im not so sure of this but okay

it’s hard right now and ive been stuck on this level. for a while i cleared levels so easily but im stuck in this limbo now. it’s hard. I keep trying but I can’t do it.

but I’ve got a new party; you who have my back and love me with your whole heart, you who listen and make sure i am okay. there are new items in my bag that might make things easier. new armor and new weapons will come.

and i am learning every time. i remember much from my last fight and although the strategy has changed, i do remember. I remember that the fight is worth it to see the next stage.

sometimes I lose and I fall down. i take a step back and reassess. i try to figure out what’s not working. i consult others; they give me suggestions. they help me. while I’m down they help me back up.

i have been fighting for so long but no boss has taken me. even through every impossible challenge, I am here. even with my bare fists, on my own I have continued and conquered.

so i keep trying. and trying. and I fall down but I always get up.

new things wait after every battle. i am ready to find them.

Reaction to: Their s/o doing aegyo for a piggy back ride

Requested by: Chipmunk Zuho Anon

Rowoon: “Aahh really? You are pulling this? Jagi, you know I can’t resist your aegyo! You’re too cute!”

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(can someone pls make more rowoon gifs? I need to stop using the same ones, but there aren’t many)

Youngbin: “Okay, baby. Just for you!”

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Inseong: “Sure, baby”

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Jaeyoon: “Aegyo is gross…OkAY! I’ll give you a piggy back! But only for a little bit.”

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(okay so this gif doesn’t match but im using it anyway :P)

Zuho: He’s startled. He isn’t used to this. “Uh..sure”

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Dawon: “Will you give me one too?”

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Taeyang: He already offered you a piggy back before you even thought of asking gentleman fuckboi

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Chani: “What?”

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Hwiyoung: Uses this as a chance to show off his ‘’muscles’’ “Why do you want a piggy back when I can carry you like a royal?”

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I use this gif too much. 

-Ye Jin

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I just want to tell you that I think you are a cool dude! I love your art and I think thats great. Im not here to ask anything, just to say that I hope you are happy and doing well because... I dont really have a reason for doing this other than to make sure you are okay?? I guess?? Idk man. You are person and person should be happy. K thx bye : )

Thank you so much, I hope you have a nice day!

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hey kelsey!! <3 im sure you're talked about this before, but - what's your wlw origin story, how/when'd you realize you kinda like girls?

okay but like, i don’t think i’ve ever talked about this before??? (also: wlw origin story is THE BEST phrasing, lydia.)

so… looking back on my life i can like see SO MANY signs tbh?? like i remember being way more interested in girls than boys all through elementary school and such but i didn’t completely connect it to liking girls. but also i just kinda arbitrarily picked boys to have a “crush” on because i thought i was supposed to and i didn’t understand?? but looking back i can see a couple of crushes on girls throughout school that i didn’t label as crushes.

(I’m also pretty certain i’m somewhere on the ace spectrum so that complicates things in my head sometimes.)

but anyways, i didn’t really connect the dots because i wasn’t really completely aware that liking girls was something that was an option for me? so i was kind of peripherally aware of liking girls for a long time but i didn’t really Acknowledge it until like my junior year of college or so.  It’s just kind of been in the background my whole life, tbh, but no one outside of this website knows. start second guessing myself like.. am I really into girls or am i just making that up? 

so… that is my very unexciting origin story from your local wlw with no experience with anyone of any gender and who is occasionally confused and bad at being a Person

get to know the blogger night! (or just come chat!)

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oh gosh, your edits make me smile, make me feel cared for, oh goodness im so emotional gyjftuygjh, thank you for sharing them!

Omg it’s okay to be emotional! C’mere and lemme hug you! Thank you so so much for sending this!!! I sure hope they help you get through whatever hardships you’ve experienced, you really are a tough lil cookie and I couldn’t be more proud of you! 

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Hey jackson, I want to start really living, making my reality better than my dreams. I don't know where to begin? I want to start saying yes and doing things that scare me but I feel like life doesn't present me with opportunities to do that or to put me out of my comfort zone. Do you have any advice?

Yeah for sure, I think that a good place to start is by just changing up your routine a little bit. Whether that be by waking up a bit earlier to go and exercise, or even just to go out and watch the sunrise, or doing something you don’t usually do. Changing the way you eat and being active with your time etc. 
I think that setting goals also is a massive way to make life exciting. So for example you could say:
“Okay I have a 4 week break coming up for uni” or whatever and say im going to go on a trip during 2 weeks of that. SO that means you need to start planning, booking, saving etc and that’s all exciting stuff.

Stepping out of comfort zone can be done anywhere anytime, it simply means doing stuff that you usually wouldn’t do.
You hardly run? go for runs.
You never swim? go to the beach every morning.
It’s all about changing up your lifestyle to go from a regular routine to something that’s interesting everyday…
For example I love to tackle my fears… they say you can never truly get rid of fear but you can befriend it, and I think that’s a cool thought. So I have a fear of heights, but I went indoor rock climbing the other day with my mates and it was so much fun! And I really had to push myself to overcome this fear, and with encouraging mates there to help me out it made it all the more interesting :) 

So yeah, make small changes, tackle new challenges, push yourself and start doing those things you’ve been putting off, or start pursuing those passions and that dream of yours regardless of how big the challenge may seem.
Cliche as hell but the journey of a thousand miles always begins with a single step…  

So what you’re telling me is that the lieutenants are okay 👀👀👀👀 


Tiger’s Eye vs Sailor Uranus
Hawk’s Eye vs Sailor Neptune

Let’s take some time to analyze this small bit from the episode 10 preview

Not sure if it’s been done already. You guys are hella fast when it comes to analyzing scenes holy wow.

