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hi mom your blog is my favourite on tumblr i love your writing so SO much!! if and when you have the time can you do the neighbour au for vixx? if it's too much then the maknae line will do (i've read all of your stuff multiple times over + you're the reason im into seventeen and got7 ily) thank you in advance!!

omg this is so sweet thank you so much!!
im glad you’ve come to love 17+got7!!!


  • sometimes he doesn’t leave his apartment for days. you can tell because his mailbox overflows but you can hear the music from his apartment for like a week straight,,,,,,,and then sometimes you’ll see him leaving his place at like 3 am dressed like he’s going to a Very Fancy club 
  • “it’s the life of a composer,,,,,,,i don’t sleep for like ever and when i finish i have to go and get drunk with the person who paid me to write the song”
  • his apartment is essentially his recording studio, all the instruments and his computer are in the living room and it’s so crowded he bumps into his piano everytime he tries to get to the kitchen
  • likes collecting those little lego figurines and they’re like everywhere. on his computer, above his microwave, probably in his bathroom near his shampoo
  • wears some,,,,,,,,interesting outfits that always become the talk of the block
  • likes to try and keep everything clean but at some point he’s so into work he doesn’t realize he’s spilled cola under his desk chair and the laundry hasn’t been done since hyuk got a solo i mean what now
  • you know ravi is a composer,,,,but you aren’t really sure what that entails
  • until your best friend hakyeon, who happens to be close to ravi is over at your place and is handing a list that is titled “how to keep ravi alive” and you’re like what
  • and hakyeon is like,,,,im going on a trip to europe for a month and usually i check in on ravi when he writes but i won’t be here and everyone is busy and i need to make sure he at least eats something,,,,but i can’t so please,,,,,,,,,,,,,,do this for me
  • and you wanted to refuse at first because you don’t even know ravi
  • but hakyeon is a sweet person and he promises he’ll come back with something nice from europe for you so you decide fine, how hard can it be to just check up on a person
  • TURNS OUT when it’s ravi it is kind of hard
  • because the first day you literally come into his home and try to introduce yourself 4 times before you realize he’s so sucked into his computer he can’t even hear you
  • you check his fridge and there’s just,,,,,some old wine and like???? take out that smells Suspicious
  • and you throw it out and come out of the kitchen to tell ravi he needs to eat but then he looks up at you and screams because hOw DID you gET in here,,,,,and you’re like IVE BEEN HERE FOR HALF AN HOUR and ravi is like?????? i never noticed
  • but he apologizes as soon as you explain what hakyeon told you and he’s like embarrassingly rubbing his neck like,,,,oh don’t listen to hyung im fine on my own
  • but you think about his refrigerator and how sunken-in his eyes look from probably not having sleep and you’re like ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,no i think hakyeon was right you need someones help
  • so you grocery shop and you buy coffee, red bull, energy supplements - whatever he needs to stay up
  • and hakyeon is only gone for a month but in that month you get to know ravi better than most people
  • how he works tirelessly, day and night, on 5 seconds of a song. how he gets angry with himself for not being able to write a melody. how he refuses to sleep until he’s met his goal
  • and the perseverance and creativity in him really shocks you because wow,,,,you’ve been living next to such a hard-working and talented person and you never even knew it
  • but also ravi you’ve worn those basketball shorts 4 days in a row take them off please
  • at one point you asked if ravi had brushed his teeth and he said something you couldn’t even understand so you went to the bathroom, came back with his brush and a cup of water and were like “open up”
  • and ravi was like ????? and you were like “ill brush your teeth while you work”
  • and it was,,,,,,,,,,oddly very intimate
  • and ravi may or may not have suffered like (3) mini heart-attacks
  • but when hakyeon comes back and ravi is done with his song you revert back to being,,,,,,just neighbors
  • until ravi needs to shut himself in for work again and you get a call from hakyeon where he’s like “you need to know something, ive been trying to make sure ravi is ok this past week but he keeps calling me by your name and when i tell him hello - im hakyeon he lets out a deep sigh and long story short i think ravi grew an attachment to you”
  • and you’re like??????? me????? but also,,,,,,,,you can’t help but smile a little
  • and you go next door and let yourself in and you’re like “ravi?” and you see he’s asleep with his head on his desk and you go over to get a blanket to cover him with but when you do, tucking it around his shoulders
  • you hear him murmur something low and you lean in closer and hear him say thank you along with your name
  • and when you come back to check on him again in a couple hours he’s awake and seeing you, it makes him actually stand up from his computer (something he does not do often when he works)
  • and he’s glowing, his sharp features all turning soft as he sees you
  • and you’re like “hakyeon told me you missed me” and ravi is like “AH,,,,well,,,,,,,kind of,,,,,i just,,,hakyeon nags at me and you were nice to me-”
  • and you get this smug look on your face and ravi is faltering under it and you’re like “here i brought some fruits over for you to snack on, but also -”
  • and you press a paper slip into his palm and ravi’s eyes widen and you’re like “it’s my number, so you can call me instead of hakyeon”
  • and you don’t see it as you go into the kitchen with the fruit but ravi literally gathers what little energy he has to do a little happy shimmy dance
  • and he tapes your number to the side of his computer screen and whenever he looks at it he gets this goofy grin on his face,,,,,,,,,because hehe,,,,,,,i have my crush’s number,,,,,


  • only person in vixx who makes his bed in the morning 
  • lives a pretty simple and clean life, likes consistency and has one of those big calendars on his wall where he writes down all his future plans and probably even has like a workout schedule
  • park hyo shin album shrine in his bedroom complete with framed autograph
  • the type to have like candles ,,,,,,, that are in the shapes of like flowers it’s cute
  • bunnies have always reminded me of hongbin so maybe if he lived apart from vixx he’d have one that he jokingly names like wonshik but no no it’s real name is something cute like whatever the korean is for like carrot soup or something LOL
  • idk why but he likes pastel polka dots imagine him with pastel polka dot bed sheets he’s such a cute person
  • people are always surprised that he doesn’t have like,,,,,one billion mirrors in his house because like how can one Not look at a face like that
  • but in reality those kind of things make hongbin really shy,,,,,,like he’s just like,,,,im not handsome and everyone in the building is like IF that isn’t the biggest lie i have Ever heard with my own two ears
  • everyone in the neighborhood has a crush on him. it’s unavoidable. it’s hongbin fever
  • you’ve lived next door to him for a longtime so you guys are pretty familiar with each other,,,,,but the problem is everytime he meets one of your friends. they fall for him
  • and end up begging to come over just for a glimpse of him and then when they try to ask him out
  • hongbin awkwardly like ,,,,makes up an excuse as to why he can’t date them and they get sad and you’ve seen this happen five times and you’re just like ?????????? what is his type ????? what is he looking for???
  • but you’re not gonna ask him that because well like That’s Rude 
  • but one night you actually end up over at his place because your tv broke,,,,and the premire of your favorite drama is on and hongbin was kind enough to let you in to watch it
  • and during a long commercial break you look down to see hongbin sitting at the table, writing down something and you decide that hey you’ll never have another chance to be alone like this with him
  • so you lower the volume a bit and you’re like “can i ask you something?”
  • and he nods without looking up and you’re like,,,,,, “ive lived across from you for like four years and ive never seen you,,,,,,,with someone,,,,that wasn’t from your friend group and this is probably super invasive but - are you seeing someone?”
  • and hongbin’s eyes go wide and he like looks up in silence
  • and you’re like “,,,,,,is it like an arranged marriage thing????? am i asking too much this is rude im sor-”
  • and hongbin shakes his head and is like “no,,,,,i just,,,,,,,,,” and you’re like ?????? and he kind of sadly laughs
  • and is like “,,,,,the person i like hasn’t come to a realization yet.”
  • and you’re shocked because hongbin. prince of your neighborhood. actual living art is harboring a one-sided love????
  • and you can’t help yourself you’re like “who is that blind? i mean,,,,,,,,anyone who looks at you is enchanted”
  • and hongbin laughs because that’s what he does. compliments make him shy
  • but then you go back to watching your drama and you don’t notice hongbin has stopped writing and suddenly you hear in a very quiet voice: “were you,,,,,,enchanted by me?”
  • and you look down at him and you’re like “are you asking if i liked you?”
  • and hongbin swallows a lump in his throat but builds up the courage to nod his head and you’re like “of course,,,,,,but i knew it was a longshot i mean ,,,,,,,,do you know how popular you are? it’s like falling for an idol-”
  • but suddenly hongbin is up and he’s like “don’t say that.” and you’re like is he embarrassed??????whats going on??????
  • but he just takes a seat next to you and he’s like “it’s you,,,,you’re the one i wanted to confess to me.”
  • and you’re so shocked,,,,,,you literally drop the remote and hongbin is getting red the longer you stare at him wide-eyed
  • until you’re like looking over at the tv and the drama is a kissing scene and then you look back at hongbin and you’re red now too
  • and you’re both red and there’s kissing in the background but you know what there should be some kissing in this apartment too
  • because you both like each other so why not
  • but when you do kiss him you’re like wait. wait. is this real did i fever dream this-
  • and hongbin takes your hand and puts it on his face and he’s like “it’s real.”


