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‘The Force’

Summary: (based on this post) He’s got to find out what’s the password, even if it meant being enslaved for a week by someone as pure as a Hufflepuff.

Genre: flufffffff

Warning: swearing

Words: 1, 591 words

A/N: OKAY I KNOW I PROMISED ANGSTY SHIT BUT I JUST NEED TO WRITE THIS. (s/o to my sweet meme cherryblossom-phil for beta-ing this <33 ) im also sry for not updating that much;; I’ve been feeling like shit and I can’t get to write, I was also having stomach pains yesterday, and just like I said, I was also distracted by a donut game. But that’s that, lmao.

Of course, Phil Lester is a student who still can’t forget their life before Hogwarts.

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