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Could you maybe write Fem!Corrin and Leo getting ready to go to bed? Thanks and your writings are great btw!!

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It was no secret that you were exhausted, that evening. The night was still young, but you weren’t willing to live in it any longer. It was past time to go to bed. Thankfully, Leo didn’t bother fighting you on it.

“It’s high time you went to sleep at a decent hour.” He stated simply, pulling off his gauntlets and breastplate with ease. “You’ve been reading into the night far too long with those silly romantic novels.”

“They’re not silly!” You defended your literature, tugging off your leggings as you searched for your nightclothes. “They’re brilliantly written, and are the most entertaining things I could find in this war.”

“Yes, but…did they have to be romance novels? Those things can get rather…unsavory, very quickly.” He pointed out. His fingers moved quickly, detaching the last of his armor with haste. He wasn’t an overt fan of being in the cumbersome exoskeleton longer than he had to.

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