im not proud of my actions


“Dreams save us. Dreams lift us up and transform us. And on my soul, I swear…until my dream of a world where dignity, honor and justice becomes the reality we all share–I’ll never stop fighting. Ever.” - Superman, Action Comics #775

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Good morning, evening or night everyone! I’m proud to present the first poster for Demon, Arise, my upcoming webcomic, a collaboration with @the-bean-fantroll-team !

Demon, Arise is an action story about Demons and mythology in a modern setting! It’s an ambitious project, set in and around England. It revolves around the life of a seemingly normal teenager and college student, Selena Clarke, and her friend Rory getting caught up in the business of a lone demon hunter. The unusual trio have to stop the Demons from returning to Earth from Hell- by any means necessary, racing against a cult to collect thirteen Demonic books.

The comic is chock full of mythology and magical powers, with a mostly female and LGBTQ+ cast. It touches upon themes of religion, realities of mental illness, and romance to name a few. The characters are written to be three dimensional and realistic with ambitions, fears and strengths rather than just heroes who want to do good.

Lastly, you can expect a late 2018 release, so if you’re interested keep your eyes peeled, and boost the post to get the word around! Also, some beta pages will be posted in two weeks to give you all a taster of what’s to come! Making a webcomic has been a dream of mine and I’d love to put myself and my work out there as much as I can. If you have any questions about the comic- feel free to ask! I’m happy to answer :) thanks for reading!


Talk about speaking truth to power…

I want to applaud Ashley Williams, the #BlackLivesMatter protester who confronted Hillary Clinton and demanded an apology for Clinton’s use of “superpredators with no conscience and no empathy, who need to be brought to heel” when she used dog whistles to refer to Black youths as little more than animals, as she advocated for Bill Clinton’s notorious 3-Strikes crime bill (which disproportionately targeted and imprisoned Black people).

Clinton replied, “You know what? No one has ever asked me about this before. You’re the first one to ask me about it.” 

Besides noting the obvious problem with Ms. Clinton apparently needing to be publicly prompted before it ever even occurred to her to apologize for saying something so casually racist, if there are people who have spoken to her about this, then I hope they feel sufficiently empowered to step forward and make Mrs. Clinton have to explain her obfuscation.

I find it very hard to believe that no one at all has ever spoken to her and never asked about this before.

And once again, all respect to Ashley Williams. Disruptive action protests take a lot more than planning and coordination - it also requires guts. I’m a soon to be 32 year old Black man who is an inch shy of 6 feet tall, tipping the scales at 185 pounds, and I seriously doubt that I would have had even half the courage needed to do what Williams so bravely did.

From Bree Newsome to Sandra Bland and beyond, my people are stepping up and speaking out, and I am so proud.

Thank you.

Giving (Bestfriend!Luke smut)

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requested: yes

summary: Best friend Luke learns that you’ve never had an orgasm and decides to help you out

rating: nsfw

word count: 3k+

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“What?” Luke exclaimed from where he was sitting next to you. “You’ve never had an orgasm?” You felt your cheeks warm up slightly, avoiding the gaze of your friend next to you. “How?”

“I dunno,” You shrugged. “I guess I kinda faked it sometimes, but no one has really gotten me there.” You looked at Luke’s face, almost wanting to laugh at the shocked expression on his face. “Not even that guy you were with for a few months? The most recent one, what was his name again?”

“Logan, and no. I faked it with him too.” You told you best friend, cringing slightly at the mention of your ex. “Seriously Y/N, you’re missing out.” Luke said the look of disbelief clear on his features.

“I mean,” You paused, red tint on your cheeks as of the current topic. “It’s not my fault.” You shrugged. “You could always try yourself.” Luke laughed, nudging you with his elbow. “Luke,” You exclaimed. “I’m not gonna talk about masturbation with you.”

“Okay but listen,” Luke paused. “You’re being deprived.” You laughed, shaking your head at his words. “How have none of the guys you’ve been with given you an orgasm?”

Once again, you shrugged. “Like, I dunno. Guys aren’t generally as giving I guess. Or really know what they’re doing.” Luke shook his head at your words. “C'mon babe, a lot of guys know what they’re doing. You just seem to go for the wrong ones.”

“You know anyone off the top of your head?” You raised an eyebrow at your best friend, assuming the he was joking. “Well, I happen to know a few things to get a girl moaning.” He said, smirking at you. Your smile faltered, not sure if he was joking or not. “What are you saying?”

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Okay so I saw your headcanon post for Dad Might and Baby Izuku and I just? Really?? Really??? Love it???? Like omyghad that is so cute do you have more? (And maybe with the others too esp Todoroki and Kaminari coz why not)





Midoriya Izuku was injured once again after he dove into the fray to protect his classmate from an incoming attack and that was the third time this week that it had happened. 

