im not saying harry and louis went on a date last night

Daddy Niall One Shot #1- How You Meet

**Well, you all have been asking for this for a while and here it is! I’ll be doing this in One Shot form and I won’t be updating every week, probably every other week or so! I also hope to make these somewhat longer since I won’t be updating every week. Anyway…. Hope you all love it! :) 


You and your best friend were on your way to a One Direction concert. They were your favorite band and you were finally able to see them live in concert. You had tickets to the show last year, but you had gotten pregnant and it was too close to your due date to go. You were upset, but you knew it was better for you not to go. 

Fast forward to now and you were pulling into the parking lot of the stadium. 

“This is going to be so much fun!” Your friend shouts excitedly. 

“I know! I’m just glad that your Mom was able to watch Adeline.” You say. 

“Me too. So how are you and your parent’s relationship since everything?” She asks. 

“I mean we’re working on it. Since Matt’s not in the picture, they want to help out a bit more, but they don’t want me to become financially dependent upon then, which I understand.” You say. “I think their disappointment in me went away after they saw what I was going through with Matt and they want to help make sure it pays child support and all that, so it’s slowly getting back to a good relationship, but I know that it will never be the same though.” 

“Oh, I’m sorry.” She says. 

“It’s okay. Don’t worry about it.” You smile. “It’s my life and I’ve learned to deal with it.” You shrug. 

“Well, that’s good. Now, lets get out of this car and into that huge ass stadium!” She smirks. 

You laugh getting out of the car.


As you two were walking towards the entrances, you saw tons of tents of local radio stations that were shouting out to everyone and trying to get them to their tables. 

“Enter for a chance to win backstage passes and front row tickets! There will be a drawing in 30 minutes!” They shout.

“OOOH Y/N let’s do this!” Jess says

“We probably won’t win.” you sigh as she pulls you over to the tent. 

“So! At least we tried! I mean at least we have a chance!” she says picking up a pen and paper. “Here fill it out now!” She says. 

“So bossy.” You mumble as you fill out the paper. 

“You’ll be thanking me if we win.” She smirks. 

“Yeah. Yeah. Let’s win first and then you can gloat all you want.” you say rolling your eyes laughing. 

“I’m going to hold you to that.” She smirks. 

“Yeah. Yeah.” You laugh handing your papers to the guy. 

“Thanks ladies. Be sure to stick around for the drawing. You have to be present to win. So don’t go inside to the venue yet.” He says. 

“Okay. Thanks.” Jess smiles. “Let’s go look at the Merch table.” She says pulling you over. 

“I wonder if they have any baby sizes.” You giggle. “Adeline would look so cute in one.” 

“She looks cute in anything.” Jess laughs. 

“True.” You laugh. “What can I say I’m just glad she looks like me and not her dick of a father.” 

“Yeah. Ew let’s not speak of him anymore tonight. Tonight is supposed to be fun and drama free. Tonight you get to be a 21 year old girl!” She says. 

You smile nodding. After buying matching shirts and some other little things, you and Jess head back over to the radio stations table. 

“Okay! Everyone. I know you have been waiting for this. The winners of the backstage passes and front row tickets. Drum rooooolllll.” He smirks. “And the winners are Jess Williams and Y/N!” He shouts. 



“I think I’m going to puke.” you groan as you wait backstage to the boys. 

You were sick to your stomach between the nerves and the fact that you had to spend the rest of the your life hearing Jess gloat about how because of her, you two got to meet One Direction. 

“You know I didn’t actually know that we were going to win, but I just had a feeling and damn was I right!” She smirks. 

‘Okay. Okay. Yes, you were right and we’re meeting the boys, but you could chill for like a sec.” You laugh. 

“Okay. Okay. Fine, I won’t say I told you so for the rest of the night.” She says. 

“Good!” You laugh. 

“Everyone if you could make a line, the boys are on their way down.” The security guy says. 

“AHHH!” Jess screams. “Why aren’t you more excited?”

“I don’t know. It doesn’t seem real, yet.” you say shrug. 

“Well it’s pretty fucking real.” She says pointing to the door. 

You turn around and see Harry, Liam, Niall, and Louis walking and that’s when it hit you. 

“Holy shit.” You say jumping up and down with everyone else. 

About 10 minutes later, you were walking up to the boys. You hug each of them and you’re right next to Niall and Harry when you take the picture. Once you were done, you wait to the side as the boys go around signing stuff for everyone. 

“Hi, you’re Y/N right?” Niall asks you. 

“U-Um. Yeah. I’m Y/N.” You smile nodding. 

“That’s a really pretty name. I know that’s probably really lame.” He laughs. 

“No. It’s fine.” You laugh. 

“Niall we gotta go!” Harry says

“So, where are your seats for the show?” He asks. 

“Front row. Near the catwalk I think.” You say. “We won them with the backstage passes.” 

“Awesome. So I’ll see you then later at the show.” He smirks. “Bye Y/N.” He smirks. 

“Yeah. Sure. Bye Niall.” You say. 


It was now time for the show and you were really excited. The opening band was really good, but you were ready for the boys and well Niall. 

“He so flirted with you.” Jess says. 

“He was just being nice.” You say. 

“Maybe, but he talked about seeing you at the show and he personally said bye to just you!” She says. 

“Well, he will see me at the show because we’re sort of right here in his face and he said bye to be because he was talking to me at the time he had to leave.” You say. “It’s another polite thing to do.” 

“Okay, yes, but hello he didn’t talk to other people backstage like he talked to you. Everyone else, including me, I might add he just signed some stuff said hello and moved on. But with you he remembered your fucking name, Y/N.” She says. 

You just laugh shaking your head. 

Soon all the lights go out and screams fill the air as the opening video starts to play and the boys walk out. 

Throughout the show, Niall would look over at you and at times it would seem as if he was singing out to you. Towards the end of the show though, Niall leaned down to talk to a security guard and then was looking over towards you before giving the guy a piece of paper. The guard the walks over to you and hands you the piece of paper. 

You open it and see something written on it. 

“I want to get to know you more. Meet me backstage after the show?” You read. 

“I FUCKING TOLD YOU!” Jess screams over the crowd. 

You look up at Niall shocked and he smiles at you. 

‘Please?” He mouths. 

Still shocked and confused and excited, you just simply nodded a yes. Niall smirks and continues on with the rest of the show. 

anonymous asked:

Why is it that you're fine being seen out with Nadine but you won't even take me on a fucking date?

“You know that Nadine and I mean nothing, y/n? Why can’t you understand that?” Harry sighed, not wanting to fight. Harry was never one for fighting, he actually hated it and he’d do anything in his power to avoid one but there was no way that he could get out of this one.

“Then why did you take her out on a date?!” It just didn’t make any sense to you since you two had become official over two and a half months ago but you had only been on ‘dates’ that involved dinner at his house. You never actually went out in public which only caused you to believe that he was ashamed of you and didn’t want other people to know about you two. Just that thought made your heart cold.

