im not sure if i like this one but ahhh

SHINee: When he finds out his girlfriend is pregnant.

Ah this was so cute to do! I’m pretty sure I didn’t this type of request for SHINee so it’s all good! Thank you for requesting and hope you enjoy!

Onew: *Dazed* I’ve been waiting for this day to come but…what if I’m not a good father? No–I shouldn’t be thinking like this, if I can be a good leader I can be a good father… I hope.

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Minho: Are you serious??! Yah, this is great!! And it’s going to be even greater once I give you my surprise! *Feels for engagement ring in his pocket*

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Key: R-Really? You mean,w-we’re going to be parents?…*Starts crying* Sorry–I don’t kn-know what’s come over me I’m just s-s-so happy!!!–Y-You have no idea h-how long I’ve been thinking of n-n-na-names for this moment!

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Jonghyun: *Sees text message* Before tonight ends I have some surprising news for you all…I’m going to be a father. *Chuckles* And with that, because I know she’s–no, they’re listening, I would like to end tonight with a lullaby.

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Taemin: *Pulls up her shirt* Hello there!~ Do you know who I am? I’m your daddy! And daddy loves you very much–*Kisses belly*

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What would Kidd and Bonney look like in your delinquent au?

I’ve shown both of their designs before actually

but I’m not sure about Bonney’s design and idk what to do with Kidd in the entire AU so I haven’t made character sheets for either of them yet (especially a color palette for Kidd??? I may just go gold and red but ahhh)

but, unlike Kidd, I actually have details for Bonney…

just…y’know. Keep in mind this isn’t a final design I just wanted to share her details

delinquent AU

ahhh, theres nothing like one word answers! A quick and easy way to get me sobbing and shaking, heart racing stomach twisting in knots im sure im going to throw up my throat hurts and i cant breathe Im dizzy this is normal this is a totally normal and proportionate reaction right?!

HORRIBLE FIC IDEA The Lost Light starts hopping dimensions and in one of them Whirl finds a Rung who’s undergone purata and shadowplay, basically reducing him to the intelligence of a drone and taking away his voice and just

Adopts him

Is like fuck it he’s coming with us nobody touch him he is my baby now and I refuse to leave him here

Ahhh my emotionssssd

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i have three college apps to submit tomorrow and not all of my essays are done and im just like. tired

ahhh thats so stressful, I’m so sorry ☠️ my advice would be to take one essay at a time, even if you have to stick to the minimum word count, and trust your gut about how to frame your responses.

i only had one long personal statement for mine, I’m pretty sure, and I wrote a short story for it, so im not very helpful with these things but !!!! I believe in you !!! and just think about how relieved you’ll be tomorrow when you have them done. deep breaths. you can do it. ❤️❤️❤️

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Hello I am new to tumblr and I am going from blog to blog checking them out. I recently joined the undertale fandom and I know it is really late, but I really didn't start to like undertale till a little while ago, and now I love it a lot. Anyways I love your art style it is really good. I hope that one day I can draw as amazingly as you can. Welp, I hope that we can be friends and I hope you have a wonderful day!!!

AHHH DUDE im so happy u like my art and this blog :v. Im sure youll be an amazing artist if you really wanted to be<3

Also its not rly too late to be a part of fandom, i mean compared to other fandoms undertale is rlyyy young, and is still REALLY popular, so yeah!

Thanks for stopping by :>

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may i make a request? (or skmething idk) will you help me find some flats? like.. its okay if u dont want to but some nice ones that arent black/tan? (theres so many that are..)

ahhh im sorry i havent gotten around to this ask yet. sure we’ll do this request soon but at the moment we’re swamped with filling up the queue so it’ll take like a day or two until some flats are probably posted ;;;