im not sure if this thing has been done before


Nothin’ is left, so I guess I’m right

Do Ya Thing - Gorillaz (feat. André 3000 & James Murphy)

#2 : But Not For Me - Harry Styles One Shot

But Not For Me - Harry Styles One Shot. (maybe part one ?)

Song(s) - Grand Piano by Nicki Minaj

Say You Love Me by Jessie Ware

summary : harry leaves you at the altar for another girl , regrets it , sees you three years later and wants you back but you just want to be friends . He accepts that but ends up feeling more regret when he starts to fall for you again (requested)


There’s a feeling everyone warns you about , the whole “people who move too fast , never last “ and sadly , as much as he didn’t want to admit it , he thinks he may have moved a bit too fast . This was moving way too fast . He was only in his twenties , he wanted to be young, have fun like normal twenty , twenty-five year olds do . But here he was , at the altar watching the woman he loved the most walk down the aisle .

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Not too sure if this has been done before but I’ve been listening to Trust Me for a bit and the song gave me feels. Since I’m slightly Phan trash, why not make a parody of it? This was based on their journey through the years.

I wasn’t too sure how to do the coloured circle things but I hope this works too!

EDIT: I’ve reposted the low quality video with audio this time because yt was being poop.


It’s over isn’t it no no its not

If you thought I was over this song you were wrong 

I kept getting distracted so it isn’t as good as I was hoping
I’m pretty sure this has already been done before so shhhhh

i can’t believe it’s already been a year since i became active with this blog and even more i can’t believe that i actually hit 1k?? basically this is an opportunity to thank all of you guys but first things first i’d like to thank every single one of you who followed me, whether it was from when i was a humor/snsd blog or when i started editing, i want to say that i really appreciate every one of you guys. to everyone that im following, thank you for making my stay here such a great time. to all my mutuals, thank you for putting up with me amidst my nonsense at times. i love all of you guys okay? to everyone who calls me a friend, thank you. its been a pretty hard year for me personally and talking to such great people has been the main reason why im still alive.

but truthfully, like in the graphic above, this is actually a chance for me to say farewell to everyone here. some of you may have noticed that i’ve been really inactive these past 2 weeks or so. the reason is that i am leaving for the army on 12th august for around 4 months. its a lil abrupt but the thing is, im not sure whether i’ll return to tumblr after all is said and done, so before anything else, again i’d like to thank everyone on this site who’s made my time here a great one. it’s been a genuine pleasure to be with you guys. i won’t forget any of you, i promise :)

also to those that i’ve bolded, i love you guys so much okay? thank you for putting up with me for this past year ~~ i want to write a personalised message for all of you but im very short on time :/ so this will have to do for now okay?

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ps: dont miss me okay? im not the kind of person that should be missed

pps: dont hesitate to ask me for a skype whatsapp line whatever app if you want

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lexa trying to convince clarke she's actually currently protecting her from her current position as "front spoon". clarke just rolls her eyes and holds her cute commander girlfriend closer with a mumbled "sure you are lex". lexa has a mini freak out in her mind because never in her life has she been given a nickname but she does her cute heda thing and pulls it together before clarke notices. she then proceeds to spend the rest of the night awake wondering wtf to do bc you can't shorten clarke

im so glad that we as a fandom can agree that clarke totally calls her “lex” i think its the cutest fucking thing omg lexa trying to figure out a nickname for clarke im done