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EXO-K as Sims; Character Traits

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I really really love this ask cause there’s literally nothing else here. Just Thot7. Cause that’s all that matters. Just cause of this I’m gonna do a Got7 appreciation post cause I really love my boys (sorry in advance, this is gonna be LONG)

Jae-freaking-BUM: beautiful, short-tempered, beaver baby boy who is totally husband material and hard working. Waking up next to this? 

I’d say minus the makeup but he took it off once and STILL LOOKED THE SAME im mad (his face after he removed his makeup)

So romantic (he’s left-handed, as am I. Coincidence? I think not). He’s a savage and sarcastic bastard <3

He also has a thing for art. Film, photography and such. He really loves the sky (just read it here) and like, that’s literally my line of work so he’s like extra bae im emotional right now. He has a beautiful mind. And gorgeous smile.

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I also find his eyes incredibly beautiful. See those two beauty marks above his eye? God’s art. 

Also him with long hair is my weakness. Not exaggerating. 


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I was so upset when he cut it. 

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But then I forgave him when he did this

I feel physically attacked by him. Like he’s not even a bias wrecker. Boy got his own section reserved just for him. Boyyy what that tongue do??? Exit. 

I’m not one for calling men ‘daddy’ cause wtf but w/e do you, but JB…Ima stop. Let’s just say he can get it. 

Any time. 

Any day.

Mark TUNA aka Tuan Shark Man: When I first saw Mark he reminded me of a shark (hence the nickname) till he did this cute face and i nearly died

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Had no clue he was the eldest but like, he’s so quiet yet he’s there, you can’t miss him. He’s cute, he’s so freaking cute. He’s also got the most precious laugh in existence. Like…listen for yourself 

Same Jr same.

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Literally did not ask

He looks so fine here but he always looks so confused. Poor kid, someone take him home (he really looks like their puppy Coco)

I also think he’s the type to throw mad shade at people, of course without having to say a word. Looking like he ready to roast somebody as he chews that gum

Park Squishy Jinyoung: my second-third bae and mama of this mad group (so in your face)

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When I first got into them (through Real Got7) I thought he was such a jerk, I kid you not (especially to Yugyeom) BUT I realized that’s just how he was and he didn’t mean it that way at all. He’s also hella sarcastic (as am I). Prob why I didn’t fancy him then. Times have changed!! (sorry babe)

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This blasted scene had me nearly crying at school

Like he was so good at this he actually couldn’t stop crying. 

His face!! So much squish

But I also have a thing for his legs and butt. Apparently so does he. 

So round

Like???? (I see you in the back Daeil)

Love when a guy has meat on their legs. Look at that smile and jawline that could cut my tuition in half

Basically Jr is fine from head to toe

And he knows it too

Jackson Extra Wang: I don’t even know where to start, but we have this (how his hair remained in place is beyond me) Eye contact is important kids.

As stated before with Jr, I love reasonably muscular legs on guys. So I was hella happy to see this. THE THICKNESS, even tho he doesn’t really like it and a rant was made on why he’s perfect 

White Chicks 2??

So you pulling a Xiumin now?? Okay

This fancam made me back away from my screen, why he gotta be like this??

He’s a freaking sweetheart who deserves as much happiness as he gives, and that’s a lot of happiness.

Choi Random-English Youngjae: he is my marshmallow son, lately been acting up tho. But his laugh literally makes everything better

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Like…he’s so loud and I can’t stand noise but I love to hear him

He’s so cute and full of life, I just wanna squeeze him!! 

He has the most beautiful smile!!!! (him and that freaking hat)

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I relate to him and these face expressions on a serious level

Watch this and you’re kinda guaranteed to fall in love with him cause that’s how it happened for me

BamBam: the one I want to take shopping with me cause boy can dress to depress. His shoes are forever on point 

The world is his runway and he is here to slay

Boy wyd???? Spider fingers

Where did his baby cheeks go??

He’s so freaking cute

100-0 real quick

I love this kid, I want his closet.

Kim Tater Thot Yugyeom: my UB. 

Now, I know he’s underage for another month, but when I saw him it was the first time I even looked in Got7′s direction and I didn’t even know his age. 

But it was too late, just like it was too late for JB to stop his son from being such a hoe. I never go younger but Yugyeom was a splendid exception (also cause he doesn’t look his age!!)

This moment sealed the deal. This is why 

He’s always messing with Jr (and always grabbing his junk, like chill bruh damn)

Sometimes he does crap like this and I forget his age


Then he does something stupid and I remember that he’s a toddler in a giant body


He’s 5

*says a prayer*

I often go back to this video cause he was literally so fine here

He was ready. I was not. Amber did not care lol

My precious baby. He’s really the sweetest thing. When he mentioned that his father taught him positivity and humility, I knew he was the one. 

