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Im also gonna transcribe the pages because i have cannot hand-letter very well.

Frisk (thinking): What?

Sans: heh, sorry. got carried away. but really, in two years you never wondered what i did before i was a sentry? never questioned my weird physics books?

Frisk: You mean it’s NOT light reading before bed?

Sans: pretty sure i said sarcasm wasnt funny. anyway. i used to DO stuff with that.

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while i hate the idea of billy killing flint, it would make a lot of sense why he is terrified of silver in TI. as of last episode silver/flint are on good terms, so i could totally see silver hunting billy down to seek revenge. that being said, let's pray that the promo is misleading, because watching flint die, is not something i will surive.

that’s exactly what i thought of and what im afraid of. billy has already done some really fucked up shit, but he has yet to do something that will truly, definitively put him on silver’s kill list. something that silver will never forgive or forget and will never stop hunting him for. in the promo someone puts a knife on madi’s throat and i am fairly sure it’s billy because of the leather cuff on the man’s wrist. it’s the same one billy has. so it’s either madi or flint. i pray he doesnt get a chance to hurt either. i PRAY the writers were smarter than this. because flint doesnt deserve an ending like that, that’s not satisfying as toby said it will be, and not to mention that killing madi off is all kinds of wrong.

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Ur top 10 YA books ☺

1) Second Helpings by Megan Mccafferty

2) Heir of Fire

3) Acomaf (duh but also not sure I really think of this as YA)

4) Ender’s Game (for real when I die bury me with this book it is the most important book)

5) The fault in our stars (john im still dead from this book what do you have to say for yourself)

6) Perks of being a wall flower

7) angus thongs and full frontal snogging 

8) city of bones

9) lady midnight

10) this lullaby 

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im a 13 year old who sexts with a 17 year old and i cant help but feel guilty about it but i also like it and i dont know what to do .. is it wrong?? im not really sure because they like reassure me thats it fine y'know? and theyre always there for me but i cant help but feel dirty and horrible do you have any advice?

first, im glad you came to me with this! a lot of young people never reach out, because issues like this are hard to talk about, and then they pay the price

the 17yo may not be an adult, but they are years older and it is very inappropriate and definitely not fine to be sexting with someone younger like that. even as a minor themselves, they have to be mindful of the age gap and the age of consent, which they clearly are not

don’t blame yourself! it’s not your fault, it’s them that should know better than to engage in sexting with someone much younger. they may be there for you otherwise, but surely you wouldn’t continue to sext with them if they didn’t offer a way to make you feel cared for and like it’s “worth it”

if you want to engage in sexting, that’s your call, but ideally wait a few years and/or find someone your age. nothing good ever comes out of age gaps like this that create a clear power imbalance

read through the inappropriate fandom adults and age gap tags. unfortunately it’s very common for kids to be taken advantage of by older people on the internet and it’s left many of us wishing we’d known better 

the best course of action would be to drop them out of your life. i wouldnt advise  staying friends with someone who saw nothing wrong with sexting you as a 13yo, even if it’s under the condition of no more sexting. you never know what they’re gonna come up with in the future and it’s better to stay away - block them if you can, no explanations are necessary if you feel like confronting them about it and explaining why you can no longer talk would make them guilt trip you and overall complicate the situation further

stay safe and do let me know what you decided to do and how it went!

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Your art about Kellog is so cool! I got past the part where we face that guy just yesterday, I liked the conversation and the build up to it. Honestly, Kellog is one of my favorite villains of that game, devious and yet sympathetic. I really like your stuff about him possessing Valentine, I wish we'd seen more of that in game. Tell us, what do you think of Kellog?

aah thanks! im not sure how i feel about kellogg actually. i feel like i dont have a positive or negative feeling towards him. hes ok in my book. kelloggs a loyal and powerful guy, but gives his loyalties to the wrong people i feel, haha. guess that comes with being a mercenary i guess. idk, he makes a pretty good villain.

to be honest with you guys, im not really sure what im going to do with this blog. given the recent turn of events, im sorely tempted to say fuck it and leave. im tired, im too old for this petty drama bullshit that keeps popping up. im tired of my friends being hurt/harassed/chased away. i love chibiusa so much and a part of me wants to stay for the simple fact that i don’t want to let past experiences ruin it for me, but ugh. im so tired, you guys. lmao. 

i may be on radio silence for a bit as i try to decide what i want to do, so please be understanding. in the meantime, you can find me over at @apricotheart.