  • big tall meme 
  • who can’t figure out how to cook a meal for himself but can reboot a computer and probably fix your tv in less than ten minutes
  • for the sake of this au,,,,hyuk is Nerd. as in his whole apartment is full of like action figures and comic books and video games and dirty socks and,,,,,half eaten bags of potato chips, opened cans of redbull
  • your usual college boy whose friends are all part of the e-sports club at school like c’mon
  • of course how could i forget, his movie collection of sci-fi alien flicks is the only thing that’s organized on his bookshelf
  • everyone in the building comes to him for help like the ladies need help with their broken microwaves and hairdryers while the dads don’t get why their son managed to break the new computer (hyuk looking at the sticky keyboard: uh,,,,)
  • and he does it for free for elders but the teenagers who go to him to learn how to game or upgrade their setups he’s like “my work isn’t cheap. 20 bucks an hour on nothing.”
  • hakyeon: stop pandering from teenagers
  • hyuk: ,,,,,,i have no idea what you are talking about *hiding his piggy bank which literally says ‘money from gamer nerdz’ jokes jokes
  • you know hyuk is handy with,,,,,electric stuff and whatnot so when your lights go out in the middle of the night even though you paid all your utilities like last week,,,,you know the man to go to
  • and when hyuk opens the door you’re like “whats up, my lights are out and im not sure if it’s a fuse box thing or -”
  • and hyuk is like “i got you let me come over”
  • but as you’re walking through the hall of your apartment you realize, you don’t have a flashlight and you’re like my phone is somewhere on my sofa,,,,,let me fell around
  • but you have literally zero light and it’s night out and you think you’re heading toward your sofa but you feel something soft standing in your way
  • and you’re like touching it and you’re like it’s soft,,,,but hard???
  • and warm????
  • wait is that t-shirt
  • and you’re like hold up
  • “hyuk??? am i touching you????”
  • hyuk: “yep”
  • you: “why didn’t you stop me what th-”
  • hyuk: “it was fine, i liked it.”
  • and you turn pink, thankful for the lights off and want to swat his hand but you don’t know where that is until you feel his hand take your wrist
  • and he takes his phone out of his pocket and shines it on you and you’re like heY
  • and he’s like “hehe cute” and you’re like excuse me what
  • and hyuk is like “nothing, lead the way”
  • and when you get to the fuse box you hold the phone and see hyuk work with the wires. you notice the light shading his handsome face, a set jawline and wow,,,,his height????
  • and you’re like this is the first time im looking at hyuk and going ‘he’s hot’ what the HECK is wrong with me
  • and hyuk finishes in under five minutes and all your lights turn back on and he smiles
  • and it’s so,,,,,cute his nose is adorable did you just notice that??? why are you having all of these thoughts about your neighbor??
  • and he’s like “all done. how’d you like to pay me?”
  • and you’re like “i think i have some cash- but,,,,”
  • and hyuk grins because he’s like “yes,,,,,i don’t want cash”
  • and you’re like oh,,,,,,,,and you’re like “ok lean down-”
  • and hyuk does super duper excited that he’s about to get a kiss
  • but instead you pinch his cheek and go “ill order us pizza, don’t think im easy han sanghyuk.”
  • and with that you turn around and hyuk is just like: that was sexy 
  • you: shuttup what kind of toppings do you want?

The Incredibles AU
Part 1 (as a pilot version with scribbles)

YAS, i did it in the digital version, maybe not so neatly as i could

There`s some things i want to describe about this au:

  • I changed a little design of costumes (ahah, i wont get tired to do it, but i just added kind of hero`s signs) just to make them in this cartoon`s style
  • There are no kwamies, characters have their powers/abilities in genes, so they just … wear their costumes without transformation, i guess (wow, how is it possible). About their powers.. Hm, they`re almost the same, if someone is interested i will tell about that more.
  • I want to mention about the kids. Yes, everithing is almost perfect, if talking about Emma, Louis and Hugo as Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack. But i have reaaally, um, strong headcanon that, firstly, Emma is the secong child and, secondly, her character is more like Dash`es as Louis is like Violet. You can say that`s all sounds stupid, but i wanna think about it like that. Sorry @luullaby, bc you mentioned about the kids first.
  • And the most important thing.. Turtle Nino as Frozono, yas. Ive never been so into this idea and Im not sure who created it, but, damn, i like it now. His costume was inspired more like by Frozono and another designes of Turtle costume. 

Jade Turtle is a good name for the superhero, i hope @thelastpilot you wont be mad :0 (or who created this name, im really confused, im so sorry, if im wrong about it).

Thats all, i still have no idea whats happening here, just tell me if something is really not okay (with me or with this au, idk)

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Spoiler alert even though im sure most people have seen the spoilers lmao. When eren is talking to falco, what do you think he means by not wanting to return to his family? do you think something happened between him and the sc? or do you think this is all a part of the act he is playing as "Mr. Kruger"?

I have two theories for his words there but, I really feel like it’s a combo of both.

DISCLAIMER: This is my personal opinion. In no way am I stating what I say here is canon or completely accurate. if you disagree with my opinion, that’s perfectly fine! Everyone has a different interpretation, but if you are going to send me messages trying to argue points of view with me or send me hate messages; please do us both a favor and just don’t even bother with it.

Theory number one is that Eren is referring to returning to the SC after learning the state in which the Eldians of Libero, specifically the Warriors, are living in and how they’re treated:

It’s not very different to how he grew up. Trapped behind walls and condemned simply for being born an Eldian. After asking himself the question of whether or not killing the enemy across the sea would free them all; seeing his not-so-easy answer first hand must be pretty heart wrenching and hard to swallow. 

Not to mention, he’s obviously learned what being a Warrior means and what choosing to walk that path means considering he asked Falco about it outright. He seems to be aware of how becoming a Warrior works and of the basic processes behind their purpose. So, for the first time ever, Eren is seeing a hell different from his own. He’s seeing how RBA live(d), and the hell they experience(d). 

Theory number two is that it’s all part of an elaborate act meant to test if Falco is reliable enough to be entrusted with the letter:

I’m 90% sure the letter he sent out is being mailed to the location of the Survey Corps soldiers who accompanied him to Marley. Most likely telling them where he is and what information he’s gathered. Such as Reiner’s whereabouts and that soon his titan power will be granted to a different warrior. How Eldians in the area are living, and so on.

I know a lot of people are thinking that maybe Eren is there without the knowledge of the Survey Corps, but in my opinion, logically speaking, I believe that is impossible. I do not see how he would have gotten from Paradis to Marley by himself. I also don’t think Eren would injure himself or sit on a bench in a hospital for no apparent reason other than the fact that he doesn’t want to return to the Survey Corps. He is there for a reason. An elaborate purpose most likely pertaining to a plan cooked up by Hanji or Armin. 

I’ve also seen theories stating the letter is for Zeke which I will not rule out. But personally, I do not think that is the case. Mainly because that is super risky for a lot a reasons, but that is for a different meta entirely lol. 

Now, the reason I believe his words are a combination of both is because I do believe what he says is part of an act meant to test Falco, but I also believe there is truth to what he is saying. He isn’t lying to Falco, so to speak. He’s simply not revealing the true meaning behind what he’s saying. Allow me to elaborate my thoughts here, and please keep in mind that this is just a theory. 