Love him to bits

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Beyond sighed as he walked into his Math class. It was his first day at his new high school, and he was late. Apologising to the teacher he made his way to the last spare seat available, next to some cute blond kid, who seemed busy doing his work.

Mike was, untill now, the genius in the class. While the class leared, he was sitting with headphones on, learning to himself. He didn’t noticed the boy untill he sat next to him. He looked up, a black pair of glasses on his nose bridge and his blond hair jumping everywhere around his face. He removed the headphones and smiled. “Hi. Im Mike.” He held a hand out to him.


Hold My Hand- Michael Jackson

This life don’t last forever (hold my hand)

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So tell me what we’re waiting for (hold my hand) 

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We’re better off being together (hold my hand)

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Cuz it’s miserable alone 

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I’ve been there before and you’ve been there before but together we can be alright. When it gets dark and when it gets cold, we hold each other till we see the sunlight. 💚 {Credit to the creators of each and every gif. Let me know if you want it removed from the post :)}

'Stressed out' Part 3 Nate Maloley Au

“Yes Nate, you can unzip me” i turn around and give him access to my back.

His hands come up and grip my arms lightly. He starts massaging by my biceps and slowly moves to the base of my neck and i visibly relax under his hands.

“Your too tense lil mama, you really need to relax.” he whispers in my ear and his hot breath on my neck sends shivers down my spine as he kisses the spot behind my ear.

His hand stops massaging and i wine his name like a toddler. He chuckles and says “dont worry baby, this isn’t the end.” his smirk is evident on his face.

He starts to unzip my dress and i realize he hasn’t even rolled my joint yet. “Wernt you supposed to be rolling me something?” i ask him with a playful attitude.

“Ah yes! I am getting to that. Thats why it didnt take me so long to come back. You see everytime i roll when the squad is over you always stare at me and lick your lips. I dont even think you realize you do it but i thought i would give you a little treat and roll in front of you.” he has a big grin on his face and i realise he just getting a ego boost as i just stand here in my bra and thong looking at him stunned.

I watch him when he rolls, thats true. Its how I’ve become so good. Ive goten all my tips and tricks from watching him roll. But do i really lick my lips? At this point it wouldn’t surprise me. I’ve wanted to fuck him since the day i met him in the club, but i would never give him the satisfaction of knowing that.

I turn around in front of him and instruct him to unclasp my bra and he does. I walk toward the tub with my back still towards him and shimmy out of my thong sexually before sinking down into the hot water. I sit back against the back of the tub and look at Nate and laugh because he looks like he just saw a ghost.

“Stop staring at me and roll my joint so you can get in with me.” i tell him as i lean back in the water till only my head is out.

Nate turns around and proceeds to roll. I don’t watch him as much as i normally would because the jets and the hot water have me hypnotized.

After a few minutes of daydreaming Nate is calling my name to get my attention. “Don’t fall asleep on me baby, sit up.” he says and taps my shoulder. I do as he says and he pulls the towel from around his waist and slips in the tub behind me. I stay facing forward hiding the blush on my checks.

Nate pulls me back into his chest and i lay my head back on his shoulder and look up at him. He really is beautiful.

He places the joint in my mouth and holds up a lighter. “Inhale.” he instructs as he puts the flame to it.

I take my first hit too big and i cough, Nate patting my back to sooth me. I catch my breath and take another hit. Having more control over this one i do a French inhale and pass it to Nate. “That was hot lil mama but mine is better.” he says and does a French inhale. I watch him closely as he does a few more smoke tricks and passes it back to me.

We continue like this for a few more minutes trying to see who can do better tricks and of course Nate wins because he has lungs of steal. His arms are wrapped tightly around my waist and i am leaning back in his chest. We are both laughing at a stupid joke that i said.

Nate sets the joint in the ashtray putting it out as he does. “I think you’ve had enough of that. Your jokes are horrible.” he says laughing at me.

“So y/n tell me what possessed you to seduce me tonight.?” he asked me, bringing his hands up to my neck massaging like he was before. His hands distract me and i forget he even asked me a question.

“Are you going to answer my question?” he brings his hands down and places them flat on my stomach dragging them to my sides and squeezing gently. The feeling goes straight to my core and i squeeze my thighs together.

“I think its more like you are seducing me Maloley.”

“Maybe i am but you started it may i say.”

He continues messaging my sides and theigs, placing small kisses on my shoulder as he does. Distracting me once again i remember his question from earlier. Gaining some confidence i answer it.

“Im tired of sleeping with guys who don’t even care if i finish or not. I remember you once told me if i needed someone who could satisfy me to call you and well i did.” i tell him

Nate grabs my knees and spreads my legs. He pulls his legs up so i cant move mine. He kisses the spot behind my ear and says. “Let me show you how a real man can make you feel.”

