im not so sure of this but okay

Okay, but a Villain!Deku headcanon

Right, so, I’d noticed a lot of people like the thought of Deku as a villain, and let’s be honest, I do too, but the insane shtick is getting kinda redundant. Not that it’s a bad thing, but I personally don’t like seeing Deku so…broken, y’know? I always pegged his constitution and his ability to grasp his sanity to be fairly high, so I doubt he’d break. Sure, he’d suffer a bit of a negative personality change, but not to the point where he’d be all…off-kilter.

Now, what I had in mind for a Villain-style Deku, or what his personality would be, I’d imagine Deku less psychopathic and more of a…sociopath, or apathetic really. He’d have no qualms against killing after a certain time of being around the LoV, but he wouldn’t actively seek out to kill every quirk-user there was.

He wouldn’t specifically hate heroes, but be disillusioned by the goals and aspirations of a hero, once he realized that you don’t have to be necessarily a good person to be a hero, you only need to make a positive impact on the media. Of course, he’d acknowledge that there were well-meaning heroes out there with noble causes, but in the end he would probably care less.

I also wanna add this in, but I like the idea of a Quirkless Villain Deku. Do you know how badass Deku would be? His dreams could be crushed at a meager age of, what, eight? Then he’s just trying to get by, and because he’s such a smart cookie thinks it better to learn and master self-defense just in case. Because in-manga!Deku seems to be a magnet for trouble, somehow he’d (to-be-villain!deku) be able to learn under one of the greatest masters of martial arts. And other masters of various talents, really, giving him tips before disappearing for good. When he’s finally told that he needs to improve on his own, Deku gives one better and makes his own special moves that are unique only to his fighting style. I play around with the notion of Deku carrying knives and guns, but ultimately those are just for very very bad situations and mostly relies on his hands and acrobatics. Acrobatics could be Deku’s substitute for being quirklesss, as an attack quirk is useless if it can’t touch you in the first place.

Agh, this is getting long…

But back to headcanon, after a few years, around a year before the manga’s timeline starts, Deku is recruited into the LoV for no other reason than a good source of income (seriously why would villains be villains if no money? They at least steal some money, right? good lord…) and to observe more heroes up close. Let’s face it, Deku’s still a fanboy over quirks, and though he can cover up his excitement it doesn’t really stop him from mumbling and analyzing a quirk while in use. (Though, in my idea for a crossover, yes it’s Hitman Reborn stfu, I’d imagine Deku doing it as a favor from a very powerful family™ who he’s known for years. Yes, I have a problem. No, I don’t think it is detrimental to my health.)

And. Y’know. The rest of the events you can imagine happening yourselves. I’m fine with this for now.

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How do you think the relationship b/w eren and the rest of the survey corps is atm? Especially between him & levi and hange. We haven't seen them talk much after the serumbowl, & w/ eren in marley now I thought he was working with the SC, but w/ him possibly working w/ zeke im not so sure. Just wondering your thoughts on how his relationship is with them, bc I feel like they really came to trust each other&we never got to see how their relationship changed after the serumbowl, which worries me.

I think it’s probably okay. For the 104th side, they’ve been Eren’s friends for years, and bonds like that can take some very hard knocks.

With Levi and Hange, there’s the added safety net of sympathy for children. I wouldn’t be surprised if Levi felt no need to act differently around Eren after the serum bowl, because really, if everyone he intended to survive made it through, retreading all the fights and choices isn’t productive. On the other hand, Hange has the added complication of the mantle of commander, and is a lot more conscious of worldly impact, I’d say.

There’s some potential for that relationship to be very complicated. If his protectiveness of Historia is any indication, what Eren learns at the end of the serum bowl isn’t how to let go, it’s what he can’t let go of. Hange helps Mikasa find a path to acceptance, but Eren’s route is flavored with the complete refusal to let any of his people be sacrificed.

From a command perspective, that’s a bit of a problem. Especially given Eren’s importance; humanity’s greatest weapon putting his personal interests ahead of the world’s is a complication that no commander would want.

Also, last we see Eren, he’s determined to keep secret possible revelations about how the Coordinate works, and so you can kind of see where some possible frustration could sprout.

I don’t think Eren is the type of person who would go so completely against the Survey Corps that they’d have to be enemies (even if just by merit of being the sole survivors continually, the remaining Scouts care for each other), but that doesn’t mean they won’t take issue with possible choices he’s made. I’m still not sold on him being in Marley in an official capacity, and while I really can’t see any permanent rift between Eren and any of the people in his life (pleasedon’tmentioninterviewsplease), going out on his own, possibly contacting his brother, and definitely contacting Reiner, is a can of worms that I can see several people at least wanting to yell at him over.

Largely, though, everyone in the manga understands pain, and trauma, and stress. Levi and Hange are veterans. There’s very little Eren will feel that they won’t be able to understand; they might have to draw certain lines, but when you’re chasing the same things and understand each other, irreparable damage takes serious assaults.