It was then that All Might decided that he was going to reprimand Izuku. 

The boy would always take such reckless actions getting injured on almost a daily basis! Don’t get him wrong All Might appreciated the boy’s concern for other people’s safety rather he was really proud of him! After all a hero always puts their life on the line, but after having to visit his son- disciple! he meant disciple on a hospital bed for the third time this week All Might decided that that’s too much putting your life on the line for a one week. 

He wonders if even his recklessness was passed on to the boy along with One for All then heaves a sigh. 

All Might was on his way to the room where Izuku was currently residing in making sure that no one was around before sliding the door open. He found the boy all wrapped up in bandages particularly his left arm. 

‘So this time it was his left arm…’ All Might says to himself with a grimace.


The boy’s voice resounded in the room with his eyes literally twinkling like the stars in the sky while wearing a smile that beamed like a thousand suns. 

Cue All Might’s earlier determination faltering.

‘YOU ARE GOING TO REPRIMAND THE BOY. YOU HAVE TO.’ All Might internally reminded himself.

All Might walked closer to the beaming boy while trying to find his earlier conviction. He took a deep breath before he began.


All Might still had something to say but one look at the boy’s crestfallen expression brought him to a screeching halt.

“S-Sorry All Might! I guess I’m really just no good, always causing others to worry for me…” Midoriya said accompanied with an empty laugh.

The boy looked like he was about to cry and All Might felt like he kicked a puppy and he felt absolutely horrible.


Alarm bells were going off inside of All Might’s head. Seeing that expression on the boy had hurt more than that devastating injury that he gained a few years back and he knew he had to find a remedy to the situation that he put himself in.



“YOU WILL CERTAINLY MAKE A FINE HERO!” All Might said with all the confidence of the world.

The boy looked at him in awe before smiling a smile that could light up the whole world in a heartbeat and All Might decided that anyone who even tried to take this ball of sunshine’s smile away would have to answer to HIM…even though he was the culprit this time.

All Might deflated into his true form and placed his hand on top of the boy’s head ruffling his hair.

“Just take care of yourself more my son.”


It took approximately 1 millisecond for both parties to realize what they had just said before blowing up into different shades of red and the room filling up with Midoriya’s wails of embarrassment and apologies.



- Izuku likes to bake so one day he made cupcakes for everyone to show his thanks for being friends with him and each cupcake had their faces carefully crafted as the toppers but for Kaminari there was an extra topper on the side which was pikachu and Izuku bashfully explained that it was because he had reminded him of pikachu and he hoped that he wasn’t offended. Needless to say that Kaminari short-circuited even without having to use his quirk because of the cute. Everyone wondered what they did to deserve such an angel. Izuku made a huge cake for All Might’s birthday that he spent hours working on. All Might ate the whole cake while crying bECAUSE WTH PRECIOUS SON I CANT EVEN HE PRESERVED THE CAKE TOPPER THOUGH. 

- It has come to the attention of the villains that All Might has a particular student that he is particularly taken to and they thought they could use him as a hostage to gain the upper hand against All Might. KEY WORD THOUGHT too bad they didn’t know about the DEKU PROTECTION SQUAD HAHAHA and when All Might found out about that plot let’s just say that the symbol of peace could be really scary at times. 


- Dad Might knows that baby Izuku likes bunnies so when baby Izuku is scared or crying Dad Might deflates to his true form and holds his bangs up together to make it look like bunny ears and Izuku immediately brightens up and hugs Dad Might. (Dad Might internally swears that he’ll DETROIT SMASH whoever makes his son cry)

- Dad Might sees baby Izuku going into his bathroom and follows him in curious only to find that baby Izuku used his gel to try to gel up his bangs and was trying to copy his laugh in the mirror. NEEDLESS TO SAY THAT DAD MIGHT TAKES A LOT OF PHOTOS

- The moment Dad Might comes home from work Izuku zooms to the doorstep excitedly jumping up and down while happily exclaiming “PAPA!” Dad Might picks him up and smothers the small child in a hug.

- Baby Izuku sees that Dad Might always makes this drink in the morning (coffee) so he tries to make it for Dad Might and gives it to him proudly when he does. Dad Might thought it was so cute and downs the whole cup with a smile and praises his son even though the mix was terribly bitter. Izuku exclaims a loud “YAY PAPA LIKED IT” in accomplishment jumping up and down. Dad Might doesn’t mind downing another cup just to see his son happy.


