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Hello I loved your bts reaction to falling for a foreign fan at a fanmeet so I was hoping you cold also do one for got7. Please and thank you 😆😇💖

sure babe!


Mark, being more accustomed to western culture than korean culture having grown up in the US, is actually really happily surprised to see a face that’s noticably different from the majority of the fangirls attending the fanmeet. Hoping you’d speak english, he’d greet you and get an english response back from you, and smiling wide when he did. It was always nice to have a conversation in english with a fan, but soon he kind of stopped listening to what you were saying when his eyes got stuck on the way your lips moved when you talked, how the blush on your cheeks deepened when you were getting nervous, how you kept tucking your hair behind your ear in an attempt to give yourself some posture.

Just like that, the time for you guys to interact was over and it was the girl behind you her turn to meet him. He wanted to ask you to stay, to talk for a bit longer, but he knew he couldn’t do that. For a split second, he considered slipping you a note with his number on it, but with a last sweet smile and a wave of your hand, you moved on to sit yourself in front of Jackson and he could only tell you goodbye. The whole time the next girl sat in front of him, he kept stealing glances your way, trying to imprint the image of your features into his mind so he could remember you.

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Known for his savageness at fanmeets, you’d expected him to be confident and sexy, but the moment you sat yourself before him, he froze. It seemed like he stopped breathing entirely, his lips stiffly pressed on each other and swallowing hard when he blinked a few times. You weren’t sure if he acted like this because foreign fans were a rare sight at fanmeets, or because he was…nervous? Could he really be? 

And so it seemed, because when you shyly asked him to hold his hand for a second, it almost slipped out of yours with the amount of sweat that had gathered in a layer on top of his skin. His clammy hands must’ve been the ultimate proof to you, but you still couldn’t believe it. He didn’t say much the entire time he signed your albums, but he couldn’t hide the smile plastered on his face and the blush on his cheeks. Right before you left, he discreetly wiped his hands off on his jeans to hold yours one last time, so he could never forget how your eyes sparkled.

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Oh boy. Always witty, always has an answer to anything, so sassy, so funny. But when you appeared, he seemed very distracted. He still tried to make you laugh, gave you compliments, but the more he did so the more you saw his neck and ears turn bright red. He tried to give himself some posture by looking away, annoying one of the other members, stacking albums, playing with his pen, just overall keeping himself busy with things so he didn’t have to look you right in the eyes. Because he knew that when he did, he’d be lost. He always says igot7 are his girlfriends, but this time he truly wished it was true.

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Ahh, although he’d be nervous as well, he’d still manage to play off a cool and relaxed image. Seemingly unbothered as he appeared, you felt like you were the one being all nervous and shaky. But you didn’t notice how his leg shaked and his foot tapped underneath the table, how he drummed his fingers on his thighs when you spoke and looked at him with that cute and pretty smile. Your hair fell into your face when you were rummaging through your bag to get him something, and he had to hold himself back to not tuck it back behind your ear. When you got home to look at the autographs on your albums, you noticed he drew a little heart above his.

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Youngjae would be completely taken aback by your foreign beauty, as it isn’t something he’d see every day, especially not at a fansign. When you finally got to him and flashed him a bright smile, he’d have trouble hiding how affected he was, though he’d try and play it cool. While doing so, he’d make it even more obvious how nervous he was and repeatedly facepalm himself when he realized he was being ridiculous while cringing at his own actions. 

He wished he could impress you properly, but when you told him you think he’s cute, he’d stop trying to act differently from who he actually is. Because you like him for him, and you tell him so too. If only he could ask you if you wanted to go grab some coffee later, because he didn’t want to stop talking to you already when time was up. He handed you your album back, faintly brushing his fingers over your hand so he could at least remember your touch.

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BamBam would see you in the queue and swallow hard. You definitely stood out between the other girls, and you know how much more bold but at the same time flustered he gets with foreign girls? Every time you moved on to another member and got closer to him, his heart started beating faster. 

He obsessively started to check his appearance on his phone in selfie mode, fixing his hair, fixing his make-up a bit, practicing his cool and composed expressions, all inbetween shifts when the fans moved on to the next member. And then it was his turn to sit in front of you, or you in front of him, and he felt like he was going to pass out with how dizzy he was becoming from the adrenaline rushing through his head. The practice on his expressions seemed to have been for nothing when you said his name and he started blushing furiously. He couldn’t help but giggle, barely able to talk when his lips were stretched in a wide smile he couldn’t get to go away. 

You saw him scribble in your album an awfully long time, making you start to wonder if he was writing a novel in there. When you left, he gathered all the courage he had to grab your hand and entwine your fingers with his and shyly say;

‘If it wasn’t for the others and the cameras, i’d kiss your hand right now.’

