im not saying her name


“Crees en amor a primera vista, o debo pasarte otra vez?”~ ♥

Leya is my wife and i love her. she’s a filthy memer and she always has the best nails. she’s really competitve, but she’s also really considerate. she has a huge gay crush on kathy ♥

“Homestuck is bad because it actually turned my friend into a maniac who won’t rest until everybody loves Vriska and agrees with everything she says” - anon

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tag yourself: tess posted yesterday about how she wishes she was in mexico or with "tacos and tequila" and harry's papped there today but there is literally 0 reason why she couldn't be there, so once again tess is being extra desperate to associate himself with him, so im harry not saying her name once or giving her any material meaning she has to try even harder to keep this dying narrative alive

Im waiting her to say “ Hi! My name is Arya Stark! You killed my father! Prepare to die” even her costume has this spanish recall with Inigo Montoya .She definiteky will rock next season #gameofthrones #wineriscoming #art #artist #играпрестолов #characterdesign #caricature #personality #animation #visualdevelopmentartist #draw #pose #petyrbaelish #GOT #asassin #aryastark #arya #stark #faceless #мейсиуильямс #арьястарк #maisiewilliams @maisie_williams

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This blog is too white and needs some real beauty

My only game ocs outside of fr are like. My two player characters in ark??

One is Darcia and shes the one i use on the pve server me and ro play on, and she collects birds

The other is Shitscram on my ragnarok single player and i dont really have anything yet so shes running around naked rn

They’re p much the same character split across servers, she’s always fluctuating between chaotic good and chaotic evil it really just depends on the day


(To all my supergirl fans just think of yourself as Kara and your boss as Cat✌)“Damn it, damn it, damn it” you had woken up late today because your stupid alarm hadn’t gone off, it was only your third week working at Sinclair Media your boss Elizabeth Sinclair was not the nicest person to say the least, you knew that she was going to rip your head off today for being late you quickly put on your clothes and rush to your work. As you enter the elevator you’re met with the most striking blue you had ever seen you realise the eyes are part of one of no the most beautiful girl you had ever seen you knida just stand there gawking at the godess in front of you until you hear her clear her throat she smirks at you “You know you should take a picture it’ll last longer” you blush and look down “How come the floor gets to see your beautiful face and I dont” you look up at the angel and clear your throat the blush still evident on your cheeks “S-so you must be new I haven’t seen you around here before then again its only my third week here” go y/n you managed to get a coherent sentence out and only stuttered once you think and smile “Actually I don’t work here I just came to visit someone” the smile you had leaves your lips of course someone like her has to have a boyfriend or girlfriend “My Mom” she says a smile returns to your face you sudenly realise you hadn’t asked for her name “Im y/n” you say as you reach out your hand “Margot” she says as she takes your hand you feel a spark as your hands meet “Its a pleasure to meet you y/n” she says as she looks into your eyes you gulp “Its a pleasure to meet you too” you two kind of just stand there lookining into eachothers eyes until you hear a ding you signaling you had reached your floor all the happiness drains from you ass you realise you’re still late “Shit Miss Sinclair is going to kill me” you say as you run out of the elevator you reach Miss Sinclair’s office “I am so sorry my alarm didnt go off” you start making excuses “Tell me w/p/y/n (wrong pronunciation of your name) do I pay you to make excuses and be late” she asks you “n-no” you stutter “Then why are you here doing both these things” she asks clearly annoyed “I” you begin but get cut off “Maybe I should hust fire you right now” she says you’re nearley in tears when you hear a familiar voice “I see you’re still as irritating as ever mother” you look up to see the same striking blue eyes you saw in the elevator wait a minute mother!“Margot I didn’t know you were in town you should have called” Miss Sinclair says “I thought it would be better to tell you in person” your Angel says “And if you must know the reason y/n was late was because I spilled coffee on her this morning and she had to change” she says “Is this true w/p/y/n” MissSinclair asks you “Ughh yes she spilled coffee on me that is why I was late” you say “very well il let it slide this time but if your late again I’ll kick you out of this building myself” you sigh as Miss Sinclair goes back into her office “So you’re my mom’s assistant” I hear her voice say in my ear I jump back “And you’re my boss’s daughter” I say “Yep” she simply says and if it was no big deal “Oh god I flirted with my boss’s daughter” I wisper the I see her smirk oh shit she heard me “Flirted so i guess I was reading you right” she says you blush and start playing with you’re glasses “Yes you were but it was highly inappropriate for me to be flirting with you and it won’t happen again” you say she smiles and then says “So its out of the question for me to ask you out on a date then” you stare at her in shock and say “Yes it ughh would be inappropriate but I dont know of i would say no” you whisper the last part hopping she wouldn’t hear it she did “You wouldn’t say no” she says you blush “Then y/n would you do me the honour of going to dinner with me friday night” she says you know you should say no you know that Miss Sinclair will actually kill you if she finds out but instaid of a no you end up saying “I would love to” Margot geys a bright smile on her face you were about to say something when you hear Miss Sinclair yell “W/P/Y/N” you turn about to go to Miss Sinclair’s office when a hand grabs your own Margot looks at you and hands you a small piece of paper she says “Call me later and we can talk about friday” you smile and rush into Miss Sinclair’s office as she yells your name again (So I finally posted something after 85 Long Years I hope yall enjoy it and again Not my gif😄)

i just watched this trimberly edit and i neeeeeeed an angsty fic to be written based on it


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I knew Berkut and Rinea would be a tragedic couple from the moment in their dance when their hands came apart and the lightning above looked like fire. But still, I want them to be together in your au and not end up like what happened in canon. Saintly Jealousy made me so happy!

when their hands came apart and the lightning above looked like fire

i am literally screaming anon i havent started act 5 and i never will my level of denial hasnt been this strong since takukamu conq i THAT afraid

but EEEEEEEEE im happy my lil au enjoyed you! /w\ i love to talk and write more about that au!!! I JUST WANT THEM TO BE HAPPY AND RINEA TO BOND!!! rinea will def bond so well with silque and tatiana. even mathilda praises rinea and gives her confidence and teaches her self defense.

berkut is so openly in love with rinea and if im using my au where berkut went to the fountain of revival to revive rinea u know his guilt is still there. looming and choking him and making him lose sleep. he knows rinea is doing her best and shes actually p capable of magic now but berkut grieves that her affinity for magic is because of what he did to her. he doesnt understand why she still sticks close to him. why she still loves him. she shouldve left him when she revived. she shouldve been angry at him and abandon him coz he doesnt deserve such an angel wow im sad again

what she says: im fine
what she means: her name is obviously eleven so presumably the bad men have done this to 10 other children. what happened to them? how long have they been doing this? how does will manage to stay alive for a week in the upside down when barb was killed almost immediately? what did he eat if anything? the upside down has the same buildings and roads but how does that work? are there more of the monsters or is that the only one? what happens to the upside down after the monster disappears? what happens to the monster? what happens to eleven? are the bad men going to take a 12th child after this? whats going to happen to hopper? did wills mom ever pay off the phones and lights? wh