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leave it to the land, this is what it knows

so my whole ‘stay away from tfc cuz its giving you major feelings and you need to be productive in school’ thing went to shit this morning but hey!!! on the bright side!! i wrote a fic!!!

a fic that im pretty sure has already been written 5000 times!!! but its aight!!! did it anyways!!

the times andrew lets neil touch him

Neil has become accustomed to tangling his fingers in Andrew’s hair when being kissed, not stupid enough to cross the line Andrew set for him. While he wouldn’t end up with a punch from Andrew if his hands did stray like anyone else would, besides maybe Kevin, that doesn’t mean he’d get off easy.

It isn’t just that he’s stupid enough to leap the line; it’s that he knows the reason it’s there. Just as Andrew’s incessant comments never stray to his time in Evermore or his night in the hands of his father and his people, just as his steady hands never brush across the burn scar on Neil’s cheek where a number used to live, Neil doesn’t bring up what happened in the bedroom with Drake, or what happened when Andrew was younger.

Neil Josten has spent his life running from his demons. He may have out run them, but Andrew hasn’t. He likely won’t until Drake is 6 feet under the ground, unable to touch anyone again.

Neil doesn’t push. He has no reason to, fully content with what he has.

Today, though, Andrew does. He breaks from Neil’s lips, pulling back to look at him, guarded eyes revealing nothing.

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Day 21: One Way to Propose

Day 21! Three weeks straight of stories! So much cleaning to do in my home tonight! I threw this piece together fairly quickly, please excuse any awful errors I may have made, I haven’t re-read it in the slightest.

Steve’s soulmark was always a little odd. It’s a good thing Bucky got one just as strange, so they could look forward to meeting their third together.
Darcy just doesn’t want to face the relatives probing questions about her still single status.

Word Count: 1512

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I've honestly been waiting months for someone to make an audiopost of Okuyasu calming down Stray Cat in that last fight? Where he goes like "OTOTOtototo"? I'd do it myself if I knew how and honestly I'm like almost at that point where I'm willing to figure it out for this one thing and then never use it again.

OOOH right!! THAT ONE IS CUTE I FORGOT i feel like there already is an audio of it around but im not sure? idk? If anyone finds it, please link it to me!! 

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did you only pick the big blogs for the balloon squad net? because it sure seems like it

hallaaaaaaa petal!!!

ive gotten a lot of questions regarding my choices for members for bsn so im hoping to clear a lot of that up here!!! but ultimately my choices were reflected by what things each person was able to contribute, which people had already established interest in the net/had begun to help me out in putting it together, and their blogging personalities. i didnt want anyone in the net that i deemed to either be negative in their own posts or negative on the tags of others, which eliminated quite a few people in and of itself. many of the “bigger blogs” that were excepted are bigger in following because they are able to contribute more to a fandom, meaning they had more to contribute to the net. it was never meant to be discriminatory towards anyone and i hope it didnt come across that way!!

thank u for asking (^: xoxoxo

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Briller for the questions please?

Who is the most affectionate? Defs Miller I mean have you seen the way he like holds the back of Bryan’s neck and the sides of his face???

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(the lack of gifs of these two kill me plz)
Big spoon/Little spoon? I wanna say Miller is big spoon because in the beginning of the latest ep Bryan looked so snuggly and adorable ugh

Most common argument? “You’re not funny okay!” “then why are you laughing?” “I’M NOT YOU FUCKING JACKASS” or maybe “Why the FUCK did you steal that?” “I DON’T KNOW I PANICKED” “weLL GO PUT IT THE FUCK BACK” “NO YOU DO IT” “I DIDN’T GOD DAMN STEAL IT!”
Favorite non-sexual activity? I know so little about them ugh it hurts but ima say couch chill out time between guard shifts??

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Who is most likely to carry the other? Miller insisting on piggy back rides and Bryan is like no you’re fat and Miller acts all shocked and hurt until he agrees to it
What is their favorite feature of their partner’s? Bryan loves Miller’s facial hair (im sure it feels lovely) and Miller loves Bryan’s neck (why is that thing I am now deciding upon idk but i like it)
Nicknames? & if so, how did they originate? I want Bryan to call Miller Nate just to piss him off so Miller gets his revenge by calling him boobear in front of Jasper and it follows him to his grave (casually knocks on wood Jroth if you touch my child I will cut you)
Who worries the most? Bryan constantly following him everywhere so he doesn’t get himself in to trouble, or at least not alone, but when Bryan gets hurt Miller goes nuts fretting over him

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Who remembers what the other one always orders at a restaurant? Bryan being a lil hubby that always picks up Miller’s orders when he has to work late downtown (why does Miller give me such policeman vibes?)