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🐺 😀(for malydia) IM SO PROUD OF YOU LIBBY 💖

Species: Banshee | Human | Werewolf | Werecoyote | Kanima | Hellhound | Chimera | Kitsune | Druid | Werejaguar |

Romantic Partner: Allison Argent or Scott McCall

Best friend: Malia Tate

You don’t get along with: Isaac Lahey 

Yearbook quote: We choose our own path. Our values and our actions, they define who we are.

At the end of senior year: Educate at Beacon Hills | Move city for your future | Move country for your future | You died saving your friends (because Samantha you are one of the most selfless and kindest human beings I have ever met and you dated Allison Argent, it’s a given.)

(The Malydia edit will be up and I will tag you!)

things my stepdad has said while playing life is strange
  • *warren calling max over to ask her to the drive-in* what do YOU want
  • *after accepting warren’s drive-in invitation* im only going because planet of the apes is a goddamn good movie
  • i will be so mad if i cant make chloe and max kiss
  • *about ‘kiss chloe’ option* why is there any other option besides this one
  • *after kissing chloe* i have succeeded at life
  • *after joyce compliments your photography* awwww. ‘kiss joyce’.
  • what if there were an option to kiss everyone always
  • kiss nathan. kiss victoria.
  • ‘make-fun of,’ ‘comfort,’ or ‘kiss’
  • what if the only two options you could ever have in this game was to kiss them…or to PUNCH them
  • me: warren all like “HEY max i wanted to rap about that action yesterday,” and then ‘kiss,’ or ‘punch,’ shows up, you punch him, max shouts, “YEAH HERE’S ANOTHER BLACK EYE MOTHERFUCKER!” my stepdad: *LAUGHS REALLY LOUDLY* NICE.

Having DID is never knowing true from false, real from fake, and fiction from reality. It’s getting called “psycho,” “freak,” and “evil” enough times that it hardly phases you anymore. It’s knowing that you are oftentimes people’s exact definition of “crazy.” It’s not doing anything wrong but still feeling guilty. It’s having someone who hates every part of you trapped inside your mind. It’s having children that you never birthed or asked for. It’s having friends that never leave your side. It’s not remembering how or why your house was trashed, but being responsible for cleaning it up anyway. It’s having inside jokes with people that no one else can hear. It’s feeling as though you aren’t even real to begin with. It’s knowing that there’s always someone who’s willing to take your pain for you. It’s knowing that you survived something that others haven’t. It’s not remembering your childhood. It’s being known by a dozen different names, depending on who you ask. It’s facing the consequences of actions you weren’t even aware happened. It’s checking for injuries as soon as you wake up in the morning and checking your bank account every night. its having fears that you don’t understand. It’s torture. But it’s survival. And im proud of my ability to adapt and survive.

i finished like 2 seconds of animation today I am so proud ^u^

part of a Homestuck action mv im doing to ‘Louder than Words’ - Les Friction. got the first half storyboarded and the rest in my head still (that will be down on paper soon enough). But I’m really excited ahehhehe eue

It’s not gonna be anything fancy and clean, but hopefully it’ll be loads of fun to watch after it’s done 0u0

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of physical contact. Something about it is just so… intimate. And soothing.

That’s what being with Calum was like. Soothing. 

I could hear Calum’s steady breathing underneath my head. The soft thumps calming me, reminding me that this was real. I was laying next to Calum Hood, my childhood crush. And what’s better than lying next to your crush of 10 years?

The crush being my boyfriend. And the fact that both of us were butt naked, lying in each other’s embrace.

I rose my hand from Calum’s chest and grabbed his, intertwining his fingers in mine and giving each knuckle a quick kiss before extending our arms so they were a foot away from our bodies.

The contrast between Calum’s hands and mine was incredible. His rough, calloused, tattooed hand against my soft, bare ones were polar opposites, yet they seemed like they belong.

I stared at our intertwined hands, wondering how on Earth I could’ve gotten so lucky to get such an amazing person?

Calum ran his fingers over mine, stopping for a few extra seconds at my nails. I had gotten them done a few hours before, a bright red. I miss when Calum used to paint his nails.

“You haven’t painted your nails in a while.” I hummed, voicing my thoughts.

“Mm. Haven’t had time.” He mumbles softly, bringing both our hands down back to his chest.

“We have time right now.” I reply, stealing a glance from him.

“Just wanna cuddle with you. Don’t wanna do any work.” He answers tiredly, kissing my forehead.

“Who says you’ll be doing the work?” I respond cheekily before untangling myself from him and grabbing a bottle of pastel blue nail polish from across the room. I walked back to Calum, and straddle him, ignoring the fact that my crotch was now on his.

