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toddler gene headcanons

I got thinking about this and now I can’t stop until I’ve written these out, I’m sorry but I’m really not sorry 

  • eugene roe is a tiny lil toddler. like, so smol, he’s half the size of the others 
  • his hair is black as ever and so feathery and light it sticks up in soft tufts 
  • his favorite thing to wear are his overalls and a pale yellow shirt with little bumblebees all over it 
  • he’s a serious and quiet little guy, and he likes to stand back and just observe whatever is going on 
  • his favorite toy is his plastic first-aid kit, which he carries with him everywhere and whenever someone gets hurt he snaps into motion quicker than the adults, running over and trying fix whatever is wrong
  • his grandma always lets him help put the bandaids on his baby siblings, and after they finish he always places a soft little kiss on the bandaged area
  • all of his stuffed animals have bandages on them. all of them. he holds them up proudly when showing his grandma, climbing onto her lap and showing her the loose and poorly tied bandage, and when she tells him he did a great job his toothy little smile is the brightest thing you’ve ever seen 
  • he doesn’t cry a lot, but when he does he never full on sobs, but he cries those big fat tears that roll down his cheeks, and his bottom lip wobbles and it’s probably the saddest thing you will ever see
  • the kid can handle hot food like a champ. the spicier the better, and while you’re not supposed to give kids spicy food, his mama has learned not to question it

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its been awhile since the last time i posted my lockscreens. i was so busy (lazy) lately so i dont really post lockscreens anymore. But im kinda back now! Got lots of lockscreens to be uploaded very soon. Hope you enjoy this lockscreens i made ya! <3

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tbh dont worry about the antis i see people posting about bts antis trying to give them a black ocean but there were so many  bangtan bombs and the audience area still looked really pretty also did u guys hear the fanchants during bst i swear every army was just screaming nonstop throughout the performance i guess what im saying is we are enough. together our support has helped the boys win their first daesang!!! dont focus on hating on the antis they aint shit and they cant do shit

Headcannon: Black!MC

Hey guys. I’ve been OBSESSED with Mystic Messenger for so long now and decided that it’s about time I actually did something to contribute to the fandom. This is my first headcannon (and my first time writing in YEAAARS) So I’d really appreciate honest feedback!

Black!MC Yoosung and Zen
(I’ll do the other RFA later on)


-You guys planned to meet at his campus after he finished his evening class and maybe go catch a movie? (or maybe some Pokemon?)
-And he was beyond excited
-And scared
-But exCITED
-God, he couldn’t wait to meet you
-The girl who stole his heart in the messenger
-It didn’t bother him that he didn’t know what you looked like (even thought he begged and pleaded and COME ON SEVEN PLEASE SHOW ME A PICTURE IM DYING HERE)
-Nope, not one bit
-All those late night texts and phonecalls meant everything to him
-And so did you
-He texted you where to meet him (under the cherry blossom tree near the school entrance) and you got there early
-You said just look for the girl in the pink sweater (you thought that may be better than the girl with the caramel skin and kinky hair)
-So there you waited
-An absolute mESS!
-Completely fidgeting and slightly (EXTREMELY) freaking out
-What if he doesn’t like me? What if I don’t live up to his expectations? What would he say when he sees me?
-Your nerves were getting too much to handle so you decided that you’d go back to the apartment
-Say you’re sick or something
-You turned around to leave
-And there
-There he was, just standing there, a couple meters away (CUE PANIC MODE!!!)
-Looking adorable with his tousled blond hair, his purple eyes like disks, just… staring.
-You didn’t know what was going through his mind
-Was he disappointed?
-Were you pretty enough?
-God, this was a bad idea. You should have sent him a picture before, it would have been less humiliating than this
-Yoosung dropped his shoulder bag
-And started running
-Towards you
-Your breath hitched, not believing it until his arms wrapped right around you
-But you were happy. So so SO HAPPY!
-You hugged him back, clutching on to his blue jacket until he pulled away to look at your face and thumbed away your tears (were you crying?? You didn’t even notice)
-He took a deep breath and looked at you once more…
-“Hi, MC. I’m really glad to finally meet you…”


