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On a completely unrelated note, why the hell do people reblog your shit just to say how much they dont like it ??? Like congrats my guy for putting art u dont like on your blog so you can be reminded of how much you dont like it everytime you scroll past it. Like, i stay in my fucking lane, i dont add unnecessary comments where theyre not warranted bc mama aint raise me in a damn barn lmao.

People forget that there is an Actual Person behind art blogs?? Im going to read every tag on every post i make. If you wouldnt say that shit to someones face, dont say it at all.

love bites on pale skin

request by anonymous: fluff x bau reader where they are in a secret relationship and everyone on the team somehow finds out


both you and spencer are quiet as you walk into the bullpen, each of you going to your respective desks and taking a seat. hotch quietly observes his team of agents through his office window with his arms crossed over his chest, studying the behavior closely: prentiss seems distracted, jj is continuously bustling throughout the office, morgan seems fairly cheerful at the early time in the morning, but it appears that you and spencer are hiding something. neither of you will make eye contact with each other, or the unit chief, you both have messy hair, and spencer’s cheeks are awfully flushed.

the older man cocks his head to the side, exhaling heavily as he closes his door behind him – he will eventually figure out what you’re hiding.


“meet me at my place tonight?” you ask as you redo your hair, watching while the man before you rebuttons his shirt and pulls his vest back over his head. he grins crookedly at you, nodding his head eagerly before saying, “sure!” he starts for the door, but pauses when you pull him back by his tie and sweetly press your lips to his. he kisses back excitedly before hesitantly pulling away, smiling as you cup the side of his face lovingly. he finally pulls away with clear hesitance, only squeezing your shoulder before exiting the small supply closet.

you wait for a few moments before following, redirecting your path to the conference room once you notice the other agents heading there. you take your customary seat and begin reading the file that was given to you, only noticing a few seconds later that the looks you’re receiving.

derek looks curiously at you – in specific, the fact that your neck has a light purple bruise on it. spencer notices almost immediately, turning red as he pulls up his own collar anxiously, not going unnoticed by jj.

“y/n? are you alright?” hotch suddenly asks you, a look of concern etched onto his face when you look up at him. eyebrows furrowing, you nod quickly. “yeah, im fine,” you reply, not understanding when the agents continue to stare. the older man sets his papers down, turning in his seat to face you better.

“are you sure? that’s a bruise on your neck,” he says.

“what?” you ask, your voice unintentionally taking on a shrill squeak as you palm your skin. sure enough, it’s tender, and you cringe when the pads of your fingers come into contact with it. jj quietly laughs to herself, her eyes instead focused on spencer.

“what’s up, spence? you seem a little stressed,” she comments, drawing the attention instead to the flustered man. it almost immediately clicks in the minds of every member except hotch, who continues to split his gaze between the two of you.

“im missing something?” he asks. you and spencer purposely avoid his gaze, instead staring dead at each other.

it doesn’t take a genius to put it together, so hotch is able to find it out in a couple of moments. his eyebrows rise high, looking between the two before looking back at his papers, seemingly careless. you and spencer look back and forth at each other, excited that neither of you would be in trouble for simply finding love.


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spencer reid tag list: @yougottalovefandoms , @lovebodymindstuff , @troubledliam , @paoladb , @imagicana , @babybird18 , @whatwoulddaisyjohnsondo , @arizonalovesher , @rachficrecs , @teyamarra , and @philosopheramethystpup !


been doing a lot of drawpiling with my good friend @daxarve to get our art hands going <3 here is just a small collection of all the choice things that we draw together

we usually spend a good chunk of our drawpile sessions thinking about how hot @saltysalmonella ‘s oc Mimsi is (hally, anne and mimsi are from DPD and Help Wanted)

the ones drawn in blue are geegs!!

Really love the nathan haters…the way they just *clenches fist* spit out things that can’t be backed up (Example: that he’s a rapist) and completely miss the point of his purpose in the game, which was to be a red herring, and misjudge his character due to that fact that he associated with Mark Jefferson, the actual scumbag. Really love it 👌

alright guys, i realized that i’m not following a lot of blogs (less than 300) so i need to change that. (i’m doing this here because there are a lot of you guys and i’ve already done something similar to this on my main not too long ago ;o;)

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with that, i’ll be looking forward to following new blogs ^w^

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i understand where anon is coming from in regards to cat topping kara and i'm not saying they're necessarily *wrong* but pls consider... when kara and sg were at her office at the same time, you could see the look on cat's face and that's the look of someone whose thoughts are running along the lines of "i was made with two hands and two holes for the sole purpose of letting these twin goddesses raw me" and that's just a fact



our eyes closed - chapter one

Yoongi’s been locked out of hell for a long time. Hoseok might be the key to getting back in.

pairing: yoonseok

tags: mystery, romance, AU-gods and goddesses, supernatural elements

word count: 6.5k

[35.5848° N, 79.4867° W]

A house shakes. Every house shakes at once. No one notices.