I open the bottle, making Calum hold it in his hand while I start painting the nails on his other.

I scooted up a little before slightly jolting back when I felt a slight push on my lower body. I ignored Calum’s cheeky smirk and raised eyebrows and continued painting his nails.

After about 10 minutes of applying nail polish and blowing on Calum’s still wet nails, because, ‘babe, if you blow on them they’ll be really happy, trust me, I’d know’, I really took the time to admire Calum as he took his time to admire his nails.

“This is such a pretty color babe, you’re so good at-” He started but stopped when he looked up and saw I was gazing intently at him.

“What are you looking at?” He asks in a small voice with slightly furrowed eyebrows.

I spent another few moments looking at each and every detail. His body seemed to be carved by a god, he had perfect hair, perfect eyes, perfect lips, perfect eyebrows, and the 2 moles on the side of his cheek just brought everything together; he was perfect.

“Nothing. Just thinking ‘bout how much I love you.” I shake my head slightly and give him a small smile.

My smile grew when I saw that Calum’s confused expression had turned into one that was flustered.

I smiled slightly before I scooted forward and kissed him. I jerked slightly when I felt my lower body clench, again. 

Calum gave me a smirk before nodding his head towards his growing bulge and saying, “You know I really love you and I want to kiss you a lot more, but I think The Terminator wants some action.”

“Too bad The Terminator’s owner has his hands full huh?” I reply with a smirk of my own, tossing a glance to his still-wet nails, to which he gave a pout to.

“Looks like I’m gonna have to do all the work today.” I fake sigh before I lowered myself until I was kneeling underneath his knees. I raised myself a bit to spread his legs apart.

“Try not to mess up your nails. I worked hard on them.” I add before lowering my head.

So, my group is mostly chaotic or neutral good players accept me and an orc who are chaotic neutrals. my character has gotten a reputation for being ‘odd’ because she adamantly hates humans and elves but will speak openly with orcs, goblins, and other malcontents. She also only speaks black speech and low common.

We’re in this pacifist city whos about to be attacked by draconians or dragon born [idr] and the head of town is just adamant that these flimsy wooden pickets he calls a wall will be enough to stop these flying terrors. He refuses to leave and also refuses to fight so its up to like 6 of us to protect this giant city and the cleric [leader of the group] is having a hell of a time trying to convince this coward to defend his people so i get impatient and break into this long proud speech of how cowardly he is and how he should just step down as a leader if hes willing to sacrifice his followers for nothing and so on and so on and then point out how orcs would never let this bullshit happen and my character then starts to include how even her team is showing more valor than she gave humans credit for.

after im done the dm says

“Wow, that was impressive… but you dont speak enough common for him to catch everything and neither do you speak draconian, so roll to see if he understood enough to take action.”

I then rolled my first and only nat20 of the entire game.

Entertainment Weekly Special Feature: Bethyl

I’ve been meaning to finish this weeks ago, when they released this EW issue, but I got dumped with stupid real life stuff so it took a while. Also, been trying to make another Bethyl art at the same time. So yeah, practically I’m killing myself, but hey, Bethyl is always a good pain lol, anyway, since we, unfortunately, didn’t get any Bethyl and Beth from that EW feature, I made a fix. I couldn’t make it the exact same style they did with the covers bc it’d require multiple shots of them in action, so I just settled with this.

Another gift for my fellow Bethylers. I hope you like it.

Keep the faith! Beth is going to kick some major ass in season 5 and prove the haters wrong. And Daryl would stand beside her, grinning and proud ;)

Bethyl on!

Friendly Fire (pt. 6)

part five • part seven

Bucky x Reader

Summary: You were tired and your hair was a mess. All you were doing was putting your hair up, but the hair tie had other plans. Now you’re in this little prank war with Bucky. Who will win, who will lose?

Words: 920 it went back up lol

Warnings: Slight jealousy? Angst?

Notes: ooooooh, things got intense. whaaaats going to happen next? the world may never know… i kid. that tootsie pop commercial popped into my head for some reason. this was a bit difficult to write because its kind of serious and this is a prank war im writing. kind of hard to be serious but alas, here it is. sorry if theres any typos. enjoy :)

“This isn’t a good idea Y/N” Wanda expressed, shaking her head in disapproval.

“As fun as it’s been watching you and Buck prank one another, I think this is going a bit far” Nat chimed in, agreeing with Wanda.

“Are you kidding?? This will be hilarious” Sam said. He was always up for messing with Bucky, at all costs. 

You just finished explaining your prank to the three of them, and boy, did you go all out with this one. When Wanda and Natasha told you about Bucky supposedly having a crush on you, not for a second did you believe them. A part of the reason you were doing this prank was to prove them wrong.