-He invited you to the opening of one of his musicals
-And he suggested to meet you after his performance
-He was a bit distracted during the dress rehearsal, wondering where you’d sit, what you’d be wearing and how to distinguish you from everyone else
-Yet, this had to be his best performance. YOU WERE GOING TO BE THERE FOR CHRIST’S SAKE!
-He was worried that he wouldn’t live up to your expectations (Imagine, Lovely Zen thinking he’s not good enough)
-Unknown to him that you were having the exact same thoughts
-You arrived at the theatre, sitting in the balcony seat he reserved for you (With a note, reading ‘Only the best for my Princess. My racing heart can only be tamed what I see your face darling… Your Zen…’)
-Once the play began, your nerves couldn’t be calmed
-And neither could Zen’s
-He hoped that we would catch a glimpse of you from the balcony but alas, his plan backfired. The stage lights prevented him from seeing anything, just a silhouette (daMN IT!)
-So instead, he gave the play his all
-And it was a breathtaking performance. He was truly gifted (AND THAT VOICE!!! (yAAS!))
-Then the curtains dropped
-It was time
-Trembling, you made it out and walked towards the meet and greet area (He texted you to meet him there)
-And you saw him
-Surrounded by fans, taking autographs and selfies
-But somehow, looking… Anxious? Impatient?
-You decided to walk towards him and ask for an autograph as well, just to see how he’d react to you (plus you were shitting bricks, thinking that he may not think you were attractive enough. You don’t think he even knew you weren’t Korean)
-So you finally were face to face with him (sort of, you were looking at your feet and he looked at your face)
- With sweaty palms and trembling fingers, you handed him a poster of him and mumbled that you really loved his performance
-He chuckled, (oh, what a lovely deep rumble it was) and asked, “What’s your name, gorgeous?”
-“MC…” you said, now having the courage to meet your chestnut eyes with his blazing red
-He gasped
-You… you were here. Finally… Finally
-His eyes roamed you from head to toe, taking in your flattering white lace summer dress that hugged you in just the right places, to your star pendant necklace hanging around your neck, your curled dreadlocks that flowed past your shoulders and of course, your flawlessly smooth, milk chocolate skin
-All Zen could see was unadulterated beauty
-While you were still freaking the FUCK OUT!
-He dropped the picture and pulled you closer to him (oh shit)
-“MC…” He whispered sensually before kissing you on your left cheek, “you’re so beautiful” (that’s it. I’m deceased)
-There are the times like this you’re grateful for your skin shade so so one could see your face on FIRE!


Okay so you guys can kill me after this but im just gonna say it: i dont really see Adrien in Chat Noir

I mean, i know he is Chat Noir, obviusly, and its not hard to notice anyways.. but still, he acts so different when he is Chat than when he is Adrien i just got them in my mind as too different persons,even if i know they are the same

Its kinda complicsted but oh well


So im catching feelings for this guy and it’s giving me really bad anxiety, mostly because he told me he feels the same way. Youd think its great right? Like we pretty much text/snap all day (he lives where i live and im going to school somewhere else) and I always worry that im bothering him. I guess its from so many occurences where ppl made me feel I wasn’t worthy of love because I’m a black woman, and this is really stressing me out rn bec he actually makes me feel some typa way.

i saw hidden figures yesterday and it was so good!!!!!!!!! but it was weird bc i saw it with my friend and her mom who are white and it was just so weird seeing their reactions to the white characters…………like………my friend turned to me at one point when one of the white guys decides to treat katherine like an actual human being and shes like “awwww, hes my fav character now” and im just sitting there thinking like……….are we really praising this guy for being a decent human being.. and idk its so weird seeing how some people just see stuff like that and just think it makes white people worthy of being praised just because they decided to be kind of nice to a black person and it sort of just seems like they see movies like this and they think racism is over and we’ve made so much progress and that this all ended in the 60′s but they ignore all the shit that is happening right now and none of what i said probably made sense but whatever im done talking now

All I Want Is You

happy valentines day guys!personally i dont celebrate, and i cant imagine that im the only one, so this one is for us. for finding beauty in the domesticity of everyday life and celebrating that.

Characters: bucky x reader

Summary: you really don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. So Bucky celebreates it your way.

Warnings: none.

Word count: 570 words

Also read here: AO3


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You were sat on your bed, the room bathed in a low light emitting from your laptop. It was a Tuesday, like any other week, and today you were working from home. You were just in the middle of replying to an email when a timid knock on your door broke your concentration. You gently shook your head, trying to get your bearings, before you told the person on the other side to come in.

Bucky emerged from behind your door, a small smile on his face. He confidently strode across the room, picked up your laptop and placed it on the floor before climbing under the covers with you and holding you to his chest. You knew Bucky was an affectionate person, years of being denied any sort of touch making him very contact-starved.

You laid your head on his chest, as his arms wrapped around your middle and his legs intertwined with yours. A small smile lit up your face and you ducked your head down, placing a chaste peck on Bucky’s neck. He hummed in response before ducking down and delivering a kiss of his own to the crown of your head.

