im not really sure why i made this tbh lol

Random Questions Tag

First of all, @celeste-hello thanks for tagging me 💖

- what was your first post of your current blog and what was it?

i can’t really remember tbh but i made the blog bc i wanted to find out why everyone was hyping up tumblr

- do i like anybody

…im not really sure lol

- height

5′3.19 (yes, the 0.19 is necessary)

- past urls

this is my one and only

- meaning behind current url

there’s no meaning, its just my nickname

- 1st person/thing you remember from your last dream

i dreamt that my dad mad a trinidadian feast (and i was heated when i woke up and realized it was a dream💀)

- lucky/fav number?

24, 2

- name


- nickname

makaykay, kitkat, kaila, kk, makdonalds, and a whole bunch of others

- where were you born and raised

born and raised in bmore boooiii

- star sign

pisces 🐟

- last thing you bought

original sunchips (the best kind tbh)

- best feature

i guess my eyebrows cause theyre thicc (or my eyes bc theyre a pretty brown)

- mac or pc

Pc my dude

- ios or android


- fav season


- where do you want to live

low key Trinidad, but i honestly don’t care. I really want to travel so i guess when i do that, i’ll figure it out

- do you believe in heaven or hell

yep and yerp

- do you speak another language

im learning spanish in school and im trying to learn korean. im not sure if this counts, but i know trini slang (it prolly doesn’t lol)

- do you like your name

Yeah, i like it but i wish i could make more nicknames out of it

- who do you want to be closer to

my cousins, and i want to become friends with my mutuals

- pen or pencil


1) because im always changing my mind

2) bc im left handed, so it always smudges

- love language

i got ‘quality time’ which basically means that i like when my bae gives me their undivided attention… when i get a bf ima test this

- what female celebrity do you wish was your sister

honestly, nobody bc i have enough sisters already

- what male celebrity do you wish was your brother

i’ll take haechan and shownu for 500, alex (even tho i’d probably have to fight haechan everyday bc we have the same personality 😂)

I TAG… @cloudygyeom @blue-eyed-nerd @maknae-unnie @honey-droppin @suhiconic @lialovesyouall @kpopfan-antics @xiuminswifey 😄