“It’s wasn’t a date!” He shouted, slamming his fist down on the counter top which caused you to jump. “God, I can’t be seen with any fucking female without you becoming jealous, can I?!”

“I’m no jealous of her!” You yelled back. You refused to let him yell at you when you didn’t even do anything wrong.

“Then why are you upset about it?” Harry practically growled as he stomped towards you. You instinctively backed up and soon enough you were pressed against the wall while Harry was pressing your further into the wall as he leaned his entire body weight into you. “Why can’t you understand that I don’t want her; I’ve already got the girl that I want." 

"Then how come she gets to go out with you but we don’t even go outside together…” You voice was much lower than it was only two minutes ago and, in a way, you were slightly relived that it hadn’t escalated into something much worse where either of you ended up saying things that you’d regret.

“Honey,” He whispered, arching down so that he could rest his forehead against yours and intertwining your fingers together, almost as if he was apologizing for yelling. “Is that what all of this is about?”

You nodded.

“It’s not that I don’t want to take you out on a proper date because I do. I want to but I don’t want to deal with the shit that comes with it. Nadine is receiving so much hate just for being seen around me. Now imagine how much you’d get if people found out that we’re dating?”

You never thought that he had been avoiding all of that just to save you from the harsh comments, you had just automatically assumed that he was ashamed of you. “I’m sorry.” You mumbled.

“If you want to, I’ll take you out or we can find another way to announce our relationship, whatever you want, honey. Just don’t forget that you’re the only girl that I want.”


Preference #14 - I'm not the only one

Just a really short preference!

So this is only going to be like a short he cheats preference. I just got the idea to do this song preference thingy, BUT DON’T WORRY, I’M GONNA POST AN ACTUAL CHEATING PREFERENCE WITH ALL THE PARTS (I’m working on it now). This is just for the song using the lyrics. Enjoy :)


You and me; we made a vow
For better or for worse
I can’t believe you let me down
But the proof’s in the way it hurts

You remember every single damn word he had said that day. He promised you forever; together forever. You believed him. It was your mistake. You watch as he gives her one last kiss before leaving. You are hurt, angry, the list could go on and on. The emotions that are pulsing through your veins. You wish you hadn’t seen it. You’d rather him tell you. He walks down the pathway towards the lot. This place is secluded, no wonder why. You follow him. You couldn’t stop the tears from escaping. They have already beat you to it and start running down your cheeks. When the crying gets worse, a sob escapes. He stops. You place your hand on your mouth to try and quiet the sobs. You watch as he slowly turns around. “You lied,” you cry. All he does is stand there with guilt written in his face. “I,” you stopped mid sentence when a hiccup from the crying stops you. “I believed you.” He walks up to you and places a hand on your cheek. “And I meant every word.” You turn your face from his grasp. “Then why’d you do it? Remember? You promised. You promised in front of everyone that day. My family, your family, and even our friends.” You could only watch him as he glances at the band wrapped around his ring finger. He then glances at your ring finger. A band wrapped around it as well. He had placed it there and now it had no meaning of the words he has promised, only lies.

For months on end I’ve had my doubts
Denying every tear;
I wish this would be over now
But I know that I still need you here

He wouldn’t. Your friend had told your months ago. You just didn’t believe it. You would never believe it. When she first told you, you cried. You cried the entire week. The only thing that probably stopped you was you had run out of tears to cry with. You cried until no more tears could fall. You made sure not to cry when he was around. Now months later, the thought had almost disappeared from your head. Almost; that’s the problem. You told yourself, he’d never. That’s not the Liam you know. That would never be the sweet loving boyfriend you have. Today, you saw it with your own eyes. You watched as he kissed her with the lips that kissed you just this morning. Not one tear has slipped today, even after see what your saw. It was evident. You just couldn’t bring yourself to believe it. Your mind was telling you the truth of what you had seen and your heart was trying to make up a lie to push the truth away. You wish it never happened. He never cheated. You never saw. The only thing making you hold longer was your undying love for him. You just couldn’t let him, the relationship, what you have go… and you knew it was stupid to hold on.

You say I’m crazy
‘Cause you don’t think I know what you’ve done
But when you call me baby
I know I’m not the only one

“Harry, you’d never cheat on me right?” You grab his hands and give them a quick squeeze. You see guilt flash on his eyes before he quickly brings a smile on his lips. “You are crazy, why would you ever think that?” He answers softly. You shake your head. “I’ve just been thinking a lot lately. I just have a lot on my mind.” You say. He leans towards you and places a gentle kiss on your lips. “I would never hurt you; especially that way.” He looks as if he was trying to convince himself more than you. His eyes hold the guilt and you know it. “I believe you,” You lie. He isn’t the only telling lies today. You hear his phone vibrate on the table. He reaches over to grab it. When he checks, you notice the guilt in his eyes grow more. It’s her. She’s calling. He only says a simple “okay” before hanging up. “Baby, I’ve got to go. I’ll see you later, okay?” He gets up from his seat and rushes towards the door. “I’m not the only one, right?” You mutter. “W-what?” He stutters. “You’re going to see her, I assume?” You raise your voice so he can hear you clearly. The guilt finally covers his entire face. You’ve caught him.

You’ve been so unavailable
Now sadly I know why
Your heart is unobtainable
Even though Lord knows you kept mine

“Let’s go out tonight,” You smile. “Why?” He asks. “It’s been so long since our last date. We should have some time to ourselves. Besides you’ve been so busy lately with the band,” You comment. “We don’t need it, we have time now. Let’s just stay home.” He tries to let you down easily. His phone suddenly rings. “Hello?” He picks it up. “Okay, I’ll be right there,” He answers quickly. Then he hangs up. “Who’s that?” You question. “The guys, I have to go to the studio,” He answers quickly. He gets up and walks towards the door. You catch up and grab his arm. “Promise me you’ll try to come home early?” You ask. Every time he went out he always came home late, sometimes he didn’t come back till the next day. He smiles. “Of course.” A smile rises on your lips as well. He gives you a quick kiss before leaving. You decide to go out to grab a couple things. It is going to be your night together so you want to have everything nice and ready. Dinner is, of course, your plan. You have to make it quick so it’d be ready when he comes home. You end up, instead of buying what you needed, buying a ton. As you shop down the aisle, you grab a cereal box and just before placing it in your cart, you see it. So that’s why he was always so busy? You feel your heart drop down to your stomach; not in a good way. He had your heart, but you didn’t have his? The box drops from your hand. When it hits the ground, he glances up to see what happened. He’s been caught.

