im not sure if im going to write the answers like this


Imagine Draco being so stupidly smart that Harry’s favorite activity is putting on dumb game shows and watching Draco get every question right.

Imagine Draco writing Harry notes with the most obscure quotes ever on them but they’re all rlly pretty and romantic but sOMETIMES the vocabulary is way too difficult for Harry and so Harry is all “Again. In /English/” 

Imagine Draco being fluent in four languages and mediocre and three more. iMAGINE DRACO SWITCHING BETWEEN LANGUAGES. Like, he loves going on angry tirades in Italian because it sounds better. 

Imagine Harry using Draco as his go-to encyclopedia because asking Hermione a question just results in lectures but Draco just answers the question directly and hangs up. 

Imagine Draco knowing exactly what each flower symbolizes. 

Imagine Harry being so ridiculously smitten and proud of Draco that he’s always saying “Oh im sure my boyfriend could tell you. He’s vry smart.” 

Imagine “Let me ask my boyfriend” being one of Harry’s most common phrases. 

Imagine Draco having multiple scripts memorized and cuddling harry and kissing him while reciting the enTIRE Romeo and Juliet balcony scene. 


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How long does it take to make a confession?

It normally takes me between 5 and 20 minutes. Ones like these take me 5 minutes and ones like these take me 20 minutes.

It truly depends on how far I want to go with the editing

-Mod Junko

Mine takes more than 30 mins because I have lack of attention and I end up doing other things before I finish one -mod mukuro

ok u know what im gonna sit down and write you the story of mod izuru making confessions bc i take so damn long that my grand children age even before they come out of their mom’s uterus even tho im pretty sure im not getting any children but y e a h i even consider talking in servers i n e v e r talk in when i start making confessions and just searching for good pics takes so damn long bc i suck but hey finding an idea on how to do a confession is a century by its own but lets not forget considering changing my personal blog’s theme and my side blog that i literally never use’s theme and this blog’s theme and also considering cleaning my laptop from shit i dont need which ends up with me deciding to download all sprites at once so i dont go searching for them later when i start doing the damn confession which ends up with me actually opening the wiki’s page to do that but i dont do it at the end and just exist the page- oh wait i forgot to mention that im talking with my friends the whole time while all that is happening and while photoshop got legs just to beg on its knees for me to close it if im not doing anything with it but you know mod izuru then goes like naah dont worry bby im doing something with u today i cant let those confessions stay in inbox forever WHICH ALSO ends with me actually doing nothing and going like “yeeaaahhh im doing it tomorrow” which-

i hope that gave u an idea on how much time mod izuru takes on doing confessions!! 

-mod izuru

Hey everyone,

 I’m sorry I haven’t been writing as much as you’d like, or as much as I’d like either, but im going through somethings right now, and i really really don’t feel like writing. I’m not sure when I’ll start feeling like writing again, hopefully soon. Hopefully i can figure out whatever’s going on with me and i can get that inspiration back, but until then, i doubt i’ll be writing anything. 

So please, as I’ve said before countless times, don’t send me things telling me to write something for you, or to update, because i won’t. I won’t even answer them. Again, im sorry that i won’t be writing for a while, but i also have a life to figure out. I love you all a lot!

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WHA WHA WHAT!!?? A BABY!? THEY WANT SEUNGHYUN!?? I FORGOT HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS SERIES! But seriously does this mean your going to write a third series for the mafia fic!? Because I would absolutely love that if you did as this one shot was amazing!!! :D

AAAAAAHHHH!! SEE…this is the thing…I’m not sure. O.o I LOVE Mafia. Like, if im being honest, I read it regularly because i enjoy the story so much, and i have SO MANY ideas for a 3rd series, that it would be easy for me to write more. But…im not sure. Obviously if I did decide to, it wouldn’t be until the end of May when 3rd year exams are over, but as i was writing that one-shot i just couldn’t help but leave it on a cliff-hanger (like the ass i am) ;) So…as a wonderfully inconclusive answer; We’ll see! xD I’m super happy you loved it though Lovely!! :D <3 <3

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Story Structure: Figuring Out an Ending

Anonymous asked:

Eyy, lemme say this is like my favorite writing blog, really love it! But I have this problem every time I try to come up with a plot for a story, I can get little ideas for things, but… I cant come up with endings? Its the one thing I cant seem to figure out, no matter how much or how little of the story I have. I guess im just confused about what an ending should look like? All I ever see is things telling you to “write the ending first” but im not sure HOW to do that…

Aww, thank you SO much! Well, bear with me because this is going to be kind of a long answer…

If you don’t have at least a general idea of the ending in mind, you probably don’t have a plot, or at the very least a purpose to your story.

Let me explain further by telling a quick story. A long time ago, an acquaintance and I discovered a mutual love of writing. I asked how many stories she’d written and she answered something like, “It depends… do only finished stories count?” She went on to explain that she had trouble figuring out endings to her stories. She’d never actually ended one, at least not in a way she thought was right. The following conversation (or something very like it) ensued:

Me: What are your stories about?

Her: I don’t know.

Me: [perplexed] Well, what is your most recent story about?

Her: It’s about a girl who was dumped and is starting to date again.

Me: And then what happens?

Her: [shrugs shoulders] I don’t know. She just… dates a bunch of guys.

Me: Okay… does she have a goal in mind? Does she have a deadline or a particular type of guy she’s looking for?

Her: Nope.

Me: Does anything weird or unusual happen?

Her: Not especially. Some of the guys are a little odd or awkward. One guy is a total jerk and she has a couple one-night stands, but that’s about it.

Me: Does she finally end up with someone?

Her: No. I don’t want her to.

Me: Well, does this dating phase change her in some way? Does she come to any profound conclusions or does it influence her life in some way?

Her: Not really.

Since then I’ve had that conversation countless times, almost always with newer writers. What’s happening, I think, is that newer writers especially get a really general idea like “girl starts dating again” and they just take off with it without having any idea why. Now, some writers can do that and still come out with a complete and interesting story at the end, but not all of us are able to do that. I tried it once and to this day it’s still the worst and most hilarious piece of writing I’ve ever perpetrated. Most writers need to have at least some general idea of where their story is going, and many writers need an outline or other strict plan to act as a road map while they write.

When I hear about people who frequently have difficulty writing endings, I think these are people who need to do more planning on their stories but haven’t figured that out yet. Stories need to have a plot, or at the very least they need a purpose. The plot is the who/what/where/when/why/how of a story. The plot is the protagonist’s goal/s, the stakes, the antagonist/s, the obstacles and how they’re overcome, and the final triumph or failure. In lieu of all that, there at least needs to be a purpose–the “why someone would want to read this” part of the equation. What is the reader getting out of this story? Generally it’s hope, commiseration, or a better understanding of this particular aspect of the human experience. The reader needs to see that the character has changed in some way or that they’ve come to some kind of conclusion. Otherwise it’s just a random excerpt of someone’s life that probably isn’t very interesting.

So, if you want to start figuring out endings to your stories, start by figuring out plots, or at the very least purposes. Once you know what the plot and/or purpose of your stories are, the endings will start to come into focus. Once you know what you’re trying to accomplish with the story, it becomes easier to figure out how to deliver that to your reader within the context of events you’ve set up. 

Have a look at my post master list when you get a chance. There are a ton of posts in there about plot, story structure, purpose, and planning that will hopefully give you some additional help. :)

Have a question? I’d love to hear from you. Please be sure to read my ask rules before submitting your question or it may not be answered. Thanks! :)