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seventeen as things i’ve said through text messages


jeonghan - “sorry im a mother of 4…i need my break”


jun - “ok never mind that’s nasty too”

hoshi - “pretty groovy if I say so myself”

wonwoo - “I got 6 hours of sleep and I’m ready for the sweet embrace of death”

woozi - “ik…I gagged, then puked then rolled my eyes 277267277272 times”


mingyu - “why you saying ew???? I thought u loved me”

the8 - “I mean u might get attacked but sure”

seungkwan - “im trying to forget that i saw that by singing navillera really angrily but its not working”


dino - “im having a crisis here”


really proud of mark for making it to the finals!! I’m very sure that he himself didn’t expect this to happen, let alone the fans, because he genuinely came here to learn and to improve his skills. thank you for taking the step up to break the stereotype that idol rappers are privileged and that they actually can rap!! will support you till the end no matter what the outcome is :”) thank you for everything :”)

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i LOVE LOVE LOVED💗💜💞💜💞💗💜💙💟💗💕💙💙❣💕💞💗💙💌💝💛💕💓💜💝💓💕💛💝💜💝💕💛💝💗❤💘❤💋👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀💌💜💙💗💜💙💜💙❣💣💥💥💥💥💦💦💎 ur ravi!werewolf au,, ,,,,,, do another for seungcheol?????????!!!! please????? 🐰💙

tis the spooky season, have a werewolf!seungcheol!

  • for as long as you’ve known seungcheol,,,,and that’s been exactly three weeks since he switched his class into yours,,,,,you’ve seen him wear the same hat every day
  • a white baseball cap, perfectly simple and never ,,,,,,well not on his head
  • and you wouldn’t have noticed this,,,,until your professor assigned a long-term project that you would end up needing a partner for
  • and who was your partner? according to the mixed roster of names your professor emailed the class: choi seuncheol
  • you’d swapped contacts in class, at that point you didn’t even bat an eye at his hat,,,,,
  • but then you started meeting up to discuss the project and,,,,that hat was on his head - rain or shine
  • sometimes it didn’t even match his outfit
  • other times, you’d look around and see that people took off their hats coming into the library or other boys would do that thing where they lift the hat, run their hands through their hair, and then slip it back on
  • but seungcheol? never moved it
  • looking at him,,,,you just assumed maybe this was his style
  • broad shouldered, athletic physique, a handsome face fit right for the role of a star quarterback crush,,,,,,looking at him it was like seeing every lead in a high school romance
  • he even dripped of the same, slightly dazed charm
  • “oh, i never would have thought of that - you’re so much smarter than me!” he chuckled into his hand once and you’d turn away in embarrassment 
  • that’s when you noticed something even stranger than the hat,,,,,the sleeves of seungcheol’s shirt were so long
  • to the point that they reached the center of his hand, basically all you could see were his fingers
  • you looked up at him and you thought for a second,,,,,,is he hiding something?
  • “balding. he’s balding.” your friend seokmin suggested and you scrunched up your nose
  • what hair you could see sticking out from the cap didn’t look thin,,,,you were pretty sure it wasn’t balding
  • so one afternoon,,,,when it was sweltering in the library - uncommon since it was usually like a freezer in here, you couldn’t help but stare at seungcheol’s jacket and cap
  • “aren’t you hot?”
  • he looked up and smiled “physically? i think im pretty hot.”
  • you narrowed your eyes “no, not like that. i mean,,,,how are you wearing so many layers.”
  • you could see his shoulders tense and he just looked at you “im fine.”
  • you weren’t sure if you believed him, but it wasn’t like you expected him to just up and take his clothes off in the middle of the library 
  • yet, as he got up to get a book for your research, you went after him
  • you were away from the study area of the library, the dark corner of some bookcase when you finally saw why seungcheol was always wearing that cap
  • he had taken it off, smoothing over his hair like everyone else did
  • but then,,,,,,unlike anyone else,,,,seungcheol had two ears - dog ears - situated right in his locks
  • they weren’t big, just the right size to be flattened against his hair and hid by the cap
  • a fuzzy, contrasting grey color and before you knew it you let out a gasp
  • seungcheol turned, staring at you and in the dark his eyes glowed
  • “i- i -”
  • with a speed you could describe only as inhuman, you found your back pressed to the shelf
  • “you didn’t see anything.”
  • seungcheol hovered over you, those glowing eyes looked like they were made of yellow gold
  • “i,,,,,,,,,,,,,,wolf,,,,,,”
  • he was looking at you, hands on either side of the shelf and you could see his sleeves had fallen back to reveal dark hair on his forearms, along with scars and scratches some new and healed
  • the kind of scars you got when an animal pawed at you, angered
  • you wondered briefly: did he get those from other,,,,,,,,,,what’s the word,,,,,,,,,,,
  • “werewolf.”
  • his voice was low as his hands dropped down to his sides. you wanted to say something but you realized you didn’t know what 
  • “you can say you’re scared.” he started, voice lower than before, but you just shook your head
  • “no. im not.”
  • he watched you,,,,,,,,and then pushed back,,,,,slipping his hat on and adjusting the sleeves of his shirt
  • you swallowed the lump in your throat,,,,you had so many questions,,,,but more than anything you wanted seungcheol to know,,,,
  • “i won’t tell anyone. i promise.”
  • he nodded slowly “i believe you.”
  • you shifted and he turned with a small smile “i can smell the truth on you.” 
  • your eyes widened,,,,,,,could he really do that?????
  • chuckling at the look one your face, he leaned forward and ruffled your hair. it seemed as if he was just being,,,,,,,,,,seungcheol 
  • “sure i can, werewolves can read minds too!”
  • you gaped “w-what?!?!?!”
  • he laughed, “im joking, but we should get out of here the heat is bad for my hairy arms” 
  • you followed him back to your seat as you got your things together 
  • it was as if,,,,,,,nothing had just happened,,,,,it seemed so normal
  • that when you two finished working, this time sitting in the cool campus cafe, seungcheol said he’d see you again tomorrow
  • but before he went you blurted out “i think your,,,,,,,,the ears are cute,,,,,,,,,”
  • he blinked and then pointed to his hat,,,,,,,,,,before bursting into laughter
  • “never met someone who thinks werewolves are ‘cute’ you’re a keeper, a real keeper.”
  • he waved and walked away as you stood there, clutching your bag to your chest,,,,,,,,,,you couldn’t tell if he was joking but hearing him say that did get you a little excited,,,
  • dating a werewolf seemed like something new - plus wasn’t halloween just around the corner?

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For the idea thing: Black Siren meeting Team Legends accidentally and she has her redemption arc with team legends.

honestly what happens is sara shows up, punches oliver clean in the jaw and is like im here for my evil sister? no ifs ands or buts she’s coming with me

black siren: no i’m good… thanks
sara: 1-800-did i ask you? you’re going to learn to love again and we’re going to teach you

so basically they turn the s h a m e  c u b e into a bedroom for black siren so that she can’t use her powers and like, i’m sure at some point someone forgets to lock the door and she’s just wandering around the ship like, damn it i’m stuck in the time stream and if i don’t get out of here, they’re going to make me play jenga again

god help her she does have some fondness for sara. she might deny it until her dying breath but nobody’s killing that little brat but laurel her goddamn self

sara: aw that means you love me
black siren: nope. nope

mick and black siren get along famously. this is not good news. for anyone

honestly at some point black siren is like come on assholes, let’s be fun. let’s break some rules. stop being nerds, be cool like me. let’s rob a bank. let’s commit a murder. let’s go dance on tables and blow up cars
mick: GOD YES
ray: i just want to be liked so okay

honestly ray coming to see her sometimes and just, talking to her. no judgement, just talking. and fuck, she hates him for being so damn sweet to her with no other motives just because he is sweet, how dare he try to understand her? what an asshole

black siren: i will literally do anything just never make me play Munchkin again it’s so fucking entry level

BTS Reaction to their s/o’s comeback towards haters

request: can you do BTS reaction when haters insult his non-idol GF saying she’s plastic but his GF said: no honey im FANTASTIC!!

[requests are closed]

-Kim Seokjin-

“Umm, excuse me. The only fantastic person here is me.” *flips imaginary hair*

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-Kim Namjoon-

“Are you sure about that?” *laughs* (if you get this you’re awesome)

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-Min Yoongi-

“Yeah you’re right she’s a loser.” *gets slapped* “I WAS KIDDING WOMAN.”

