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He was worried that he wouldn’t see as much of him after moving in with Even. Although Jonas really, really likes Even, he even likes him A LOT since the Mia incident (more of that some other time), but he was also just a bit ..hmm anxious about maybe losing his best friend. Or at least about time with said friend

But what actually happens is, after they spent the whole easter weekend doing god knows what (a lot of clean every surface jokes were made by the boys) and locking themselves into their new crib, their place becomes Jonas’ second home.

He will walk out of the school, talking with Isak and just kind of naturally they would end up at Evak’s. Without either of them commenting or talking about it.
Just like all those years ago, when Isak just went home with Jonas.

They would cook together, bc “Jonas, you can’t just live off of kebab!”
To which Jonas just looks disbelievingly from Even - who had uttered those unholy words - to his best friend, throwing up his hands. Isak just shruggs.

“Even is actually a pretty decent cook.” (They both ignore Even’s offended “Decent?!”)  

And they will always play epic rounds of Fifa!!! Trash talking each other. Sometimes Even will join in, but sometimes ist just the two of them, chilling.

On fridays this whole thing kind of morphs into a pregame-before-the-pregames with Mahdi and Magnus (if Vilde can spare him. “Jeez, those whipped guys, amiright?” - “Shut up, Isak. We didn’t see you for like a month, man” woah, rude Mahdi???)

Isak would help him with science homework and Jonas would help him with history and all those political assignments. Even is either also working for school or drawing little Isak og Jonas comics.

Isak og Jonas and the mistery of the stolen Kebab

Isak og Jonas and the scandalous case of the braless teacher

Isak og Jonas & Mahdi og Magnus
(bc you know Magnus whines “Eveeeennn, you never draw me!” at some point, at which Mahdi places his beer at the table forcefully - but still with that golden smile on his face - going “and why am i never brought to paper, my man?”)

Isak og Jonas - drunk adventures

Isak og Jonas vs. the cute barista who left her number but Jonas is too shy (”I was not too shy, Even!” - “Well, maybe you were a little shy”)

Isak og Jonas will, after a few drawings, get to be drawn a more and more like superheroes. Isak will always sport his magical red snapback, that when turnt frontal, solves all the sciencey cases (”great explanation, Evi”) and Jonas with his skateboard, which could sometimes fly and somethimes summon Kebabs.

All in all, Jonas is doing really fucking great and loving his second home at Evak’s very much

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hey, i think you're rlly cool and if i went off anon i would ask u if u wanted to be friends but i feel like that's weird sorry ;;


// I know I said I was gonna work on asks but first I need to finish something for an event I’m helping with that needs to be done before a certain date, so…

Also just a psa: I’m probably gonna be drawing like this from now on for most things pertaining to this blog. You’ll still see my usual fully colored style in normal or more serious pictures but for answers and future comics I’ll be using this, since it’s quicker and easier for me to draw.

jinyoung just did an interview with section tv where he said the boys all argue a lot and “it’s something you can’t avoid when men gather together”. it’s unpleasant to see if it spills out into public appearances but its normal. it’s a part of life, especially with those closest to us, but if we really care about that person, issues can be worked past and make the relationship stronger. and i’m sure the last thing the boys want to see is all of us yelling and crying about something that happened in a 5 second video that has probably been dealt with by now. let them have their feelings and let them sort their issues out. jackson doesn’t say 7 or nothing meaninglessly but his family are all together in australia right now and he can’t be there with them. let him express however he feels about that.