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My Brother, My Brother, and Me (dir. J.D. Amato, 2017)

i just got back from seeing the brazilian production of les mis and here are some of my thoughts on the brazilian enjoltaire:

- grantaire is really sad??? maybe the saddest grantaire i’ve seen?? i don’t really know how to explain it but even in his line in red & black he was more like a sad drunk than a playful drunk.. i thought that was a really interesting portrayal of R
- instead of teasing enj, grantaire was kind of abrupt to him for most of the show and it almost felt like R didn’t trust himself around enjolras
- R quietly nodded along enj’s words quite a few times
- enjolras doesn’t really acknowledge grantaire till the barricade when he hands R the gun
- after eponine’s death, grantaire literally doesn’t take his eyes off enjolras
- in drink with me, when grantaire starts singing his part, enjolras breaks into the most beautiful shiny grin????
- but as soon as enj realizes what grantaire is singing/talking about, his smile disappears
- also during his lines in drink with me, R is throwing stuff around angrily and no one is really being able to stop him
- enj runs up to grantaire and everyone backs off
- grantaire stops and, for the first time during the show, allows himself to get really near enjolras and they hold the most intense and longest eye contact???/)/
- my favorite part about this was that you could really see how much enj cares about grantaire

ok so this is what i gathered from watching les mis brasil tonight. can’t really confirm if this was what the actors were going for… im so far up enjoltaire’s ass i may have read way too much into their actions. buT ANYWAY both the actors who played enjolras and grantaire were AMAZING and they deserve all the love!!!

“I don’t… want to.. ruin our friendship…. but.. I–”

i hope to god we get a bachelor party episode with jake being a happy little dork and it’s probably die hard themed and charles will be so damn excited (and if we’re lucky maybe doug judy will show up???? idk im hopeful)

and amy’s, with rosa and gina and they’ll probably do ‘boring’ stuff that amy loves like go to museums and gina will probably complain the whole time but secretly be really happy because she’s known jake her whole life and amy is so clearly perfect for him and im getting off track ok im just so excited for the rest of this season wow

The truly emotional thing about watching the Chester Bennington tribute concert (at least for me) is the knowledge that so many of us have grown up listening to his music, attributing his lyrics to specific moments in our lives. We associate those songs with things we’ve dealt or are dealing with. And I know it’s not just me, but those songs evoke specific memories for me, good and bad. And for the fans to be the ones filling in, so to speak, on songs that have meant the world to Chester, to the band??? That makes me more emotional than anything else. 

Even though he’s not physically here, his spirit and his generosity and his love are. And to be honest??? If he was looking down on us, watching the concert, I’m absolutely certain that he was singing along with the fans, proud as can be. 

I hate to say it but I can never be jealous of my friends growth or envious even, I want all my friends to do what they want to truly be happy, and I never knew how rare this was until seeing others wish harm on people they were friends with or wish for them to fail. genuinely hoping that they fail. I don’t want anyone who I’m friends with to think that I don’t want them to succeed. I just want them to be happy, oh my god when my friends do well or like do something that brings them closer to their dream I literally start crying because I am so happy for them. You don’t understand I cry tears of joy from my friends doing well god its so dumb but I just want them to be as happy and everything with life as I am. Thats all I want is for all my friends to be well off in life and enjoy where they are and where theyre going. 

fannibal introduction

ok this is v weird and anxiety provoking for me but like…everyone seems so nice in this bar? i just wanna say hi! Im laura, im in my mid20s, and i just really love hannibal??? just like….A Lot! and i dont really do anything other than reblog things and cry, but i just wanted to say hi!!!!! im not a bot and i think ur all super swell!!!


“crying doesn’t indicate that you’re weak. It just means that you’ve been strong all this time.” ❤

NCT Cute Imagine  -  Jisung

Originally posted by nctinfo

request; Can you please do a cute and fluffy sorta imagine with Jisung from NCT Dream and the reader? Thank you ^^

summary; Jisung would always tease you for being younger than him….but do you ever realise that…he’s doing it for a reason….?

genre; fluff the purest form of fluff 

a/n; thank you to @somuchbooks11 for requesting!! 
(get the title? like lion heart? but instead baby heart cAUSE PARK JI SUNG IS STILL A BUBBA AND HE SHOULDN’T BE INCLUDED IN ANY SMUT WHATSOEVER? im sorry i’ll get on with the show)



-………..somewhat oblivious to almost every fucking thing in the world?

