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shadowhunters kissing stats

okay, i’ve been wanting to actually sit and do this for a while and finally i have. i remember talking, briefly and dramatically, about the disparity between the length of kiss scenes in shadowhunters between het pairings (read: pairings that include clary, mostly…) and magnus/alec (the shows current only nonhet canon relationship) so i’ve actually compiled Numbers and Data

maths is definitely not my strong suit and if anything seems glaringly wrong, sorry. also, obviously this is just from skimming through episodes - if i missed something, sorry - but in my mind, this looks pretty accurate. 

the actual list of numbers and timings is below the cut, but i just want to make a few points clear

  • magnus and alec are probably the most heavily promoted and well-received couple on the show and are a main couple
  • magnus and alec have been together for more time than clary and jace were together and more than simon and clary have been together
  • i have included all ‘’pairings’’ that kiss on this show, this includes camille/simon etc
  • i can’t really be bothered doing any commentary on why this is important rn, i may reblog this later and make more comments but feel free to reblog and comment on this
  • pay attention not just to the total times, but the longest kiss scenes each pairing gets, and how many kisses the total time is spread over
  • have fun getting mad w/ me lmao 

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NCT maknae line reaction to their GF/BF kissing them while they’re in the middle of talking


Anon: nct maknae line reacting to u kissing them while theyre talking?  

I hope you like this :-) you can find the hyung line’s reaction here:

(this was a post scheduled for 01/02/17 so won’t be found of the masterlist yet. i’ll remove this message when it has been added :-)  )


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He’d laugh nervously at your sudden confidence. He was used to seeing you all shy and quiet around him so this definitely come as a surprise to him. Usually with skinship or kissing, he wouldn’t get that blushy but if it was ever sudden or unexpected, he would turn so red and shy and basically be so cute


Originally posted by ithastobemoontaeil

He’d probably get a little annoyed and pouty. He thought what he was talking about was interested and engaging, so he’d take your interruption as an insult in a way. Pouting he’d say: “isn’t what I say good enough?” which would only make you laugh and go in to give him another quick peck to shut him up all over again.


Originally posted by haechannie

Jeno would find it absolutely adorable and would tell you to do it again. You would kissing him quickly, him giggling after each one. Eventually you’d get tired and bored, then he’d get pouty and say that you shouldn’t have done it in the first place, teasing you slightly. If ever arose the situation where you were the one talking too much, be sure that he’d do it to you too.


Originally posted by nctinfo



His face would drop suddenly, and he’d stare at you in utter shock. “You did not just do that”, he’d say lowly, shaking his head slowly. Standing up, he left the room and headed for the door, which made your face suddenly drop. You didn’t expect him to take it so seriously. You followed him through closely behind apologising and pouting, tears threatening to spill. He’d stop, turn around and then laugh saying that he was only joking. You obviously punched him hard in the chest for scaring you :-)


Originally posted by yoon-to-the-oh

Like Jeno, Jaemin would find it adorable and would beg you to do it again. You’d refuse cringing at his weird behaviour. Skin ship and kissing wouldn’t be a massive part of your relationship so him acting like that would confuse you. He’d resort to aegyo, smiling and cooing cutely at you until you finally gave in and pecked him again, making his laugh lightly.


Originally posted by yeowangs

This boy would start grinning so wide. It’d impossible to wipe that smile off his face for the rest of the day. The boys would ask him what was so great but he wouldn’t tell them and just shrug his shoulders. He thought you were just so cute and adorable and that the action would so cute too awe.


Originally posted by hoshighs

A gasp would escape his lips. He’d be very shy in your relationship so he would be shocked at your action. He smiled slightly, which made your heart jump slightly. Both of you would end up apologising at the same time which made you two blush again. There’d obviously be a short awkward silence until things got more comfortable and the conversation flowed again.

Donut’s probably dead.

Hope you feel better soon, friend~

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unexpected things from s3 that still make me really really happy and smile: isak and sonja’s conversations, whether it was in the minutt for minutt clip or via their texts, all throughout episode 10.

thank u so much for one k !!!!! omigoodness !!

