im not really sure he is actually cold

honestly when someone characterizes killua as like….a cold blooded murderer who just kills anyone he doesnt really like….im just. im pretty damn sure the chimera ant arc was the first time he had actually taken a life since the fucking. hunter exams. i literally cannot think of a time in between those two arcs where killua took another person’s life. he was chained up in his house in the zoldyck fam arc, he threatened some people in the heavens arena arc but he never killed them because the threats worked, the phantom troupe was WAY too overpowered for killua to ever even DREAM of killing any of them, and he spent most of the greed island arc just training with gon and bisky and taking the hunter exam (where he just knocked everyone out without killing them) and in the final battle he even agreed with gon and bisky to HEAL the bomber guys. 

and hell in the chimera ant arc that was a situation that REQUIRED killing because that arc in particular was ruthless as hell. and even then he spared ikalgo because he thought it was cool that he would sacrifice himself for his friends. even suggested that they could be friends. 

basically what im saying is,,,,stop making killua kill people??? he literally said he was tired of killing in the hunter exam arc and i dont think thats the type of person he wants to see himself as. killua is an abused child please let him be a kid 

So what did we get from the last chapter

A) the hello dad, i need an advice it’s seriously an e m e r g e n c y, it is crazy out there ane I’m freaking outttt
B) he tian sitting like an old lady in his bed, reading the-not-so-fashion-magazine, looking more-like-kinda-erotic-magaizne
C) the ‘are you having a new one so quickly’ phrase aka haha i know you are hopelessly in love with zhang, so i only consider you need a girl advice for a non romantic occasion, BUT i will mock you, because im your sassy dad.
E) they have each other’s phoneeeee numberssss as we know BUT THEY TEXTINNNNNNNN
F) and personally my favourite: the dick pic
Basically that was the cutest, childish way to irritate Mgs :D he tian gave him a heart attack i swear .. I’m sure he tian did it as a joke (or a punishment for the bad language) and not as something erotic to turn the other on HE IS JUST SO DIRECT he doesn’t care if his crush will see his dick its all fun and games for him
Also its funny how mgs takes it as a joke too i mean his reaction was like EWWWW GROSSSS but he wasnt actually upset or sad…
of course it will get serious if in the next chapter he actually looks at the pic and blush and realize he kinda likes just a little bit how he tian is always the one to provoke and push and its kinda sexy and OH BOY HERE WE GO

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Do robots ever get colds? What about ghosts? I just to get your personal advice, since you're the perfect one to ask me! (P.S. You can choose Napstablook if you think he's cute!)

Im not really sure if ghosts ever get colds, or if they are capable of getting…Spooky colds?. If there’s a possibility then maybe “Ghost medicine” exists , if that’s the case then it should work just with Ghosts and not with robots or humans. Robots can get “colds”, think of it as a computer with a virus,  Mettaton would probably need an Anti-virus to feel better.

I actually have this headcanon when Blooky usually forgets Mtt is a robot and not a happy ghost so when his cousin is sick Blooky would give him ghost medicine instead of calling Alphys to install Kaspersky or something lol

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What's your favorite thing about each member of got7? It can be anything like their hair, eyes, personality, etc. (I know you're a youngjae-biased blog, but I was just curious.)

Hi dear, 

As you all know I’m a Youngjae biased but I love all GOT7 members. Hmm this quite difficult one for me as though I love everyone in GOT7, to be honest I don’t really pay attention that much to each member so my answer would probably be very basic. Sorry for that. So this is what I like about all members of GOT7: 

Mark: His beautiful smile plus his pearly teeth… I’m just loving it every time seeing his smile. And I actually like that he doesn’t talk much especially in interview because that’s his charm~  ♥ 

JB: Hmmm this is a bit difficult since I have a love/hate relationship with Personally I don’t like the way he looks sometimes (JB fans please don’t hate me for this) because as JB himself said he looks cold mostly. Well, actually when JJ Project debuted I did watch some of JJ Project diaries and JB was rather cold to Junior so I don’t really like his personality at that time. But once he was in GOT7 I saw his personality started to change slowly and made me fall for Leader. I think his cold personality is his charm and that’s why fans love him but despite that JB is a loving person and I’m sure we can see that from the way he treated his members and I like that Youngjae one of the few people who managed to bring out his loving and caring personality as Youngjae said JB is a tsundere - who looks cold but actually very loving. So before misunderstanding occur I would like to say I love Im Jaebum.  ♥ 

Jr. : I like Junior since JJ Project because to me he is very gentleman-like and sweet - means he’s very lovable and soft spoken and caring. I really like his personality and I think we all agree with this because though he is the maknae at home but he’s very mature though sometimes he acts childishly towards Bam Bam and Yugyeom. I love him even more when he always babied Youngjae ^^  ♥

Jackson: What not to like about Jackson? He’s such a lovable and funny guy. I love his effort in trying to make people laugh because to make people laugh isn’t easy. I tried but Jackson has the talent and he got the look though he keep saying that he’s not good looking. I love his laugh too especially when he laughed along with Youngjae. Though sometimes, we saw he played harsh with Youngjae like during Igot7 show and always mocked Youngjae’s English but I’m sure he’s just playing.  ♥

Youngjae: I’ll just keep short about this one since you all know that I love everything about Choi Youngjae and it’s gonna take long if I write all the reasons why I love him. kekeke To me Choi Youngjae is such a beautiful person inside and out and I fell in love with his looks first and even more so with his humble and sincere personality. He is so precious to me  ♥

BamBam:  I like his cute face. He’s very cute when he debuted but now that cute has slightly gone and turn to a hottie. I love Bam Bam’s personality too as he’s very easy going and cool among his members. Bam Bam is very confident with himself and I like that.  ♥

Yugyeom: The dancing machine of GOT7. Yugyeom is the best maknae as he is never afraid to the hyungline but respect them so much. His reserved and shy personality really attracted me to him. He doesn’t talk much but he always pay attention. Cute but strong maknae. and I like the way he treated Youngjae as he hardly played trick to him.  ♥