im not saying its the funeral


THE last thing I want to see in this manga/anime is Chuuya dying because of corruption and Dazai commiting suicide afterwards. I already have read some posts regarding this matter. Anyway Im not sure if BSD is into tragedies but let me just drop this so I can let it all out of my mind. (warning:maybe too shippy but I didnt meant to,believe me) LOL

Dazai clearly states out that Chuuya will die if he uses corruption so Chu needs him around to nullify the ability. We also know how Dazai is so fond of trying to kill himself so at least its safe to assume that he knows THAT CHUUYA NEEDS HIM SO HE CANT DIE. He’s a man who longs for death and yet he always failed..or does something is trying to stop him? *hint* He knows he cannot die …YET. So if Chuuya died…

After four years of not seeing each other,Dazai told him he wants to die with a beauty (COUGHCHUUYAISABEAUTY) and Chuuya said he will allow him to die one day. Not to mention Chuuya always say he will kill Dazai but never did it even if he can,that could be translated as “one day I’ll be the reason of your death” *hint*

We are all fangirling about camellias on soukoku fanarts we also know its meaning:love,passion,admiration,longing etc…ignoring the fact that it also means death/funeral..what if Chuuya dies and Dazai commits suicide afterwards? is this why there’s shin soukoku so that they can succeed them?

“We need a new soukoku (shin soukoku) ” - Dazai

Double Black-Double Suicide??



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okay yes i didnt say it couldnt be angst but this is my revenge: something about a funeral like there /has/ to be a funeral but it cant be ur usual angst and its gOTTA BE FUNNY (and yes i do realize im getting less and less specific but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

“You two are unbelievable,” Cat muttered through her gritted teeth while trying to glare at her son and her soon to be wife. They were barely containing their hilarity and she could see, in the small dips on either sides of Kara’s mouth, that the girl of steel was actually bitting the inside of her cheek to not laugh out loud. “Sorry mom. Sorry. It’s just … Whoever did this, it was an awesome joke,” Carter tried to whisper, breathless from trying to stay serious. “Come on Cat, even you had to admit that the mistake was good, putting Ding Dong, The Witch is dead instead of her requested piece of classical opera …” Kara swallowed a fit of laugher as she finished her sentence. Cat stared at the both of them before smirking, a mischievelous gleam sparkling in her eyes. 
“Well of course it was good but who said it was a mistatke though? Who do you think handled the funeral planning?” She murmured before focusing back on the priest’s speech, leaving the whole church to turn and stare at Kara and Carter, the echo of their gasp echoing loudly in the perfect acoustical space. 

(I used an idea I already put here but it was a good one so …)

Blood still stains when the sheets are washed part 2

Arkham knight x reader

Your head pounded when you finally woke up. You were blinded by a bright light when you opened your eyes.

when you couldnt move your arms, you started to panic. you looked around at your surroundings and saw that you were in a dark dingy room. you were strapped to a hospital bed, scared and cold. 

“HELP. SOMEBODY HELP ME. HELP!” you screamed and thrashed, hoping that somebody would help you. you started to panic even more when the same masked man from the grocery store appeared on from you you. 

he rushed towards you and put his hands on your shoulders in an attempt to calm you down a bit. however it seemed to only stress you more. he grew frustrated with you.

“ENOUGH!” he yelled in  a firm and strong voice. “im not going to hurt you. i only want to talk.” he pulled a chair from the corner of the room over to the bed you were on and sat net to you. 

there was a long silence where both of you only looked at each other. before he could say anything, you beat him to it.

“take it off.” you demanded. “ i want to see who im talking to.” 

he hesitated for a moment before pressing the button on the side of his helmet. you heard the hiss of air as the air lock came undone. the mask slowly raised its self away from him face. slowly, he raised his eyes to meet yours. you were at a loss for words. this was impossible. he DIED. you held his dead body in you arms. you went to his funeral. 

tears rushed down your face. “j-j-jason?” you struggled with your words. “but youre dead. i was there. i held your body in my arms…” you durst into a fit of tears. unable to see, unable to talk. 

slowly, jason rose to his feet and undid the restraints, holding you to the bed. gently he picked you up in his arms and held you as you cried. 

the two of you sat there for what felt like hours. once you had stopped crying, you looked up at him and put your hand on his cheek. “how is this possible?” 

