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Lance Headcanon
  • lance takes anti-depressants and when they leave earth he doesn’t have the time to pack them
  • this doesn’t bother him too much at first but eventually it starts getting really bad
  • he thinks about asking allura and coran if they have any alien tech to recreate prescriptions but before he can act on anything he convinces himself that if he did they’d think less of him, be unable to, or he’d just be causing a burden (because we can’t have depressed lance without good-old anxiety filled lance now can we?)
  • this leads to a self destructive cycle that lasts a good while
  • his smile and personality that he keeps up become heavy and hard to maintain
  • he slowly stops eating and leaving his room except for missions
  • everyone gets very worried and try very hard to get him to open up or at least eat something
  • he comes out of his room one morning wearing pajamas that haven’t been washed in 3 weeks and with his hair unkempt and his face droopy
  • he eats about the equivalent of one space bagel before puking guts and dry-heaving in a grand display of deteriorating health and then promptly leaving
  • the next day when he comes out of his room for water he is meet with a blockade of voltron team/family preventing him from entering his room
  • they confront him in a comforting (but also mad and scared with a few) way
  • they get him to spill the beans about what started this and are sure there is some way to get him medication and that he should talk to them immediately if he has any problems
  • they find out later that he was genuinely considering suicide as an option and was near making a final decision before they confronted him

disclaimer: i do not take medication so if any of this sounds inaccurate, or if you just have something to add, be sure to reblog or say something on the post

you know what i’m tired of? writing made by smaller blogs being ignored by big blogs because other writers are their friends. it’s fine to support your friends, obviously, and you should, but seriously? some of these writers are incredibly talented, and you ignoring them in favor of some middle-of-the-road piece by your friends is crazy. absolutely insane. just because you like someone as a person, or they are sweet, DOES NOT mean they are good. 

and im sorry to say it, but mileven content is all the same nowadays. its all been done, every idea portrayed in slightly different ways at varying levels of quality. write mileven, by all means, but writing the exact same idea over and over is cheap. write something else, for once. write some of the adults. write some of the teens. i guarantee it will still get more notes than someone writing a smaller ship with their heart in it. because you’re friends with the right people.

which is another thing- what is up with the cliques on here? this isnt highschool, guys. people should be recognized for talent, not because theyre your best friend or your groupchat mate. because honestly? some of the writing that goes around on here is subpar. its cheap and its uninteresting, and the themes are boring as hell. but because theyre either big blogs or FRIENDS with big blogs, they get hella notes. and its unfair! it really is unfair. because you reblog these posts tagging them as like “oh my god this is so good im dying, so cute, perfection, your writing is a masterpiece” when its really not. im sorry to say, but some of the most popular headcanons or pieces of writing are really not all that original. and then a smaller blog comes along, and you all ignore it. you say you support artists and writers no matter what and will signal boost, but you dont. you completely and utterly ignore it, and dont even give them a reblog. you KNOW youre a popular blog. you KNOW you have influential KOW that reblogs are better than liking or commenting on something, tey you do it anyways. if you think writing is good, fucking reblog it. thats how people see content. support small writers, or they wont be writers anymore. 

stop making this fandom into a cliquey mess, and stop posting only what your friends post. its bland and irritating. support small artists.

the last thing im gonna say about the mamamoo thing is that all moomoos should not just forgive and forget. yes i accept their apology and i believe its sincere but it doesnt erase the pain it caused so many dedicated fans. people who decided to stay in the fandom need time to heal and im hoping that mamamoo have truly learned their lesson, and if something like this happens again remember the words they said and use them against them because they promised, and you dont break a promise like this

i probably wont be reblogging any mamamoo content for a while for the sake of my followers effected by this

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i just noticed our icons are like polar opposites of each other which isnt really that fascinating but i thought i would let u know .

FASCINATING THAT U SHOULD SAY THAT bc i was planning on changing my icon this very night!! 

fun fact: i made this blog to be my Depression Outlet™ which is why i chose such an angsty icon. but now this blog is my biggest source of Love, Friendship and Gay Celebration, so im going to try to reflect that!!!