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i was bored last night so i decided to make some valentines day cards with the mystic messenger characters (*^ω^*)
lol i hope all of you enjoy them as much as i did making them 💒
some of the sayings may be lame cause of my lack of creativity but you get what im trying to do here :3

like/reblog if you plan on using!
{make sure to also credit me lolz}

((ps: i messed up my watermark on the yoosung one but i was too lazy to fix it oops))

the other day i watched the lego batman movie in theater with my mom and my little brother and at the part where the one lady was like “do u want him to kneel at ur feet” and joker was like “yea id like that very much” or whatever i said “im sure you would” and i guess i said it too loud bc i heard the guy behind me start laughing.

also, me and my mom talked about how gay batman and joker are in the car 

Meet the Son- Sidney Crosby

Originally posted by laurastacey

Ok so I think I like how this one turned out, so I really hope you guys like it too! And… I have nothing else to say… So enjoy!

Warning: one inappropriate line about sex

Anon Request: Im so happy you write so much I love your imagines! Can I request one with sid where you have a teenage son from a previous relationship and maybe he meets sid for the first time or something?


              You were super nervous.

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The Choices We Make

It was supposed to be fluff and ended in so much angst. I’m sorry…we’re only getting started.

The Choices We Make
Part one

With trembling hands, Sakura slowly lowered herself onto the bathroom floor before her knees gave out on her. She exhaled shakily, no longer sure if the churning of her stomach was from what she had just learned or rather the morning sickness she suspected she had been experiencing for a few days now. Most likely a little of both.

It felt unreal. She had thought she had just been pushing herself too hard and not taking care of herself again as the hospital once more became overrun with injured shinobi. With summer about to be in full swing, the number of missions always increased as small cities bordering their country requested the assistance of their ninja. Never once had she considered the possibility of being pregnant. Not until Shizune had teased her the night before when she walked into their shared office to find Sakura demolishing an entire box of donuts by herself.

Sakura would have taken a test right then if not for the fact an entire squadron had been rushed into the ER from an ambush. The women had spent the whole night fighting for the lives of their comrades and while Shizune had chosen to celebrate their victory by catching up on some sleep, Sakura had slipped away to the bathroom.

Another rush of emotion swelled in her chest as she pulled the test from the counter to hold it at eye level. There was no mistaking the double blue line that told her she was expecting, but there was no relief or happiness. Only aching anxiety of what she would do now.

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OK @darthluminescent , it’s not  Anakin “oh my god I have a cold and I’m probably dying now” Skywalker, but it is more Texts From Anakin. ;) 

Anakin: [text] SNIPS
Ahsoka: omggggg WHAT IS IT NOW MASTER it is 1 am 
Anakin: im just worried what if he doesnt like the chocolate cake 
Ahsoka: you SAID he likes chocolate cake. i have seen him eat chocolate cake. it’s FINE. i’m going to bed now, Master. Please do the same. I’m putting my phone on silent. Goodnight!!

Anakin: pls say u r awake 
Padme: I have an early Senate meeting tomorrow. I care about you, but if this is about that birthday cake again, I am going to have to block your number. 
Padme: Was it about the birthday cake?
Anakin: no but now im not gonna tell u 
Padme: goodnight Ani. I am sure he will like everything you’ve planned. 💕

Anakin: look I am just really really worried about all of this bc it has to be perfect and is that one photo of me i put in his card too much? like i know i look hot but this is a man who gets embarrassed when people kiss on the holonet 
Mace Windu: wrong number skywalker
Mace Windu: and if you ever text me at 2 am again with this ridiculous bullshit i will bust you back down to initiate again 
Anakin: shit sorry 

Anakin: OK no one else is awake so i need ur help: i bought 17 kinds of tea for obiwans birthday do u think that is enough???
Quinlan Vos: Skywalker, the man got a rock for his birthday once, OK? u need to RELAX. He owns like 2 pairs of pants and he’s eaten the exact same breakfast every day for 35+ years. 17 kinds of tea is going to be like Space Mardi Gras for him. Plus he’s gonna be getting it from your pretty self. 
Quinlan Vos: Getting the tea from you, I mean. Of course.
Quinlan Vos: 😏
Anakin: omg why did i seek ur counsel 
Quinlan Vos: hey I’m just a fan 

Pentagon When You Know Alot Of Male Idols.

Jinho: “wow she’s really close with sf9 isn’t she..”
Innocent smiles but actually planning everyones death. 