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-Jung Hoseok-

“Yeah you tell ‘em babe! Show them who’s best.” *laughs*

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-Park Jimin-

*laughs for literally 20 minutes straight* “You really couldn’t think of something else?”

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-Kim Taehyung-

“Wait what happened?” “OH! That’s my girl!!!!!”

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-Jeon Jungkook-

“nO hOnEy Im AwEsOmE.” *copies spongebob meme*

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*SCREAMS* ok my dude im sorry im just really excited i dont know if you still read tgre but you wont belive what happened today SOPILER ALERT...........HIDE IS BACK and so is MATSURI im not so sure but how do you feel about this? Btw youre art is pretty and good and beautiful wOow like crush me with this good shit ヽ(*˘︶˘*)ノ


I don't get it man (rant)

Why do people need to make a big deal out of ships?! SHIPS?! FOR FICTIONAL CHARACTERS?!!!! It shouldn’t matter honestly. Most probably people want a fandom that isn’t struck with shipping problems. And people harassing others because of it. IF YOU DONT LIKE IT THEN STAY AWAY! What do you get from telling people that they drew something wrong? Or that it isn’t valid? Or that the ship is wrong? You don’t really get a trophy or anything so what’s the main gain here? Im in so many fandoms and I have seen the same problem over and over again. Fandoms are supposed to be a place where we can share talent and ideas around and enjoy it with our favorite characters, shows, ect. Not a place to be scared or get harassed for something you like. Just remember why these shows were made, for human enjoyment. But mainly I think people forgot that these are supposed to be fun. What happened to that? Im not sure whether this is an angry or upset kind of post but it had to be said. So calm down please? Thank you reading 😊 Edit: Mobile sucks and it makes this post look like crap n matter how hard I try.

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Secret (J.D. x Reader)

“Could you do a jd x reader where they’ve been friends for a while and she confronts him abt heather’s suicide and take it where ever you want ((;“

(Wow this took a really long time. I’m so sorry!! There’s been a lot of stuff happening in my personal life and also I am a major procrastinator help) (also lmao im not completely sure if this is what you wanted but here ya go its not really a confrontation ugh im sorry im bad at life also the ending is rushed sorry)

(Idk why but he turned out to have more of a movie J.D. personality, sorry!)

WC: 1,709

Warnings: suicide mentions (obviously), unhealthy relationship, cussing, the very beginning of this is kinda angsty WHOOPS, gets kinda steamy i guess, majorly ooc whoops


Ever since you had heard what happened, it seemed you were stuck in your own head. It felt like you were stuck in this endless loop of “that can’t be true, that can’t be true, that can’t be true”. Ms. Fleming tried to talk to you, with little to no response.

There is no way Heather Chandler commit suicide, was the thought that been running through your mind for what seemed like forever. None of your friends understood why you seemed so fixated on Heather’s death. You didn’t blame them, simply because you didn’t fully understand it either. You hated Heather Chandler, and Heather Chandler hated you. She bullied you constantly, so why would you be so worked up over this?

Well, if you were being honest, it’s because it didn’t make any fucking sense.

There were too many holes in the story, too many inconsistencies. The suicide note didn’t sound like Heather at all. You weren’t buying the whole “popular girl on the outside, tortured soul on the inside” shit. And why would she kill herself by drinking drain cleaner, of all things? That just didn’t seem like Heather Chandler to you.

“Hey… (Y/N)? (Y/N)… (Y/N)!!” A deep voice broke you out of your thoughts and you were brought back to the present.

You were at you friend (and longtime crush) J.D.’s house. Luckily, his sleazy dad wasn’t home to make you uncomfortable. You were sitting on the couch, watching a random TV show with a slushie in your hand. J.D. had been waving his hand in front of your face to catch your attention. Once he realized you had snapped out of it, his tense posture relaxed and he raised an eyebrow.

“What were you thinking about?” He took a sip of his cherry slushie and you tried (keyword: tried) not to look at his red-stained lips that were currently smirking. You also tried not to look at his messy, but somehow perfect hair. Or those mysterious eyes that seem like they could hold the secrets to the universe within them.

Damn, if there is one person who can get Heather Chandler off of your mind, it’s J.D.

“Oh, you know… stuff.” You so eloquently replied. Really, (Y/N)? “Stuff”? You mentally berated yourself.

“Oh, really?” J.D. deadpans. “What kind of stuff?”

“Um…” You fidget with the hem of your shirt nervously. “It might sound stupid.”

“Tell me.” He rests his hand on your arm, and electricity races through your entire body. Your eyes are cast downwards and you take a deep breath.

“It’s about Heather Chandler.” You say in a quiet tone. J.D. doesn’t say a word, and the silence between you is almost deafening. The only thing you could hear was the TV show in the background, until J.D. slowly picks up the TV remote and presses the mute button.

“(Y/N)…” He says slowly.

“It couldn’t have been suicide, J.D.!” It was like a dam broke (*insert Percy Jackson reference here*), but emotions flooded out rather than water. “It doesn’t make any sense!”

“It makes perfect sense, (Y/N)!” J.D. seemed to be getting more and more agitated every time another word came out of your mouth. You didn’t understand why.

“No, J.D., it doesn’t!” You protested.

“Oh, really? How does it not make sense?” He scoffed back at you.

“Heather Chandler was a dramatic person. We can agree on that.” J.D. nodded in agreement to your words. “If that’s so, why did she kill herself by drinking drain cleaner? I think we can both agree that it would make more sense if she did something much more attention grabbing, like purposely crashing her car into a tree and blowing up, or whatever.” (A/N: okay wow, i feel horrible for even writing that. unfortunately, i’m trying to make this fic as believable as it would be in the heathers universe, and, uh, they’re pretty blunt about this stuff. i’m still really sorry tho :/ )

“Are you really questioning the way she commit suicide? That’s a little morbid, even to me.” J.D. said flatly.

“I… I just…” You stuttered out. You hadn’t expected J.D. to be this cold and uncaring about the situation. Something about this wasn’t right. You took a deep, calming breath.

“I think it might be murder.” You choke out. J.D.’s expression was completely unreadable. He leaned in closer to you, his lids half shut.
Your breath hitched. You would have (naively) thought that he was going to kiss your worries away if you hadn’t seen his smirk.

“Why do you think that?” His voice sent shivers down your spine, something that didn’t go unnoticed by him. You saw his smirk deepen.

“Uh, well… I, um, it’s just-” You were stumbling over your own words. You could feel your face burning, but you couldn’t move away. He took a strand of your hair between his fingers and played with it softly. It’s almost as if he knew the effect he had on you (hint: he did. He would have to be an idiot not to notice).

“Can you keep a secret, (Y/N)?” J.D. asked, almost in a whisper. He was driving you insane.

“Um, y-yes?” You manage to spit out. You blinked your eyes furiously, not understanding where J.D. was going with this. Also, you were desperately trying to ignore the fact that he seemed to be getting closer to you - but that’s just your imagination, right?

Oh shit, it’s not your imagination. His face was so close to yours, if you tilted your head even slightly upwards, your lips would touch. Just one move, one singular move, and everything would change. Do it, (Y/N), a surprisingly courageous voice inside your head said.

Before you could do anything, a low voice interrupted your thoughts.

“You’re right.”

You pulled back your head a bit in confusion. “What?”

“You’re right. Everyone else in this school would never even guess that it wasn’t true. But you… you knew something wasn’t right from the beginning. You’re smart, and that’s why I became friends with you in the first place.” J.D.’s eyes had a dark, angry tint that wasn’t there before. “I know that of all people, you would understand.”

“Understand what? J.D., what are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about Heather Chandler, (Y/N).” He said quickly. “You’re right. It wasn’t a suicide.”

You processed this information for a moment. You knew it! Of course, it wasn’t suicide! You were right!

Wait. Hold on. Something about this is off.

Your eyes widen and you stare at J.D. in horror and disbelief.

“J.D… How do you know that?” You ask, not daring to rise above a whisper. No. No, there is absolutely no way that your best friend is a murderer. He can’t be. That’s ridiculous. This is all a misunderstanding. Please be a misunderstanding.