“i didnt die…i still had my armor on.” you threw his arms around his neck as a few more tears slipped out of your eyes. 

“never leave me again.” he held you tightly but gently as a few tears of his own slipped down his cold cheeks. 

“i promise i wont”  

Robbers (Slow)
The 1975

Robbers - The 1975 (slowed down by 35%)

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i just saw your angsty headcanon can we have a sequel to them? or idk yoosung zen and seven's reaction after mc is gone?

  Ok I’m guzzling down coffee for you guys I’m only gonna do Yoosung,Seven, and a bit of Jumin. 

  Lets just say something went down at the dance…..and me the fucking 4′9 15 year old had to come to my friends rescue from like a 6′2 17 year old ugh well anyways on to the post.

Original Post 


 He felt like shit. Honestly it was his fault he didnt relize he had been neglecting his wife he just wanted to make her proud with good grades and test scores. Its been a week and he just wants her back. He was so desperate it wasnt just a want anyore it was a need. 

 He grabbed his hoodie and ran out the door. He didnt even bother to get in his car he just ran to Seven’s house. 

 “SEVEN!!!” He screams.”OPEN UP THE GATE”

 He opens it cautiously knowing that he wouldn’t go away anyways.

  “Where is MC” He yells.

 “Asleep” He lies.

 What about me” You say walking out but when you see Yoosung your jaw drops.”Y-Yoosung” 

 “Hey MC” He says scratching his head nervously.

 ‘Seven why did you let him in” She says

 A look of panic flashes over Sevens face”Oh he…uh wouldn’t shut up so I let him in”

 “Oh ok”You turn your head towards Yoosung.”Yoosung I still love you but I cant go back to you”

 “Look I know I screwed up I can change”He pleads.

 “If you cant even follow your own vows how can I believe you right now” You say coldly. 

 “MC”He says quietly.

 “Yoosung” Seven starts.”I think you should go don’t worry I’ll take care of her I promise”

 “Just one more question” He says.

 “What is it” You say trying not to break down in tears.

 “Are we getting a divorce o-” 

 You combust into tears. You cant take it anymore all this saddness you just want him to leave.

 “GO JUST GO” You yell still having a mental breakdown.

 And he does just that…..


 You sit in the car curled up in a ball crying your eyes out. You cant except hes gone even though it just happened minutes ago right in front of you.

 “Mrs.Choi” Driver Kim starts just hearing his last name makes your stomach turn.”We’re here”

 You just sit there whats the point of moving,whats the point in anything. Driver Kim stands there awkwardly for a minute until he speaks up.

 “I’ll go get Mr. Han” He says walking off.

 You stay in the same position for hat seems like forever. You have a giant headache from all your crying and yet you cant stop crying. You hear footsteps outside the car.

 “MC?” Jumin asks then he looks in the car. “MC what happened?”

 You look up for a minute tears dripping off your face rapidly. “I-Its Seven”

 “What happened to Seven” He asks. “Where is he”

  You stifle a sob”H-Hes…. d-dea-” You cant even finish your sentence.

 “MC come inside please” He asks.

 You want to but you cant bring yourself to move its like you have no energy. Jumin walks over and picks you up bridal style and takes you up to his penthouse and lies you on the guest bed. 

 You realize how tired you are and feel you eyelids become droopy the last thing you hear before you go to sleep is.

 “Dont worry MC I’ll find who did this and make them pay”


 Today was the day he dreaded the most. Its not like he didn’t hate everyday without you but today it would be worse. Your funeral. Just because he didn’t want one it was your wish to have one so he respected it. He wasn’t sure what to do he knew it was his fault but no one else knew and this guilt would haunt him forever.

 He hears a faint knock at the door and knows that its time to go he had requested it to be a peaceful funereal just him,Seven,Yoosung,Zen,and Jaehee. He got in the car and the drive seemed to drag on forever but when you go to there he wished it had been longer. When he entered everyone bombarded him.

