im not stu

bfs jarchie hcs
  • jughead is a known food stealer and when they start dating there are no limits. archie will have a twizzler in his mouth and jug just leans forward and takes it out of his mouth w/ his mouth
  • do that cliche share a milkshake thing its very pure
  • archie, a goddamn sap, does everything he can to touch jug’s hand while they’re sharing a basket of fries. jughead does not respect this because food is a SERIOUS MATTER
  • so archie is that guy who shakes is leg and it pisses jug off but after so many fights abt it all he can do is just move to put his leg against archie’s– it works though
  • all they do in the car is drag each other’s music bc archie plays shit like ed sheeran and ellie goulding and jughead listens to like. the screams of the tortured? (jk he listens to like all time low and other emo shit)
  • archie tries to take up knitting to fix jug’s hat when it gets a hole. he is not successful and jug’s dad fixes it for him and lets archie claim he did it
  • vegas and hot dog are dog bffs and it’s genuinely weird how often archie’s pics for insta of the dogs turn out looking adorable because literally what the fuck hot dog will fucking pose under vegas or some shit
  • jughead loves horror movies and archie is scared to death of themwhich leads to a lot of watching them while archie hides his face in his jacket or jug’s shoulder
  • they’re so casually affectionate it’s disgusting like just chilling at pop’s jug’s hand will be on his thigh and archie’s arm will be over the back of the booth around his shoulders

Phase 1 2D: precious little cupcake, really happy to be in a band

Phase 2 2D: cocky asshole but still a cupcake and still really happy to be in Gorillaz

Phase 3 2D: nervous wreck, snarky asshole and all around sass-machine. also emotionally damaged and does not want to be at plastic beach.