im not sure if i like this one too much

the other day i watched the lego batman movie in theater with my mom and my little brother and at the part where the one lady was like “do u want him to kneel at ur feet” and joker was like “yea id like that very much” or whatever i said “im sure you would” and i guess i said it too loud bc i heard the guy behind me start laughing.

also, me and my mom talked about how gay batman and joker are in the car 

      side note and not sure whether im looking too much into it, but it seems like SkyClan [disregarding prefixes] continued to have the newer/stranger names like -willow, -creek, -brook, -moon, -fire, while for the most part, the main series has gone back to more ‘traditional’ ones like -heart, -pelt, and -tail, to use the main characters as examples at least.
    idk if it seems so because the authors rotate but it helps make SkyClan appear more estranged/unorthodox which i thought was neat!

how to make The Chosen One choose YOU: flirting, baz pitch style

(honestly im basically shitposting at this point, but i just love carry on so much. leave me be)


“I like this better than fighting,”  - Simon Snow (The Chosen One) 

  • threaten him with a viking’s funeral
  • (“do you know what that is, snow? A flaming pyre, set adrift on the sea. We could do yours in blackpool, so all your chavvy Normal friends can come,”)
  • make him cry, then drop your handkerchief sarcastically on his bed
  • call him a disgrace to magic
  • make sure it’s first thing in the morning, too, for added effect
  • turn on the charm. Woo him with your best lines
  • example, (what if I took your magic, cast it against you, and settled baz versus simon once and for all?)
  • don’t just rely on words. Act on your feelings too
  • example, push him down a flight of stairs, attempt to feed him to a chimera, etc.
  • cavort with his gf in the woods
  • bonus points if he sees it (hell, hold her hands too while you’re at it)
  • cant accept your own feelings? Conspire with your aunt to take him down
  • no chosen one, no problem
  • hopeless love? Have a backup plan
  • example: marry his ex and find a thousand different men who look like him and break each of their hearts a different way
  • just try to be honest with your feelings. Tell him you want him by your side
  • (“what if I accidentally Turned you? Then i’d be stuck with your pious face forever,”)
  • oh baz. Im swooning
  • invite him to your victorian mansion for christmas under the guise of “truce”
  • first date ideas!
  • – bring him to the british museum, steal a few books, take a walk around the park and find a place where he can eat curry while you read your stolen goods
  • dont forget to be a good conversationalist
  • (“you should eat something,”)
  • (“piss off,”)
  • confused? Lost? Failed at something important?
  • Hell, set a few trees on fire and wait for the flames to consume you
  • bonus points if you’re flammable
  • (hint! Hint! This is a good chance for a >>>KISS<<<!!!)
  • if you do it right, HE’LL kiss YOU
  • sulk and stomp away if he doesnt pull you into his arms and say “good morning, darling” when he opens his eyes first thing in the morning
  • respond to his feelings properly
  • (“you slept in my arms,”)
  • (“fitfully”)
  • accept him for who he is
  • found out your bf literally couldn’t be a bigger mess/supervillian/insiduous humdrum?
  • Kiss him, anyway (because you match)
  • (“i’m not the humdrum! But why does thinking so make you want to kiss me?”)
  • (“Everything makes me want to kiss you”)
  • seriously, I was swooning when I got to this part. Like. Seriously. Swooning. (I think I was crying a little too)

cute nicknames:

  • you courageous fuck
  • you absolute nightmare
  • love

say I love you. like, a lot 

  • I was eleven years old, and I’d lost my mother, and my soul, and the crucible gave me you
  • You were the centre of my universe. Everything else spun around you
  • looking at you was like looking directly into the sun
  • I choose you


  • who needs magic? I’m going to turn you into a vampire and make you live with me forever

no, no im not crying. i just have a bit of snowbaz in my eye 

okay i love gooey marriage shit like okay……. imagine jesse and hanzo are married and one of them goes on a mission and they spend the entire time complaining about being alone

•"i miss hanzoooooo" “jesse dude come on he will be back in a week” “thats too loooooooong”

•*while on the mission* “boy i sure wonder how jesse is doing” “im sure hes fine hanzo” “yeah but like………… how do i know………………”

•"HANZO PLEASE HELP US TALON IS ON OUR ASSES" “jack shut the fuck up im talking to jesse”