I have loved you for many years
Maybe I am just not enough
You’ve made me realize my deepest fear
By lying and tearing us up

Numerous thoughts are running through your head at the scene you just witnessed. Am I not enough? Am I a bad girlfriend? Is that why? Those thoughts are running through your mind. You always knew you weren’t enough for him. It’s was your biggest fear. You wouldn’t be enough and he would leave you for someone else. This is worse. He didn’t leave you, he was seeing someone else behind your back. That made your insecurities rise even more. You must be the reason. You’re sitting on the sofa in your flat waiting for his arrival home. You had made your decision and it was final. When you hear the locks click, you know he’s home. He walks in and places a kiss on your cheek. “Hey babe.” You look up at him. “We need to talk.” Guilt flashes in his eyes. “The nights when you say you’re going out, I know you were with her,” You start. He sighs. “But why?” You cry. You falter instead of staying strong like you wanted; you break down. “Was it because I wasn’t enough? I’m not good enough for you? It’s my fault you cheated.” The tears escape and your tone had fallen weak. You have exposed your insecurity in this relationship to him. It was a mistake. You shouldn’t have. Now you couldn’t stop as many other why’s fall from your lips. He knows he was the cause of this and he couldn’t do anything, but hold you in your state of weakness and continuously whisper you are perfect, you are enough, and it was his fault not yours. And you let him.

Youve Got Other Plans - Part 2

“H-harry I dont u-understnad…” You said trying to comprehend what he just told you.

“Im so sorry” He said running his hands nervously through his hair. He tried to move to take your hand, but you flinched away feeling the tears finally falling.

“Harry couldnt you have done anything?” You chocked out. 

“Love I tried! I really tried” He said. You could see the hurt in his face.

“What are we supposed to do Harry? What are Darcey and I supposed to do?” You said turning away from him, not able to look at his face.

Harry sat quietly for a minute before he jumped up. 

“Kendall and I are fake right? Thats all this has to be, I go out with her here and there, get some photos taken, while you Darcey and I still can be together!” he said excitedly 

“But that means that we would have to be on the down low…” you said trying to understand this whole thing. “I dont know Harry”  

“Baby…” Harry said coming towards you. He wrapped his arms around your waist.

You let out a deep sigh thinking this over. 

“Alright, I guess thats really the only way around this.” You stated.

A few weeks had past, Harry and Kendalls “relationship” had really caught on with all the fans, and media. They were getting so much attention and responses. You couldnt help but think that this plan was actually a good idea in a way because it really got their names out there. You were pleasantly surprised when the media produced a few stories about you and Darcey. Everyone knew about Harry and you. and your child, so you were happy to find out that a lot of people still cared. 

You could see that this little stunt was giving the new couple some negative attention as well. Fans were upset with Harry for leaving you and your daughter and going with Kendall. Others were mad at Kendall saying ‘how could she do this to such a sweet family?’ All in all you kind of felt bad for the two of them, one they had to fake being together, and two the negativity they got. But you guess thats what comes with fame.

A few more weeks pass, and it was getting harder and harder for you. Everyone time youd go out people would be questioning you about the ‘break up’ and you had to lie and pretend to be upset. But after some time you felt like you werent pretending. Harry had been spending so much time with Kendall he had practically forgotten about you and Darcey.

Most nights you were cooped up at home with the baby. Which you didnt mind, but Harry was never around anymore. He seemed to be growing feelings for Kendall as well. Or at least thats what it looked like. 

You had to deal with the rumors, the stories, the photos, everything all alone. No Harry there reassuring you, no Harry there telling you not to look at that stuff, no Harry period. You were starting to feel like he had actually left you for her. 

One week later and you couldnt take it any more. Harry had only seen you three times in the course of three months. You were hurt, pissed, broken, sad, all of the above. And every time you tried to talk to him he was to busy for you. 

Your phone buzzed bringing you away from the thoughts swirling around in your head. 

‘Hey love on my way home.’ a text from Harry.

You didnt even respond to it, you just shut your phone off. Darcey was staying with your moms for a little while so you could have a break and some TLC.

You heard a knock on the door and you went to answer it. 

“Why did you knock?” You asked coldly after you swung the door open. 

“I uh I dont know.” Harry said I little take a back at your tone.

“Its your house too. Or at least it used to be.” You said the last part under your breath but apparently Harry heard you. 

“What do you mean?” He asked confused.

“Dont play dumb styles.” you growled at him. “You havent been home in weeks. You barley come by to see me let a lone your daughter. Your always out with that bitch while I just sit here and wait. You were supposed to be ‘fake’ dating her. But at this point im not sure if that relationship is fake or if this one is.” You let all of the angry and emotions youd been feeling for weeks pour out of you. You let them consume you, they had been eating away at you all that time you had been alone. You finally broke, you lost your cool but you didnt care any more.

“Its me or her harry.” You growled in a low tone.

He didnt respond he just looked away. You couldnt believe it. It had actually happened, he chose her. You had played this scene over and over in your head, but you had always hoped that he would come back. 

You stood there with your mouth wide open.

“Hand me my suitcase.” You said.

“What?” Harry finally responded.

“you heard me.”

Harry's Mistake (Harry Styles imagine)

Part 3:
I was pacing back and forth. My hands on my head and I looked to the ground.
“This is bad” I said out loud.
I grabbed my phone and went on twitter.
“There is already a fucking ship name trending” I whined and showed the boys.
My mention tab started going off as millions of Directioners left messages.
I sat on the bed.
“What am I going to do?” I asked.
“Just deny everything” Liam suggested.
“Harry isn’t going to be happy. He wanted us a secret. He was embarrassed to tell everyone about us. He-”
“Hey!” Niall cut me off “You’re wrong. He was never embarrassed about you, he was proud. Now we need to figure out who told them this and figure out what you’re going to do”.
I nodded. I didn’t want people knowing what was going on no matter how angry I was at Harry. I could never do that to him.
My phone rang and it was Harry.
I hesitated but then answered.
“Hi” I said blankly.
“(Y/n) its so good hearing your voice. Can I see you? Please” he begged.
“I don’t think thats-” I tried talking but he continued to beg.
“Please, I need to see your face. I need to explain things”
“Uh okay. Okay. Come over”
“Bye, I’ll be there in a minute.  I love you” he said.
I clenched my teeth together and hung up. I sighed and put the phone on the bed.
“Harry is coming over” I said and started walking towards the door.
I opened it and travelled towards the lounge room.
“Are you okay?” Liam asked.
“Yeah” I lied.

