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i see a lot of ppl refer to jasper as black coded n i've been wondering why?? i know you're not black so might not want to take that answer on yourself but i like ur blog and was hoping you could ask ur followers or somethin?? (i don't mean to be dismissive or anything of ppl who say she's black coded, i just personally don't see it but would like to hear the reasons so i can Get It, u know?)

i think it’s mainly because kimberly brooks, a black va, voices jasper. but if coding were reliant upon voices, then connie would be half-white half-japanese, ruby would be filipino, etc., which obviously isn’t true. perhaps it’s something beyond that that im missing/can’t pick up since im not black myself?

obviously, her treatment in canon plays into butchphobia though. i personally still see her as coded to be of color in general though, but it’d be appreciated to see what some of my black followers think!

why do i gotta ask for people to let this 30 yr old man live his 30 yr old life. like. drink a beer phil. call dan a cheeky fucking cunt when he’s being an idiot phil. make a disgusting sex joke that’s so bad it’s funny phil. live ur life. do it for me babe. im sorry people still treat you like a 15 year old scene kid who wants to fuck a plant.


here have a pile of things that i doodled before things started getting rough around my place … basically in summary i like making dumb aus 

hours later and im still laughing about seonghan gate 2k17……

1) why didnt jeonghan say anything he just let sehun look like a fool
2) jk ik why hes a libra
3) sehun just walked away… didnt even acknowledge it…..
4) jeonghan went to go tell monsta x afterwards…. libra
5) where was johnny in all of this

Context: I’m currently playing in a pathfinder game, run by a friend, as an investigator and just unlocked the “Run Like Hell” feat, which lets me burn my investigators luck counters to get extra movement speed.

when we left off from the previous campaign, the party had just come across a town besiged by goblins. the goblins were now charging out of the city at us.

DM: Ok, so what are you guys planning to do?

Me: i’m gonna hop on Alejandro (our sentient horse companion)

DM: Ok, since you’ve never riden him before, im just gonna say he can move as if it was you with a base move of 70, and if you ride into anything directly in front of you, you auto kill it

Me: *stares* …Can I still use my feats while im riding?

DM: Uh, sure?

Me: Cool, how far out is the closest goblin?

(the goblins were placed in an advancing line about 90 ft out. There were 6 goblins total. the line they were standing in was 30 ft wide)

Me: *thinks* Alright, cool, I’m gonna burn 3 luck counters to add 60 ft to my move speed.

DM: Wait what?

Me: *Proceeds to charge at and auto kill every goblin within one turn of movement*

DM: *stares* Good news guys the siege is over!


The rest of the game was just me on the horse and the party strategically walking single file behind me to insta-kill anything that moved. Needless to say we got through the day’s playing a lot quicker than previous times.


Real life Twilight-Zone.

okay but can we talk about youngjae’s english skills and how it improved SO much….like he literally went around toronto buying food, taking the bus, and talking to people and fans with zero problems in understanding anything said back to him. it really shows how much he practiced and i just want everyone to know im so so so proud of him. 

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Im so sorry to say/ask that, but do you still not notice that dan and phil don't really care about their audience and do anything to get maximal money out of it..? Don't worry, I love them, too, though I finally noticed and I just wanted to ask you this

in my personal opinion, it seems as if dan and phil don’t exploit their audience for money but rather make a moderate amount of content which money comes along with (they do need to make a living of course). the spons they do on their gaming channels are usually some contract they have going (for doing their app or paying for the tour) and then there was the one video where the money was going to charity. the cost for tatinof was quite affordable (at least where i was) and the show more than compensated for that. comparatively, other youtubers are sponsored every video and make videos every day. others make vapid books with no substance whatsoever. meanwhile dan and phil worked for months to create something they are incredibly proud of and was such a sweet and creative inside joke for their viewers. their merch is well thought out and they take pride in what they make. i do think dan and phil care about their audience as seen through literally touring around the world (on a very draining tour which wasn’t just short q&a sessions) and doing liveshows and all that fun stuff. i don’t see the problem with making money as long as they aren’t pressing the boundaries and selling out every single video.

Okay, so we all know that Jackson is a hardcore chocolate lover, his favourite being the Kinder Bueno, right? (Y’all watched that episode of Please Take Care Of My Refrigerator where there was a whole box, or maybe they were just multiple packets, of the Bueno chocolate, didn’t you) anyway, we have established that Jackson loves chocolate. So, what does JB do, he goes and says this on what he’ll do for his ‘girlfriend’:

And of course, ever inquisitive on anything JB does, Jackson asks:

But the clincher is the way JB stares at Jackson when he says:

and the smile… and when Jackson ask a question to clarify what it JB means, do you people see JB’s completely satisfied wide smile?!

Now, JB continues to smile while Jackson pouts (maybe he’s jealous that JB hasn’t done anything like that for him yet or something, I don’t know but what I do know is that Jackson is a very jealous person, JB himself said it once.)

got7 keeps saying that regardless of the results, everything is okay as long as we’re all together but like… i feel sad still? like they work so hard and idk why every time it feels like the results aren’t what we all expect and it just bugs me a lot. they don’t have to be #1 to mean anything to me because they’re basically everything to me already and they say it doesn’t matter if they don’t get first place or awards or these good results but i still want them to get them and all the good things in the world that i think they deserve, if that makes any sense…

Ik y'all like to draw/write ppl saying mccrees cowboy Look is silly and stuff but?? it clearly makes him happy to dress and act like a cowboy if anything Gabe would encourage mccree to dress/act like a cowboy like Jesse is clearly an efficient member of blackwatch he’s not hurting anyone w/ the cowboy attire. Gabe the Fashionista™ helped Jesse find boots that’ll match all his clothes while still being good quality. bullet shells on his hat? may be useful in an emergency and looks good. heck yeah you can get that poncho but are you sure you want that one the red one would look better on you and blood doesn’t show up on it as much. McCree those chaps do Not fit you we’re getting you new ones Right Now.

just… give me Gabe that encourages mccree to be Like That… . Stop writing gabe that is embarrassed by Jesse… more Gabe that’s like “This is my adopted son McCree he’s a cowboy he’s the best sharpshooter on the team.” “have you met mccree yet? he’s a real cowboy and he’s great I love him” like.. .. blizz hasn’t told us anything about gabe and jesses relationship while they were in blackwatch this….. is Entirely Plausible headcanon. ..

reaper tells mccree that he looks ridiculous pre-match because he’s not wearing anything that Gabe picked out for him

someone: *slightly opens their mouth to talk shit about jackson and although they still didnt say anything i already now they are about to hate on him because they have no love inside their hearts and call themselves igot7s when their ‘i support ot7′ discourse is as fake as them cause they dont give a shit abt anyone in that group except their fave and more 2 members that they think its kinda cute*