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i'm pretty sure that you usually envision ktbas as a webcomic; do you think it could be a series of novels? or is the visual element too important to the story? i really liked your short story about harriet and roan meeting, obviously. how would you feel about other people forming their own interpretations of what harry, dick and the gang look like?

naw i think it could absolutely be some books. i like visual gags too much tho, idk how to communicate humor thru just words on a page omg… i mean like, im bad at using words to communicate feelings, but in a visual medium u can communicate that with faces or body language instead. which is nice

i obvi have a heavy idea of the main cast in my head, but it would be nice to see how other ppl would interpret descriptions without like, my art being there to shape the bounds of their features…. i always liked the line “sunlight that seemed to dance daringly upon [his] crown but became soiled by having the gall to try” to describe his nasty boy hair. and his eyepatch has been a placeholder for something cool for all of three years. and i dont put enough effort into clothing design. so ITD BE…. INTERESTING to see wat ppl do with all that

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ummm shit im not 100% sure what to say im not SUUUPER experienced but i guess i could give a few tips or i guess things i always do when i draw??

- for starters make sure you have the canvas set to really high quality soo around 3000x3000 pixels and 300 resolution so if you decide to downsize for prints or for whatever reason the quality is still some gooood shiittt 👌👌👌

- i always sketch my drawing out first, i typically do 2 sketches?? in a way like i have a really messy one to just get the general sizing and shapes of the area and then i make a second layer and do a more minimalist sketch with fewer lines and have it be a bit cleaner

- i go section by section throughout the drawing so for example ill do just the nose and work specifically on the nose until i finish it or until its relatively finished, you totally dont have to do this but it makes it easier for me to go throughout a drawing personally

- for the brush settings i typically have the main beginnings of the coloring done with just a regular circular brush, like the ones that come with photoshop and i have them set at 100% opacity and with pressure settings off so i can get solid colors and then when i want to do more shading and highlights/details thats when i turn on pressure settings

- for colors, you dont see them in the wip bc i just dragged the layer into the background folder since it super messy, i like to have just a layer dedicated to different colors on the skin for quick go to for colors rather than picking from the original always since that can be a pain to find the color im looking for or want

- idk if you want ps shortcut tools but i cant really give them to you since ive changed mine a bit so its quicker to change to certain things but you can just google ps shortcuts and theres a list of them

- probs shouldve mentioned this earlier but i always draw on the painting setting of ps rather than just essentials 

- for the blending/smudge tool i typically have it set to 15-30% strength or else i feel it moves the colors to much and makes it look kinda ugly or leaves obvious streaking

ughh idk what else to mention or if my answer even helped but if you have any other questions feel free to send me an ask or pm me and ill try my best to answer it :))

Friends or more? Sentence Starters

aka “sometimes i feel like i wanna make out with you is that a friend thing to do?” type of things

(send a name and a sentence)