After a couple of minutes I heard a knock at the door.
I walked up to it and opened it.
Harry stood in front of me. He had black bags under his eyes and he wore the same outfit from the day before. His hair was a mess and his knuckles were bruised and covered in dry blood.
“Come in” I said quietly and looked to the ground.
He walked in and took me to the bedroom while Liam and Niall sat in the lounge room.
He shut the door and turned to me.
He started crying.
“You don’t understand how sorry I am (y/n). I was stupid, I didn’t mean anything I did. She was just a random girl” he started.
He walked towards me and I took a step back.
I crossed my arms.
“What happened to your hands?” I asked.
He stared at the ground in shame.
“I got angry and started punching things” he admitted.
I stood there.
He looked up at me.
“You’re pathetic” I stuttered.
He nodded.
“You betrayed me”
He nodded again.
“I will do anything to get you back. I made a mistake I can never be trusted again but please let me work on it” he pleaded.
“Harry I don’t know if I can trust you again. You had sex with some chick and threw away everything we had like it was trash. I realise I’m just this unimportant human being that gets in your way of seeing wonderful things and doing wonderful things but break up with me if you don’t love me anymore. It would of hurt less” I started crying lightly.
“You’re not unimportant, you’re everything to me and I still love you more then anything. I don’t know how to stop loving you and thinking about going on with my life with you not with me, I can’t bare it. Tell me you don’t love me and I will leave you alone” he stared into my eyes hurt and fragile.
My throat felt blocked, like I could swallow because something was stuck in there. My mouth turned to cotton and my head started to form a headache.
“Harry” I spoke softly and looked to the ground.
“I don’t love you anymore” I said slowly and looked to his face.
His jaw clenched and his eyes shut closed. He opened them slowly and nodded to me. He left the room.
I sat down on the floor and cried. I couldn’t control it. I obviously still loved him but I couldn’t be with him. It hurt. I wanted to stay in a ball and not speak or move or function.
I stood up and walked to the night stand. I grabbed the photo of Harry and I that sat in a glass photo frame. I got angry and threw it as hard as I could against the wall. It smashed into thousands of shards and I felt nothing but furry. My face softened as I realised what I just did. I rushed over to it and started grabbing the glass, brushing it together, trying to make them fit. I cut myself but I didn’t care, I grabbed the photo and placed the glass ontop of it. I knew it wouldn’t go back together but I just had to do something.
Liam came rushing in and grabbed my hands.
“Babe what are you doing?” He asked worried.
He held back my hands as I tried getting back to the glass.
“Its broken, everything is broken” I cried.
“I didn’t mean it, I threw it, I was angry” I started speaking fast.
“Stop, it all right,  its all right” he continued repeating himself.
I stoped struggling and placed my face in his chest and bawled.
He sat there with me, running his fingers through my hair.

We sat there for an hour.
I wanted to move but Liam held me there. I kind of liked the comfit anyway.
“Liam what do I do?” I asked.
“I don’t know darl” he confessed.
“I told him I didn’t love him anymore”
“Is it true?” He asked.
“Of course not. I still love him more then anything but I just-” I stopped and huffed.
“I understand” he spoke softly.
I whiped away the last tears and stood up.
“You better go” I said to him.
“What? Why?” He asked as he stood up.
“Because you need to go support Harry”
He nodded in agreement.
“I know. The boys and I’ll call you later?” He said.
I smiled “sure sounds wonderful”.
He walked out and I went and had a shower.

Two weeks pasted and I was out with a friend. I was having coffee at my favourite cafe and laughing as she told me about what her dog did the night before.
“So I was like Josh, get the fucking dog out. I’m not having sex while the dog watches” she continued.
I started laughing again.
“So being good, he took the dog out and then he fucked the shit out of me. Good little boyfriend” she smirked.
“So how are you doing?”
“Yeah I’m absolutely fine. I’m good” I smiled.
“I have to go to the bathroom, I’ll be back” I announced
“Want anything? She smiled
"White coffee with one of thise little sponge things?”
“Obviously” she put on an attitude and I laughed.
I walked through the door for female toilets and smiled at the lady that pushed past.
I peed and then washed my hands. My phone buzzed and I saw an update for twitter.
I went on and looked at my mention tab. I refreshed it and saw the top comment.
“Your such a slut u hurt Harry i hate u” I scrolled down.
“Kill yourself please”
“You and Harry are so cute #omg”
“Please get married and have babies with Harry”
“You’re fucking gross. Kill yourself.”
“What happened with Harry and you?”
I locked my phone and smiled. I didn’t care anymore. I put the phone in my pocket and left the bathroom.

Hayley stat there with a waiter standing in front of her.
She gave something to him, smiled at the guy and he walked away.
“What was that about?” I scoffed.
“Gave him my number. He’s quite quite” she looked to the coffee the guy left us.
I sat down “uh, what about Josh?” I asked confused.
“What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him” she smiled and took a sip of her coffee.
I shook my head in disgust.
“Oh come on (y/n)” she started to protest.

I heard a voice that I recognised.
I darted my eyes towards the tv that was mounted on the wall nearby.
I started, listening and watching the woman.
“Directioners have I got a story for you” it was the reporter lady I had heard 2 weeks ago.
“Im Jennifer Waters and this is Top Celebrity News on E! Week ago we were hit with the news of a taken Harry Styles. Sources say Harry and the unknown (y/n) (y/l/n) have been dating for quite some time now. But the mysterious connection between (y/n) and Harry is completely thrown out the window as Harry was seen hanging out with model Kendell Jenner at a club last night and leaving together holding hands” the screen showed a photo and I looked away.
“Kendell and Harry have been getting quite cosy at 3 in the morning when Harry rushed to her hotel and stayed the night. Is this our new celebrity power couple? And most importantly when are they going to make it offical? Harry is yet to confirm or deny anything so the best we can do is wait” The news reporter smiled.

I sipped my coffee.
Hayley looked at me.
“Now you’re famous thanks to me” she smiled.
I stopped drinking and glared at her.
“What?” My jaw clenched.
“Yeah I was talking to Jessica about you and it kind of slipped out that you were dating Harry”
I was breathing heavily.
“Jessica has a mum thats a paparazzi” I said as calm as I could.
“Remind me to not trust Jessica, ah pathetic” she said as if everything was normal.
“Hayley! How could you do that?” I asked her now angry.
“I’m sorry. But look at the bright side, you’re famous now” she smiled. I stood up, put $10 on the table and left.

I walked out the door with Hayley yelling after me. I kept walking I was pissed off. I charged towards home. Hayley drove me, but she make me sick right now.
I placed my bag strap on my shoulder and grabbed my phone out.
I started texting Zayn because he seemed to always be on his phone.
I wrote “I know who told the reporters everything - fuck friends man. You can never trust them”.
I sent the text but was out of reception. I continued walking down the short cut to the next street. I placed the phone in the air to try and get bars. My foot hit a rock and I fell onto my knees and then to my front, throwing my phone onto the ground.
“Now thats just fucking great” I layed there for a second. I looked to my phone and crawled towards it. I glanced at the screen and it was smashed.
“Its my lucky day today” I said out loud to myself sarcastically.
“It certainly is” I heard a deep voice errupt from above me. My eyes travelled up the body that stood in front of me. My eyes landed on a young male face I didn’t know but more importantly the glint of a knife that sat in his hand.