So at the end of the preview for episode 10, we see Yuri and Viktor standing/sitting/whatever face to face, right? Okay, so what I noticed, is that Yuri, at first, is staring down.

Then he blinks and looks up at Viktor. In my opinion, his facial expression makes it look as if he’s surprised. Not in a shocked way, but more like in a shy way, if that makes sense?

He’s blushing harder than we’ve ever seen him blush, too.

Then we see Viktor. Viktor has a really gentle and adoring expression on his face. He, just like Yuri, is also looking down, and still looking down by the time Yuri has focused his own eyes on Viktor’s face. 

So what I’m thinking, is that Viktor gave Yuri something. A present, perhaps. Because in the voiceover, Viktor was talking about Christmas presents. Yuri’s birthday is also coming up. So maybe a Christmas present or birthday present.

Looking at their faces, this isn’t just an ordinary present. It’s not some fancy piece of clothing, it’s not katsudon, and it sure as heck is not a pair of socks or an ugly Christmas sweater. I’m thinking it’s something much more intimate. Like a ring.

Or maybe it’s not just a simple Christmas or Birthday present. Maybe it’s a love confession. But if it were, then what could the two be staring down at? Maybe Viktor is holding Yuri’s hands while confessing?

Still, the movements and body language are rather giving me the idea that Viktor is slipping a ring around Yuri’s finger. Realistically, this seems a bit early to be an actual marriage proposal. I mean, it’s totally possible! But despite the whole proposal talk in ep. 9, I’m not sure if their relationship is already at the point where a marriage proposal is the obvious next step. I wouldn’t mind those two getting married already tho lel 

Maybe it’s a love confession where Viktor gives Yuri a ring or something as a token of their relationship/love? Not quite like an engagement ring. but more like a ‘this ring will show everyone that we belong to one another’ kinda ring? 

Or maybe they’re just talking about a touchy subject and Viktor is too shy/embarassed to look at Yuri, but Yuri feels brave enough to look up at Viktor. Viktor hasen’t ever really shown his vulnerable side towards Yuri, not in the anime at least. So this makes sense imo. Maybe all this is just me doing some good old wishful thinking.

But whatever is happening in that preview, we know it’s gonna be good anyway. I mean c’mon, that body language, THOSE FACIAL EXPRESSIONS.

I can’t wait ‘till next week.

nerd shaming

i want someone to know me. not like “oh yea i know her” but actually genuinely knowing everything about me. i want someone to think of me and instantly know that i hate peas. i want someone to know the way i usually hold my pinky up when drinking (only) cold things. i want someone to randomly hug me even when it seems like im holding myself up, just because they know im not really okay. i want someone to know how i twirl my hair constantly and how i have to wait for my food to cool down before eating it. i want someone to know when im walking toward them just by the sound of my footsteps. i want someone to notice the way i push my glasses up and i want someone to automatically ask me “you gonna take a picture?” before i even reach for my phone when we see mixed colors in the sky or things i feel the need to take pictures of just because they know the types of things i photograph. i want someone to know that my favorite cereal is frosted flakes and when i go on car rides i always forget to put shoes on because i love to walk around barefoot so much, its become a bad habit. i want someone to know that my absolute favorite animal is elephants and i want someone to look at my handwriting and know instantly that its mine. i want someone to know and understand the way that i am because sometimes i have no idea why im this way myself. i want someone to want to know what goes on in my mind. i wanna be so close with someone that they know every goddamn fact there is to know about me.


hi yes, I will take one hand-full of uromastyx please. thanks.

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Okay so I ship....I ship...I ship Shiro/Lance....will you draw them for me 😢😢😢😢


Also high key hoping Lance’s insecurity is the focus in S3 and has a chance to prove himself to his hero.

okay so im sure I saw a post about mermaids having their own form of sign language bc sound doesn’t travel underwater, but what if they’ve just evolved without hearing at a certain point? in or out of the water, they have to sign to understand one another. (sorry 

and maybe a girl who’s deaf or hard of hearing is in a shipwreck, and while the others are shouting for help in a cold and soundless sea, the girl is frantically signing. she knows its useless, but her panic flies through her fingers as she falls deeper and deeper into the ocean. the mermaids watch, unmoved, as the rest of the sailors drown, but they recognize that her hands are making words, though they dont have the same language. 

when the girl wakes up, she finds herself on a tiny spit of land, waterlogged but alive, and surrounded by sharp-toothed fish people whose fins shimmer darkly beneath the surface. it takes a bit of doing, but once she realizes that they don’t want to eat her, the girl begins to learn their signs, and vice versa. they feed her and teach her to fish, and she teaches them jokes and sleight of hand.

what im saying is mermaids adopting a deaf or hoh girl as one of their own, and moving their colony closer to the surface in order to be near her and them being a weird fishy/human family and living in their own silent and lovely world