im not sure if i like this one but ahhh

SHINee: When he finds out his girlfriend is pregnant.

Ah this was so cute to do! I’m pretty sure I didn’t this type of request for SHINee so it’s all good! Thank you for requesting and hope you enjoy!

Onew: *Dazed* I’ve been waiting for this day to come but…what if I’m not a good father? No–I shouldn’t be thinking like this, if I can be a good leader I can be a good father… I hope.

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Minho: Are you serious??! Yah, this is great!! And it’s going to be even greater once I give you my surprise! *Feels for engagement ring in his pocket*

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Key: R-Really? You mean,w-we’re going to be parents?…*Starts crying* Sorry–I don’t kn-know what’s come over me I’m just s-s-so happy!!!–Y-You have no idea h-how long I’ve been thinking of n-n-na-names for this moment!

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Jonghyun: *Sees text message* Before tonight ends I have some surprising news for you all…I’m going to be a father. *Chuckles* And with that, because I know she’s–no, they’re listening, I would like to end tonight with a lullaby.

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Taemin: *Pulls up her shirt* Hello there!~ Do you know who I am? I’m your daddy! And daddy loves you very much–*Kisses belly*

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ahhh, theres nothing like one word answers! A quick and easy way to get me sobbing and shaking, heart racing stomach twisting in knots im sure im going to throw up my throat hurts and i cant breathe Im dizzy this is normal this is a totally normal and proportionate reaction right?!

HORRIBLE FIC IDEA The Lost Light starts hopping dimensions and in one of them Whirl finds a Rung who’s undergone purata and shadowplay, basically reducing him to the intelligence of a drone and taking away his voice and just

Adopts him

Is like fuck it he’s coming with us nobody touch him he is my baby now and I refuse to leave him here

Ahhh my emotionssssd

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A SUPER CUTE FRIEND OF MINE KEEPS CALLING ME CUTE AND I CANT TELL IF SHES FLIRTING OR JUST BEING NICE LIKE IM DYING AND BLUSHING SO BADLY!! im a girl who sucks at flirting so how do i even know if shes flriting w me??? shes so cute ahhh???

Ah talk about gay girl problems lol

One of my friends is going through the exact same thing rn!
Does she know you’re gay? Is she gay? If yes and she keeps calling you cute and touching you or complimenting you then I feel that yes it’s possible she’s flirting. It does also depends on the situation just be sure to read it properly. It’s so common for girls to be so nice and touchy feely with each other and it be completely platonic.
Look for signs. Notice when she touches you. Is it random or does she make the excuse to do so? Also notice if she’s been trying to spend even more time with you than usual, especially in group situations.
Just trust your gut.

Or you can be completely bold and ask her if she is flirting with you. She might act surprised but at least you asked her. They usually either back off or say yes. Even if she backs off and says she wasn’t flirting, at least you’ll know for sure and you won’t have to keep wondering.

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Im semi new to kpop too like that other anon so im curious as to know what other groups you stan and your biases so i could maybe get into them too. if you answer then thank you so much

ahhh welcome welcome - enter new groups at your discretion! hahah. I feel like I’m also constantly discovering new groups I love but I’ll just name a few here (and by few I prbly mean a lot)

  • Monsta X: okay I just really love these goofballs and I’d have to say they’re one of my bias groups for sure. They’re so talented and adorable. My bias is angel voiced Kihyun and he just got light pink hair for their comeback and it’s got me fucking shook. Listen to Stuck, it’ll be stuck in your head all day and the choreo is A1
  • B.A.P:  Also a bunch of dorks and their symbol is a bunny, I mean sold. My bias is fluffy adorably sassy Yoo Youngjae. Their songs make you Feel So Good. Also Yongguks deep ass voice makes me feel feels every time. 

  • Block B: It’s Block B time! Block B are like those crazy cousins of yours that just don’t give a fuck about anything ever. Their music videos are always lit - always. Also Z-Z-Zi-Co is the leader and he’s also got a solo career I love him. But my BB bias is Ukwon bc he’s amazing and all he likes on instagram are photos of fluffy animals it’s fucking adorable. 

  • Shinee: Okay seriously if you’re not into Shinee you need to be into Shinee. Enough said. My bias is Taemin bc Taemin. lol. 

  • Seventeen: ahhh my 13 babies. I stan so hard, guys they’re like Kings of Being Dorks I just want to give them all hugs and marry Joshua bc he’s my amazing bias/meme king. Say the name, seventeeeeeeeennnnnn yep. 

  • F(X): MY. QUEENS. Stan f(x), stan talent. I love them all they’re so talented but  Amber has my heart. 

  • AOA: AOA gets me hyped everytime like can I plz join you I want to be like a cat, too. I love Jimin - her voice gives me life. 
I could go into wayyyyy more, especially with the girl groups but I’ll stop here, lol. Any more questions just ask. Also I shitpost/fangirl about these groups and others on my other blog - @minyoongaby if you wanna follow me over there. :)