Preference #113 Butterflies:

“Darcy I think daddy’s home.” You told Your four year old daughter. She gasped and got the brightest smile on her face, her dimples showing. “Daddy?” She called out peeping around the corner hoping to find her father. “DADDY!!” She squealed. “Hey sweetie! How are you?” He said smiling and hugging him tight. “I’m happy” she said. “Daddy!” You said the same way that Darcy did, hoping that Harry would play along. “Hey sweetie! How are you?” He chuckled. You greeted him with a hug and a kiss and asked him how his day was. “It was good, how about you guys.” He wondered starting to get settled an taking his seat on the couch. “Well Darcy and I went shopping for her Halloween costume today” you filled him in. “Oh really? And what is it?” He asked. “ITS A-” Darcy started before you clapped your hand over her mouth. “Remember its a surprise Darcy” you whispered. “Oh ok mommy… Well daddy it’s not a butterfly costume” she said. You and Harry both started laughing. “Come on lets go get you changed hon” you said. You helped her get into her beautiful butterfly costume and you carried her in your arms so that it looked like she was flying. “WHEEE LOOK AT ME DADDY! IM FLYING!” she exclaimed. She had a smile that matched her fathers. “Wow its a beautiful butterfly! Excuse me miss butterfly but have you seen my daughter Darcy? She’s about this tall, has dark curly brown hair, and she’s completely adorable!” He said. “Daddy its me ” she whispered. “Oh its you Darcy! I didn’t recognize you. Wow you look beautiful!” He smiled.
“Are you serious!? Pancakes are not better than waffles (Y/N)” Niall told you. “Yes they are!” You responded. “Alright give me one good reason why.” “Ok well pancakes are smooth so you can easily spread peanut butter or chocolate syrup, or both…” You paused for a moment imagining how good that would be. “Sorry what was I saying?” You giggled. “You see this is why we’re best friends we get lost talking about food” Niall laughed “yeah well I don’t know if I can be friends with someone who likes waffles more than pancakes…” You joked. “Oh? Well um maybe we an be more than friends?” Niall said taking a step closer to you and taking your hand in his. It wasn’t long before your palm started sweating. You looked down at your intertwined hands and then look up to find Niall smiling at you. “I like you (Y/N)” “I like you too… my stomach is filled w-with butterflies right now” you said, your voice breathy. He smiled and the two of you continued walking through the park hand in hand. “So I was thinking for our first date we could go for breakfast…where I will prove to you that waffles are better than pancakes.” Niall said. You rolled you eyes, “yeah well good luck with that last part”.
You and Liam wanted to have a picnic in a public garden that was near by, but you both were too lazy to make sandwiches and pack snacks. So you ate before, grabbed a bottle of water and a blanket and left. Once you made it there you spread your blanket and lay down on it. Holding hands with Liam and looking up at the clouds, you sighed, it was so peaceful. You decided to close your eyes and listen to the sound of nature. After a few minutes had passed you were totally zoned out. “Um (Y/N)?” Liam said. “Hmm?” You said simply, keeping your eyes closed. “…I don’t want you to freak out when I say this but there’s a butterfly…on your nose.” Your eyes shot open and found the butterfly that seemed to be staring back at you. You didn’t dare to move. “What do I do?!” You whispered, careful not to move a lot. “Let me take a picture” he said quickly snapping one. You were twitter famous by the end of the night, known as the butterfly whisperer.
“Are you serious (Y/N)?” “Yes please Louis, please” you said poking out your bottom lip and pulling the puppy dog eyes. You and Louis had just bought a kitten and you were dying to name it Butterfly. “But its a cat!” Louis argued. “So what? I know a dog named turtle! Butterfly is a cool name!” You told him. “No it’s not. Why not… I don’t know, Zoey? Zoey is a beautiful name” he said. “Louis! That’s so boringgg. We need a name that makes people laugh, I mean we always make people laugh, so now she can too” you said petting your new kitten. Louis rolled his eyes. “Oh fineeee!” Louis whined pouting. “Yes! Thank you thank you” you smiled kissing his cheek. “You know you’re lucky you’re cute…or I would have had my way” Louis claimed, though you weren’t sure if he was talking to you or the cat… :))
It was a late night and you and Zayn we’re cuddling in bed, trying to fall asleep, but it wasn’t working too well. You turned to look at Zayn, he looked angelic almost. His eyes shut, his chest rising and falling slowly. You moved your face up toward his cheek and started to give him butterfly kisses. Zayn opened his eyes, smiling a little bit, seeing as you were so close to him. “What are you doing hon?” he wondered. “Giving you butterfly kisses” you smiled. “What is that?” he asked. “You’ve never heard of butterfly kisses?” you asked. He shook his head. “Its when you, blink really quickly,” you said as you demonstrated. “and you blink so that your eyelashes touch someone else’s skin.” you said. “So I just blink against your cheek, really quickly, and that’s it… I just butterfly kissed you.” You said after your demonstration. “It kinda tickles… it’s cute” he said, smiling. “Yeah I like them, it’s not really something you can do in public without getting weird stares but for times like this I think it’s nice” you told him. He kissed your lips, “I love you, my little butterfly” he said and with that you both fell asleep.

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my jerks - Harry Niall Luke Ashton imagine

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Your POV – Being on tour with the 1D and 5sos guys was simply awesome. There was just that one little annoying thing about four of them.

“Y/N if I ask you tomorrow to go on a date with me, would you say yes?“ Luke was sitting on my right and looked at me with a cheeky grin on his face. I just rolled my eyes.

“No Luke. I told you yesterday and the day before. Im not going on a date with you.“

“Yeah right cause she’ll date me.“ Niall took a seat on my left and smiled at me. I just sighed.

“Nah-ah guys she’ll date me cause I love her most and Im her favorite right babe?“ I felt Harry’s hands on my shoulders and his lips on my hair. This was so exhausting.

“Oh come on. Y/N will be mine cause she’s into drummers and aussies you idiots.“ I heared Ashton giggle behind me.

“Hold on. I may not be a drummer but Im an aussie as well. So date me?“ I looked at Luke again who was giving me the best puppy eyes I’ver ever seen on him. This was how it went since we started the tour. These four guys had a crush on me and they did everything to win me. Of course it was nice but sometimes it was nothing but annoying.

“Guys I told you. Im not dating anyone of you. I really love you as friends and I don’t want to hurt anyone of you so I won’t date you guys. It’s so simple. Let’s just enjoy the time on tour together ok?“ I looked each one in the eyes and earned a small smile and heads nodding. Since I was so tired, I descided to go to bed earlier. As I stood up the guys did the same.

“Good night kisses for everyone?“ Niall looked at me with the widest smile. I giggled and kissed his cheek.

“You guys are unbelievable. Who’s next?“ Luke hugged me and kissed my cheek. He’s piercing tickled a little bit. I walked around the couch and Harry kissed my cheek as well. Ashton was the last one to kiss me and as I wanted to let him kiss my cheek he adorably giggled.