(im going to reblog this with a sneak peek just for you!)

i see people blacklisting me/wanting to have my name tagged and while its all fun and laffs people actually going and trying to discreetly tag the stuff they reblog from me makes me……a little more than uncomfortable.
I am a real person. im not some a celebrity in the eyes of the public, im just some rando who blogs online about cartoon boys in colored hoodies. 
i am mentally ill myself AND a trauma survivor so i get the need to have things tagged but (let me say this again) i am a REAL HUMAN BEING, not a topic that should be a trigger warning. the logical only reason these people want me tagged is because they dislike me for petty reasons. 
if you feel like you should have to tw me just for making funny posts that in no way should be tagged besides some people being spiteful and getting annoyed when they see me then don’t reblog my posts. i know that sounds cold, but being treated like a trigger warning is surprise, quite hurtful to me (especially by people who are friendly with me)



im tired of this culture that we have online where you’re not allowed to like harmless things because theyre “edgy” or “cringy”, etc. im tired of people (especially children) being mocked by others for simply having fun. im tired of the fact that so many of us have to say we “ironically” like things just to avoid being judged for no goddamn reason.

i love the shit out of sparkledogs. i listen to monster by skillet and i enjoy it. i adore seeing kid’s OCs who have dark sides and tragic pasts and special powers. and yes, i fucking love foodfight.

im done giving a shit about this weird stigma against things. we all should be.

Hello, friends! Please LIKE or REBLOG if you’re interested in interacting with a Bigby Wolf from Fables / The Wolf Among Us! He’s a grumpy wolf dude serving up some hobo detective realness, living his Fairytale Law & Order nightmare. Smokes too much, should probably tuck in his shirt, says bad words, but he’s got a few redeeming qualities like heightened observational skills, impressive detective instincts, a beleaguered whiskey-drowned liver,  and can turn into a giant wolf????

He’s got modern verses, historical verses, magical/fantasy verses, mundane verses, though I’d love more crime/detective things! 

My name is Mint, 21+, multiverse, plot-driven, always open to OCs and crossovers, no autoshipping, will send you way too many memes, toss me all your lady muses, etc. I look forward to meeting all of you!

OUTOFCHARA.   [ DON’T REBLOG ] even though dash is super dead and i’m slower than a slowpoke fishing for that shellder – i just wanted to drop a positive message here to say thank you for the follows, for staying, and for all the wonderful interactions and company ( whether it be in threads, ask, ims, ic / occ, hitting the heart button, or just plain watching it all  ) i hope all my mutuals and followers know how wonderful and rad y’all really are and how awesome it’s been to be included in whatever endeavors are thrown ate.m’s way.  i keep learning new ( hilarious ) things about the series and muse every day and it just astounds me how comforting he, my partners ,and their muses have been.  they all have constantly brightened up my day – every day honestly !! i think a lot of writers dive into the community for that reason or another haha.  to just escape for even a moment and have fun. 

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hey im about to head to bed but i’d like to give a heads up: i am 18 yrs old and if that makes you uncomfortable you are totally within your rights to ask me to unfollow! again:

if the fact that im 18 makes you uncomfortable, please ask me to unfollow!

i wont ask for a reason beyond it. you dont even have to say that’s why. just throw me a message asking me to unfollow and i totally will.

i want underage people to feel safe on this website, and i promise there is no hard feelings whatsoever. your happiness is important and you have the right to feel comfortable

also if you’re 18+ you should reblog this bcos we have a responsibility to make people (minors/underage ppl) comfortable and safe and you never know, someone under 18 might want you to unfollow but is too scared to ask.



A short comic strip :D

Foxy and Springtrap DS by me

Springtrap: ahah so lemme get this straight. My “Mother” thinks you’re me and now you want me to go and tell her the truth and take your place so she’d stop bugging you.

Foxy: Yes, exactly. Just go and tell her the truth so guys can have your reunion or something

Springtrap: well…whether this is out of pity for the woman or for your own selfish advantages..

Springtrap: *stands up* Im gonna have to say no

Foxy: Say wat nao ._______.

Should I continue or nah???

Foxy looks like Shakespeare lol
Reblogs appreciated



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do you accept nudes? there's ALOT of porn on here im just saying

First: please stop spamming

like 20% of this blog is nude art and I’ve only reblogged legit porn once in a blue moon. If you’re gonna send it, send it already but I’m not gonna post it.

I should really just start a porn blog

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wow there was literally NO damn reason for you to shit on religion. no reason at all to reblog that nasty post, other than probably saying "you are so damn stupid for having faith lol, im so smart to be above it" to everyone else. you seemed like a nice person, guess i was wrong.

