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Do you have Gay Chopin recommendations... what are his Gayest things. Do you know this vital information because I surely don't

oh olivia you have come to the right are just Some of his gay things because there’s just. so much:

All of these letters were either written to Tytus or Jasia, respectively, either way: its gay:

“Now, as always, I carry your letters about with me.
In May, when I go for a walk outside the town, thinking of my approaching journey, what a joy it will be to take out your letter and learn again beyond doubt that you love me; or at least I can look at the hand and writing of one to whom I am absolutely devoted.”  

“I may bore you with these banalities, and I would hate to do anything you dislike. If you can, write me two words, and you’ll make me happy for several weeks. Forgive me for sending you the waltz; perhaps it will make you angry with me, but really I did it to give you pleasure, for I do love you desperately.”

“I am nearly always with you; I will never desert you, I shall be till death your most affectionate”

“No, you don’t know how much I love you, I can’t show it to you in any way, and I have wished for so long that you could know. Ah, what would I not give, just to press your hand, you can’t guess - half of my wretched life”

“How I want to see you; I would go 2 weeks without playing to see you really, because mentally I see you every day. Don’t show this letter, because I’m ashamed of it”

“I know your soul, so it doesn’t matter about paper; if I have written such a lot of nonsense to you, it’s only to remind you that you are as much in my heart as ever”

“I don’t want to stop writing, all the more because I believe I have not put down what I wanted, to amuse you. I kept everything back for the dessert, and now there is no other dessert than a hearty embrace, for I have no one but you”

“I’ll go out; perhaps I may see someone who will remind me of you; you are the only person I love”

(at the end of a letter to Tytus) “-love me, please”

“Perhaps you would object; but I want you, and I expect you clean-shaven” (dude.)

“Enough! Just give me a kiss”

“Give me a kiss, dearest beloved; I know that you still care for me, but I’m always so afraid of you, - as if you were some sort of tyrant over me; I don’t know why I’m afraid of you. God knows it’s only you that have power over me, you and - no one else”

“I shall send it to you as soon as possible; if you want it you shall have it; but no one else except you shall have my portrait. There is only one other person to whom I would give it, and even then to you first, for you are my dearest. No one but myself has read your letter”

“I am going to wash now; don’t kiss me, I’m not washed yet. You? If I were smeared with the oils of Byzantium, you would not kiss me unless I forced you to do it by magnetism. There’s some kind of power in nature. Today you will dream of kissing me! I have got to pay you out for the horrible dream you gave me last night”

and that’s just SOME of it kdjbfdjfhb like…this guy….


“Come on. Get up. If we’re late again this week we’re gonna have our asses handed to us by Annalise for sure.”

“Mmm,” Laurel hums, sitting up reluctantly. She watches as Michaela prances over to the bathroom, admiring the view. “That’s no good. I like your ass where it is.”

Michaela pauses in the doorway and grins. “Very funny. Now stay right there. No hopping in the shower to ‘save time.’”

“If you really don’t want me to follow you,” Laurel calls out after her, teasingly, “lock the door to keep me out.”

Michaela hasn’t locked the door. Michaela hasn’t even shut the door. Michaela has made it abundantly clear what she wants - because Laurel knows what that open door means.

And so she smirks, tugs off her shirt, and strides right through. 

The definitely true story of how James and Lily got together
  • James Potter not asking out Lily all sixth year because he’d finally pushed it too far and wanted to back off
  • Lily realizing over the summer that she fancied James, and upon coming back to school telling Sirius one night (although why she thought that Sirius Black was going to keep that a secret is beyond science itself) and making him swear to secrecy (yeah right)
  • Sirius, of course, telling James that night
  • After literally four hours straight of James coming to terms with it (really?? now? And you’re sure? How’d she tell you? What’d she look like when she said it?) they begin to develop the perfect, sweet way for James to ask Lily out 
  • this is after Remus vetoes calling the plan “Get James Lil-AAAIIIDDD”
  • the four boys finally coming up with a simple but humorously touching way of doing it (Remus once again vetoing twelve fireworks, six house-elves, a memory charm and tea leaves, courtesy of Padfoot) and deciding to execute this plan the next morning at breakfast
  • Lily Evans being really freaked out about her crush on James (oh god what if he knows, he stopped asking me out and what if he hates me now what if he laughs at me if I tell him what if-) and Marlene giving her the best advice, she swears, that she has ever recieved on what to do. so,
  • breakfast comes and lily marches up to James Potter and before he can say a word “Oi, Potter, I fancy you. Go to Hogsmeade sometime?”
  • James is stunned silent, and before his mind can process anything he just blurts out “NO” because he was supposed to do it but he just says it, out loud, for her to here
  • lily turning bright red and running away because this is her worst nightmare oh my merlin everyone was watching him reject me 
  • james has the most horrified look on his face because it all went wrong and that’s how you got James Potter sprinting after an embarassed Lily Evans at nine in the morning in the Great Hall, yelling “WAIT EVANS THIS IS ALL WRONG I WANT TO GO TO HOGSMEADE WITH YOU AND IM SORRY OH MERLIN I FUCKED UP JUST WAIT FOR THE LOVE OF-”    
  • and that’s the story of how lily asked James out, sort of, and then they ended up kissing outside of the Great Hall, both of them a little out of breath from the running and yelling