Minutes passed in this content silence before Bucky spoke.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, doll.” He murmured into your hair, one hand playing gently with your curls. Bucky loved your hair, how different and unpredictable it could be. His favourite thing to do was to lightly pull on a single curl and watch it spring back into the dense hair on your head.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Buck.” You whispered back at him. You couldn’t believe you were lucky enough to find this wonderful man who accepted you for who you were. Who accepted what you had right now, was content with it, with no promise of anything more in the future.

The two of you had had a conversation a few days ago about what to do today. You knew the kind of man Bucky was; a romantic at heart who would stop at nothing to make today special for you. But you had sat him down and told him that Valentine’s Day made you uncomfortable. That you had never celebrated it and that you didn’t particularly want to do anything extravagant. You told him that going out to a fancy restaurant, dressed to the nines, would make you uncomfortable. You told him that grand gestures were unnecessary. You told him that expensive gifts weren’t what you wanted.

You told him that you wanted to spend the day with him, just the two of you.

And he’s indulged you. He’d woken you up with soft kisses and feather light caresses. He’d brought you breakfast in bed before he’d left you to get on with your working day. He came in around midday with your favourite lunch and a single rose on a tray. He sat with you, talked with you like he would any other day. Again, when the time came he’d left your room but not without a kiss.

And now the two of you were wrapped up in each other, the outside world forgotten. All you hear was Bucky. All you could feel was Bucky. All you could see was Bucky. The rumble of his chest with each breath you took. His strong arms wrapped around you. His strong jaw, and the flutter of his eyelashes every time he blinked.

And you’d never been happier.

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you're really an incredible guy, i don't always understand stuff you say because it kind of flies over my head but at least on here you seem like a good warm person, and its weird that we're connected the way we are but its nice having you on here.

im just a black man

  • shiro: im really glad u guys rescued me and everything but now that i think about it, how'd u guys form voltron without me?
  • coran: the princess piloted the black lion.
  • shiro: oh, how come the lion accepted the princess so easily?
  • pidge: she's allura.
  • shiro: that doesnt actually answer my questi-
  • hunk: she's ALLURA
  • shiro: but-
  • lance: SHE'S ALLURA.
  • shiro: i don't understand. wha-
  • keith: what dont u get? she's allura.
  • shiro:
  • shiro:
  • shiro: princess, please explain.
  • allura: im allura.

silent selfie with the forever mysterious guy *sigh*

Do not repost without my permission!

Whaah, this project has cost soo much time! But I’m a litte bit proud ^//^ Akura-ou/Kirihito is my favourite character of Kamisama. He is really awesome!

I dedicate this picture to my followers. You guys are great! A biiig thank you to you! I can not say at all how much I thank you…!! I hope you like it ^_^

The signs as the jaded teenage girl copypasta thingy
  • Aries: talk shit get hit, you don’t wanna mess with me kiddo; i’ve got a black belt
  • Taurus: you think your life is hard? try asking the cutest guy in your grade out in the middle of the cafeteria only to find out he has a fucking girlfriend
  • Gemini: but you can gang up on me and make fun of me for being goth all you want
  • Cancer: i could drag you so hard right now but i know you’ll just end up crying
  • Leo: you don’t know my life or my story so keep my name out of your nasty mouth
  • Virgo: i’ve been through shit that you wouldn’t even dream of
  • Libra: i’ve been hurt a lot. my first boyfriend cheated on me
  • Scorpio: i’ve roasted you before and you know it
  • Sagittarius: life is a battlefield and it looks like i’ve already won.
  • Capricorn: my dad screams if i forget to do my chores
  • Aquarius: i’m a jaded teenage girl
  • Pisces: and there are some days i don’t even want to get out of bed in the mornings

Do you guys know how hard it is to sit in front of an audience comprised of mostly white people and say look im black and at one point i wasnt proud but now im working on it and you can suck a dick. Mica literally sat with three white men and said to a mostly white audience that im a black bi woman and im proud. Like she did that. She really did THAT. Like black fans needed that like hearing her speech literally made me cry cause i needed that. And she might not know it but she made a lot of black bi women (including myself) very happy and very proud.

Kuroshitsuji Headcanon #3

Okay, hear me out but i have this headcanon that Alois would be really tall when he grows up? Like 6ft something tall.

Mainly because he’s fourteen in the show and he’s 5″7 already, like im going to be 17 this year and im 5′7. Guys stop growing in their twenties so imagine the heights of the smol gay by then