-yep that’s you! 

-you’re the sweet angelic girl that everyone loves to talk to

-so like a princess?


-not today

-maybe another time 

-but not today 

-sorry pristin


-you’re also the youngest girl in your year 

-so you’re automatically younger sister to everyone!

-………………………….even though half the guys had a crush on you

-which wasn’t all that bad… was just annoying….sometimes…


-you knew since your friends told you like half the time 

-because fuck you oblivious to everything

-and when i say everything

-i mean everything–

-to do with your heart and feelings and emotions man you were oblivious but not that oblivious damn child chill teh fuk out

-so one time your friend pointed out that someone liked you

-”oh hey this one dude said that mike really liked you in class today”

-”oh really? i’m gonna have to say no….i’m kind of focusing on school work and stuff”

-”oh ok that’s cool– oh hey mike wAIT MIKE”


-oh mike indeed


-mike: (ಥ﹏ಥ) it’s ok imma just go cry now 


-so……it also turns out that you’re really fucking oblivious when it comes to love 

-there’s one good thing

-that comes out of this

-and good things 

-come in small packages

-ok so jisung isn’t small but ok maybe he is 

-well to me he is

-but that’s not the point

-Jisung is a boy….who you sit next to 

-in every




-holy shit did the teachers plan this out?

-they might have done

-who knows 

-teachers are fucking sneaky 

-i’m lookin at you mr trent (that awesome art teacher he a sneak though)

-sneaky ass bitch


-when you and jisung started high school

-he was told about you from your friend who ‘knew’ jeno 

-knew as in they secretly going out sHHHH ITS A SECRET DONT TELL ANYONE ELSE

-but still


-and so you friend told jisung about you

-and boy fell in love

-with you

-and he thought this would just be a cute small crush 

-like the ones you get on people you can never get

-but noooooo


-after he got to know you

-he kind of…..


-fell for you

-only deeper now and you were fucked

-because jisung also had a notorious streak

-of teasing the fuck outta you


-he would play with your hair

-”jisung? what are–”

-”shhhh im making art with your– the comb is stuck”


-poke your cheek



-”can you take your finger off my cheek?”



-and he would also give you these really promiscuous nicknames

-”hey jisung?”

-”yeah lur of the planet omicron persei 8?”


-and another one….

-”jisung what’s the answer for number 12?”

-”it’s 34 daenerys”


-and one more

-”so when are you thinking of retaking that quiz?”

-”maybe later in ict….hey you can help me walter white!”


-as you can tell this kid isn’t great at showing his emotions off to you

-and hiding behind the teasing side of things won’t help either

-but just let the kid live and he’ll be all right

-maybe not by the time you’re done

-as for you had a plan!

-you knew he was teasing you

-but for what reason?

-you wanted to know

-so….why not tease him back?

-so bright and early monday morning

-you walk into class

-and before we go any further your definition of teasing was wayyyyyyyyyyy more…….loving? than what jisung ever did?

-so you see him as you walk into class?

-and you give him a back hug? hm? what


-honestly jisung was confused but played it off by just reaching behind to pat and ruffle your hair lightly

-wow ok so he’s not buying this at all

-the second thing you do is you play with his hair


-you bring in those tiny little elastic bands 

-and you just give him little ponytails while his head is perched on the table???

-like his body was leaning over so his head was on your side of the table

-like is he asleep? wait yeah he was asleep

-and he didn’t exactly know because actually playing with his hair makes him fall asleep

-remember that y/n remember it’s iMPORTANT INFOOOOOOOOOO

-and he was just about to walk out the class to go see mark and haechan like that before you called him back

-wow super y/n to save the day 

-the third thing you do is that you one up him on the nicknames

-”yo y/n do you have your maths homework on you?”

-”yeah i do here mulder”

-”thanks scully”



-ok let’s try again

-”hey hamilton you grabbing lunch?”

-”yeah just gimme a sec burr”


-ok one more try wouldn’t hurt right?