J.D. looks at you expectantly. “Come on, you’re smart enough to figure it out.”

Your worst fears have been confirmed, and honestly, it feels like a punch to the gut. You could feel the color draining out of your face. Your best friend took someone’s life, and judging by his reaction, he doesn’t feel very guilty about it. You start to move away from him without thinking. He grabs your arm and pulls you back.

“(Y/N), don’t be like that! Hear me out!” You refused to look him in the eye and he made a frustrated noise. He lifted your chin up so you had no choice but to stare at him face to face.

“Heather Chandler was a complete and utter monster. She terrorized people daily and she was never given any consequences. She deserved what she got. We can rid this world of assholes like her together!” He exclaimed passionately.

“J.D….” You said weakly. Fuck, if only you weren’t looking at him right now. If you weren’t looking at him you could definitely say no. You could say no and call the police and never have to deal with this again.

But you knew, looking at his face, you wouldn’t be able to resist. You would say yes. You would go along with his plan. A sick part of you was telling you, “Doesn’t he have a point? Heather Chandler was horrendous.” But the rest of you disagreed. No one deserved a fate like that, even someone as terrible as Heather.

But here you were, nodding as he gave you the most persuasive look he could muster. You hated yourself for it, but it was too late now.

As soon as he saw you nod, his face broke out into a rare smile. God, you knew you should hate him, but you were still a hormonal teenage girl who was in love with an idiotic boy. Not to mention, that smile was pretty fucking irresistible.
When he looked at you like that, almost all of the worries and self-loathing from your previous decision were erased from your mind.

You weren’t thinking when you leaned in and pressed your lips to his, but you know you certainly weren’t expecting him to kiss you back.

You threaded your fingers through his hair while he gently pushed you on your back, hovering over you. The kiss was was full of fire, almost like a battle. His hands ran down your body until they came to rest at your waist. It seemed like you could keep kissing him forever, until you remembered that you needed to breathe.

You (albeit reluctantly) pull away. God, the sight of J.D like that was… amazing. His hair disheveled, his face pink, his breath coming out in sharp pants. You couldn’t think of anything that could even come close to comparing.

“I love you.” Those three words came out before you thought of the possible repercussions. To your surprise, he merely smirked.

“I know.” He said in a husky voice. You couldn’t take the time to revel in how breathtaking his voice sounded, because his mouth was on yours in almost a second. The kiss was so passionate that you knew in that moment that you were in way too deep, but God, you felt so alive. It felt like your body was racing with electricity. It was a perfect mixture of pleasure and excitement and you knew you could never let that go. 

It was that euphoric feeling that made you stay. That euphoric feeling that made you keep his secret from anyone and everyone. Jason Dean had you wrapped around his finger, and you would never have it any other way.



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Fandom: Teenage mutant ninja turtles
Characters: Donnie, others mentioned
Relationship: Donnie/reader
Request: Hello! May I request a Tmnt fanfic with Donatello where the reader comes to the lair and finds the guys drunk, and when Donatello finds the reader, he’s very emotional and tells her that he loves her and gets super clingy. When he wakes up the next morning, maybe there’s some fluff between the reader and Donatello? Thanks!
You could hear singing in the sewer as you walked to the lair. Frowning, you continued to walk but at a faster pace, quickly realising it was Mikeys voice. He seemed to be screeching unknown lyrics, his words slurred. This could only mean one thing. He had had alcohol.
The thought of this sent you into a jog. The guys were hilarious when they were drunk. You had only seen it a few times before due to Splinter taking a lot of precautions. But the occasional bit of liquor slipped through, (sometimes because of you).
Grinning you pushed the door to the lair open to reveal Mikey balancing on the back of a sofa with a half eaten baguette in his hand using it as a mic while screaming lyrics.
You threw your head back with laughter as you saw Leo passed out in the corner with Raph getting dangerously close with a marker pen. You made a mental note to lock your door if you stayed tonight.
But you noticed Donnie was missing, then you heard a loud clutter from the corridor where his lab was.
Instantly, you darted to the lab and upon arriving, you found him on all fours, swaying slightly, as he looked under a table.
“Whatcha looking for?” You asked, holding your hands behind your back.
the second you spoke, Donnie jumped and bashed the back of his head against the underside of the table.
You quickly ran to his side, trying to hold your smiled back as you pulled him out. He fell backwards slightly so he was in a sitting position opposite you.
“Wh-what are you doing here?” He asked, rubbing the back of his head. His words, while better than Mikeys, were still slurred.
“I have the night off, remember? So I thought Id come bother you.” You giggled, playfully punching his arm. But Donnie frowned, looking like you had insulted him.
“You don’t bother me!” He slurred as he attempted to get up but wobbled. You quickly caught him and wrapped his arm around your neck.
“really?” You asked, looking up at him as you tried to maneuver him out the lab. Donnie had a habit of trying to make things when he was drunk. And this had resulted in a number of small explosions, cuts, bruises and burns. You didn’t want him to harm himself so you decided to escort him to his room before he hurt himself or Raph got to him.
“Yes, you are without a doubt, the most brilliant-ist thing in my life.” Donnie said. You smiled up at him. He was so sweet to you when he was drunk.
“Donnie, I don’t think brillinatist is a word.” You chuckled, shaking your head as the two of you swayed to the side slightly but you got yourself back on track.
“SEE!” Donnie almost yelled, pointing his free hand at you and taking you by surprise. “you’re so smart! So smart and pretty. Pretty pretty pretty.” He mumbled the last three words to himself as you couldn’t stop the small blush which he failed to notice.
“Where are we?” He asked, stopping suddenly. The fright made you trip over your feet and you tumbled to the ground with a thud. Before you could look up, you heard Donnie yell out “y/n” and then he fell to the right of you. You couldn’t stop your laughter as he scurried over to you.
“Are you okay? Did you break anything? Should we go to the hospital?” He fumbled over you, barley able to hold himself up.
“No, no, im fine, Donnie. I promise.” You giggled, batting his hands away slightly as they tried to touch yur arm to make sure you were fine.
“Ar-are you sure?” he asked as you managed to wriggle away from him and to your feet.
“Im sure.” You smiled, helping him up to his feet.
But this time, instead of his hand going around your shoulder, you felt him slip it round your waist. There was a tension hung in the air as he held his breath, waiting for you to push him away. But you didn’t.
You moved your hand around him to settle on the back of his hard shell in an attempt to help him with balance and the two of you continued on your little journey.
despite nearly falling and getting crushed by Donnie a couple of times, you managed to make it to his room with no more accident. Donnie seemed deep in thought the whole way but that didn’t stop him from asking if you were okay again and again, not that you minded.
“Here we are.” You said, using your free hand to push open his bedroom door.
But as you tried to pull him inside, he dug his feet into the ground.
“Whats wrong?” You asked, your eyes glancing around what you could see of the room in case there was a danger Donnie had noticed.
“I don’t want to.” Donnie hiccupped, trying to take a step back but you managed to stop him. You moved from his side and took both his hands in yours, trying to drag him inside.
“Why not?” you asked in a strained voice as you tried and failed ot pull him in.
“Because then you’ll leave.” Donnie mumbled, slouching slightly as you stopped pulling him. You stared at him, a little dazed at what he said. He looked genuinely upset, as if he could cry.
“Donnie-“ You started but you could finish your sentence as Donnie wrapped his arms around you in a crushing hug.
“Don’t leave me? Please, I love you. Don’t leave.” He begged as he started to sob onto your shoulder. If you were shocked before, you were utterly baffled now. Could he really love you like you had loved him all this time?
You had to mentally slap yourself as you remembered he was drunk. You had said your fair share of stupid things when you were drunk too but you knew he wouldn’t let you leave.
“Its fine, I promise. I’ll stay with you tonight.” You pulled back, smiling at him. His eyes went wide with disbelief as a smile dawned his face. He pulled back and grabbed your hand and pulled you inside his room and towards his bed.
before you could even protest, you were thrown in the bed and covers flung over you.
Blinking slightly, you sat up in Donnie bed to see him lying down on a small couch he had at the other side of his room.
“Donnie, I cant steal your bed. You sleep here and I’ll sleep on the couch.” You said as you attempted to get out his bed.
“No, you get the bed because you’re a princess.” Donnie mumbled as he buried his head into his pillow. You rolled your eyes, knowing there was no arguing with him. So you lay down in his massive bed, breathing in his scent which relaxed you.
Remembering Raph earlier, you quickly darted to the door and locked it to be on the safe side. As you tiptoed back to the bed, you noticed a blanket on the back of the sofa. You moved over to Donnie and pulled it down so it was covering him to keep him warm and you took his glasses off, placing them on a small table by the sofa. But he was already asleep. As you moved away, you heard him mumble “My princess” before letting out a soft snore.
turning back to him, you watched him sleep for a moment. He looked so peaceful and sweet. Then you clambered back into his bed, allowing yourself to fall into a sweet dream.
———————-time skip ————————-
When you woke, you heard a small groan from the other side of the room. You were still half asleep so it took you a moment to realise what had happened last night. Sitting up in the bed, you saw Donnie rolling onto his side, his head in his hands.
“Bad hangover?” You called out in a sleepy voice. Donnie jumped at your voice, his eyes landing on you in his bed. But his eyes softened as they fell on your sleepy appearance.
“[y/n]?” He asked, as if trying to make sure you were really there.
“Yup.” You giggled as you pushed the covers back and got out of the bed. You then grabbed his duvet and pulled it over to him, throwing it over him.
“What happened last night?” he asked, but you heard him chuckle as he sat up, the duvet falling away from his upper body.
You giggled, taking a seat at his feet.
“Im not 100% sure what happened before I got here. But when I came, Mikey was singing, Leo had passed out and Raph had a very menacing look with a marker.” You giggled at the memory. When you mentioned Raph, Donnies hand jumped up to his face, feeling to see if he could tell if he had marker on his face.
“Its okay. I locked the door.” You nodded to the door as you spoke, seeing him visibly relax. “Anyway, I came to find you and you were in some state in the lab. So I brought you back here. You took some persuading. You wouldn’t even come in the room unless I stayed. Sorry for stealing your bed but you were having none of it.” You giggled, avoiding telling him what he had said last night. Donnie buried his head in his hands as you spoke, his cheek glowing with embarrassment.
“Oh, god. Im sorry.” He mumbled, looking at you through is fingers.
“Its okay. It was quite amusing actually.” You smiled at him, showing him it was okay.
“Did…. Did I say anything I should regret?” Donnie asked, lowering his hands down. You had a slight suspicious he remembered saying he loved you but you weren’t sure. You might as well tell him though. Knowing your luck, Raph or Mikey might had over heard as he wasn’t quiet.
“Not too much. You called me pretty at one point and you said you loved me at another.” You chuckled, trying to play it off as a joke.
“[y/n], im sorry-“ Donnie trailed off as he shook his head slightly.
“Don’t be. Ive said my fair share of stupid things when ive been drunk. I once told a bar of chocolate I was going to marry it.” You giggled, remembering the memory very vividly.
“[y/n]? I wasn’t… lying.” Donnie suddenly said.
You froze, your eyes widening slightly.
“What do you mean?” You asked, tilting your head to the side as Donnie rubbed the back of his neck, avoiding your eyes.
“I wasn’t lying when I said I loved you.” He clarified. “I-ive always loved you but never had the guts to say it. But I don want the only time im ever able to tell you how I truly feel to be when im drunk.” As Donnie, spoke you could hear him regretting it. He glanced at you only for a second before trying to move from under the covers.
“Im sorry, I shouldn’t have said anything.” Donnie mumbled, scorning himself. You managed to pull yourself from your disbelief and moved in front of him before he could stand up. Ducking down, you pressed a quick but soft kiss to his lips.
Donnie froze at the action, his whole body ridged. but before you could pull away, his hands reached out and grabbed your waist, pulling you forward. You fell slightly but he managed to catch you and pulled you onto his lap. You slowly pulled away from the kiss to look at him.
“I love you too.” You mumbled, smiling slightly as you spoke the words you never dreamed you would say to him.
Donnie let out a breath before smiling at you as you both moved in for another kiss.
But after a moment, you felt Donnie wince.
“What wrong?” You asked as you pulled back, concern written all over your face.
“No, its nothing. Just a headache.” Donnie said as he pulled you closer. You thought it was sweet he was trying to work through the pain of a hangover just to stay like this with you.
“Tell you what, I’ll go get you some tablets and water, then we can continue.” You said as you got off his lap, much to his disappointment. But he nodded, not wanting his pain to get any worse.
As you unlocked the door and opened it, something big fell in the room. You jumped back but calmed when you saw it was Raph. He must have passed out outside the door last night.
He let out a groan as he slowly started to wake.
“Im so glad a locked the door.” You mumbled as you saw the marker in his hand.
“Me too.” Donnie chuckled.