  • “You’ve been pouting ever since I went out on that date, what’s up?”
  • “We always share blankets on the couch, I’m sure sharing the bed for the night is fine too.”
  • “Your lips are getting really close to mine.”
  • “I’m not jealous, but, like, come on, movie night is just for me and you only.”
  • “I dare you to kiss me.”
  • “No, go on the Ferris Wheel with me, not them.”
  • “You can share my jacket with me, since you’re shivering.”
  • “Why is your hand on my ass?”
  • “Cuddle with me.”
  • “I just kissed your forehead, chill.”
  • “Shit, how’d you make me blush like this?”
  • “Are you trying to turn me on?”
  • “Let’s hang out, but I’ll pay for everything, and we can go to this fancy restaurant– No, not a date.”
  • “Okay, I guess this is a date, actually.”
  • “Stop with the tongue thing, it’s strangely attractive.”
  • “I keep telling them we’re not dating, but they keep telling me friends don’t normally make out when drunk.”
  • “I don’t want to be friends with benefits, but I do want something more, I just can’t figure out what.”
  • “When did you get so beautiful?”
  • “If you’re going to dress like that, I’m not going to let you out of my sight.”
  • “Their pick-up line wasn’t as good as any of mine, I’m just saying.”
  • “No, I don’t know how I got a boner, It just kind of happened! It’s because of how you were eating that ice cream, I bet!”
  • “I’m holding your hand because the movie is scary, alright?  It’s a… Terrifying… Rom-com… ….. .”
  • “Why’d you let go of me?”
  • “I accidentally called you my girlfriend/boyfriend today.”
  • “I kissed you because we were drunk.”
  • “I kissed you because I didn’t know what else to do.”
  • “Could you not talk to him/her, please?  I think they’re trying to date you.”
  • “I wish we could stay like this forever…”
  • “I had this dream where we were dating.”
  • “I had this dream where you kissed me, and I kind of want to try it now.”
  • “Why do you always call me when I’m on a date?”
  • “No, I can’t hang out, I’m on a date and you know that.” 
  • “Okay, maybe I am a bit jealous.”
  • “Just remember, he/she’s not the one who taught you how to kiss.”
  • “It’s weird how we’ve been friends for so long, but never went through that ‘crushing’ phase.”
  • “Maybe I want to kiss you because it’s cold and about to be cuddle season.”
  • “I say this a lot, but, look, they’re not good enough for you.”
  • “You’re always wrapping your arms around me in lines.”
  • “I was listening to that love song, and you came to mind.  Weird, right?”
  • “You know this voucher only works for couples, right?”
  • “Are you implying that you want to kiss me?”
  • “Why are you looking at me like that?”
  • “You’re blushing so hard, all I did was say “I love you” in French.”
  • “I could get used to waking up next to you, actually.”
  • “Right… Well… I’m not sure how we ended up kissing like that…”
  • “I’m personally offended that you didn’t get me to be your fake date.”
  • “We would make a pretty good couple.”
  • “The date didn’t go well.  Yeah, she/he didn’t like how I kept mentioning all of our adventures.”
  • “How come I always end up calling you when I can’t fall asleep?”
  • “Sometimes i feel like i wanna make out with you is that a friend thing to do?”
how to study as a busy student

i personally go through this a lot because i have to balance saturday band, honor band, auditions, performances, history club, national history day with school and nonexistant friends. so here u go, friend!! this is my advice to keep up with your (busy) studying!! ha see what i did there im so funny

1. have a planning system. this is a no-brainer. but honestly you’re going to need something to help you keep track of all your deadlines AND your afterschool activities. it doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy; heck it can even be on your phone. but make sure you’re keeping track of everything.

2. use all the time you can to do your homework. if you’re really behind or you have a lot of homework and not enough time to do it at home, do your homework when you can during school. this does NOT mean trying to set the world record for fastest writer while your teacher is collecting the homework. this means on the bus, waiting for your food/the bus/your friends, those down periods during and between classes, during sports practice, and even during lunch. however do NOT make a habit of this!! i get that its a lot, but please still try to have a life!!!

3. set aside a day a week to solely catch up on school work, and another day just to relax. i usually have saturday as my school work day and sunday as my day to relax and prepare for the week. this may seem contradictory, seeing as you may have sports practice or rehearsal on saturday or something. but think of it this way: you’re already going to be working your butt off that day. you might as well keep that flow going and get all your school work together and catch up on any missing assignments. you can also use that sunday off as your motivation to work hard because youre being rewarded with a completely free day.

4. do your homework on friday. please. just do it. this kind of follows the same concept as above: you have school that day anyways, so keep working your hardest. now, if you have no friends like me, this’ll be easy. but if you have plans on fridays (which you should, seriously, go out), stop working 1-2 hours before you have to go somewhere. you can continue any work you havent completed on your catch-up day.