Originally posted by pyuupa

Hui: Probably respects that you know other idols and is cool but as soon as he sees skin ship, even a slight bit, you might have shorten his life span by a few years. If another idol tries to hug you, hui will step in front of you to accept the hug instead. “HAHA HELLO”

Originally posted by justhuiling

Hongseok: lectures you. “Where are all your girl idol friends. Why do you know many male idols. Heres are the numbers of some girl idols I know. Befriend them.”

You: and why do you know so many girl idols?
Him: ..(clears throat) its not about me rn. Its about you.

Originally posted by madtwn

Edawn:“Ok Im friends With Hyuna but you don’t see me hanging out with her.” Just don’t go out hanging with them all the time or he will get clingy.

You: I have to go say hi.

Him: (Holds on to you)Nope.

Originally posted by jjaebs

Yeo-one: “I’m sure you are all friends but just know Im the only man you need in your life sugarplum.” Every time he gets jealous, his skin-ship activity increases. Sexual activity increases too.

Originally posted by changgeu

Shinwon: “That Rowoon guy is giving me all the wrong vibes..” Tells this and more to you. “Look at the way he’s eating his fries. He’s definitely up to something.” 

You: “You say this to every single male idol friend I have.”

Him: “Fine alright then.”

Originally posted by won-an

Yanan: “babe.. BABE! BABE! BABEY!” Calls out to you from afar in the beginning when he saw you chilling with sf9 members backstage when him and his group were there too but arriving late so you didn’t know. He ends up yelling until you turn your head out of shock. Yells from afar “YOUR BOYFRIEND IS HERE, WHY ARE YOU TALKING TO OTHER GUYS.”

You: *runs over* we are doing a show with them!Go and say hi!


Yuto: sad puppy. speaks to himself while watching you from afar, whining to himself. “oh my god, she knows all the members? Nande..oh my god they’re laughing. What are they laughing about.” One day comes up to sf9 when your not there like “Hello. Im s/o’s Japanese boyfriend, yuto. I come from Japan. Uh what were you guys talking about last week that made you laugh so much.“ 

Originally posted by changgeu

Kino: Introduces himself to everyone of your male idol friends right away even when your not there. Makes sure he tells everyone that he is your boyfriend and how much in love you two are.


Originally posted by kinoed

Wooseok: “Can I hang out with you all too?” Never lets you hang out with male idols alone. At music programs, he will always stand next to you. Casually breaks into a conversation with a smile. “What are you guys talking about?”

Originally posted by justhuiling

Rivals (Part 1)

tA/n: @cecenybabe sorry for the wait! Here’s part 1, I’ll end it at the second part.

“Y/N, L/N” “Here”, you said as you did not even bother to look up.Once again, you had stayed up way past getting a good night’s rest. “Mark Tuan”, the teacher called, followed by a “here”. You rolled your eyes even at the mention of his voice. Mark Tuan, the “bad boy” of the school, well, him and his little friends. You hated people who acted stuck up, snobby, and like they just ruled the world, not really caring about anyone. Unfortunately, almost every girl fell for it. Not you, no, you were too smart to be one of his victims. You avoided him almost every chance possible because ever since that day, he was a pest that did not want to go away.

About a month ago, you, once again, failed to get a decent amount of sleep. You bumped into Tuan as you spaced out and, of course, apologized because it was the right thing to do.”Sorry”, you said with a half-smile and was about to walk away till he grabbed your wrist,”have I seen you around here?”, he said. You removed your hand and shook your head,”I dont think so”, and left as soon as possible. You thought that was the end of it until your class’s assigned seats changed and you were lucky to be sat next to him.

 “Oh, youre the clumsy girl”, he said as he sat down and pointed. What on earth did bumping into someone point to clumsiness?, it happened one time. “Yea I guess thats me”, you responded. He smirked and winked at you,”maybe we could have some fun sitting together.” Oh no, no, you knew were this was going and intended to put a stop to it. “No, we just sit next to each other, thats it”, you said to him and turned as the teacher started to talk. “youre gonna be a feisty one”, he whispered. You wanted to say something but afraid of the teacher calling you out so you ranted in your mind. 