-”panda bear that’s the wrong answer…”

-”desiigner as long as you gimme the right one then everything should be ok”

-that was smooth


-a week is long enough to keep this up

-confront him 

-at the end of the last class on fridays

-you and jisung normally walk home together

-so maybe you should ask him then

-and so you do 

-walking along the same old street that you two normally walk down….

-there was an…undistinguished aura in the air…

-something that was…kind of off….but felt…good…


-maybe it was the fact that your arm was looped with his

-now that’s never happened–

-Oh oK Y/N OK 


-and the best thing is that jinsung didn’t mind?? like fam 

-y/n’s been teasing you all week wtf

-well again you kind of teased her too….and for longer….so go off i guess?

-”what was with all that backhugging and hair playing?”

-”just….wanted to try it…i saw a couple do it…and it seemed sweet and stuff…so i thought that as friends we could try it”

-”and the hairplaying?”

-”ah….that just happened unintentionally….”

-”so like the nicknames too? really y/n you gotta make your teasing more secretive”

-”yeah– wAIT YOU KNEW?!”

-”OF COURSE I KNEW I DO IT TO YOU All the ….ti m e”


-oh the sweet sweet smell of….a confession?

-”so you admit to teasing me? why?”

-”uh……..long story?”

-”ji spill”

-”ok ok i can’t really say this out loud…cause i don’t know if the others are spying on me–”

-”wait why would they spy on you?”

-”they’re messy and love romance”

-”oh– wait romance?”


-all of a sudden

-this just happened so quickly

-but you saw jisung just turn to you and lean in to whisper into your ear

-”i like you………………………….desiigner”


-did he really have to say desiigner tho





-he liked you a lot and of course he couldnt say it because of CERTAIN INDIVIDUALS


-and so the best way to really express that was through teasing

-who taught this boy lemme just talk to you for a sec–

-you were just so surprised 

-but….you smiled


-but he was happy since he told you 

-and you were even happier cause you finally had an excuse to tell him that you liked him back a lot 

-and somehow 

-you two went from linking arms

-to interlocking hands and fingers all the way home


-”ji did you tell your friends about what you told me yesterday?”

-”no why?”

-”it’s just a little weird since i found a note in my locker…signed by ‘you know who’”


anonymous asked:

Can you do the zombie apocalypse au with 17 performance unit please?

vocal unit ver (here)  //  hip hop unit ver (here)
also find vixx (here)  // bts (here)         


  • before the apocalypse he was just this troublemaker who kept being chased around by the student council for always playing pranks and making jokes and like to be honest no one ever regarded him as being smart, they just thought he was being silly for attention
  • but in reality hoshi’s like a creative genius, like he’s always making things out of scrap metal and a lot of his clothing is like DIY stuff with patched and badges and like probably he’s worn paperclip earrings before because he doesn’t care it looks cool
  • hoshi has like a ton of ear piercings in this au. eyebrow piercing too let’s throw that in there
  • and so when the virus breaks out and everyones scrambling to get their hands on ammo or guns or whatever, hoshi’s like nah let me just dumpster dive for materials to make weapons
  • and like honestly he’s made due with an old broken golf club that he tapped back together and chain locks he got off abandoned bikes and whatever else he can find
  • and you meet him because you’re scavenging the area for weapons of your own and you see these two feet sticking out of a dumpster and you’re like …… is it a zombie? is it a person? what the heck is it
  • and you get just a bit closer and throw like an empty can of soda at the legs and all of a sudden they disappear and boys head pops out and he’s like heY who THREW THAT and you’re like OH you’re a survivor
  • and hoshi looks over at you like “did you throw this at me???” and you’re like yeah i wanted to see if you were a zombie and he’s like when have you seen a zombie fishing around in a dumpster and you shrug like idk man anything can happen
  • and hoshi like jumps out of the dumpster, brushes himself off and picks up his golf club and you’re like what’s that supposed to be and he’s like it’s my weapon and you’re like …………a golf club? and he’s like it’s all i need
  • and tbh you’re like well whatever and you wanna be on your merry way but then you hear something behind you, the familiar sound and you’re like ……… dumpster boy we have a problem
  • and hoshi’s like eXCUSE me my names - and you’re like not important zombies coming 
  • and you think like damn i have to protect this boy now too because what can he do with a golf club
  • but the minute the hoard comes hoshi like runs ahead of you and you’re like WAIT but then he’s like??? mowing zombies down no sweat??? and you’re like oh,,,,,,he’s better than i thought
  • and you run after him and start helping and like 
  • you guys make a good team
  • a good enough team that when you guys are done with every last zombie in the attack hoshi’s like we should do this more often so you guys kinda like stick together for the rest of the time
  • and it’s kinda funny because hoshi tries to get you to use his golf club during fights and you’re like “listen, i feel safer with this pistol” and hoshi’s like LIVE A L I T T L E 
  • at first you’re like hell no im not getting into a dumpster but hoshi convinces you at some point and like it’s not as bad
  • you two smell really bad and are always on the lookout for somewhere to shower which is hard to do in a time of crisis but it’s ok because you smell bad…..together???
  • and hoshi at some point tells you about his past and how he’s used to people calling him dumb and shit like that and you’re like a little guilty because you didn’t think much of him either but now you see that he’s really innovative and actually quite charming what no you didn’t say that
  • and hoshi keeps pestering you about what kind of ~partners~ you’ve had in the past and you’re like hoshi bye and he’s like “you love me the most though??? forget about the past ones~~” and you’re like HOSHI BYE
  • you drop kicked a zombie in front of him once and finally took his golf club to like hit the zombies head off and as you watched it disappear into the sky hoshi was like
  • “hole in one”