“No I want your lips on my cheek babe.“  I gently pushed his chest but I did as he wanted. Just as my lips were about to touch his cheek, he turned his head around and kissed me on my lips. Maybe I kissed him a little bit to long cause I heared the guys freak out.

“Ok it’s better if I go to bed now. Night guys.“ I bit my lip cause deep down I enjoyed Ashton’s kiss. As I walked away I heared everyone speaking in disorder. Everyone except for Ashton. I could imagine him grinning like a fool wich made me smile even more. I really loved this guys even if they were annoying jerks but hey, they were MY annoying jerks.          

Preference #113: He's Having Girlfriend Problems

A/N: Im off of my haitus! I am back and I really am excited to keep writing. Im not even sure if I did this already (I think I did I might have). To keep this authors note short, I am requesting preferences from everyone to be inboxed to me as I’m in need of prompts. Thank you!

“She’s absolutely driving me nuts! I can’t stand it! She gets me so worked up all the time!” Liam shouts into the air after getting off the phone with Sophia. You idly pick at the lint on his bed. You zone out on picking the lint from his bedspread and don’t pay attention to what he is saying. Liam notices, but continues ranting about his relationship problems. “She’s irritable, bothersome, nagging, and and and!” Liam groans and plops down on the bed next to you. You watch from the corner of your eye as his chest heaves up and down.
“Feel better?” You ask.
“No,” he sighs, voice slightly hoarse from all the yelling. “I’m sorry. I didn’t invite you over to bitch all day. Things just aren’t going all that well between us.”
“Really, now? I didn’t notice,” You say jokingly. Liam smiles and slightly shoves you.
“Yes, shocker. I promise I’m done. No more talking about Sophia or my failing relationship,” Liam promises. “Thanks for listening at least. If you were even listening, that is.” You hide your smirk.
“No, I really wasn’t,” you confess. “Sorry Li, but it’s been the same thing over and over again you keep fighting about.”
“I know, I know. And I know everyone’s getting annoyed by me always talking about my relationship. Things are just difficult right now, but I know we’ll get past it.”

“I’m just not sure if this is working out anymore between me and Eleanor,” he tells you randomly one night over Skype. You sit up straighter at the mention of his girlfriend. “I think I’ve just lost my feelings for her, but I still care about her. It all just went away. I can’t even remember the last time we had sex!” Your eyes widen.
“Hold it! I said I would listen to your relationship problems, not your sex life,” you say. Louis rolls his eyes and adjusts his laptop camera.
“You’re old enough to know about that stuff,” he scoffs.
“Doesn’t mean I want to hear about my older brother talking about his,” you say. “As for Eleanor, I’m not sure what else you could do.” Louis groans.
“But you’re a girl, and my best friend.” He mutters the second part, but you hear him anyway. “You should understand these things.”
“And you’re my older brother. If anything I should be the one going to you about relationship problems. I wish I could be more help, Lou,” you apologize, feeling bad for not giving much help to your brother. “If anything the relationship has reached the end and you need to move on.”
“You’re right, and that’s what I’m afraid of.” You watch him lick his lips nervously. “I just don’t know how I should do it.”

“I don’t know why I can’t get it right!” Niall groans to you over the phone. You can picture him running a hand through his hair as he paces back and forth in his hotel room. “Be honest, is it me? Am I the one at fault?” Niall knows out of everyone, you are the only one that will give a completely honest answer.
“Maybe your choice of girls is at fault, but that’s because you don’t really think when you jump into a relationship,” you say, trying to stifle a yawn. You weren’t prepared for Niall to call you in the middle of the night, but that didn’t mean you would stifle the truth. You didn’t have to worry about ever offending Niall.
“I never went wrong with you,” he points out. You smile softly to yourself and you know he probably is too in whatever country he’s in.
“We both know why it didn’t work the first time,” you sigh, feeling slightly nostalgic. “Don’t tell me you’re trying to use me as a possible future rebound, are you?”
“No! No! Of course not! I would never do that to you!” He defends. You chuckle. “Even if we were going to get back together, I’d never use you as a rebound. You deserve more than to be some bloke’s rebound.” The smile returns on your face and you roll onto your back, staring longingly at the ceiling. Suddenly you miss your friend and ex-boyfriend a lot more than you have in a while.
“I know.”

Harry slams the door while coming into your shared apartment. You jump in surprise as he storms into the kitchen where you were doing homework at the island.
“Bad date?” You ask as you watch him rip off his tie and throw it on the counter.
“Bad anniversary,” he snaps. Harry goes to the refrigerator and rummages for leftovers. “I tried to be civil for one night and she completely ruins it! Does she not have any patience!?” Harry heats up the leftovers before plopping down next to you.
“What happened?” You ask.
“It was going perfect. I thought we were actually getting along again and we were out of our rough patch, but it seems to just keep growing!” Harry pauses to take a breath and to calm himself. “She wanted me to move back in with her, and it told her I wasn’t ready, yet. Then she accused something going on between you and me! Ridiculous if you ask me, as if anything was going on between us.”
You felt your heart clench at his words, but don’t let it show on your face.
“Right, ridiculous,” you repeat. “Why don’t you want to move back in with her?” Harry runs a hand over his face.
“I just like it better here. When I was living with her, it was too much. We were at each other’s throats. You keep me calm and level headed so I don’t blow up, that’s why I like living with you.” You smile. “And then my relationship with Taylor has been slowly progressing, too. So everybody wins. She just doesn’t see it that way.” You bite your lip.
“I’m going to bed, it’s late,” you say, gathering your things. “I’ll see you in the morning.”

You can hear shouts in the other room which could only be coming from Zayn and Perrie. You knew bringing her here would only slow down recording the new album and you warned Zayn of that, too. It isn’t easy being Paul’s assistant to taking care of the boys and being their friends. You weren’t so much older than the boys and most of the time they see you as a friend, but you also get them to do their work and to stay on task.
“(Y/N), can you go get Zayn? We really need him for this,” the producer asks. You hesitantly nod, knowing they’d send you out to tame the fire. You open the door to the hallway where the two are battling it out. They either don’t notice or care that you’re there because they keep going with their argument.
“Guys! Zayn! Perrie! Please!” You try calming them down to no avail. This is the worst you’ve seen from the two of them.
“Fine, if that’s how you truly feel I’m leaving!” Perrie finishes, walking away. Zayn leans against a wall, exhaling a deep breath.
“Where did we go wrong?” He asks himself. You stand in an uncomfortable spot, unsure of what to say or do. “I’m sorry. I should’ve listened to you and not bring her to the studio.”
“Even so, I know things are hard right now, especially with the tour coming up,” you say, giving him a comforting hug. He reciprocates it gratefully. “It’ll be okay, I know it will.”