Once Sam was clear on the plan, the both of you walked out of your room and began the charade. You headed to the couch, and started looking for something to watch on Netflix.

“How ‘bout a suspenseful movie, baby?” Sam asked, giving you a soft smile.

Immediately, Steve’s head snapped up from the kitchen.

“Sounds good,” you replied, “It’ll give me an excuse to cuddle closer to you.”

Tony was barely walking into the room, but managed to hear everything. He looked over at Steve with wide, questioning eyes. Steve looked back at him, and just shrugged. Tony made his way over to the kitchen, and tried his best to not grab attention.

“What is birdman doing?” Tony whispered as he passed by Steve, pretending to look for something to eat.

Steve caught on, and took a slip of his drink before answering back.

“I’m not sure,” Steve mumbled, lifting the newspaper up. “But I know nothing good is going to come of it.”

“Jeeze, look at him,” Tony pointed out, watching Sam wrap his arm around your shoulder. “He’s asking for a deathwish.”

A few hours later, Bucky emerged from his room in workout attire. He was heading to the gym, but on his way he stopped by the kitchen to get a drink. As he turned to look at the t.v. he noticed you and… Sam?

He nearly choked on his drink.

Is this a joke? What is Y/N doing with Sam?? She doesn’t know, but he sure as hell does.

Snapping out of his thoughts, he headed to the gym. He turned around once more to look at the both of you, just to make sure this wasn’t some nightmare. He could feel his jaw clench.

When he got to the gym, he noticed that Clint, Natasha, and Steve were having a session. He walked over to observe what they were working on, and caught Steve’s attention.

“You alright there, pal?” Steve inquired, noticing Bucky’s jaw right away.

“I’m fine. What are you guys working on?” Bucky replied, ignoring Steve’s stare and focusing on Clint and Nat.

“Come on Barnes,” Natasha muttered as she pinned down Clint, “You don’t have to keep up this apathetic act.”

“Yeah,” Clint agreed, flipping Nat off him, and pinning her down, “We could feel that tension from outside the gym.”

Bucky sighed, and closed his eyes.

“Y/N and Sam. Please tell me it’s all a nightmare”

Nat’s eyes widened, and looked at Steve. Clint furrowed his brows, let out a laugh and looked at Nat. Steve shrugged.

“I saw it too, so you’re not dreamin’ Buck” Steve stated flatly.

Clint snorted and got up, “Wait, am I missing something here?”

“What did you see…?” Nat questioned, keeping her composure.

“I saw her! All cuddled up in Sam’s arms!” Bucky exclaimed, throwing his hands up, “They didn’t even seem to notice me walk in and out of the area!”

“Calm down Barnes,” Nat suggested, “Honestly, I wouldn’t stress too much about it.”

“Are you kidding Nat? Everyone knows Bucky has a thing for Y/N, except for her” Clint bursted out, “I gotta see this for myself.” And with that, Clint headed out to see if it was true, Bucky following behind.

You and Sam abandoned the couch to go look for something to eat in the kitchen. It was almost dinner time, and the both of you were pretty hungry.

“What do you feel like eating?” Sam asked, searching the pantry.

“Just about anything,” you answered, “Did you want to pick some food up? We can go out-”

“Whoa, what’s this about going out now?” Clint announced, causing you and Sam to jump at his sudden presence.

“Jesus Clint, you scared me!” you said, holding your hand over your chest.

“My bad” Clint apologized, “So are you two really a thing now? Because if so, I did not see that coming.”

You looked over at Sam, giving him this slightly worried look that your plan might be exposed. Instead of looking at you, Sam came up to you and pulling you close to him.

“What’s it to you man?” Sam jokingly asked.

“Oh nothing, just curious” Clint smirked, “I just don’t buy that you two are actually anything.” He said, crossing his arms.

Before you could tell Clint the truth, Sam had placed his hand to your cheek, turning you to face him and carefully placed his lips along yours. You were completely thrown off, not expecting him to actually kiss you. When he broke the kiss, you tried not to look as shocked as Clint.

“Did you buy that?” Sam remarked with a cocky smile, clearly proud of his action.

“I sure did.”

The three of you turned around to see Bucky standing on the other side of the room.

“Shit” Sam mumbled.

any thoughts? comments?

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im not sorry for what i did. i hurt people. i killed people. i manipulated, twisted, broke and destroyed people. but im not sorry. if anything im proud that i did so much and got away with it for so long. im only sorry for not feeling remorse. im sorry for being unable to be redeemed because i realised the extent of my actions too late. dont forgive me. dont pity me. i was horrible and i loved it. and im sorry for that.