  • was visiting the country on a vacation and now…..he’s stuck in this mess that he DOES NOT want to be stuck in 
  • literally he was right at the airport, about to board his flight back when they shut everything down and now he’s so mad he could rip his passport in half but he’s ike jUN just….calm down…….
  • and for the most part he decides just staying in the airport for now is ok because it’s on lockdown
  • and you, well you are a part-timer at the juicebar in the airport and tbh you have no clue what’s happening and you’re sitting under the counter, eating some fruits in panic because zombies???what the fRICk???
  • and you’re like just breath it has to be a dream UnTIL you hear someone clear their throat from above you and you’re like ??? who ??? the 
  • and you slowly get up, holding your basket of fruits you used to make juice with, and in front of you is this chic, stylish dude with his briefcase and some sunglasses and you’re like yes??? and he’s like “do you have juice?” and you can hear a bit of an accent and you’re like …….sir……we are in the middle of a lockdown
  • and he takes off his glasses with a sigh and ok he’s kinDA cute not the point but he’s like “so what?? can i have some juice or?”
  • and you’re like “i…..mean………..there’s no electricity so i cant make the blender work……”
  • and the guys like …..oh……good point….valid point……
  • and you guys kinda stand there awkwardly until finally he opens his mouth to say something wHEN screams start coming from everywhere and all you hear is ZOMBIES and you’re like SHIT 
  • and the guys like HIDE QUICK and he jumps over the counter and like pulls you under to where you were before and you guys like squeeze close and you’re like omf dude you’re crushing the bananas im holding and he’s like shh also my names jun not dude
  • and so you guys are cramped together silently praying that the running footsteps you hear are majority people and not zombies
  • and you’re holding your breath and when you look up you’re like wait 
  • and you’re looking right into jun’s eyes and they’re so pretty, like a sparkling brown and your heart flutters a little and you’re like o - oh- 
  • and like you guys stay there for a longtime till you cant hear anything and finally you like get out from under the counter and the whole airport is like empty and jun’s like well….at least the zombies left too
  • and tbh you’re like gonna cry this is too much whats going to happen and jun turns to see the like tears well up and he’s like oh oh god no don’t cry listen it’s gonna be ok listen lisTEn im far from my own home country and im telling you its going to be fine come here
  • and he like pulls you into his arms and you cry into his sleeve and it’s so EMOTIONAL even though you’re strangers basically 
  • but from then on jun like can’t leave you alone and you don’t really wanna leave jun’s side and you guys like make rounds around the airport to make sure no zombies are around
  • and you live off whatever snacks are left throughout the stores in the airport and every now and then zombies will wander through and you and jun search through luggage for anything that can be used as a weapon to defend yourselves
  • and the more you are alone with him the more you learn he’s not some chic snob he’s actually a greasy, easily entertained boy that like looks at himself in the mirror too much
  • but it’s kinda cute he’s like “well my hair is a mess so we know this is serious” and you’re ike omf
  • you offer to like brush it for him once and he gets kind of flustered for the first time but then makes some joke about how you’ve apparently been ‘dying’ to get your hands on him and you’re like HA no thanks
  • but lbr he’s cute and all you can think back to is that moment where he held you close the entire time and ok idk
  • you guys in a big airport giggling to yourself sitting on the counter of a juice bar and jun’s like i miss home and this is scary, but this person is ,,,,,,,so special to me now………
  • corny