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I quit my first study after 3 months because of a burnout. The next year I wanted to start easy again so I did a study beneath my level for a year. It didnt satisfy so I started uni after that year. Now when I tell people my age and that im in my third study, they give me this "ew youre dumb/lazy/undiciplined" look..I dont want to tell them about my burnout, cus thats really personal, but I feel really down when it happens. Im working really hard in uni but people always assume the worst, right?

I’ll be blunt here and say don’t let anyone make you feel inferior about your choices in education. They have no say in it. They don’t know what you’ve been through and, with my small understanding of your situation, your decisions were completed warranted. I’m sure each time you did serious thinking about it. I don’t think it’s a decision you’ll have made lightly. You shouldn’t feel like you have to justify your choices to anyone, no matter what they might be thinking. I’d agree people assume the worst. In a way, I feel it’s them trying to feel superior to you. I know in my journalism classes, people were dropping out/changing majors in the first few weeks of the semester and everyone sort of had a smug look as if they were generally smarter/more suited to the course because other people were leaving. When I changed majors and dropped the journalism class, I had a girl message me a question on Facebook about an assignment and then correct herself by saying “oh wait. you dropped out.” In the way she said it, it made me like I wasn’t good enough to stay in the course and she was judging me for that. To me, she assumed that it was “too hard” for me when in reality, I’d spent weeks debating whether it was really the career path I wanted. I think in this instance people assume a lot about you by your choices - generally that you’re not as smart as them. But honestly, I think if you’re able to make those really important decisions about your education/career, mental health, etc, you’re the better person. As I think now, it was 100% the best choice for me. No matter what that girl, or anyone in the course, thought. I’m sure you know deep down that everything you did was to benefit you and with that I think you shouldn’t be bothered by anyone else’s opinion xx

The Signs as Charlie the Unicorn Quotes

Aries: I’m not even going to ask how I’m still alive
Taurus: Guys? Or girls- I’m not really sure what you two are
Gemini: You are the banana king
Leo: We gotta be sneaky Charlie, Sneakyyyy
Virgo: There is NO way I can do that with my legs
Libra: Just put a banana in your ear
Scorpio: Blowfish- CHARLIE I LOVE YOU
Sagittarius: I can’t tell if you’re cute or creepy
Capricorn: I gotta be honest I’m getting really freaked out here
Aquarius: Go away im watching TV
Pisces: Im tired of the horrible things that happen when you’re around

//trips. //bakunawa answers fall from my trenchcoat pockets

(referencing this answer)

yo hey i know you love pain, and everything but Boats and Birds is. that’s a low blow. just. 

But you can skyrocket away from me 
And never come back if you find another galaxy 
Far from here with more room to fly 
Just leave me your stardust to remember you by

THAT’S!! THAT’S BASICALLY JEREMY SHOULD THIS FORBIDDEN ANGST PLAY OUT. no matter how much michael reassures jeremy that he’s not going anywhere, there’ll always be a niggling fear.  because he’ll never really believe he’s worth staying for. im gonna stop myself right here bc this is as sad as it is.

i love all birds, so yes. the kiwi is ridiculous and looks like a friend. 

and nah!! his reaction in goodnight moon is As Bad As It Gets when it comes to bad decisions concerning hanging on the edge of a roof and delirious conflations of celestial rocks, bodies of water, and his best friend. 

at his first shift, he was just caught off guard by the overwhelming presence of his dragon instincts speaking to him clearer than ever before. but after, he learns to parse out the information a bit more logically. his dragon brain has the object permanence sense of an infant or a cat, but michael is there to help it out.

dragon brain: WHERE’S THE MOON? IT’S GONE! 

michael: chill it’s just there. it’s behind the clouds

dragon brain: R U SURE.

michael: yes. lemme call jeremy, kay? that seems to help, for some reason…

dragon brain: okay yes good i like this thanks

anon u r the only person who wants this. jeremy hates the shedding because it gets everywhere. michael’s mom hates the shedding because it gets everywhere. michael, who used to have fun with it getting everywhere, starts to hate it because it GETS EVERYWHERE.

michael learns that shedding only happens if he’s got his wings out, so he can technically avoid it by holding off on shifting, but that doesn’t feel very good at all. after the first shift, he has a tendency to shift in his sleep because it feels natural. organic. suppressing his shifts makes him grumpy and irritated and, if he holds off for too long, starts to give him headaches because his dragon brain is pretty much just yelling at him from inside of his skull.

so he just deals with the shedding and does a lot of vacuuming. 