 “Im so sorry we all miss her” Yoosung says.

 “Mr. Han…” Jaehee trails off unable to find words.

 “Jumin I cant imagine how much pain you must be feeling right now” Zen says quietly.

 “Jumin it’s good to see you finally” Seven says trying to be happy for everybody else’s sake bu you can see right through his cheerfulness.

 The funeral was long and boring but he listened anyways out of respect for you. The guilt was with him the entire time and he decided to tell everyone the truth. When the service was over and everyone spoke you walked towards everyone.

 Guys I have something to confess” You say nervously.

 They’re faces are confused it makes sense as far as they knew you had gotten hit by a car.

 “Guys MC didn’t just get hit by a car” He stops for a moment. “She wanted to get hit by that car…..because of me”

 Everyone looks at you sadly.

 “I’m sure that’s not true Im sure she didn’t mean to get hit” Yoosung speaks up.

 “Guys I hate to break it to you but I watched the surveillance cam she knew that car was coming plus she looked so sad and broken” Seven says.

 “Its my fault I worked too much yelling at her when she wanted to spend time if I could do anything over again I would spend more time with her” He says now sobbing.

 The other look at something the never thought they’d see. Jumin Han was crying. 


Days before the funeral,  Aunt Cass asked if he wanted to say anything at the service;  he just shook his head and continued pushing his food around on the plate.  There were a lot of things he wanted to say,  really,  but he didn’t know how to say them.  Trying to do so in front of that many people was something Hiro didn’t want to think about.  Maybe Tadashi would understand.  Or maybe he wouldn’t;  it really was Hiro’s fault for not holding him back for a few more seconds,  wasn’t it ?  It was hard to imagine that Tadashi could forgive him for one,  let alone both.  

I’m sorry.

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confession time @ anyone who has ever actually heard me speak: my voice is always….Like That. when im drunk its worse. my brain got fucked up real bad from seroquel od and never recovered. big hurtie. :(

when people say they like my voice, i never know what to.say. i tear up a little and i remember it forever.

*funeral march plays* *sad voice* everybody stutters one way or the other if the scatman can so can.u!!!!! badabadabadaba vweeee bap bop bodobo. bap bap badopbo

Su theory: Mr. Greg was a funeral

The tuxedos in Mr. Greg are there as funeral tuxedos, and the entire trip is a sort of funeral closure for Pearl especially.

Tuxedos are worn for a lot of events, from weddings and celebrations to funerals. Greg sang about how tuxedos “cost something” so it’s entirely possible that he couldn’t afford one for Rose’s funeral. And knowing Pearl, someone who loathed Greg at the time of Rose’s ‘death’, probably didn;t come to whatever funeral services were held for her because Greg would be there. (not to mention Pearl was probably in mental breakdown hell). 
It’s Over Isn’t it is a song about lacking closure. 
Then, when Greg and Pearl dance Steven sings “You both love me and i love both of you” in which all three of them cry, Steven is shaded pink and his tear leaves a rose to blossom on the keyboard. I think the reason that all three of them cried was because it felt like Rose was saying those words. Perhaps Steven wasn’t in either of their minds, they just both felt like they heard Rose effectively saying goodbye and i love you. 

I could go into detail about all of the other loss/ funeral imagery as well as the stages of grief, but the point remains that i don’t just think this trip was only a “heal the friendship of Greg and Pearl” but rather it was a new funeral for Rose where Pearl actually attended and Greg was able to honor her both by wearing a suit and by including Pearl.

day 213

I cant imagine saying “day 365”. i think instead of getting stronger, i might break down to pieces. i cant believe its been 213 days. i still miss you- so much actually. i can now sing our fave song and listen to the music playing at your funeral but whenever i talk about you to other people, i just end up crying. i promise to work on that. i still message you on facebook- not gonna lie- but yes im quite hoping you’ll reply but yeah i know it will never happen. i hope you’re happy at the moment and I don’t know but i love you so much i will never forget you. i’ll be stronger i promise.