Feisty one? what do I look like? some tool for his amusement? maybe if you werent such a dick id actually give you the time of day.

Ever since then, it would not stop. You figured he would become bored after a couple weeks but he stayed pestering you for months. Although you didn’t want to admit, some small part of you enjoyed his presence, though that feeling was buried very deep. Another day was ahead and you walked through the halls as Mark spotted you. Groaning as you turned around, Mark walked up behind attmepting to place his hand on your shoulders. You were too used to it and deflected it with perfect timing. “Im not in the mood today Tuan”, you said. “Isnt that everday though? your attitude is too moody, your boyfriend wouldnt like this”, he responded. “well, sure am lucky I dont have one then”, you retorted.

“You know I could-”, “yea, never happening Tuan.”, you said, for about the 100th time. “God, youre such a, such a”,”Bitch?”, you completed his sentence, you knew he wanted to say it. “Well, yea, a hard one to crack”, he said as he scoffed. “Then just leave me alone, my world would be a much better place.”, you said. “I know I may be somewhat of a douche”, “somewhat?” you interrupted. “ugh, youre boring, goodbye”, he said as he walked off. You breathed a sigh of relief as you walked towards your friend. “Tuan troubles?”, he asked. You looked at your friend, Jackson, and nodded. He smiled and ruffled your hair,”he totally has a thing for you.” “Thanks captain obvious”, you said as you opened your locker.

“No Y/N, like a real thing”, Jackson said. You sighed,”Jackson, I know you see the best in everyone but Mark”,you said as you turned the hallway and pointed at him. His back was on the locker as one of his girls had their hands on his chest,”Mark, he can’t be helped.” “Yea Y/N, but hes doing that little kid thing where he likes the girl but everyone thinks he hates her but he looooves bothering her”, Jackson cooed. You rolled your eyes,”listen wang, lets say he did, I would never ever date the literal scum of the earth.” The bell rang before you two could continue your conversation and it was time to head to class. Luckily, you had gym, which equaled the equivalent to doing nothing. Sadly, however, it was Mark Tuan. 

This time, in order to hide from the boy, you went inside the closet where they stored all the balls. There was a light and a place to hide from anyone who came, you were sure he could never find you.To your happiness, it worked for about thirty minutes until you heard the door open and a voice you recognized. “Man, Im so tired.” Mark Tuan. Shhh, you told yourself. He wouldnt know if you just kept your mouth shut. You heard him sit down and sigh,”aaaa, love coming here to relax, I wonder where Y/N is. she’s always hiding,  im tired of looking ugh.” You smirked and spoke in your mind,oh wouldnt you like to know Tuan, wouldnt you like to know.

“Ugh, she’s so stupid, why would she do this? she’ll pay for this.” Pay for what? What did I do? “I cant take this anymore. she needs to take responsibility for this.”, Mark said as he was getting up to go look for you. ME? WHAT DID I DO? You wanted to say something back but you also did not want to give up where you were. Eventually, he left. As the class came to an end, you walked out, the words Mark said stirring through you heard. He could have meant generally, just you being a bitch to him but for good reason, he was a complete ass. Somehow, even with that reassurance, his words still moved your stomach.

You were taking your stuff out of your locker when a hand banged against it, making you jump and turn around, now staring into the eyes of Mark Tuan. For some reason, at this moment, you felt weak as he gazed at you. “Tuan”, you said. “Y/N”, he said as his eyes looked you up and down. Y/N, get a hold of yourself. You gulped and stood your ground. “Back Away Tuan,” you said as one hand pushed on his chest. “Where were you in gym?”, he asked as he crossed his arms. You scoffed,”like thats any of your business” “It is, come with me afterschool.” You blinked out of disbelief,”you cant just order me around like that, no thank you.” Mark started to laugh,”Oh, youre funny, I know you would never say yes, thats why I have this.” 