A house is filled to the brim with lost souls, all clawing at each other, fighting to get to the top, to get out, to breathe . They will never succeed.

They know, we all know, what awaits them. When it’s their turn in line. When their number is called. The clambering manifests into a low hum.

The hum, the hum, the hum. It’s him, they think, it’s him, he’s coming. The hum, the hum, the hum.

Hum. Hum.


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How do you get your art noticed. I just started putting myself out there so im lost and its overwhelming.

That’s a bit of a hard question, since tumblr is so big, it’s a bit of a miracle to get noticed ;v; 

Here are some important things that might help, though! 

•Be consistent
Draw a lot, have fun! Post regularly!

•Tag properly
Just in case someone with tons of followers is checking the tags and likes your art! The first 5 tags matter most! The rest are for search/sorting and blacklist purposes. 

•Join fandom events
That way your art finds its way to other people!

•Make friends!! 
They will cheer you on, and you will cheer them on! You will get feedback from them and you’ll do the same for them. That will encourage everyone involved to keep creating. Everyone gets feedback, and everyone keeps creating. Everyone wins! ♥ 
Mutual encouragement is invaluable! Having friends to create with makes everything more fun, and it’s all a cycle of productivity.

•K E E P   D R A W I N G  
Don’t give up!!! You won’t get noticed straight away, so what. If you like drawing, you’ll keep doing it regardless of feedback, and that love will reach others eventually. KEEP. DRAWING. ♥

Hahaha all my advice boils down to ‘don’t give up!’ 

You really have nothing to lose by keeping on drawing: you will improve, you will make friends, and you will have fun! Just!! Keep!! Doing it!! ♥

OK so i fixed Nita’s outfit to be slightly closer to the book and finished up Kit! idk why theyre in space it just seemed to fit  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Im thinking of either selling this as a print at octocon, or splitting them up into bookmarks to sell as a set, i’m not sure yet

i had a hole in the middle where the lightning went through
i told my friends not to worry

Yesterdays inktober, which has. gold gelpen on it. bc I found a gold gelpen in an old box and Law and gold and inktober is obviously a solid combination

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Can you please Anti tag? And this is coming from a superCorp shipper. If you just put Anti at the beginning it will still end up in the karamel tag. So please Anti tag so the Kremlin's can stop getting butt hurt about us invading there tag on purpose

i could but that would mean respecting people who get off on abuse and im not about that

Lovely Mrs. Vivian , a side character in a cartoon Halloween special. She had no real purpose in life once her studio was shut down when the money ran out, no purpose in till she met Lil. It was love at first sight and Vivian helped her escape from her cruel creator. The two wandered around till Lil got a job at Cal’s circus, Vivian though started her own business

Vivian can drink fresh ink from another toon if she needs it but there was also another thing she could feed on , emotion. She could get rid of any feelings you wanted gone or that were too strong. Sadness, fear, you name it she  feed on it till you were a little numb and it was gone. So she opened up a sort of black market kind of business. Need an emotion gone come and see her, but make sure to bring something decent as payment. She’s willing to accept a trade, but are you?

@whatashameforidearlylove HAPPY (LATE) BIRTHDAY BAE!!! ❤️❤️ Its kidlock, as you can see, John is already showing signs of his Protective Boyfriend status.

(Also how much do you wanna bet Sherlock picks fights with people on purpose just so John can protect him abscscsgsfs my trash sons ….)

i think its about time, i stop being a snob (nah im just really lazy lol) and follow more people, and follow more than 133…

so if u post any of the following, just -like- this post, and ill check your blog:

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hot guys….for…anatomy purposes……seriously…..

you can also recommend me some blogs in the comments/reblog-message, if u want, i dont mind :)

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Hi, I really identify with the concept of this blog. I was wondering if it's okay for us to use the term in life/art works we might use. I would hate to take something from someone if they came up with it. Also, are there any blogs you would recommend with this theme? I need more of this in my life lol

yes! just be sure it is in proper context like remember these helpful things

  • hoodfuturism is a sub-genre of afrofuturism not a separate competing title, afrofuturism is the parent of this imo and afrofuturistic things inspire this concept.
  • hoodfuturism is a perspective focusing on the production of futuristic ideals, aesthetics and media that manifests in american black urban subcultures i.e music, fashion, literature, art etc.. 