•"hanzo i miss you babe :(“ "i miss you too jesse :(” “i love you” “i love you”

and when they get back and meet up again they scoop each other into their arms and smooch and act like married fucking idiots and are just so in love and excited to be married

otayuri ep 11 ♡

hehe yuri kicking his way in he wants to make sure he can watch his babe x3

cheering him on like i knew he would ; u ; 

if he smiled too i would have lajsdflasf 

i was so mesmerized by his performance i loved it 

he even left yuri speechless x3 

he looks so proud of him im like alskdjflasdf i love them so much 


so proud of him cant wait to see his free program!

also hehe look at them with their plushies how can you not love them 

and bonuses 

look at how beautiful he is *^*

aww dont say that cutie because i think you won yuris heart years later ;3 

That one Yoi scene

Ever since the scene ended and the show continued I wanted to write my opinion about it. I’m talking about this.

When Victor said this with as much seriousness as he could have without making it seem like a lie, I’m sure Yuuri felt fear, anxiety (very well portrayed, that’s another reason of why people liked this scene and the representation of it). A black hole in his chest, etc. Victor did shatter his heart, a reckless decision to motivate Yuuri nonetheless a failed attempt to do so, clearly.

I think everyone agrees that Yuuri didn’t keep nothing to himself, he openly and loudly showed his weaknesses and fears, but, his whole reaction is what I wanted to write on. It’s a different point of view and the reason why I personally liked this scene.

Again, yes, he did act and speak fearfully and anxiously, shaken, interrumpted and forced out of whatever thoughts he was having. But he then demonstrated he is not that strong, yet he isn’t weak either. (Victor himself tells him in a previous episode that nobody thinks he is, maybe because he thinks Yuuri can have as much feelings as a rock -none- and can’t be more hurt than inspired when he is concentrated in something so important as the championship, Victor said what he said, maybe he was as nervous and scared as Yuuri, that is another subject.) Either way Yuuri reacted like this:.

People, we can see an unstable and anxious Yuuri but we can see the strongest Yuuri has ever been in the whole series, too. Why? How?

Because Yuuri stands up for himself, for his feelings, for what he thinks.

He doesn’t walk away with his tail between his legs, being hurt, looking fakefully motivated, because he might not want to confront Victor. He would only have done bad at the championship, distracted and not in a right mind, doing it not for the right causes. Instead, he doesn’t want to believe him.

If everything had gone according to the previous paragraph, Yuuri would have failed and Victor, grieving, would leave an already heart broken Yuuri to his luck blamig himself and regretful, but acting to his word. A strong Yuuri stopped this from happening. In the past when he was barely beginning to be instructed by Victor, or even when he wasn’t, when he even scaped from the situation of shamefully taking a commemorative photo with him when he lost, then you could say he was weak and no one would oppose. But not now.

He doesn’t accept and obey Victor, even if he has another opinion or thinks that’s not right.

He is also not genuinely deceived by what Victor says and takes actual courage from it thinking he’ll do well in a wish of not wanting to lose him. Which would have not only been worse but unhealthy. Yuuri is not having it.

He doesn’t get excessively angry either as much as to have told Victor he doesn’t want him as a coach either. Instead, he tells him:

Then it feels more like Yuuri coaches Victor, shows him what he has to do for him to be just fine. Victor gets his mind together thanks to Yuuri, the tables turn. Yuuri voices what he wants from him and indirectly tells him that he will deal with himself, because, later, even he says:

Yuuri knows himself, he knows how sensible he is, he struggles and sees it as something normal -rationally since he got so far already- Even if he doesn’t have all the confidence in the world. He knows and is grateful that Victor has done more than enough and is still there with him so all Victor has to do is not leave. Not even joke about it. Victor doesn’t have to do other exceptional things nor left-speechless motivational discourses because him by Yuuri’s side is all he needs, everything else Yuuri can deal with. That is pretty rough and strong-mind like, for me.