Your eyes widened as his phone was dangling from his hands. You were about to open your mouth, Mark spoke,”Scream, it drops. Talk back to me, it drops.” You bit the inside of your cheek as your body started to build with rage. Mark smiled and took your silence as yes. “See you later babe”, he winked. As he walked off you shouted at him,”I hate you Tuan!” Mark turned around as he dangled your phone again,”What was that?” You clenched your teeth and walked off, stomping into you bumped into Jackson. Of course, you explained the situation and, of course, he got mad. You loved him for that but you wanted to handle this on your own. Once you got your phone back you were gonna go off. 


tbh why r all these accounts getting hate??? I’m not saying its funny but like its low-key funny like y’know why would someone hate on a account like its ridiCULOUS! i don’t get why someone would waste their time to say that to someone. just rude honestly

- aight so

- when u were ten your parents told u that you’d be getting a new neighbour

- you didn’t really like that idea, cause old man joe was ur bestie ngl

- anyway

- when you see the moving van appear your family goes out to greet the new fam

- but!!wait!!

- a cuTIE PIE jumps out of the backseat and y'all make eye contact for 0.029029292 seconds

- you know in hotel transylvania and how they talk about zinGS


- moving on

- so like ur family invited them over for a welcome dinner

- and your parents figured out that u and renjun were the same age

- “y/n!!! did you hear that! you guys coULD HANG OUT!”

“yes mom I heard that I’m in the same room but ok”

- renjun was dying cause u were?so?cute?

- alSO u invited him up to ur room to play 

- and y'all fell asleep on the bed together

- and tHATS WHEN


- u and renjun also go to the same school!!!

- so u guys like walk from and to school together everyday and people think u guys r dating even tho ur like 10


- like his parents treat them like their son in law 

- same with his parents!

- u guys just go to each others houses when ever u want cause!! y'all r besties!!

- tbh this is gonna turn into a best friend! renjun shiT

- this is super cliche but u and renjun have window in ur room that line up exactly so y'all always talk through that

- “y/n who are you talking to this late at nigh- oH RENJUN!!! NVM SWEETIE KEEP TALKING”

- y'all water each others lawns together


- always ends up in a water fight

- skip to the age of 14 whERE PUBERY IS HITTING YALL


- like u guys didn’t see each other for the whole summer cause of travelling and shit

- but on the first dAY OF SCHOOL


- renjun glowed up so hard omFG 

- sAMe wiTh yOU

- thats when yo feelings for each other became stronger

- and things got a little more awkward


- u would always tease him

- “heY rENJuN!!”

- “y/N shUt uP”

- omfg ur parents teasing got woRSE

- “ooo renjuns gotten more attractive ;)))) whats stopping you now ;))”

- “ooooh is that y/n? u should’ve told me! thEIR GORGEOUS NO WONDER U LIKE THeM-”

- honestly y'all props knew u liked each other

- time skip 16 yrs old

- u and renjun started to drift apart

- ur parents were :(((

- u guys started to focus more on school and found new friends

- y'all barely talk through windows now 

- and barely walk to school together

- bUT!! u guys still like each other!! alot!!

- anYway

- so ur parents both noticed how y'all barely talk and decided to go on a huge family camping trip over the summer!

- so like u guys arrived at ur campsite and set up ur tents

- “ok so renjuns parents r gonna share a tent and we will share a tent 00pS THAT MEANS THAT U AND RENJUN HAVE TO SHARe A TENT!!”

- y'all knew what they were doing but didn’t complain  lol

- so like your family had a campfire

- and it was rlly fun!!

- so many jokes were shared and 

- renjun remembered why he liked u

- you were so funny!!! and beautiful!! and nice!! and perfect!!

- so bedtime right

- you guys had a 4 person tent

- so u made sure there was space between u too

- it was super awkward

- buT u guys had a really long and deep talk

- “im a little sad we don’t talk that much anymore”

- “yea,,,me too,,,, its really sad cause i like you an- sHIT” - honestly u would be the one saying that

- “wait,,,what”

- renjun was stoked that u liked him back

- suddenly his sleeping bag is right next to ours and he just whispers 

- “i like u too” 

- honestly u die

- y'all fall asleep next to each other just like the first night y'all met

- u wake up 2 ur parents screeching and taking pics  of y'all

- anyway imma stop this b4 it becomes a dating! renjun (which i will make later)

im rly tired lmao



- emma

okay so i’m taking a women studies class and a class about gender/race/sexuality/class affects one’s power and privelege in the fall and they fufill a bunch of requirements but like….. my conservative sister and dad think i’m gonna be brainwashed which like… okay ur homophobic religion and idealogoy doesn’t do that??????????