You were dumbfounded, but didn’t have enough time to think about it any further when the fan behind you nudged you to move on. You couldn’t wait to read what he’d written in your album.

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Ahh this soft baby! Despite his sexy and naughty image on stage, he’s still very shy and cute around fans when he meets them in person. When he met you, it wasn’t any different. Thanks to the multiple promotions in the US, he’d grown more accustomed to seeing and interacting with foreign fans, though he couldn’t help but get a bit nervous every time he had a one on one encounter with one. He’d get a little sweaty, some baby hairs sticking to his face when he tried his best to hold a steady conversation with you, but when you asked him if you could hold his hand for a second, he’d gape at you in surprise. You quickly told him he didn’t have to and you were sorry for asking, but he promptly took your hand anyway and squeezed it while he smiled at the table like an idiot, in fear he wouldn’t survive holding your hand and looking at you at the same time. 

You’d notice a bright blush on his cheeks, deepening your own, and when he finally mustered the courage to look at you, the fireworks accompanying the intense eyecontact you two had exploded around you, as if nothing else existed in those mere few seconds. He even forgot to sign your album, but when you had to move on to the next member, he’d secretly throw you a heart. He’d never forget the spark there was between you two, even if it was just for a moment.

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BTS Reaction to You Coming Out of the Room in Just Your Underwear and Their Shirt

This was funny but a little irritating to write due to the fact im sure the guys would all react the same to this, but i tried to make them at least a little different.- Admin Bubbles

You’re one of those drunk drowsy types of people. When you first wake up it takes a few moments to actually make you aware of how dark and empty the room is. Not to mention the cold, the bed feels freezing. And you arent thinking about how Jimin shares a dorm or really how there has to be a good reason he’s not in bed at one in the morning, but nontheless you get up to go find him. The moment you open the door you can hear the tv on and yawning, you easily make your way to the couch and deposit yourself atop his lap, pressing your face into his neck as you fall back asleep. Jimin is of course thrilled that you are near him, but easily off put by your state of undress. Pulling at the shirt your wearing so it covers you more, he immediately stands and carries you back to the room.
There are somethings that only he gets to see. And the boys have seen you stumble around sleepy more then once. and they’d rather you cuddle jimin half naked that have to console you after you run into a wall.

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Part of the reason you were actually sleeping over was due to the fact he’d been at practice so much it was harder for you to actually see each other. And while last week he slept over at your house, this week was mostly his turn, but last night was the only time you were actually able to abandon your house in favor of the dorm. You hear the door open then, and while attempting to go back to sleep, you find it fairly hard too and easily venture out of the room and into the living room where  you see him watching tv. Of course you don’t see the members till you are already on his lap, but you try to play it off as you’re still sleeping.
“J-jagi!” he stutters out, immediately trying to rouse you. There’s no way you are sitting out here like that. He easily picks you up and takes you back to the room. The boys try to keep their attention on the movie, but all understand that things happen when you are sleepy.

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He can hear you rustling around in the room, and turning to look at the door for a moment he turns his attention back to the movie that him and the boys are watching. Suddenly you are stumbling out as dazed all sleepy and dropping yourself on his lap, you face buried into the crook of his neck and his t-shirt hanging just at the tops of your thigh. Of Yoongi shifts slightly so his arms are covering you more properly, but his attention is still on the tv. The boys however are fairly distressed at your lack of clothing, but easily ignore it when they hear you snoring slightly. 

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This kid is beyond shocked at your state of undress that he immediately pulls off his sweatshirt and puts it on your lap. The boys are snickering off course, used to the two of you doing weird things like this. And while this is the first time you’ve stumbled about in this state, they’ve seen you in only your underwear before. They’re pretty chill about acting as if they don’t notice.  

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Everyone sort of slowly turns their attention to you snuggling against your boyfriend. because to be honest, you arent really the touchy type. Its more so in shock to you actually showing hobi affection then it is to your state of dress.
“…..So she isnt ice queen…” you hear namjoon mumble then. \

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The moment you sit on him, he’s ready to run with you back to the safety of the room, because only he should see you dressed as such. And the members cant help laughing at his shock ridden face. Jin easily grabs a blanket off the back off the couch and drapes it across you, his attention still fully on the movie while the boys make fun of his distressed state.
“Yah.” yoongi starts then. “She’s still dressed. dont be a baby over it. be a man.” Theres a chorus of agreement then. in all honesty they arent bothered by your state of dress, because it could always be worse. 

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He blushes so red when you snuggle against him and there are shocked and awed faces all around. because suddenly little kookie has game, and no one would’ve known other wise had it not been for you just waltzing out in an oversized t-shirt and some underwear.
“….He’s a manly man..” Jhope snickers out then. and the boys spend the next few minutes poking fun at him.

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