Conclusion is. Ladies in gentlemen in the Yoi fandom Yuuri isn’t only not totally weak, he will only get stronger. We, as Victor:


i was bored last night so i decided to make some valentines day cards with the mystic messenger characters (*^ω^*)
lol i hope all of you enjoy them as much as i did making them 💒
some of the sayings may be lame cause of my lack of creativity but you get what im trying to do here :3

like/reblog if you plan on using!
{make sure to also credit me lolz}

((ps: i messed up my watermark on the yoosung one but i was too lazy to fix it oops))


i sure have been drawing a lot lately!! and a lot of wodahs too… but i love them so much i cant help it, eheh

i’ve also gone bak to using one of my favourite ink brushes after neglecting it for quite a while, and i kinda forgot how much i liked the feel of it and how it looks… i hope you guys do too!

click for captions! please enjoy!


why u should <3 lee taeil
  • he cute
  • straight up he’s 5ft 4 basically a child
  • like hes really emotional and loves his fans so so much he appreciates every last one of us and makes sure we all know it
  • his laugh sounds like if u tickled a fairy 
  • he has a lot of serious self confidence issues, a lot of which have been contributed too by his ‘fans’ and even the other members of block b, and watching the way his face lights up when people call him handsome will simultaneously warm your heart and rip it out
  • he exercises frequently
  • frequently
  • f r e q u e n t l y
  • like honestly his biceps 
  • speaking of biceps did i mention that he is absolutely fcking covered in tattoos
  • because he is
  • literally he has 2 full sleeves; a leg tattoo; an upper chest/collarbone tattoo; and a chest/stomach tattoo
  • and those are just the ones we’ve seen
  • he has the kind of voice that can lower your stress level from the first note that comes out of those pretty pink lips (he uses lip gloss casually btw) and can hype you up just as soon as it can calm you down like honestly lee taeil has the most naturally perfect voice i’ve ever heard from any vocalist in any genre and any language
  • he’s queer af
  • he’s a grumpy old man when he gets hot like how adorable??
  • he loves animals
  • he follows 3 different animal rights groups on twitter i’m not joking
  • especially tropical fish he LOVES raising and breeding all kinds of tropical fish in high school he was in a tropical fish club and kept over 7~800
  • his favorite breed is the corydoras which he thinks is “cute, cute, just so cute” - direct quote
  • he likes chub
  • used to have an eyebrow piercing
  • buys gifts for the other members all the time for like no reason like once he bought jaehyo a new shirt just cause and he wore it to the airport and it was so cute
  • every time he gets invited onto singing competition shows all of the judges are so surprised that he can sing so well and they all think he’s adorable like once on a japanese show one of the judges touched his hand and almost fainted she was so excited
  • he’s so so funny like he’s the moodmaker at every photoshoot and he’s just so likable nobody hates him he’s too amazing
  • ALWAYS tweets support to members who are doing solo/subunit activities and gets genuinely excited for them
  • “taeil how do you feel after losing to zico?”
  • “it feels like not wiping after taking a shit.”
  • really he’s an angel
  • i promise
  • so cute and pure and precious
  • just love him u can’t not
  • thank u

lavabird  asked:

I cant find or remember whos headcanon it was about ghouls going through heat every season or 3 moons ~ but I think? It was yours? And wanted to ask how long one lasts? A few days? A week, longer? And also if they all have their own cycle or its every one at once. Because if u have a few hundred ghouls, that sounds like absolutE cHaOS. Especially with all the sisters anD PAPA In thE mIX too. And what the whole situation is like in general in your headcanon. I hope this wasnt too much to ask .__.



yknow how sometimes friends’ periods can sync up or like one friend will get theirs and then u get the Sympathy Period?? that can totally happen to ghouls in heat. like one ghoul smells it on another ghoul and then it just spreads and its chaos and the poor church sisters have so many broken horns and scratched-out eyes to take care of

heat only affects ghouls too, so papa and the sisters just sit back and watch the chaos and papa probably tries to hide lmao

it effects every individual ghoul a little differently too. some ghouls are only in heat for like two days and they’re fine, you’d never know they were in heat at all. but then some poor ghouls get it for a week or more and they’re in AGONY

ghoul by ghoul, specifically:

  • air and earth usually sync up because they’re fuckin married and they just make out everywhere and cant keep their hands off each other like horny teenagers
  • mist in heat is terrifying. aether has a broken horn in my design because he and mist challenged each other to a Dominance Duel when they were both in heat and mist damn near killed his squishy ass
  • alpha just gets really really Really clingy with papa
  • omega gets super aggressive and wants to Fight but he also knows he could easily break someone’s neck so he just kind of sits and stews and eats a lot of carbs and hates life
  • and then cowbell…..🐄🐮🥛🍼


anonymous asked:

My boyfriend is such a lovley shape and he thinks hes really big and heavy but the reality is we're both chubby but hes no more fat then me and he always says im so lovely and beautiful I wish he'd see that he is too! Hes so light I can lift and carry him forever and his tummy is so so cute!! I love him so much he is so perfect!💖💖❤💖💞💞💓💕💕❤💖💞💞💖❤❤