If this is in regards to the “Any god” post I reblogged, it wasn’t to take a dump on religion, but how people interpret any deity that fits that criteria. I am not opposed to any religion in itself, but rather how people interpret it and use it as an excuse to do horrible things and why they should get away with it.

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hi!! can i ask how you were able to gain friends using a studyblr? im quite new but to my frustration no one has seen any of my posts T.T just a few tips would be fine. ahh thank you so much!

If you’re frustrated that no one is seeing any of your posts, tag them! I’d say the best way to gain friends is by being active - reblog other people’s posts, add a comment, etc. Also just approach any studyblr and start a conversation with them. The community is super friendly and you should have no problem making friends. Hope this helps <3

i just saw the worst post ever about reclaiming the word queer and im not gonna reblog it because its a fucking essay but apparently if youre lgbt and dont like to be called “queer” then youre a terf with internalized homophobia and you need to choke and die? thats basically what i was getting from it

i dont understand why everyone is suddenly insisting that gay should be replaced by queer because its a better umbrella term, i dont care what type of bullshit reasons you have for it, becuase youre just too fucking lazy to say lesbian or bisexual, i guess thats too many syllables. i fucking hate the word queer i hate it so much and i hate seeing it everywhere. it sounds gross to me like the word moist and i literally still hear it thrown around as a slur by ugly ass boys with sock tans and so if you insist on calling people queer when theyre clearly uncomfortable by it youre literal garbage. if someone called me queer after i told them not to do that id punch them square in the face because like? youre using this term to label others because it makes YOU more comfortable. if you like to describe yourself as that like obviously thats fine and i could fucking care less what labels you use. but the worst thing about it is that since they know people are uncomfortable with it they say it more just to piss them off. (esp on the post im talking about)and every other post in this hellhole is “wow i love QUEERS” “so many QUEER people reblog for QUEER positivity!!! uwu” like just say gay like fuck why is it so hard

Want to know a secret? I am terrible at tumblr. My sister, @stellariana, made my blog for me, and answers questions about how I should do stuff all the time. I also just say whatever I want here, and post pictures of my cat a lot. I accidently am an asthetic blog because I like flowers and reblog pink and purple ones a lot. I have no idea what I am doing and somehow 500 people want to see my thoughts and my cat and Im so amazed. Thank you for following me 💜💜💜

having low empathy is. weird for me sometimes bc sometimes i see people talking like i should. feel bad or like its wrong or like i’m Missing Something and Cant be Here for people because of it but like. in my own experience thats never been the case ? i can still be supportive and emotional for my friends its just not empathetic ? empathy isnt the Key to having Feelings and like.

outside of feeling bad when people say shit like “can you feel love ??” ive never felt like i Need Empathy to function or anything or feel like im personally Missing Out because i cant really empathize w people . .

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On Monday I hooked up w someone I used to talk to. There's still some underlying feelings on my part and later he told me he regret it yadayada. I was like ok lol heartbroken bc that meant a lot to me. I feel like he has feels for someone else but like him and I are friends and it hurts he can't downright admit that. I feel like he has feels for someone else bc on tumblr he's always reblogging those cute posts about wanting someone and tagging them things like "how I'm trying to b with u"

Im pretty sure he doesnt see you as a friend. He sees you just as someone he fucked and to fuck. If you have feelings for him girl, having sex with him isnt going to keep him. Being his friend isnt going to make him change is mind and eventually want you. If a guy doesnt want you he doesnt want you. You should cut him off and stay away from that im saying that because if you have feelings for him .. the more you see him express nothing towards you and something towards another girl it will break and hurt you. Its hard to get over someone when yall are just friends. He wants someone else and thats none of your business. You need to do you

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shit bro sorry i'm late to the party but the """venting phase""" comment you reblogged explains 100% of your reluctance to talk about things I'm so sorry people like that have forced you into a corner I can't imagine how shitty that feels

it is really shitty because im not allowed to talk about anything even though i should. Im getting very close to talking about something very personal but I have to keep it to myself

i dont want someone to fucking reply to anything that i say

i dont want that

i just want people to listen, think, and shut up about it

but i cant

even if someones showing off their “sacred bleeding heart” even though their not fucking saints, i cant say shit because “im always wrong” even if i have witnesses to prove fucking everything.

but no i’ll just shut up about all of this and continue to bottle up my feelings about everything because “im an internet star and i cant slander anything or anyone” fuck you who ever fucking thinks that.

i have very strong opinions on things and people but i cant say shit.