im not super happy with this but


these are all of the main cast of persona 4 thumbnails i’ve made for @pikaiscool‘s stream channel! instead of posting them all separately i figured it’d be easier to put them all in one post :^) 

these were super fun to work on!! im super glad i got to make them aaaaaa

Please do not use/repost/modify this artwork. Only the commissioner of this piece is allowed to use and modify it. Thank you!

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idk if this has been requested or not,, but the losers at pride??


like they’d paint each other’s faces and tie dye their shirts. richie’s shirt would say “this is my gay shirt” and stan’s would say “you think im gay? ask my boyfriend”

bill would just be so happy with the happiness on his pretty boyfriend’s face. eddie would call his boyfriend a total loon, but he’d be happy spending all day kissing richie

mike would also be super pumped ?? he’d probably have some stereo playing lgbtq+ songs really loud. also like all day long him and stan would be exchanging kisses on cheeks. at one point of the day, eddie would be on mike’s shoulders waving pride flags 

they’d all have the colors of their sexuality painted on their faces

bill’s would be pansexual; richie, mike, and beverly would be bisexual; eddie and stan homosexual; and ben would probably just have the letters ‘lgbtq+’ painted

beverly would go around kissing random girls on the cheek and at some part of the day she holds hands with a girl and they end up dating a week later

stan would take so many pictures !! 

Now it’s my turn to scream! A while back, the lovely @tanooqueen was super sweet and wonderful to gift @destatree and I, little matching Squishy (Malboro) Pins! Look at that dorky smile, he’s so precious and cute!  ♥

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hoy, art nerds out there!

assuming there are some among my darling followers

I just set up a new art-only blog focused on classical art [mostly renaissance, ‘cuz I’m a slut for botticelli and ma bois], so if you fancy that kind of content, head over to @botticelis and maybe hit that follow button! I’ll be grateful! ♥

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there’s not much content yet as it’s a fresh new blog, but I’ll make sure to make them posts rolling ‘cuz art gives me life and I didn’t want to put it on my main gaming blog

Because its my first life has such an amout of girls protecting girls and im so happy, not only between the female lead and her friends who have such a great and beautiful bond, but between Ji Ho and Jung Min in the last episodes. In any other drama if the ex of the main guy would have ended up working with his current partner it would have been drama and fights between the two women, however Jung Min proceeded to work with Ji Ho and with the trial against Ji Ho’s (almost) rapist, she gave her support and talked to her about Se Hee. Ji Ho too, she went and asked her to have dinner together to talk, she never tried to attack her or put herself in a higher place just because she’s Se Hee’s wife now, they were even laughing and smiling together at the end of it, i love it


OKOK SO A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DEAR DEAR KATE @velvethoseok 💝❤️ STAY HAPPY, HEALTHY AND AWESOME!! I am truly the biggest fan of all your moodboards and content cuz all of them are hella fine juz like you ;) HOSEOK AND I BOTH WISH U A BLESSED BIRTHDAY AND I HOPE U LIKE THIS GIFT 💕 LOV U LOTS BEB // 171122 //

“All of the things you said are like a mask,”
“It hides the truth and rips me apart.”
-the most beautiful moment in life pt.1, 2015-

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Im curious:) What makes eunhae "real"? How they acts different towards each others than other super junior members? There are a lot theories about why eunhae were distant before army, why were they like that? Is there something different about them now? Please can you write little "story" if you only feel like it?^^ <3

Tbh I love them so much that right now ide care if they’re ‘real’ or not lol as long as they’re doing activities (with SJ/D&E) together then I’m happy. But I can say that I love the way Hyukjae looks at Donghae, like he is looking at someone who is very special to him:

I didn’t know there was a distance between them before army? I mean, the day before Hyukjae enlisted, they met and hugged? And one important thing, they made sure that their enlistment just 2 days apart so lol

As the years go by, they’re growing up and more mature, they will have many things to care about maybe that will affect the way they express themselves as well as feeling towards each other… Idk

And lastly, my English sucks so I don’t think I can write any story at the moment lol sorry for my poor English

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I have a HUGE crush on you. You’re just so amazing!! I swear it’s the truth. You’re personality is just so full of of warmth and kindness and your just aahhhhh so amazing and talented. I bet you’re beautiful <3 Also, I know that you’re straight, I just wanted to get my feelings out :p sorry ‘bout that.



AM HORRIBLY AWKWARD AND BLUSH SUPER EASILY AND AM REALLY BAD AT TAKING COMPLIMENTS TTT^TTT everything you said is so sweet and kind and I’m so incredibly honored that you think so highly of me gosh ^\^ I have the biggest grin on my face right now

Thank you….so much for saying all of that, really, my heart is so full of warmth right now ❤️❤️❤️

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i know you probably have like 500 asks like this sitting around but i hope youre doing well and that creativity and good health come your way! :0 i think your art and music are rlly impressive and that youll have a good future in whatever you choose to pursue

thank you, ive been in the process of deciding what to do with my music carreer (not even a carreer i do it all for free) and im wondering if i even like what i make, and i just get super embarassed of it, i still want to make music but im so hyper critical of my mixing and mastering 

so i decided i might just start fresh with a whole different brand and practice a lot and go a step above of my old songs, i really think theyre not good but i know a lot of you really like them and that makes me really happy… so i’m going to keep trying and its thanks to the people who have faith in me, i was very close to giving up

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hiya! on anon since im kinda skfdsdf shy about saying this, but your kkm art is one of the things that consistently makes me super super happy! im still embarrassingly into kkm even after all these years, and wolfram is particularly important to me - so whenever you post new art of him/yuuri it brightens my day like nothing else. i'd understand if you left the fandom since it's so old, but... i just want you know that you'll always have an audience for your kkm art in me! <3

Aaaaaa this is so sweet;;;;;;;;;; thank you thank you very much aaa I am so glad
If I left the fandom it wouldn’t be bc it’s old tho don’t worry I tend to be into things that are either old or generally unpopular so it’s fine!! Let’s be still embarrassingly into kkm together~
Thank u for ur ask whether on anon or not btw it made me rlly happy 😄😄


pretty sure that’s a fire hazard, Jesse.

happy valentine’s day!! <3 <3

  • person: *talks about something they're passionate about even if I don't know much about it or can relate too much*
  • me: Listen. Listen. I love listening to what you're passionate about. It's fun listening. You don't have to apologize. It's good talking about things you like. Enjoy yourself.