anyways this reassures the fact that i cant come out to my family slnkdg (but guess who’s goin to sf pride lmaooo)

how to make The Chosen One choose YOU: flirting, baz pitch style

(honestly im basically shitposting at this point, but i just love carry on so much. leave me be)


“I like this better than fighting,”  - Simon Snow (The Chosen One) 

  • threaten him with a viking’s funeral
  • (“do you know what that is, snow? A flaming pyre, set adrift on the sea. We could do yours in blackpool, so all your chavvy Normal friends can come,”)
  • make him cry, then drop your handkerchief sarcastically on his bed
  • call him a disgrace to magic
  • make sure it’s first thing in the morning, too, for added effect
  • turn on the charm. Woo him with your best lines
  • example, (what if I took your magic, cast it against you, and settled baz versus simon once and for all?)
  • don’t just rely on words. Act on your feelings too
  • example, push him down a flight of stairs, attempt to feed him to a chimera, etc.
  • cavort with his gf in the woods
  • bonus points if he sees it (hell, hold her hands too while you’re at it)
  • cant accept your own feelings? Conspire with your aunt to take him down
  • no chosen one, no problem
  • hopeless love? Have a backup plan
  • example: marry his ex and find a thousand different men who look like him and break each of their hearts a different way
  • just try to be honest with your feelings. Tell him you want him by your side
  • (“what if I accidentally Turned you? Then i’d be stuck with your pious face forever,”)
  • oh baz. Im swooning
  • invite him to your victorian mansion for christmas under the guise of “truce”
  • first date ideas!
  • – bring him to the british museum, steal a few books, take a walk around the park and find a place where he can eat curry while you read your stolen goods
  • dont forget to be a good conversationalist
  • (“you should eat something,”)
  • (“piss off,”)
  • confused? Lost? Failed at something important?
  • Hell, set a few trees on fire and wait for the flames to consume you
  • bonus points if you’re flammable
  • (hint! Hint! This is a good chance for a >>>KISS<<<!!!)
  • if you do it right, HE’LL kiss YOU
  • sulk and stomp away if he doesnt pull you into his arms and say “good morning, darling” when he opens his eyes first thing in the morning
  • respond to his feelings properly
  • (“you slept in my arms,”)
  • (“fitfully”)
  • accept him for who he is
  • found out your bf literally couldn’t be a bigger mess/supervillian/insiduous humdrum?
  • Kiss him, anyway (because you match)
  • (“i’m not the humdrum! But why does thinking so make you want to kiss me?”)
  • (“Everything makes me want to kiss you”)
  • seriously, I was swooning when I got to this part. Like. Seriously. Swooning. (I think I was crying a little too)

cute nicknames:

  • you courageous fuck
  • you absolute nightmare
  • love

say I love you. like, a lot 

  • I was eleven years old, and I’d lost my mother, and my soul, and the crucible gave me you
  • You were the centre of my universe. Everything else spun around you
  • looking at you was like looking directly into the sun
  • I choose you


  • who needs magic? I’m going to turn you into a vampire and make you live with me forever

no, no im not crying. i just have a bit of snowbaz in my eye 

i don’t think people give suho enough credit for supporting yixing like ik all of you consider bbh to be the leader of all xingmis (and im sure he is a supportive xingmi i just dont know if he’s the alpha xingmi everyone claims him to be lol) but suho is also such a xingmi n a supportive husband im totally not being biased like there’s so much evidence of suho supporting him but everyone just pretends that it doesnt exist???? OKAY *AHEM* monodrama: suho was one of the only members who gave him feedback (yixing said so himself…… he was like /ohhh the members didnt say much about monodrama…… OH EXCEPT JUNMYEON blah blah blah///) UM also the recent phone call??? sulay calls each other like???? they keep in touch tgt ?? despite being away for so many months like suho probably always wants to know if yixing is doing okay and always wants to talk to him like that january 2016 vapp of suho calling yixing and yx not answering made suho so sad looking like???? anyway tl;dr suho is really supportive of yixing… don’t ignore it :\

anonymous asked:

hi hi I hope no one has asked this already, but could u maybe give some pointers on how to draw bodies ??? :-0 whenever i draw them they look so stiff and awkward,, the way u draw bodies is so flow-y and gentle ??thank u so much!!!!

