut25, @mcsleeps, @french-fart or @austenisnefarious (again, idk which), @supposed2bfunny, @kwamimusings, @lunarluna331, @dual-phantom, @crazycatladymikado and basically anyone else who would like to do this!! 

You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to, so sorry if I’m bothering you ^^; thanks for tagging me again!!

I’ve Never Been So Sure | RL

A/N: Sooo idk if this is what you had in mind but it’s not really an argument per say. It’s more like a discussion. Riley being insecure and scared that they wont last forever and Lucas not having one single doubt that they will. Hope it’s okay and that you enjoy it! xo

✩ ✩ ✩

No matter how nice the furnishings inside the airplane were, to Riley it would never be more than a flying metal tube. She crossed her heart as she stepped over the threshold and smiled stiffly at the stewardess.  She tried to remind herself that it was a short flight and that it was definitely worth it. All she had to do was get through the next four hours and she’d be back in Lucas’ arms. That alone was enough to steady her nerves.

She had just graduated from Columbia two days ago and thankfully Lucas’ graduation was a few days apart which gave her enough time to fly down to Texas to surprise him for his graduation. Because he went to A&M after high school the last four years of their relationship was spent hundreds of miles apart with the occasional visit on holidays and breaks. It definitely wasn’t easy, there were times when they both felt like it was too hard but every time it became more apparent that what they had was worth fighting for.

She took a deep breath as she slipped into her seat, staring out the window. She quickly glanced at the watch on her wrist, counting down the hours until she was in Austin. ‘4 hours and 10 minutes’ she thought to herself. Riley plugs her headphones into her ears, turns up the music and doesn’t open her eyes again until the plane was coming in low, rushing toward a runway that seemed almost unreachable.

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NO no

don’t get me wrong! 

if you liked the end it’s great and nobody has the right to shame you for that. i have a lot of respect for those who did appreciate this ending. i just didn’t, and there are others like me who didn’t, and that’s ok.

we don’t have to agree on everything and we don’t have to fight about it

let’s just tag things nicely so if we want to avoid a certain opinion we can.

love y’all

anonymous asked:

I read a fic a while back and can't remember the name of it. In the fic Dan and Phil got married while drunk in Vegas with Tyler and Louise and a couple other of their friends.. Im pretty sure that they wait to get a divorce and I remember that Dan is really upset about being married to Phil but they end up falling in love and get remarried. Thanks!!

A Map of My Heart and Mind (ao3) -  Dan and Phil get drunk and wake up married in Vegas, the day after Dan’s 25th birthday. Dan thinks they could just get it annulled but Dan knows what marriage means to Phil, how important it is, and he wonders if they can just fake it for a year so it’s not a total waste and then divorce. Of course, a year is a long time to pretend to be married and things can always change…

- Eliza

sweetbabyraes  asked:

so question: i just started recently and im not sure what a good lucio does. im good at healing my team and staying on the point (the bumps eludes me occasionally) but idk how i stack up against other lucios since i don't get many kills but my average healing is like 5k

you sound like you have catched the gist of it. you are primarly a healer, but dont underestimate your speedboost. staying near the objective is key, but playing like an unkillable annoying ass for the enemy team is also great. b-hopping all over the place should not be underesitmated

bit bet i missed some key parts, but i am no lucio main ^^

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Do you think when Emma says she's going to "move on" like move on from Hook or move on from his mistake and forgive him or what like ???? Please help me im dying inside.

I’m not entirely sure what she is saying she needs to “move on” from, but I do think the clip sounds a bit edited so it sounds like she’s saying “I need to move on” I don’t know if she’s actually saying it just as it sounds.

thefabulousone9  asked:

Hey I'm​ still pretty new to the tumbls so I'm not sure how this works, but I was wondering if i could get a lil' tythan hc? What if Ethan hurt himself because he broke something and freaked out because of surprise and pain so tol bean Tyler came to his rescue? Thx~~

this is so cute not to make a fic iM SORRY I HOPE YOU LIKE IT NONETHELESS (also fun fact: ty and eth actually live together k bye)

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I can't wait to see what he's got planned for all of his social media accounts, we know from the ad that his solo aesthetic is really beautiful and interesting so whatever he's got lined up to post will be absolutely stunning as well. He's not playing around, I love it

he is truly not playing around even in the slightest!!! im so sure him and his team has everything planned down to the tiniest detail 👏🏼 he’s coming and it’s gonna be big!!! like just every social media account white and the dramatic ass tv ad???? iconic!! harry’s here and he’s ready 🥂

hino-kii  asked:

any tips on what skills to give Tiki (Adult) and Fae? im thinking of giving Fae Glacies bc she has pretty high Res but im not sure about Tiki :0

I’ll have extend this question to followers since I don’t have those two anymore (*´ω`*)’
Fae heals pretty quick though, so maybe consider something to help heal others?

nepetea  asked:

i adore your art!!! you're one of my biggest inspirations for sure!! i was wondering, do you usually ink with a brush?

oh wow hi!!! sorry i havent been very active on here!! thank you soooo much crie ;___; i usually ink with nib pens (is that what theyre called?) in a variety of sizes ! Pens im into right now:

Tombo Fudenosuke  - i guess these are “Brushes” but their stiffness compared to all other brushpens is what i like!

Uniball VIsion - best overall pen, imo. dries fast and is water proof!

Pilot Futayaku Double Sided - i like using this one to add greys to my ink drawings, its really convenient. again, a “Brush” pen but much stiffer

i do own a pentel pocket brush, which is an actual brush, but im very very very bad at controlling it. gotta practice!! 

anyway thanks please let me know if i can help with anything else!!

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Should I be reporting her without making a big deal about it? Since bighit said theyd take legal action and all. Im not sure what to do but i want to help

Only report her thats all!!