the8 & dino 

  • didn’t know the apocalypse was happening because they were getting ready for a dance battle …….against each other 
  • they’re like mortal enemies of the dance battle world or something 
  • each of them always has like headphones on and literally doesn’t listen to what anyone else has to say 
  • all they wanna do is dance basically EVEN When therES ZOMbIES EVERYWHERe
  • but like actually dancing comes pretty in handy because their reactions are really fast and they have good instincts 
  • also can you imagine dino like moonwalking and then punching a zombie in the face 
  • while minghao does some kick flip and throws up the peace sign at the end??
  • but ok so like they’re gonna face off right but when they get to the place no ones there??? and they’re looking @ each other like what’s going on
  • and you, well you’re actually hiding out in the underground studio and at first you just hide and hope these two go away but then they start???
  • playing music??? and??? dancing
  • and you’re like shit it’s too loud the zombies might hear so you like jump out and turn off the music and the8′s like what the hell and you’re like 
  • what in gods name are you two doing in the middle of a zombie virus outbreak
  • and dino looks at you like ??? zombie???
  • and the8′s like are you having a bad nightmare or something??
  • and you’re like ARE YOU TWO BLIND didn’t you see the mobs of people and the news?? and they’re like no we woke up, got ready, listened to music and came here
  • and you like bring your hand up to your face and you’re like
  • you two need to leave and go get weapons to defend yourself-
  • but before you can finish the8′s like can you judge our dance battle?? we need someone to decide the winner
  • and you’re like ?????? what?????Did you not hear me????
  • and dino’s like yEAH zombies but also we need to settle this score so can you help us out
  • and you’re like skdhgkfha WHAT
  • and they’re like hellbent on you picking a winner and you’re like ok ok dance
  • and so they start again and you’re like what am i doing i should be out looking for food but im watching two boys dance battle
  • and like its all ok until you hear a scratching at the door and you’re like gUYS THIS ISNT A JOKE STO P 
  • and they’re like it’s nothing but then
  • the zombies come in and the8′s like oh god what is that
  • and you’re like that’s it. we are all gonna die. because these two wanted to dance battle till the end. i would like to write my will-
  • but before you know it the8′s highkicked the zombie in the neck so hard it’s head rolls off and dino like punches one square in the face and you’re like 
  • wait
  • and before you know it the zombies who’d found you are lying motionless on the floor and you’re like holy shit
  • and minghao and dino are like so where were we. dance battle
  • and so you’re forced to sit through it again and tbh like 
  • you feel safe with them actually now that you’ve seen what they can do so youre not protesting as much
  • but when it’s over you’re like 
  • hmmmm i don’t know 
  • and they’re like you HAVE TO ChoOSE
  • so let’s say you choose the8 and the8 is like of course i knew it and dino’s like sticking his tongue out at him 
  • and the8 goes over and he’s like “im glad you recognize real talent when you see it, you should stick by my side through this” and dino’s like gross hyung don’t be romantic
  • and the8′s like ??? romantic??? and you’re like ahdgdlakshfn 
  • and idk you like take him up on the offer and you guys break off from dino who’s still salty over the loss and the8’s quite an efficient fighter and really crafty so you guys like 
  • wander but he’s always there to protect you and somehow (you don’t know how) he manages to keep his ipod charged you’re like how he’s like solar energy you’re like please explain and he just smiles
  • and it’s that soft, angelic smile and youre like you know what dont question it and you guys do well together sometimes you catch the8 still practicing his dancing when he should be sleeping and you’re like its cute that he doesnt lose his passion
  • the8 jokingly asking if you really chose him as the winner because of dancing our because you think he’s cute and you’re like,,,,,,,,,,,
  • and he’s like hehe oh my maybe i need to battle dino again since you’re so biased and you’re like shUT it,,,,
  • BUT if you chose dino, who like celebrates by doing some groovy dance and the8 rolls his eyes and is like whatever im out of here before disappearing out the door
  • and dino’s like “he’s being such a sore loser!!” and you’re like ?? so are you going to like go and take this situation seriously now and dino shrugs like i guess
  • but then he comes up really close to you and is like “wanna come with me????”
  • and you have no better place to be so you agree
  • and dino’s cute he like is really energetic and keeps you positive in a time of like chaos
  • he like gets along with all the kid survivors you meet 
  • and he keeps insisting that he teach you some dance moves on your off time but you’re like dino we cant play music the zombies 
  • and he pulls you up by the wrist and is like we DOnt need the music, the music is insIDE of us
  • and you’re like that’s cheesy but dino’s already spinning you
  • and moments like these make this whole thing so much brighter
  • but when zombies come around dino’s no joke, he protects you within an inch of his life
  • and idk it’s cute you two are like so cheerful and full of fun while everything else is so dreary and horrible and people see you and are reminded that there’s you know still hope ^^ 
  • dino getting flustered whenever you mention that his fighting style reminds you of dancing because what no,,,,,,,really???? 