hello! of course im glad to do so👍 firstly, i think its pretty self-explanatory but anatomy and the flow of your style develops with lots of practice and time, and what i say after this is the less important part. what helps you the most are making studies of pictures and life, bodies of different sizes and shapes and positions – and poses especially, if u think ur figures look awkward u should stock up on some poses🌝 (i personally never took part in such thing but model classes seem especially useful, since theres a time limit to each pose, it forces you to not dwell on smaller/unimportant details too much, realise what are those details that you do need to picture the likeness of that pose and body, and generally makes your work quicker and flow easier).

  • reference: should i explain this. reference is all artists pal (until ure not copying others artwork) please use references.
  • learn general anatomy rules: body is 8 heads long, feet size = lower arm size, etc etc, there are plenty of anatomy guides about this. these also help when anatomy doesnt feel right but u dont quite know whats wrong. its mostly about developing an eye for proportions, comparing sizes, what should be in line with what; how that changes in shifting positions and angles (like the ears in relation to the eyes when the figure looks up and down post that blew up recently(?) i cant seem to find it lol if anyone has it link me pls so i can link it here as well,,,,) ; and in what ways/how far can the body and limbs bend.
  • leave sketch behind: it kind of requires you to clear the previous point but. the reason i stopped sketching (usually only do when i need to plan where to place the body n stuff in a background) is that since general proportions come to me naturally now my drawing becomes stiff if i do the lineart on a sketch, also i tweak and adjust anatomy a lot along the way so. my sketch wouldnt be more accurate anatomically than the end result and it gives me no real guide. sketching helps u at the beginning stage of learning anatomy as it allows u to think abt bodies in a simplified way (a circle with a cross on it for head we all kno✓), but later it can drag u down and it might be better to move on. also, the common problem of the sketch being more dynamic than the lineart. all my linearts are cleaned up sketches, if we put it that way🌞👍
  • develop a routine: actually this is more of a workflow/speed/not feel so lost tip but it might be useful idk. for the longest time, no matter if its a portrait or full body pic, ive always been drawing body parts in the same order: eyes, eyebrow, nose, mouth, sideburns (yes to locate where ears will be), ears, fringe/forehead area, hair/head, neck, collarbones (to locate shoulders), upper body, hips (to locate what way will legs go), lower body. a video of my sketching to demonstrate 🌚 since hands are p expressive and easy to misplace i usually draw it before the rest of the arm (like a figure leaning on their hand, i get to the collarbone, then the hand, then arm).
  • break down to parts: makes it easier to process the  details. this actually came to me thinking about hands, but applies to the whole body. on a hand, i think of phalanges as different compartments and draw it as if it was a mannequins hand placed together of different premade parts in the shapes of joints and such, and if it looks too much i erase the extra lines (but not always, as seen in the pic below). a ball jointed doll (altho often they have v twisted proportions, and might not go into details on parts like feet) is a good example on how to break it apart imo but im sure there are guides on this online as well. generally meat and bones and stuff that are in one chunk lol. it also helps if u draw the difficult things (hands usually) on a different layer so u can drag it around and see where it fits best. idk if that sounds weird but its part of my pose making process sometimes o(-(
  • zoom out, flip the canvas: i put this after the previous point to enhance: dont work too zoomed in, only on one part of the body. i mean ofc cleaning up lineart is another thing but seeing the whole of the pose and the body is how u prevent misproportioning and misplacing. breaking it apart and then putting it together in the right places and sizes is what we want to achieve here. flipping the canvas horizontally can reveal anatomy mishaps that u might have not even noticed so good to make it a habit.
  • lasso tool and transform (obv only if u work digitally) : my Best Friends :-) as said i adjust anatomy (or the pose even) a lot while linearting and use these two lots. make use of the transform tool not only with sizing but shearing and this thing here that allows u to swish ur selected area around by dragging or how to explain its rly useful.

anonymous asked:

hi! first of all i love your art and i've been super inspired by your animations!! i'm an animation student too and i'd like to know more about your school if you don't mind? it's in denmark right? what is the level for entering? the cost? i just have one year left to get my bachelors degree in 2d/3d animation and im looking for 2d oriented schools... otherwise, how is it going for you? (sorry if im asking too much! i'm very lost)

Hi! Thank you! and yeah sure!