The hot water hits my core and i shiver from the intense feeling. Nates hand come up to cup my breast and he rolls my nipples between his fingers. My head falls back against his chest i moan loudly. Finally getting some sort of relief.

He continues his assault on my nipples with one hand and brings the other slowly down my body to my center. He circles me with his finger. Ignoring the spot i need him to pay attention to the most.

When his rough fingers come in contact with my clit and rub harshly it doesn’t take Nate long to have me shaking under his touch.

“Are you gonna cum baby?” Nate breaths in my ear not once stoping the pleasure on my clit. “Yes Nate!” i moan loudly and just as im about to cum his hand is removed and my orgasm is ruined.

Cliff hanger😏
Part 4 up next. Sorry its so long lol

part 4
Nate Maloley - your perfect part 2

There’s part one 👆 if you want to read that.
& don’t worry this still has the topic of being perfect and stuff, I wouldn’t leave that out, but it’s towards the end & semi middle. (sorry if you find it boring at the beginning)

As you were finishing feeding Skylynn you were thinking about asking Nate to going furniture shopping since your house was new and didn’t have much in it.

“Nate do you have any plans with the boys today?” “Not that I know of why baby?” “well since we just moved in to our house I think we should go furniture shopping” “ahhhhh….sure why not” he laughed.

Skylynn fell asleep so you put her in your little bed next to yours a Nates. You went to the bathroom again undressed and took a shower, Nate got in with you and showered with you, and started telling you how perfect you were and to never change because he doesn’t want someone who isn’t as perfect as you.

you got out and Nate did too but he dried off quickly and when you came out he was dressed, he came back into the bathroom and put his arms around you he kissed your neck “I’m gonna go get clothes for sky” he backed away but he smacked your ass before leaving. “wow your ass is just as perfect as I remember” and you just laughed.

you finished getting dressed and doing your hair, you got out of the bathroom then went to your vanity and started doing your makeup and Nate walked in and had sky’s clothes, wow this boy is horrible at matching out daughters clothes. he brought her Camo leggings and a blue shirt. “Nate just get her one onesies and she’ll be fine” he rolled his eyes and went back.

you finished your makeup and put on your shoes, you always had to wear heels no matter what so you just put on some cute black wedges since you had on black pants and burgundy sweater.

you guys were all ready, so Nate put Sky in the back, you got in the front and he got in and you guys left. Of course Nate always had to put music on in the car. You guys got off the free way and pulled into ikea, you got Sky’s diaper bag and your purse and Nate got Sky.

You guys were walking around and you found a bed frame, a kitchen table, chairs, and some couches and other home goods. You bought everything you needed and you left.

you got home and Nate called sammy to help him bring everything in and put everything together. Once they finished Sammy left because he was going home to his girlfriend who was pregnant.

you went upstairs and put Sky in her crib, you were standing over her scanning every bit of her, her little blonde hair, her perfect skin. You saw so much of Nate, she was just simply perfect.

Nate walked up behind you “my two beautiful girls.” You guys left the nursery and walked down the hall, Nate then started to go a little farther than being cute, he put his index finger in the waste of your pants and panties, “Lace? I see someone was feeling a little bad today?” you laughed turned around and started making out with him,”I think my perfect little princess needs to get punished” he slapped your ass again signaling you to jump you jumped on him putting your legs around his waste.

he took you to your room on the new bed, “time to break this in” he pulled your pants off and saw your panties were the pink lace ones he loved, “Ohh you were being a really bad girl today” you bit your lip and smirked, he took off his shirt and saw his perfectly sculpted body, he then took of yours, he started rubbing you through your panties and he was making out with you, while his other hand was playing with your breast, he got on top of you and you felt his bulge through his pants rubbing against your heat, he got up took off his pants and said “bad girls who get punished don’t get so suck daddy” he took off his boxers and demanded you take off your panties and play with yourself, you did as told and he was rubbing himself at the sight of you, “im about to ..” you said suddenly your hand was removed and Nate was teasing by rubbing his tip at your entrance.

he soon just went into you and rubbed circles on your clit, “Nate baby…. dooont stop” his thrusts began to become sloppier and sloppier “I’m close baby” he said “Me too” you felt him twich and his sweaty body layed next to you” you put the blanket over you too, he pulled it down off of you and looked at your body, He looked at your strech marks and your scars and bruises and other marks you had, ” he slowly traced them with his finger. at that moment you felt perfect, you felt less insecure and you felt safe in your own skin. You knew at that moment you didn’t have to try to be perfect because you were already perfect to someone. “wow y/n you are seriously so perfect, you are defiantly my tiger who earned her stripes” you looked at him and kissed him, he layed on you and you rubbed his back and he fell asleep and soon you fell asleep as well.

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