Who tops? Bryan you precious little bottom you

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Who initiates kisses? Can i reiterate MILLER GRABBING HIS HUBBY’S FACE AND PULLING HIM IN FOR A SMOOCH but also Bryan doing it too

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Who reaches for the other’s hand first? I wanna say Bryan on this one like he just likes to randomly grab his hand (maybe even like in front of Bellamy) and Miller gets all huffy about it

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Who kisses the hardest? Miller going ham out of nowhere and Bryan is like wait what is happening hmbfghfhjrhb

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Who wakes up first? Bryan cuz “you like days I like nights” too cute
Who wants to stay in bed just a little longer? as above
Who says I love you first? Miller right before he gets locked up - because of course his dad would be taking him in and he’d be kicking and screaming and someone would call Bryan and he’d come sprinting down the halls crying and Miller would just fight even harder to get to him and kiss him and just hold him and say I love you loser and Bryan saying now we have something in common I’M NOT CRYING YOU’RE CRYING

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Who leaves little notes in the other’s one lunch? (Bonus: what does it usually say?) Miller leaving cheesy jokes that he knows Bryan hates like “what do you call cheese that isn’t yours? Nacho cheese”
Who tells their family/friends about their relationship first? OKAY SO I WOULD LIKE TO THINK THAT MILLER WOULD HAVE INTRODUCED BRYAN TO DAVID LIKE “hey so…dad? I’m dating someone…but he’s from farm station…” and David is like “Son, those kids are-” but miller just says “It’s Bryan” and David is like “oh…okay. He’s nice. I like that one. Bring him round for dinner tomorrow night.” and Miller is like “wait what?”
What do their family/friends think of their relationship? I think that David would love Bryan like adopt him as his own better son and everyone else ships them so hard like HAVE YOU SEEN HARPER AND MILLER BEING BFF’S AND BELLAMY IS SO UNDERSTANDING AS TO WHY MILLER LOVES HIM AND NEEDS TO FIND HIM SO BAD

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Who is more likely to start dancing with the other? Miller on the dance floor dorking it up and Bryan is just standing to the side with Harper like WHY AM I DATING THIS????????? And Miller is like “CUZ I AM THE BOMB” and drags him onto the dancefloor so he can just nerd dance around him
Who cooks more/who is better at cooking? The “fuck it lets get takeout” vibes is strong here
Who comes up with cheesy pick up lines? 

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Who whispers inappropriate things in the other’s ear during inappropriate times? Am i allowed to just…

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Who needs more assurance? I wanna say Bryan because he seems like the kind of good guy that needs constant assertion that he’s doing the right thing you feel me?

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What would be their theme song? I honestly have no clue but ima take a stab in the dark here and go with something I love that is about just fitting together as complete opposites also this just screams Miller to me

“Eat a pill stay and chill, you don’t need to go
I’m about to bring emo back if you leave my home
I’d panic at the disco and you’d rather watch a TV show
Then I’ll squeeze your booty real hard like I’m kneading dough
Pizza boy, I’m speeding for ya
We can get married tonight if you really wanna
Me in a cheap suit like a sleazy lawyer
And if you break this lil’ heart, it’d be an honour”

Who would sing to their child back to sleep? Miller - bless my gentle babies heart

What do they do when they’re away from each other? Miller would be sooooooooo grumpy I mean come on all his grumpy stern looks in season 1 and 2 and then season 3 while theyre fighting but he lit up like a fucking shooting star in that cave and idk with Bryan I need to know more about him

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look at that grumpy lil sass bean ugh
one headcanon about this OTP that breaks your heart One of them dying IDK it’s just the type of poor writing decisions I can see happening (again fight me) this season
one headcanon about this OTP that mends it Them becoming main characters in season 4? Or is it too early to ask

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"Where do u think you're running off to?" Fucking Jungkook said this to Jimin as he grabbed him by the arm and jimin effing GIGGLED!!! LIKE ??? jikook please... have mercy 😭 btw this is from the new V app video

ok i got like 6 different asks about this exact thing djdjs understandable bc this moment is going in the Books ive watched the clip 50 times in a row already in a trance-like state……… why did jungkook do that.. he is so.. domineering…… and the way he lowered his voice so much.. i dont even think he intended for anyone but jimin to hear it but. y’all heard it. and jimin just laughing off being talked to that way is tru unconditional lov…… imagine the kind of playing around they get to in the dorms off camera im sure jungkook was holding back here

this is a good excuse for me to put off being productive and i am in the mood to talk about books bc i had a bad day and book talk makes me feel better, so im gonna go ahead and answer it publicly! If u don’t like books you can blacklist my Lit tag ! or just unfollow me tbh my feelings wont be hurt

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things to consider if you’re gonna tell your friends about you lifting

there are a select group of my friends that know that i lift, i told them because i knew that they were people i could A) trust not to tell anyone else we know and B) trust not to judge me… what i didn’t think about beforehand was that i need to be able to C) trust them not to be a fucking idiot around me when we’re in a store

i was in walgreens a little while ago and i was looking at some jordana products–to buy, because i had a bit of money and because i wasn’t really in the lifting mood (i did end up lifting a separate milani lipstick but thats unrelated), plus there was a worker right down the cosmetics aisle + walgreens intimidates me anyway

so i was comparing shades, looking at prices, etc and one of my friends came up behind me and i mentioned how one of the products didn’t have a price tag so i wanted to know how much it was, and without even TRYING to be quiet he says “wait why aren’t you just taking it???” and i almost killed him right there seriously, luckily the worker in the aisle didn’t hear but oh my god

once we were outside the store i lectured him on how dumb it was and i felt sorta bad being so harsh but like damn!!!! why you tryna get me caught for!!!!!!! SO moral of the story is to meet all levels of trust before you tell anyone about your lifting habit, and if you’ve already dug yourself into that hole like me, make sure you tell them sternly not to act so careless when you’re in a store together