That’s not to say that things will be gentle between him and the rest of the squad (if he’s not working with them, and there are no scenes of people seriously judging him, I call shenanigans), just that whatever is going on currently, I think they’ve all been through enough together to make it to the other side.

Thanks for the ask!

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melody heLp i've had a crush on this guy for like 2 years and he's so pretty and smart and hilarious and ugH im scared of telling him how i feel :((

Hi anon! I’m not sure how long ago this was sent because I have been away, but I hope everything went okay!
Crushes can be both exciting and scary.

you gotta love how he tian went from smiling and replying to the girls’ questions……

… still indulging them but being distracted by guan shan and leaving the girls immediately to go to him…..

……to completely ignoring them to go kick she li’s ass for what he did to guan shan……

……to walking with guan shan and being so engrossed by him to not even notice or care that the girls aren’t greeting him anymore

So I saw a friend talking about how Spirit Halloween will be making a set of Kingdom Hearts costumes

So I decided to check them out, knowing they probably weren’t going to be high quality cosplay costumes or anything.

“Huh, okay, that actually doesn’t look too bad.”

But when I got to Sora, the costume isn’t what made me lose it

I wasn’t sure why i just lost it. I don’t know it if it was the wig, his forced smile that looks like he’s getting so close to just losing his shit, or his scruffy beard for some reason. It wasn’t the costume I swear

I snorted and laughed for a good 20 minutes because this was the first thing that popped up into my head

“When Donald doesn’t heal you for 50 years”

Do you ever think about the fact that Eddie is going to die right in front of the Losers, right in front of Richie.

That he’s going to be super brave and fight off IT and die. 

That he wants to prove to himself that he can be brave and walks forward to try and murder the evil forever and but he fails.

That his last words are going to be to Richie, his fucking Richie.

Richie’s going to call him Eddie Spaghetti and Eddie’s last words to him are going to be, “Richie please, for the last time, don’t call me that..” and then he’ll chuckle thinking back to their fondest memories together, “you know how I..”

And then that’s it. The light leaves his eyes and they go dark. 

And the Losers are going to cry together and be angry, so so angry. Richie is going to be the first to stand up, body shaking and completely destroyed, anger filling his empty heart.  

And then Richie says, “This isn’t over.”

And they kill the fucking evil for good.


What’s been going on in this house isn’t just some affair. No. No, it isn’t.


That’s definitely not the first thing that should have come to mind, Kuroo

(tho it looks like no one really minds

aside from bokuto that is)


And Jaspers never break their promises! 💖

So what you’re telling me is that the lieutenants are okay 👀👀👀👀 

Moon Emoji Reviews

apple, producing the classic new moon with a face. he has such a smooth face, with baby like skin, and eyes as deep as the ocean, its hard to not get lost in his forever gaze. if you stare too long though, you will swear you can feel his human lips brush against your ear. 7/10

google’s interpretation is very friendly, welcoming. his big round nose reminds me of a papa cartoon character, and is, therefore, very easy on the eyes and lovable. although the eyes are a tad blank, and frightful. 6/10

microsoft takes an interesting take on the moon - it appears to look more like a stale cookie, or like spongebob’s parents. his feline type nose throws me off… hes throwing mixed signals… this is not a moon, but a beast of the night, taunting, lurking. 4/10

samsung… oh samsung… what did you do? you’ve turned microsofts cookie moon beast into a cgi monster, with soft features, similar to that of apple’s. maybe this would be better if he didn’t have those patronized glints in his eyes. 3/10

LG has taken an interesting turn. this moon is… curious… and content, but you can clearly see the pain behind his eyes. his eyes are deep. lurking. a man of mystery. 5/10

what a happy face!! i feel delighted to see this moon on my screen. he is doing great, but not quite giving off the look that this emoji is supposed to represent. he is wonderful though anyways. 8/10.

what an interesting buddy! Facebook has taken a different path, while taking time to accentuate each and every crevice and curve of this moon’s surface. a beautiful boy, with caressing eyes. 7/10

a very calm moon. i feel calm looking at it. it is doing a wonderful job on conveying the night times sleep appeal. it is not doing a great job as the original emoji purposes, but is conveying a different emotion entirely. what a beautiful and intricate boy. a work of art. 10/10

i didn’t think there could be a better moon emoji than the original, but i stand corrected. what a 🌚  emoji. the empty stare takes the cake. 7/10

mozilla does a nice job at creating a unique yet form fitting moon face emoji. nothing to call home about though. he looks too eager to be here… what is he planning… 4/10

… an… interesting… take… terrifying, yes. calming, also yes. i’m not sure how to feel about the immense detail upon this ones face. a solid 5/10 should be okay… although i know that i should give this emoji a higher rating, or else it will come to me tonight and look at me through the window, open mouthed breathing, gently fogging up the window glass around it.


HIP HOP UNIT Unreleased Track
SEVENTEEN Hip Hop Unit (Diamond Edge D-2)
HIP HOP UNIT Unreleased Track

NOT THE FULL SONG  / please don’t re-upload

I feel bad for anyone that hasn’t seen the ending of the trivia murder party lets play