//clasps hands. WORLD BUILDING!!! i dont wanna go too much into this because the setting i thought up of doesnt affect our boys Too Much, but in a world casually filled with supernaturals, insensitivity is also rampant along with all of the other things that makes the world crummy.

ala human kids bullying vampire kids by dropping a bunch of coins on the floor and snickering as the kid just Has To Count Them All. bad pranks involving slamming doors and watching every supernatural set off by sound jerk abruptly. when michael was a kid, in games of pretend he’s always typecast as the wrong kind of dragon (breathing fire, hoarding, princess kidnapping one, bleh), and he gets real tired of getting slayed like a mindless monster by a “brave knight” every time. he sticks to playing with jeremy, after that. jeremy is a lot cooler.  

that kinda stuff. humans know that fireworks set off a lot of supernaturals the same way they know it scares dogs, and they continue anyway. (the justification usually is: well, that was so long ago. that wasn’t us and that technically wasnt you either. get over it!!) 

supernaturals do Not like this, but the world it. It Sucks, sometimes.

so jeremy, possessed by a sudden burst of stupid confidence, totally yelled “parkour!” before jumping over a railing and spraining his ankle. michael always brings it up because he says it was Really Cool and Badass, but he was there when it happened and he went into Fret Mode 3000 in under two seconds, really. he gets fussy and scolds jeremy for being so careless but makes sure jeremy gets a fresh ice pack and pillows.


im having so much trouble here because i dont want anybody to ever hurt jeremy EVER. so i wont dwell on what happens, but when it does, when somebody is dumb enough to ever lay a hand on jeremy, this piece of art sinisterspooks did is what angry bakunawa boy would look like.

he wouldnt go in for the kill immediately, though. jeremy wouldnt like that. michael settles for scaring the shit out of the perpetrator. michael growls low, so low that humans can’t hear it, but they’re on edge anyway. whenever the person’s gaze meets michael’s, michael shifts his eyes to his golden, unblinking, slitted eyes. they’re so bright they practically glow. michael grabs their arm in the hallway, letting his claws grow and pierce through fabric, just on the edge of breaking skin. 

and that’s just michael. jeremy has an entire group of friends that would kill for him. really, anybody who hurts jeremy in any way is. Certainly In For Something.

my points in the last answer kinda tackle this, but my verdict is that Michael never gets into a fist fight because everybody is kind of terrified of what he can do already, so nobody is stupid enough to do anything that involves actual physical violence.

but hypothetically, michael would put up a really good fight even if he’s never fought anything but video game final bosses. he’s got the advantage of supernatural speed, and when shifted, fantastic eyesight plus the whole claws and wings thing. 

i mean, cmon. dragon. theres gotta be a reason why humans have a visceral fear of eyes glowing in the dark, the sound of claws dragging against the floor, and a set of sharp teeth. while dragons dont win Every Fight, they sure do win a whole lot of them. you arent just fighting a teenager here, but also the age old voice of magic that thrums inside of them. you’re fighting a sliver of the great serpent that devoured the moon.

michael never gets in a fist fight because everybody knows they’d stand no chance. 

be1ge-deactivated20171108  asked:

Hello! I'm gonna start university after summer and im really scared about having to do Bio Chem Phys and Math in the same semester do u happen to have helpful links for me to prepare with? Thank you!!

hey!! that sounds like a tough schedule, but i’m sure you can do it :)) i’ve got some resources here, n there are other posts linked in most of them!


  • as a big math nerd, what really helped me is knowing things conceptually; if you know why these principles work, it rly helps u figure out which formula/process to use when u come up against a tough problem. it’s wayy more useful than memorizing a process!!




i hope this helped!! if anyone else has any other resources, feel free to add them on :)

Save me| 01

You go to the Law Enforcement to tell your story.

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Warning: Mentions of a rape story, suicide, swearing

You hadn’t left your apartment in a week. The only thing you did was get up to go to the bathroom or take a shower and then back to sitting on your favorite round chair. your best friend hadn’t left your side, even for a second since that day.

your other friends and family members would check up on you once in a while to see how you were but even after all of this you still felt alone. you felt like there was no one and you felt like it was all your fault. you didn’t know any emotion other than Shame. Guilt. Anger. Fear. But most of all disbelief.

Every time your mother had called, her last words would be, “Let us know when you are a ready sweetheart.” you wouldn’t respond and then your best friend would take the phone away from you and talk to your mother.

Today however, you felt ready.

“I think im ready to talk about it.” your best friend picked up the phone and dialed the Law Enforcement without saying a word.

“Hello, I’d like to report sexual assault, I have been raped.”

You were behind everyone as your mother was talking to the woman from the main office. The woman that was sitting in front of her desk immediately seemed like she knew you like the back of her hand as she was talking to you.

“when would you like the interview?” Everyone looked at her as if she was trying to test our limits. “Now” Your brother, Jin spoke instantly, slamming the desk in front of him. fearing that if you didn’t speak now then that irresponsible little bastard would never get caught.

The woman leaned back a little bit due to how angry Jin looked. She quickly wrote something on her computer.

“Mr. Jung Hoseok will be waiting for you behind that red line.” Pointing at the red line on the floor. “Your interview will be on the 3rd floor, room #309″

You were confused, did she really say Mr.? is she making you talk about a man raping you to a man?

It’s like your mother had the same thoughts as you and leaned over the desk, “She wants to talk to a woman. not a man.” The woman kept completely calm as she got up from her chair to bow and smiled politely. “Im sorry ma’am but that is not possible due to the fact that there is no working woman anywhere in this field.”

Your mother took a deep breath before responding to her. “are you sure?”

“Yes, im positive ma’am,” she said immediately. Your mother looked at your for your approval and you nodded. “Are you sure? we can get help elsewhere” Your best friend said coming closer to you and you felt like she was about to touch you and in response you nodded but backed away, eyes wide open in fear. she stopped right away and back away as well. “She said there was no working woman anywhere in this field.” You felt like everyone was staring at you. You quickly turned around and walked towards to man with the biggest smile you had seen, but before anyone can follow you, the woman spoke once more. “No one is allowed after the red line. Im sorry, it’s the rules” She smiled again and the sat back at her seat looking straight to her computer.

“It will be alright. He is here to help you.” Your mother said and smiled before letting you get into the elevator with the man. He lifted his hand to greet you but you flinched, bowing really quickly to get it over with. He quickly moved his hand away and motioned you to get into the elevator. You looked back at everyone, and all had different ways of showing you it was ok to get in the elevator.

He had that huge smile on through the entire elevator ride. you on the other hand, were scared to death. if other people had seen you, They would think you were glued to the corner. He pressed the button to the 3rd button. flinching at every move he made. even his breathing was a treat to you but his smile showed you he was there to help but you still felt his worst thoughts.

He didn’t make any effort to the start a conversation with you, He didn’t even look at you since he got you from the main floor. He seemed dirty, and you couldn’t believe you were in an elevator with a dirty man. You thought all men were the same men.

“After you.” He had signaled with his hand you flinched one more time, caught off guard and he waited for you to get ready, to leave the elevator to go to the room.

It didn’t even take second for you to finally get out of that elevator and finally be able to breathe again. He then walked out of the elevator and walked to the room #309.

The hallway was full of people running and getting to other places. Every time some random man ran beside you, you either flinched or moved. “Hurry! get in?” The man said. you didn’t know if you should, his tone didn’t scare you but what he said did. “It’s ok, you don’t need to be afraid of me, Im here to help you.” He waited for you to get in the room. it took you a minute but you slowly walked inside and sat on the chair that looked the most comfortable.