5. drop one or two things. this sounds really painful!!! but being in a lot of extracurriculars and having a nice application/resume is not as nice as your mental health. not being able to balance too many things at once will stress you out and make you sick. like, i used to be in drama club and i also had piano class on wednesdays. once i got older, i realized that these things looked nice on my honor society application, but i didnt have time for what really mattered. (plus i didn’t rly like them anyways.) if you can work your way around it, fine. but otherwise, keep the things close to your heart and drop what you absolutely don’t have time for.

6. if worst comes to worst, talk to your teachers. they will understand, if you’re struggling to be a well-rounded student and keep up your grades at the same time. this doesn’t mean lie or use your teachers as an easy way out. but rather, if everything becomes too overwhelming, talk to someone.

i really hope that helped @ the original anon who asked me this question! sorry this was so late! i’m quite the busy student myself hahaha


That’s definitely not the first thing that should have come to mind, Kuroo

(tho it looks like no one really minds

aside from bokuto that is)

ok this probably sounds really bad but like i think the reason im so lost and not sure about what i want to do in life is bc i honestly did not expect to be alive for this long


throwback to that one time Spencer tried to drag Aleks into the ocean and Aleks turned into a fucking pro wrestler

I am going to break, some time soon, im not sure when but I do know that my mind is almost saturated in all the shit, when I do I really hope you realise what you have fucking done to me, I hope you finally realise that what you do has consequences

I get mistaken as a mom a lot bc im a 24 yo nanny walking around with a ten month old, so people will ask me stuff like “oh how cute! How old is he?” Or “is it a boy or a girl” and lemme tell you, nothing gives me more satisfaction than responding really sarcastically like “oh he’s 35. We want him to move out of the house, but he still lives in our basement” and “I’m not sure, I’m too afraid to check”

Anyways, now I have this headcannon of Sirius doing the exact same thing with Harry when they’re out in the world.

“Oh what a sweet baby!”
“Actually ma'am, he’s quiet rabid, his werewolf uncle teaches him to eat other babies”

meanwhile Harry is gumming on remus’ finger like a maniac and Remus smacks Sirius in the side of the head.

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How do you do the line thing (lol) where it's black lineart over a ryb or myc looking mother layer of line art and it makes the lines look somewhat blurred and like your looking at a 3D thing without glasses (I laughed while typing this bc ur getting anons asking about things ur not sure what they're talking about and it's not like something I need to know immediately. Thank )


OK THIS ONE I THINK I KNOW WHAT YOURE TALKING ABOUT LOL its called chromatic aberration! i use it modestly since it can strain the viewers eyes or it really just depends on my mood. there LOTS of ways to achieve this effect, but this is how ive been doing it for years0

go to the channels panel which is right next to the layers panel

select one of the channels, i usually like going bottom up

*i should mention i usually zoom really close into the canvas to do this step. the farther the distance you move the channels from each other, the stronger the 3d effect

*i blurred the edges of her hair, added a grain gradation from the left.

hopefully this helps!! (and was the right tutorial LOL)

i was added as a wrong number in a group text between a bunch of moms planning for their daughters cheer leading tournament tomorrow, and like i was annoyed and gonna tell them they had the wrong person in but i’m also really hoping their girls do well tomorrow. Apparently its a big meet, the girls have been nervous about it but im sure they’ll do great. Lexi’s been prepping for this for like over a year and she bought new cheer shoes for it and everything. She’ll carry the team just like she did last year. What a champ

seventeen as things i’ve said through text messages


jeonghan - “sorry im a mother of 4…i need my break”


jun - “ok never mind that’s nasty too”

hoshi - “pretty groovy if I say so myself”

wonwoo - “I got 6 hours of sleep and I’m ready for the sweet embrace of death”

woozi - “ik…I gagged, then puked then rolled my eyes 277267277272 times”


mingyu - “why you saying ew???? I thought u loved me”

the8 - “I mean u might get attacked but sure”

seungkwan - “im trying to forget that i saw that by singing navillera really angrily but its not working”


dino - “im having a crisis here”

I’m worried… He thinks Jesse thinks little of him for some reason…?