Awww! It sounds like you two have a lot of feelings for each other, and I’m glad you support him ☺ I’m sure one day, with your help, he’ll see himself how you see him 💓

Drew my friend Kaitlyn as a ghost type gym leader. Had some fun messing around a new line art and coloring style. She’s gonna draw me as a bug type gym leader in return. Hype to see how it turns out. 

man my fucking heart hurts but all i can bring myself to do is apologize and wish you well because i love you and i have spent so many nights killing myself over the fact that maybe you weren’t doing too well, i have stayed up until the sun would rise to make sure you were okay, i would cry in the bathrooms because i knew your heart was hurting too and i cut my hands over imaginary fragments, i tried and tried and i thought i had pulled the sad right out of you and it’s all pathetic because im always the one who loves too much, who says too much, who feels too much. but how can you tell me you don’t feel the same way when you kissed me like you hadn’t ever felt anything so warm? like i was the last drop of water and your body was a desert? im sorry for clinging onto you, for trying to save you. i guess you saved yourself, im sorry my kisses and banaids weren’t enough. im sorry, once again, that i loved way too fucking much.

So I was looking through some Hisoka pictures and I was just thinking that people are legit creeped out by Hisoka.

That’s a normal reaction right?

Am I not normal?

I mean I love this man too much.

Like the people creeped out by Hisoka are at the far far end of the spectrum of where I love him lol. Like I’m at the opposite side.

I’m sure if Hisoka was real I’d be killed since Im not necessarily afraid of him and I would think, just one picture. One picture. He won’t mind lol. I’ll be too busy trying to get a picture instead of running for my life.

anonymous asked:

Had to say that its not hate because everyone seems to see it as hate. And then your followers try to defend you (which is good but i didnt even hate) BY insulting me :( im sure im not the only one that gets a bit sad about a clogged dashboard :///

I agree with the anon tbh i love how youre so polite to everyone but the asks get too much sometimes, you know? My dash is literally only the asks even tho i follow 217 blogs, so even if i scroll down and down its still the asks :( this isnt hate btw

wait wha, i know it wasnt hate i didnt say anything ioefoijrotj, don’t worry!!!

and yes i understand sorry :^(((

anonymous asked:

can i ask you for some of your favorite tofu recipes? i've never tried it before and everything you make always looks/sounds so good!

sure! i dont really follow recipes that closely but ive made variations of all the recipes im going to list and they are all really good. 

dau hu sot ca (this one is sooo good. its the first tofu recipe i made that i liked)
thai basil tofu
sweet and sour tofu
tofu in tomatoes 
tofu scramble 
sweet and spicy tofu
general tso tofu
soondubu jjigae (one of my favorites)
spicy braised tofu

honestly though, tofu tastes so much better once you master cooking it. make sure you press the water out of the tofu before cooking or else it can be really soggy. also, get the firmest tofu too. dont get silken unless you are making soup!

for like stupid simple recipes, i really like baking tofu but lately ive been dipping it in batter and pan frying it before i throw a sauce on it. its more extra but its really worth it. for the batter i actually use fish fry (this one) and for sauces, im obsessed with this one currently, but a lot of the time i just buy premade stir fry sauces in the asian section of the grocery. but you can just cover the tofu with cornstarch before cooking it to make it crispy instead of using a batter. if i dont want to fuck with really cooking than ill just bake the tofu and put a sauce on after. 

hope this helps!


                            “ You know, we could make one horrifying mash up.”

                                 “ Oh -I’m listenin’ dear ol’ death.

So I’m slowly getting around to drawing more ‘nightmare before christmas’ AU related things - and though Marluxia and Larxene in the AU deserved some limelight. Not too sure if the duo is up to any scheming  to take over Halloween tow ( it’s a lil’ undecided at this point for the plot ). 

For now, I kinda found this as a chance to update their designs kinda.

lunalayn  asked:

Hello :) I was wondering if I could request a fic where the reader is Aurelio's niece who grew up in his chop shop and one day she needs protection because of some assassin business so Aurelio hires John to be her protector then somewhere along the line he falls in love with her but he's conflicted since she's a bit younger than him but in the end when she's almost killed he decides he doesn't care about anything but making sure she's never hurt again... Hope this isn't too much Thanks <3

Ohhhhh I wanna write this now but Im going according to who asked first…. Bummer.


XoXo Cookie