The room was dark with just a light or two. There was two chairs with a table in between and a mirror behind the chair that was in front of you.

Once he sat down in front of you, he smiled once more before opening a folder and some paper to jot down some noted. He seemed like he was in a hurry and once he realized he was being a mess in front you, he instantly stopped what he was doing and looked at you, smiling widely, shyly hoping that you didn’t mind.

“Im sorry, just one moment please.” He said before he went back to what he was doing. leaving you to your thoughts.

“Ok, so Im Jung Hoseok. I am a First Responding Officer, which conducts an initial interview with the victim, Which we are doing now. in order to obtain a description of the offender, the nature of the injuries sustained by the victim, and the location of the crime scene. It is imperative during the initial phases of a sex crime investigation to ensure that the victim receives proper medical care. In addition, it is beneficial for the victim to consent to a sexual assault forensic examination. are you ok with that?” You didn’t respond.

“Unfortunately you will have to tell what you tell me again to a couple of other workers who are investigating in this, which sucks really but we have to make sure everything happens correctly and we get every information and please make sure you tell me and the others EVERYTHING, and you have to say everything clearly and make sure not to forget anything.”

“Are you just planning on sitting here and not tell me what happened?” you didn’t answer.

“Ok im going to start asking you questions now.” he said and looked at the paper before asking you the first question.

“What is your relationship with the man? Is he a stranger or a known person to you?” He looks up at your face, waiting for you to answer. “my guy Best friend, Jorden.”

“Does this Jorden have a last name?”

“Shanks, Jorden Shanks”

He quickly jots down the information and then reads the next question, looking back at you with a huge smile. “What was Jorden Shanks actions prior to, during, and after the assault?” He had his pen in hand waiting for you to speak but you felt like you couldn’t breathe just by thinking about what had happened.

“I would like to take a 5 min break please.” He quickly puts the pen on top of the table and closes the folder. “Of course, the bathroom is on the right.” You quickly get up and run to the bathroom. You washed your face a couple of times before looking at yourself in the mirror. You had changed so much, you didn;t even who you were anymore. You had bags under your eyes, and your hair seemed to be up all the time causing you to forget how long it actually as.

When you came back, you realized Mr. Jung was smiling looking inside my folder. You didn’t know and understand how someone can be so happy and smile every second. He realized you were there so he quickly closed the folder, straightened his posture and stared at you while going back to your seat.

“Why are you smiling?” He quickly stopped smiling and looked at you dead in the eye. “Oh im sorry, is it making you uncomfortable.?” You shook your head and smiled once more. “Shall we start?” You nodded again and he opened the folder and grabbed the pen before asking you the question again.

“What was Jorden Shanks actions prior to, during, and after the assault?”

You looked at him before looking down at your hand that was playing with the other. You took a deep breath before explaining the whole thing.

“ I went to a party with some friends, a couple girls, and a couple guys, all people I had been to parties with many times before and had hung out with a lot. I trusted everyone I was with, so when we got to the party, one of the guys I knew pretty well and considered to be a friend got me a beer, a bud light in a bottle. I knew he had always had kind of a crush on me, but he knew I was dating someone else, and I wasn’t really interested in him like that. When he came back with the beer, it was already opened, which was no big deal, and seemed almost like the nice thing to do in the situation. People always tell you to be safe, you know, not to take drinks from strangers that are poured into a cup, but who would be worried about one of their own friends opening their beer for them?

I took a few sips and started to feel kind of sick pretty soon after, so I sat my beer down and told my friend who had just brought me the drink I wasn’t feeling good. He offered to give me a ride home since I had come to the party with a friend, and I had planned on staying the night with her. I said goodbye to my friends, and by the time I made it to his car I felt dizzy and weird, it was a feeling I hadn’t ever really felt before. Without even knowing it I fell asleep and when I woke up he was pulling me out of his car and bringing me into his house. I had been to his house plenty of times before, hanging out, and for parties and stuff. I told him I thought I should probably just go home and he told me that I had had too much to drink and I could just sleep it off here since his parents weren’t home and he would take me home in the morning.

I knew I hadn’t had anything to drink except a few sips of beer and I started getting a bad feeling about the whole situation. Although dizzy and feeling sick I walked into the house with him and followed him upstairs and laid down on his bed. I thought that would be it, the end of the night, we would both fall asleep, and I would feel better in the morning. I closed my eyes, and I felt his hand sliding up on my leg and under my dress, I tried to push him away but my arms didn’t work like they were supposed to. I pushed him away but not really with enough force to do anything. I told him to stop that I didn’t like him like that and that I had a boyfriend, all things he already knew.

That only seemed to make him more persistent, he forcefully pushed his hand further up my dress and it seemed the more I tried to move, the less I could actually move. By then I knew he had clearly put something in my drink, I wasn’t sick, I was drugged. Tears rolled down my face and I asked him not to do this to me, I begged and tried to move away from him but I was stuck and by then he was already on top of me holding me down. He looked at me as I cried and begged him not to and said, stop crying you know you want it. He tried to force me to kiss him but by that time the thought of any part of him touching me made me want to puke.

When I looked into his eyes I didn’t see the person I called my friend anymore, I saw a completely heartless monster, and I was terrified. Before I knew it he was forcing himself inside of me, I wasn’t a virgin, I mean I knew how sex was supposed to feel, but this wasn’t sex, this was torture. It hurt so bad, I felt sick, I begged him to stop, I was crying, I couldn’t breathe, my eyes were blurry it was hard to see. It seemed the more I cried and pleaded with him, and the more I hurt, the more he enjoyed it. At one point he put his hand around my throat, and choked me, when he let go he said, say you like it, say you wanted it. When I didn’t he choked me again, this time for much longer I was gasping for air when he let go and he demanded it again, by now I was scared for my life, I thought he was going to kill me, so I said it. After that, I felt like it went on forever, the most painful longest minutes of my life.

I closed my eyes and tried to disassociate myself with what was happening, and after what felt like eternity it was finally over and he got off of me, he kissed my cheek and then he explained to me that I had better not tell anyone and that if I tried to tell anyone he would tell everyone that I was drunk and that we just hooked up, and that no one would believe me and that I would just be the bitch who cheated on her boyfriend. I was so scared, I was shaking, I cried until I fell asleep.

When I woke up in the morning he acted normal like we were friends like nothing had happened the night before, and he took me home. I was embarrassed, and I felt ashamed, and I felt broken and worthless. I got in the shower and washed my whole body about ten times, and I still felt unclean. I went in my room, and I cried, and I cried, and I cried, and then I decided I wasn’t ever going to think about it again, just move on and act like nothing happened, and for a few hours that worked, but eventually the memories of what happened that night crept back into my mind. For months I kept it to myself, telling no one, it was too embarrassing, and it made me feel too weak that I allowed someone to take advantage of me that easily.” He looked at you in shock. You were shocked by yourself and how you were able to tell him everything, Even your closest didn’t know everything and when you looked at him you realized his face wasn’t smiling anymore.

“Are you still with your boyfriend?” You shook your head indicating that yo didn’t. Which was sad because you loved Kim Taehyung but you couldn’t even get close to anyone who had a penis, even your brothers breathing was a threat to you and you were so so sorry, when you told him he tat you couldn’t be with him anymore you could see he was hurt but he had told you that he would wait for you even if there was nothing. He said that he will be there for you through it. 

“What other force was used or threatened by the offender?” he looked at you. “Just everything I just told you.”

“Was there other alcohol besides beer?” you thought for a second before responding. “Nothing I know of, I don’t know what drug he put into my drink.”

“Can you tell me the names of the friends you were with before going with him, who could be potential witnesses?” Kim Ji-soo, Jennie Kim, Park Chae-young, Lalisa Manoban, Jeon Jungkook, Park Jimin, Kim Namjoon, Kim SeokJin, Min Yoongi.

“Ok, I think this is enough for today, Thank you for being so open, honest and respectful during this. see you tomorrow!” He smiled, packing his things and getting out of the room and closing the door for you to get ready and go down started next to the people who were waiting for you.

Little did he know that you were frozen inside you were scared to death and there was no way you could do this again.