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fall sentence starters 🍂🍂

I have some fallen leaves from the yard, wanna make some crafts with them?

Open the windows! Let the fresh air in!

I brought you a pie! Hope you like apple?

Don’t forget your scarf; it’s way too cold outside.

I hope I don’t catch the fall cold…

A fall festival is going on! Wanna go with me?

Pumpkins added to anything at all make the world go ‘round. Enough said.

Pumpkin bread, or pumpkin pie?

It’s fall, you know what that means; Halloween is coming!

Want to go explore the spooky graveyard with me?

If we’re going to the corn maze, please try to stay close…we don’t need to get lost.

Do you want some apple cider?

Scary movies are a necessity to any fall night.

Know any places that do hayrides?

I got some new candles for the spirit of the season!

anonymous asked:

you made me start shipping bakugou, kaminari and Kirishima (i forgot their ship name). They're sucha good ship and your drawings for them are amazing!!!!!!!

Oh man thank you!!! I’m super happy I could make you like them!!!!!! They got amazing dynamics, don’t they? :D

Anon said: Your ocs are always so cool and cute i love them??!? Do u have more information about them?

THANK YOU!! And yesssss I do, actually! And I’ve also talked about them a while ago already!!! If you’re looking for more info specifically about Josh and Chris I blabbered about them here!!! <3<3

Anon said: I love your art ! And I love your Bakugo, but, have you ever thought of a undercut Bakugo ??

I sure have!!!! Tho I guess I do draw him more often with a side shave haha

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hikarirose  asked:

I love the dragon!Au!!!!!!! How did you come up with it?

aa aa ty!!

oh god i just… i have this joke with myself that ‘its not an obsession until you make a dragon au for it’ bc ive made a million of em in my life

So i was just like ‘oh portal with dragons’ bc who doesn’t want an excuse to draw tiny dragon wheat and bigass leviathan glados, yknow?

then suddenly people really liked it so now i just keep on rolling with it and i couldn’t be more thrilled

chapter eleven of nights (1k word preview) go read it here

“Even when I look away I am still looking.”

- Richard Siken, War of the Foxes.

 Andrew woke to warmth pressing into his skin. Last night’s events left him feeling languid and hazy, a feeling he was becoming well-acquainted with. There wasn’t any urgency, any requirements for the day; he could take each moment as it came, each tiny touch and quiet breath.

And because of this, he didn’t immediately open his eyes. Instead, he sunk deeper into his pillow, and focused on his surroundings. A stream of light dancing across his eyelids; the faint hush of lake water following the current; the scent of pine-wood and oil paint; Neil’s palm cupped safely against his, fingertips brushing taught skin.

It came to him, smooth and steady, that he didn’t feel exposed like he thought he might. Their explorations of boundaries and consent was usually paired with a progression into sex, but something about intimacy was different: it was being undressed on a different level, less to sink into each other and more to be seen, to be known. It was being undone with care, and somehow that managed to heighten and lull everything within him at once.

He felt the faintest brush of Neil’s thumb on his skin and he opened his eyes.

The thing about Neil was this: it didn’t matter how much time he spent learning all the details—from the light smattering of freckles covering his cheeks, to the dark lashes fanning out around his eyes—being greeted every morning with the resting image of him sent Andrew’s mind whirring and chest constricting. It felt sudden, sharp, but not like pain as much as a realisation.

This, he thought, is something I get to keep.

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ok i just finished the CR episode and

what. the fuck.

matt what the fuck.

also like in a strange turn of events Vox Machina turned what was probably the biggest fuck up of their entire lives into a pretty decent opportunity? like future implications of the price aside and Snuff Films aside and is-Grog-gonna-be-Ok aside Keyleth’s panicked attempt at an escape put them in a position that for the short term is extremely advantageous?

also i /almost/ got my wish about Craven Edge coming back. This will do, especially since seeing Travis’ reactions while reading that novel of an item card has convinced me that giving up any greatness from Craven Edge specifically coming back is worth whatever this new sword brings


Shroud me in your warmth,

Envelop me in your arms.

Cloud me in your storms,

Harbour me from harm.

I need a place to stay,

Somewhere to lay my head.

Otherwise I’ll be consumed

By this terrible, creeping dread.

I can already feel it

Ghosting my skin,

Clawing for an opening-

For a chance to get in 

And eat me whole,

To devour my heart and soul.

So wrap me up in love,

Every kindness that you can spare.

Hum the words to me like spells,

So I can at least be a little less scared.

Or cover me in compliments

So I can hide beneath them

And pretend I have no problems

Because I simply cannot see them.

~Let’s make a pillow fort and pretend we’re small and careless.