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probably my last work doodle + current mood

dizzycottontail  asked:

What art piece took the longest to do?

Jin: What art piece took the longest to do? Well I remember I did draw this like a year or 2 ago and it took me about 2 weeks?? I think..

Jin: Yoongi gave me a photo of us at the park and it looked really pretty but now I dont really know where the original photo went.. maybe its with Yoongi..
OH! and I did this digitally so it took me quite a long time

every UD Chris kin ever: Ashley cucked me into a forced heterosexual relationship when I really wanted to be with my one true love, Josh (who did nothing wrong). I was a prisoner of this horrible girl character I secretly hated. she spit on me and poked me in the eyes every single day. girls are icky and Bad

im placing all the actual concert parts under a readmore in case people dont want to get spoiled on what happens in the First Live but here’s a list of memorable shit that happened

  • shiitake cosplayer
  • entering the theater to the scene of a large group of people singing bokutachi
  • the same group of people singing a kinda drunk version of bokutachi
  • seeing the Haggu Scene in glorious theater screen HD. i died.
  • seeing the Haggu Scene in HD eight (8) fuckin times bc the ad in place of trailers is looped

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time for a follow forever because somehow?? I hit the 1,000 goal which is completely baffling to me. it wasn’t too long ago i was freaking out over having twelve followers so this feels really weird. 

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Why I am pissed at CN:
-false advertising and click baits for not plot episodes or just saying something about the EPs that isn’t actually a thing(ex Super water melon island/ Gem Drill etc)
-‘leaking’(since they said they wanted to do it+they were on the official site)full EPs without the crew knowing-you know exactly what I’m talking about
-NOT actually advertising that SU changed on Friday and that’s why low ratings

As an European I don’t rlly care when it airs cause I have to watch the EPs online anyways. But CN’s stupid ass schedules and false advertising is gonna ruin the channel including SU.

I’m not hating SU here. The crew knows what its doing and I respect that(I honestly thought that rocknaldo was a good EP).

CN is the bad guy here.