im not sure if i like this one but ahhh

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hey so I had sent to ask to amazingpetenclosures about the fact I was thinking about splitting a tank (its a 20 g) that I house my tarntula in and someone replied to the post and said you were doing something like that?? Sorry if Im bothering you ahhh

lolol youre not bothering me. I made a blocker for my bettas using this craft mesh and a light diffuser. Im not exactly sure what the proper title of the craft mesh stuff is, but it comes in all kids of different colors with different sizes so you can pick the right one. The mesh is used for making pictures out of yarn, if that helps. The light diffuser can be purchased at a home improvement store like hom depot. I cut some of the holes bigger and ziptied the mesh to the light diffuser on both sides.

sorry i dont have any pictures atm, but thats the gist of it!

HORRIBLE FIC IDEA The Lost Light starts hopping dimensions and in one of them Whirl finds a Rung who’s undergone purata and shadowplay, basically reducing him to the intelligence of a drone and taking away his voice and just

Adopts him

Is like fuck it he’s coming with us nobody touch him he is my baby now and I refuse to leave him here

Ahhh my emotionssssd

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i really, really really love blushing vic. just imagine - yuuri&victor having a peaceful moment, vic hugging yuuri, & vic says something like "ilysm" <3 , then yuuri says something and completely WASTES him. vic's at first like "???" and then he's like "did u just???" and hides his head to the crook of yuuri's neck while blushing so hard. 1/2

ahhh i never got part 2 to this 

tumblr…. why…………………………………………………………..

HOWEVER. i have two things to say to this

1) some ppl rly dont blush easily! im one of them - but its more bc my blood circulation is garbage and im always freezing. that being said, when im flustered, i have other tells - i fiddle w my hands, my eyes look anywhere but the person, or ill curl into myself. getting me to actually blush is a feat

2) im still here for blushing viktor. hed look so cute!!! hes v pale (both his face & hair - that boy is a recessive gene. i know that hes ~anime~ and real genetics dont fully apply but im here for albino viktor. you can be an albino male w white hair, pale skin, and blue eyes.)

(this is not where i meant to take this answer but here we are)

anyways, viktor blushing would be fucking precious. imagine him blushing and then yuuri getting embarrassed that viktors flustered and subsequently also blushing. sappy vikturi for best vikturi.

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Welp it wont gonna let me message you soooooo..... I really like ur blog ,nice aesthetic pics And bout mee.....well I really dont like the boys from my country bcus they all act macho and shit and if you express you feelings ur gay or if you have skincare routines or your eyebrows done ( which is shit ) and im really concerned I wont find a guy like the ones from exo =(((( you know open minded

AHhh thank you so much sweets!!!! And ooooh that’s sounds tough ;~; every country is a big place though so I’m sure that you’ll be able to find someone who isn’t like that, whom you can get along with even though they don’t seem apparent right now!! Fragile masculinity is always frustrating but I trust that you’ll be able to find someone open-minded like you’re hoping for!!! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you my dude :’‘)

ahhh, theres nothing like one word answers! A quick and easy way to get me sobbing and shaking, heart racing stomach twisting in knots im sure im going to throw up my throat hurts and i cant breathe Im dizzy this is normal this is a totally normal and proportionate reaction right?!