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like, ok, i want to b clear abt where im coming from with this, bc i dont think its going to be the same for everyone, and, me personally, im a 17 y/o lesbian. and for the past couple years ive been in this rut where its like, unbelievably hard to enjoy straight media. and it gets harder every year. i go thru periods where i just Won’t read or watch or listen to etc anything that doesnt have lgbt characters. it’s so frustrating to not be able to see people like you in media. and like honestly this is probably bc im so much more self aware & also aware of how much i am begging for scraps here? there isnt a lot of media that caters to me and, to be honest, a lot of what is out there is stuff i don’t love. it’s more nuanced but a lot of it does come down to the usual, “i dont always want to read lgbt fiction, i want to read genre fiction with lgbt protags”

like that is such a prevalent opinion, yet people still say they wont make characters lgbt bc it’s not a part of the plot. it really really doesn’t have to be part of the plot. all it takes is a pronoun. if we’re sticking w podcast examples, take maureen from wtnv- she states a few times that she doesn’t like boys. it has almost zero plot relevance except to Maybe clarify that she isnt dating chad? we dont see her with a gf or any romantic relationship- we just know she’s gay.

and speaking of podcast examples, maybe it’s unfair to use night vale, but like, they are hardly the only ones. it’s one of the things i fell in love with abt audio drama- it seemed that everywhere i turned there was something for me. the black tapes and tanis could hardly be called anything like lgbt fiction, and the inclusion of amalia’s sexuality doesn’t change that. caleb & adam’s relationship in the bright sessions doesnt drastically change any plots bc they’re both boys. the message actually surprised me the most, because i never expect nonbinary characters, let alone from something that felt like a long-winded GE advertisement. and that’s only a few. i recently helped build a blog page with a list of lgbt podcast characters and it was saddening for me to think of the titles we can’t yet add to that list.

it really really means a lot to be able to read about or watch or listen to lgbt characters. i don’t really know how to describe it but i feel like everybody who isn’t a straight white guy has felt some approximation? personally, i went my entire childhood and practically half my adolescence without any positive concepts or characters or understanding to associate with being lgbt, and when i am able to see that it fills me with a kind of hope and happiness.

i want to be clear that this isnt an attack. i’m not trying to go to anyone and be like, shame on you, you’re bad because you dont do this, im gonna tell you how to do your job, etc. i jst think like its a conversation worth having. and the creators have shown that they’re awesome writers, that they have the ability to make these complex and beautiful characters that we fall in love with. and i hope in the future maybe they’ll think about including something like this. im still going to listen and love it either way.

lol im nervous to post this and probably wont put it in the tag but idk im venting i guess

@ all the people who are convinced edward would hate or be disappointed in haytham


Let’s first talk about Edward and his idea of family, shall we? Edward spends most of the game plot in a greedy quest for gold – but for what? Yes, he himself wants to be rich and famous, but this all gravitates around his desire to be a man who can stand proudly at Caroline’s side. He wanted a life of ease, of no struggle. He wanted social standing, nice property, and money that could supply comfort to his family. 

Edward is Welsh. While Ubisoft does not touch base on this, him being Welsh as poses a challenge to becoming an upstanding member of English society. Yet, because it is in his nature, Edward wants more. Though he leads the life of a buccaneer, he wants a comfortable life. After he returns to England, he takes what he can from this dream. He is isolated from society, but his children live comfortably and his son is on his way to becoming a proper gentleman, until Edward dies.

Now, looking at the logistics of things, Haytham was raised by a Templar from the age of ten. Children can’t be expected to make their own decisions at such an age, and certainly not major ones regarding the philosophical good and evil of two organizations that grown men struggled to understand. Yet, Haytham is hated for being a Templar, both by people in the fandom and characters in the game (templars mocking him for being like an assassin, birch wanting to stamp edward out of him, Ade telling him he’s a disgrace for being a Templar). In truth, could he have gone any other route? Were his Assassin glands malfunctioning and not releasing enough Assassin hormones for ten year old Haytham to tell the only person who would take him in to stuff it so he could stab evil templars like daddy wanted?

Let’s go with no. 

And, in all truth, Edward’s ties to the brotherhood were not that strong, certainly not strong enough for him to hate his son for being a templar. He agrees with Assassin ideals, but he often is seperated from the brotherhood, mingling his life with the life of an Assassin. He joined the Brotherhood because Mary Read, someone he cared for and respected, asked him to right his wrongs with her dying breath and that was the only place he could think to start.

Which begs the question: what did Edward want?

Edward wanted wealth, a role in high society, and to have all the things that make British living so grandiose: purpose, property, and manners. It was his fantasy, something he could never truly have but aimed for, nonetheless.

Haytham is all of the things Edward wanted, not to mention a man of power and formidable fighting skill. On top of all of that, Edward did not teach Haytham to follow blindly or to absorb knowledge as it was written. He intended for Haytham to be an assassin, but it would be contradictory of him to force it on him, wouldn’t it be? Edward doesn’t agree with the Templars, but he was exposed to their abuse of power. Haytham was very much into reform and alliance, a visionary.

Haytham thought for himself and was a man of ambition, purpose, and worth – and that was everything Edward wanted in himself, not just his family.