batimvstlou  asked:

its ok im going to fail driver test except my other sisters they are really good but im sure they will give da license but you dont need to cry if you dont know how as long as you pushed yourself up to succeed

I didn’t cry because i thought i will fail haha. 
It just makes me nervous when my father starts shouting

anonymous asked:

looks like bob really shaved. looks like bellboy cleaned himself for the date with his clarkey.


anonymous asked:

Please could you possibly do a reaction to you having a panic attack and how they calm you down ? >.<

I hope you like it ^^ Thank you for your request!!

~ ADMIN Abbie

JIN : “Y/N!!! Look at me….Look at me okay? breathe, its ok.. im here for right here…” He says as he holds you in a tight embrace and after a while he pulls you away and ask’s “Are you hurt anywhere?? do you need me to get some bandages or kiss it? what do you need”

JIMIN : “……STOP THAT! You are going to hurt yourself!” he says as he pulls you into a tight embrace. he holds you tightly and stokes your head softly. “Y/N…its ok….i promise….im here….i will be ok….i wont let anything happen to you! i will protect you from everything! even yourself.”

V : “Y/N…..Y/N listen to me…..Y/N…..please listen! it will be ok i promise! im sorry i let you get so upset! im sorry i let you feel alone! i will never let this happen again! im so sorry please forgive me! im right here and im not going anywhere! so please……calm down” he says while he holds you close.

SUGA : “..Im not sure what happened…but i dont want to see you hurting like this! i will be your punching bag! tell me everything thats on your heart and cry and rant and hit me if you have to! just please….please…..stop crying i promise you it will be ok” he says as he holds you in his arms and wraps a warm blanket around the two of you.

JUNGKOOK : “B-Babe….im not really good with stuff like this so im sorry i cant be of more help to you…but if there is anything i can do please let me know! i will do anything to make your heart feel better i dont care what it is! i just want to see your beautiful smiling face…so please…smile for me” he says as he kisses your forehead and pulls you into his arms.

JHOPE : He ran over and grabbed your arms and pulled you into a deep embrace and held you so tight you thought your bones were going to break. “Y/N…Please stop! i dont like seeing you hurt like this!!” Tears roll down his face and he holds you tighter.”Im here…..IM HERE SO!….So dont leave me…dont ever think your alone…dont ever cry by yourself…im here…and i know this will sound cheesy but i will be your hope….and i mean it”

RAP MONSTER : “Y/N what happened? talk to me ok? i bet you will feel better!  i will try to help to the best i can but i know how strong you are! i know that you will overcome this…because your my girl and my girl is the most beautiful and smartest and strongest girl in the world!” he says as he wipes away your tears and smiles at you cutely.

I HOPE YOU LIKED IT!!! Im going to be doing alot of requests or as much as i can tonight! :)