First of all, here is a link to the schools website:

It is in Denmark, Viborg. To enter you must have finished high school (or our nordic equivalent gymnasium), you have to prepare a portfolio according to the requirements on the website, write a personal letter. Then, if you pass the first round, you have to do a test and an interview (the test can be done here or via skype).

In Nordic countries, tutition is not a thing, I don’t pay anything. We do have a material fee, which includes programs, computer at school, drawing tablet, pens, sketchbooks, papers, school trips etc. It is 2200 danish kr/month.

I don’t know how it works if you come from outside Eu, if you have to pay, but I’m pretty sure you don’t (since we do have a couple of students that are, and I’ve never heard them mentioning it)

The school is not 2d oriented though. 1st year is 2d only, 2nd year is 3d only (though the last couple of assignments can be in 2d if you ask nicely), 3rd year is dedicated to creating the bachelor film in teams of around 10 people, and you choose which film you want to work on yourself. 4th year is internship.

The character animation program is a Bachelor, with 3 years + at least 3 months internship, graduating january your 4th year.

For me it’s going okay! I like 2d better, I don’t think I can…. live? Without drawing? so 3d can be fun but I just can’t love it the same way.

anonymous asked:

anytime i see u analyzing something from naruto or anything i get happy cause u KNOW UR STUFF, i honestly could read u explaining sasukes actions forever. so with that i want to ask u ur thoughts on the scene where sasuke imagines himself standing next to naruto and everyone from the village and then he gets sad, the "what if things turned out differently" scene. i hope u understand which one i mean, I JUST DONT KNOW HOW TO FEEL ABOUT THAT SCENE (love u&thank u)

omg i never saw this until i logged in into my laptop im sorry if it took too long! thank you so much for saying that! im so glad you like it. 

as for the thing you asked, yes sure thing i can give you my point of view about it! it’s gonna be a long post though. 

unfortunately, I could not find a pic of that moment where Sasuke imagines the village but I do know what you mean. 

Sasuke’s connection to the village is basically Naruto. There´s no other thing that he feels connected to. After he lost his family, there is no one except team 7 for Sasuke. Although, he managed to break ties with Kakashi and Sakura ( I am talking about shippuuden and how they lost their hope in him) That’s why he imagines himself next to Naruto. Naruto is basically the only bond that remains and he knows it. The sad and pain expression he shows is just him reflecting how he wants to be. For me, that expression shows “that’s it, that’s how YOU want to be” the realization hits him and the sadness and pain that comes from it, from all he has been through and what he made naruto go through reflects in his face. 

Sasuke never really wanted to fight Naruto or have a rivalry with him at first. Because 1) sasuke was basically better than naruto, there really wasn’t that much rivarly coming from him and 2) he did not hate naruto the way the village did. I am not sure if sasuke knew about the nine tails being inside naruto but my guess is that he did not until they saw each other at orochimaru’s hideout (shippuuden)

Notice how Naruto notices Sasuke’s hate but he also knows that his hate is not directed at him. 

This is their fight at the hospital roof: Notice how Sasuke says something but actually means something else. 

He did not want to fight Naruto. He actually wanted to stop it. Naruto felt the same way. (episode 257- 259) 

The whole rivarly started with Naruto but people tend to forget why it started. Well, because of Naruto’s admiration for Sasuke. At the end, the both had admiration for the other. They said they were each other’s goals. 

What I am trying to say here is that Sasuke does regret hurting Naruto. He did not intend to fight him at the hospital, he did not hate him, he considered him important. He simply started to think Naruto was a weakness, his weakness and his goal, which was revenge, did not allow him to let Naruto´s friendship get to him. 

When he imagined himself with the village, he imagined himself next to Naruto. Why? Cause that’s where he thinks he should´ve been if it wasn’t for hatred. The pain expression he makes is just a sign he regrets.

Like the scene itself is so hard to watch cause you know Sasuke realizes where he wants to be and where he should have been. I am not even looking it in a romantic way like yeah cause he loves naruto (he does) like no, Sasuke regrets not being by his friend’s side and how much he actually wants to be next to him. 

That’s my take on it. :)