im not selling these yet



My friends and I were lucky enough to get better tickets for B.A.P tour 2017.
SO, I have 5 P2 tickets I need to sell!

Only asking for BASE VALUE which is $125! We are not charging the processing fees, saving you more money! They are all on ticketmaster and can be transferred to you easily.

Please contact me with any questions or if interested! And if you see this but aren’t interested, please share this so others can see!

Thank you!

UPDATE: tickets still available!!! 2 are currently on hold!RED DOTS ON SEATING CHART ARE TICKETS IM SELLING

UPDATE: I know that the concert isn’t sold out yet and you can easily go on Ticketmaster or powerhouse and buy a ticket. But since we aren’t charging processing fees it makes it a lot cheaper. Please we really need to sell these tickets.