Preference #214 Winter Cliches
  • Liam: “How safe is this?” You asked, standing next to Zayn and Harry’s girlfriends. The three of you were quite apprehensive. Meanwhile Zayn was on his second lap, Harry was recovering from his third fall and Liam was currently riding around on a mini zamboni that you have no clue how he got his hands on. Probably Louis. “It’s perfectly safe!” Liam shouted over the zamboni. “Nothing they do is perfectly safe. Maybe half safe, you probably won’t die; but maybe a broken limb safe.” Harry’s girlfriend said, still tying up her skates. “True.” Zayn’s girlfriend added. Liam may or may not have built an ice rink in his backyard. All you know is you were busy cleaning the kitchen when he came in with plywood and you went out to lunch and he had a frame and people coming to help in you. About a week later, here you were. You suppose the boys got bored over tour breaks sometimes, which explains why Harry now has an out of commision ice cream truck. You finished lacing up your skates, stepping onto the frozen ground slowly. It wasn’t the best feeling ice you’ve ever been on, but you didn’t feel like you were going to fall over. Liam had put his skates back on, skating up beside you. “Hello.” He said happily, lacing a gloved hand through yours. You laughed lightly as his happiness, “Hello.”
  • Louis: “Babe are you sure your knee is okay?” Louis asked for the third time, tilting his helmet clad head, staring at you through the reflective goggles he had on. “Yeah, I’m fine. Falling on snow is like falling onto a big ice pack.” You said laughing lightly. Skiing was something Louis was good at. You’re not sure if you are good at it or not because it’s your first time and you haven’t really stayed standing long enough to know if you were any good. “I’m also sorry that I hit you with one of the ski poles.” You winced at the memory of Louis pole connecting with your elbow. “No harm no foul.” You shrugged it off. Louis pulled off the mask covering his eyes. “Wanna sled instead?” He asked, the cold hair making his breath puff in front of him. “The last time we did that both you and Liam ended up with stitches.” You said cautiously. “Yeah, because he didn’t believe that dish soap is faster than actual soap.” Louis said, rolling his eyes. “No dish soap. And we are staying away from the Black diamond. I’m sure there is a designated area for children to sled and we can go there and-” “If i get caught up in a speed competition again with that little boy who said I looked fat in this suit, I can’t make any promises about how I will act.” “Jesus.” You said, shaking your hand as Louis grabbed your glove hand, leading you back to go grab the sled.
  • Zayn: “I’ve never once turned this thing on, so if the house blows up, I apologize.” Zayn mutters, playing a bit with the light to start up the fire. “Very reassuring.” You chuckle lightly from your spot leaning against the pillows, the one to right filling your nose with Zayn’s usual scent of vanilla and a little cinnamon. “Oh I’ve got it!” He shouts excitedly as the fire comes to life, warming up your legs, which were stretched out in front of you almost instantly. Zayn grinned, falling into the wall of pillows next to you, taking a deep breath. “Sorry our date went to shit.” He mumbled, placing a hand on your thigh, absentmindedly drawing. “Eh, I don’t mind, this is nice.” You commented, the fire and the comfy pillows you were laying against much nicer than the thought of a crowded restaurant right now. “And it’s also really cold out right now.” You said, scrunching up your face. Zayn hummed, “That is true.” He said, moving himself closer to you, tangling his legs in yours. “I’m ashamed at how cute we are being right now.” You said, adjusting yourself as Zayn position his head near your waist. “We are always cute, look at us-son of a bitch, did that thing just go out?” You glanced at the fire, which was now slowly dying out. “Yep. You know what, I’ll just go get the space heater from the bedroom. Same difference.” “That’s not nearly as romantic.” Zayn whined as you headed towards the bedroom.
  • Niall: You were rocking back and forth on your heels, absentmindedly scrolling through your phone while waiting for the water to boil for your tea when you heard Niall enter. You were turning to say hello to him when you felt something hit your lower back, making you jump from the hit and the cold feeling that followed. You gasped, turning to Niall, who was red faced from the cold and grinning, hopping up and down slightly, his cackle shouting through the house. “Have you lost your mind?” You shriek slightly, staring at the snowball that was now starting to melt on the ground. “It’s the first real snow! I was excited!” He said, dropping his scarf and coat onto the table. “Put those back on Horan. And you’d be smart to go grab gloves and a hat as well.” You grumbled, tossing both of them at him. He hummed, “And why is that?” he said, looking at you happily. “Wipe that smug look off your face. This means war. Snowball fight,, Backyard, twenty minutes. I’m calling Louis, you can select another member of your band.” You said, going to dial Louis/ “No! The last time we did that I thought I was going to get hypothermia and die! Not to mention he puts little pebbles in them.” “Maybe you should’ve thought of that before attacking me with a snowball.” You sang, putting the phone to your ear. “Why don’t you just pelt a few at me, and we can have tea and forget that I made a mess.” he said, glancing down at the puddle. You narrowed your eyes at him, “Fine.”
  • Harry: “We are romantic. Freezing our asses off, but romantic, right?” Harry said from next to you, turning his head, which made the bobble on his beanie move around. You sniffed, nodding. “Very romantic. We are like Jack and Rose right now.” You said, moving the scarf that you had stolen from him earlier away from your mouth to speak. You loved this scarf, it was the one with the leaves and it smelled like him. “Are you saying that because it’s really freakin’ cold?” Harry asked, coughing lightly, bringing his hot chocolate up to his lips. “Possibly. You don’t make it.” You said, feigning sadness. “Well if you would just let a man have a turn on the door…” he said, watching you and waiting for your grin. You snorted, scooting closer to him for warmth. “Thank you again for the coat.” You said, playing with the ties. “You’re welcome.” He said, moving his bare hand under the coat and onto your thigh. December meant that Harry was in full gift giving mode. It was useless to fight him on it, so when you found the coat all you could do was thank him endlessly and he insisted on taking it on a spin, which is how you ended up sitting on a park bench in 15 degree weather. “Forget your gloves?” You asked as he was now rubbing them together. “Maybe. You know if you combined our winter gear we might actually have hope for a fully warm person.” He said, tugging on his scarf that was around your neck.
  • notes: this is lateish because of finals, and the fact that this one stumped me like no other. even so, hope you enjoyed!
Preference #17 (with outfit) This one's for you..

Michael : Standing backstage at the final concert of the American leg of the WWA tour you felt sick to your stomach. Surrounded by both your family, and Michael’s you wanted to scurry away, and hide as quickly as you could. You and Michael had both decided that it was time to tell the world your little secret. You were unsure about how the fans, your families, and friends would react to the news. On top of the worry, everyone kept pondering upon your outfit of the night, and it was honestly bugging the literal shit out of you. You were always the one to be dressed to perfection when you were at the shows, and tonight’s choice was way different. “How you feeling, love?” a voice questioned softly, but audibly over the combination of the crowd and music. You jumped a bit, as you were focused on the boys onstage having the time of their lives. It was only Lou, the infamous stylist of One Direction and 5SOS. She was your best friend, and the only one who knew about your secret besides the boys of One Direction, and 5SOS. “I’m just really nervous about this stupid tattoo I got…I didn’t know I was…ya know…and I’m just” The music stopped abruptly, and you were cut off by a voice you knew all to well. “Okay, I know I don’t do this often but I just want to dedicate this next song to the love of my life, and my beautiful wife Y/N” Michael began nervously, “End Up Here is one that was written with her in mind, because let’s face it she’s way out of my league.” The crowd went wild, laughter and screams filled the stadium. “Uhh…I also need to say something else. I’m going to be a dad!” You felt all eyes on you backstage, everyone swarming you. “I’m so happy for you, baby!” Michael’s mom cried. Both of your mothers were crying, and family members giving you hugs and kisses that almost smothered you. “So here’s End Up Here, I love you babe! And baby Clifford…”, Michael laughed into the mic. 

Calum : The final concert of every tour is always the best, and the most bittersweet. Performers give their all to make the final performance the best yet. You watch from backstage as your boyfriend of a year, Calum, and his best friends perform their second tour alongside One Direction. It was honestly going to be a huge change for you not seeing Harry, Niall, Louis, Zayn and Liam each day. You had grown close with them, as well as Mikey, Luke and Ashton. You gained eight big brothers, and a wonderful boyfriend who you were head over heels in love with. You, and Perrie chatted a bit with the 5SOS moms while the boys’ performance came to a close. “This final song isn’t one we would usually end with but Calum asked very nicely if we could..” Michael told the crowd. You furrowed your brow, awaiting Calum’s explanation as to why they had changed the set. By now you had the set memorized by heart, and could only imagine what Calum was up to. “So, you all know my girlfriend Y/N..” Calum started, the crowd “yeah’d” in agreement, with a few obscenities thrown around, “I asked the boys if I could dedicate this last song of the American leg of the tour.” You blushed wildly as the crowd aww’d and everyone backstage followed. How did you get so lucky? “I never expected to fall in love with an American girl. Thanks to the boys of One Direction allowing us to tour with them I met the girl of my dreams, even if she did spill her Starbucks on my shoes on our very first date.” You giggled remembering how your friend dragged you to meet 5SOS in your local mall, not knowing anything about them. You instantly were attracted to Calum, even though Luke had tried to get your number. That afternoon he had taken you out to Starbucks, as fans swarmed you both. You got so nervous you spilled your drink all over Calum’s shoes and apparently that’s when he fell for you. “So, here’s Mrs. All American. I love you punkin”, Calum mocked in his awful American accent. How did you ever get so lucky to be in love with such a dork? 

Luke : It was 5SOS’ very first awards show performance, the BBMA’s and you we’re beyond excited. You and Luke we’re still thought of as just friends by the media, fans, and even the boys. No one had known you two had been a thing for over a year. The boys all looked so wonderful, especially Luke. You had never seen them look so punk rock before and couldn’t wait to see the reaction from the media. You sat in your seat next to some recognizable faces. You were star struck to say the least.The boys were already backstage getting ready to perform, and you were sure Luke was nervous wreck. You pulled out your phone and sent him quick text to wish him luck (even though you told him a million times before he had left his seat). good luck lukey, i love you & you’ll rock it. as always xx by the way PHARRELL IS SO CLOSE TO ME. Not even a minute after you had sent your message he sent a reply. if he isn’t wearing his smoky the bear hat it isn’t even worth freaking out about :p umm im doing something risky when we get on stage gotta go luv u xx. You were filled with confusion, but he probably meant a jump he was going to do or something dumb like that.Soon enough, Kendall Jenner was onstage getting ready to announce their performance. You rolled my eyes as she said their name incorrectly. How hard is it to remember 5 Seconds of Summer? You saw, Luke, Michael, Ashton, and Calum onstage looking as nervous as ever. They just stood there in silence.  Luke slowly made his way to the mic taking it off the stand. “So, we’re 5 Seconds of Summer..” he paused as the crowd cheered, interrupting him, “and this is our song She Looks So Perfect.” You waited for the music to begin, but once again there was nothing. “I wanted to say something before we start. Um, there’s this really beautiful girl here with me tonight she’s in a pink dress sitting by Pharrell.” Your eyes grew wide as celebrities left and right stared you down. “Well, no one knows this but I am so in love with her that I can’t stand to hide it anymore. Y/N Y/L/N, I love you and you look really hot in my american apparel underwear. You also make really good pancakes. ” he winked. Your face grew hot, and you could feel the redness filling your cheeks. The boys finally started playing, but that didn’t stop random glances your way as Luke sang to the crowd. You pulled your phone out quickly to send Luke another message to read after his performance.  i am literally going to kill you when we get home. but  i love you too (; 

Ashton : You sat miserably at a  Starbucks on your laptop while your boyfriend Ashton was performing his last concert of the tour. You two were minutes apart but you couldn’t stand to be somewhere where everyone in the crowd hated you. Now that you and Ashton had made things official, after dating for months, you were receiving more hate than ever. Death threats, rumors spread, and constant reminders that there were prettier and more famous girls that Ashton could easily get. One of the members of security insisted upon staying with you instead of going to the venue. Ash, and the other boys agreed and now here you are sitting awkwardly across from a 300 pound security guard. You searched twitter eagerly attempting to find a live stream of the concert. Thankfully, someone had one and you quickly plugged in your headphones. You saw Calum, Luke, and Michael standing there but no music was playing. You checked the volume numerous times until you peered at the screen searching for Ashton. You saw him come around from his drum set, which was set higher than the other boys on stage. He approached the mic where Luke was standing, and removed it from the stand. “Thank you all for coming out tonight!” he yelled. Screams from the crowd nearly deafened me through my headphones. “I would just like to take the time and make a quick announcement and dedication. Recently, my girlfriend Y/N has been getting and outrageous amount of hate for absolutely no reason at all. She’s spent hours crying, and feeling ashamed that you all feel this way about her. Y/N couldn’t even come tonight because she was too afraid. I just want to let you know that if this doesn’t end, I’m going to stop being so supportive of the 5SOS fam. You are OUR family, and that include Y/N now. I love her, and if you guys don’t then thats fine. But stop with the hate, it’s eating away at her and myself.” You felt tears well up in your eyes, and your chest began to ache. Not with sadness, but with joy. Ashton was always the first person to stick up for you no matter what the cost was. “I want to dedicate this next song to her because at this moment I would love nothing more than to be right next to her. I’m sure she’s crying right now listening to me make a fool of myself” Ash chuckled, “I know she’s found a link to this somewhere! Y/N if you’re watching this just know I love you! And I hope Phil is taking good care of you. Ladies, and gents but mostly ladies…here’s Beside You dedicated to the most beautiful girl in the world.” You laughed and wiped the tears from your cheeks. He was such an idiot. You fell in love with the sweetest idiot in the entire universe. 

I know this is shit but I’m just starting back at writing don’t hate me