im not playing i need to win


So I have this headcanon that Laurent and Nicaise always play bets with each other. And whenever Laurent wins (every time, unless he planned his defeat) would order Nicaise around. He is a bully big brother. I love him more.

so was planning to make this color. but I dont know how im gonna do it and I need sleep so maybe some other time. And aha. Capriweek2k17 Day 1: Sapphires (my logic. CP logic. sapphires=nicaise)

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Recall tips??

I AM SO SORRY for your 19 day wait anon, if u even around. I’m really sorry, I just get so busy and I wanted to give u a nice thoughtful write up and then…life????

Here is some shit I suggested to @pointy-pup a bit ago

tldr; try to practice it multiple times a day. just randomly call ur dog and then have a party with preferred reward (toys, treats, praise, squeaky voice etc)

  • when they resting in another room
  • when they cant see you
  • when they clearly distracted by a smell in ur house
  • turn it into hide and seek
  • expand it to ur front yard or some fenced yard with minimal distractions or long line + harness
  • start taking it to other places. UR NOT DRILLING THIS OK, just let them walk along doing their thing THEN suddenly call…then 5 more minutes doing their thing, THEN SUDDENLY CALL
  • slowly build it up to them being distracted by things, but start when they naturally looking ur way
  • use happy excited voice!! always! do not bother with serious HERE voice for this, this is ur excited party recall and u want it to reach into the very fibre of their being and have them running to u before they even finish hearing it. ur tone, ur enthusiasm, they matter. u will look like an idiot but ohmygod when u recall ur reactive dog from a strange dog that approached her it is WORTH IT
  • try to touch their collar. just treat and collar, treat and collar, so touching collar = good thing, not the fun is ending. u can do this exercise separately.
  • separate to all ur COMMAND practice, randomly reward them checking in on you. just looking at u. could be treats, a game, praise, going over to sniff something - whatever it is u think ur dog would like that moment. u want them to look at u more often, just good skill to have.

Remember, this is built on repetition, practice and reinforcement! and nothing gonna be 100%, keep an eye on ur environment and try to anticipate “bad” distractions - and call your dog BEFORE they notice the distraction

here’s the shitty bit.

do this couple of times every day for a couple of months. ur dog will get better and faster. dont give them opportunities to run off until a couple of months in, breath, go somewhere safe and not too distracting and only recall when u think the odds are good or preventive measure (ie a potential distraction u noticed first). reward…then let them go back to doing the thing they were doing.

after that couple of months, you can dial back…and u won’t lose points for skipping a day here and there.

don’t expect 100%. strive for it, aim for 99% and acknowledge that 1% of the time it will be out of ur hands. keep working at 99%. vary it up, put ur own twist on it as u work out what works best with ur dog. do touch ups as needed (the grounded incident last year lmao)

e.g here is me, playing some game with thistle. i try to do this game once a week…at dog school…with all the other dogs around…because this is an environment i really want to reinforce turning on the dime to me. this game doubles as a reward, cause she gets to chase and bite the treats.

that’s my high prey drive low impulse control didnt know shit when i got her at 1 year old rescue. 2.5 years later with lots of work, not so bad, hey? we’ve got some crittering issues, sure, and i still need to manage carefully…but i take her offlead to bushes, reserves and even some less populated city parks. with all that training and reinforcement, comes freedom and fun!

and she still blew me off a bit later for what turned out to be week old abandoned steak ;) win most lose some

and here is us playing actual hide and seek. ive started doing it with thyme, on easy level (just standing in a different room/behind objects) to build reinforcement in the desire to find me when he cannot see me!

tldr tldr i believe in you anon! and in pointy-pup! some dogs need more work but keep at it!

Dating Sehun would include
  • Sassy comebacks that’ll honestly make you wanna smack him on the head
  • Seriously you must be the most patient person in the world to endure such a pain
  • Making each others lives hell
  • Throwing shades
  • N to the O to the NO NO NO when it comes to PDA  but when you’re home alone he wouldn’t keep his hands off you
  • Sometimes you’d have to go through hell and back to get his attention and sometimes you’d have to fight to get him off you when he clings to you like a child
  • Honesty like Too honest
  • “ Sort yourself out you look  like a mess”
  • Him being shirtless like all the time
  • Hipthrusts
  • Using his Aegyo when he’s in trouble cz he knows that’s the soft spot
  • When he’s sick you’d have to do everything for like literally everything cz he’s the spoiled little baby maknae in the dorm
  • pissing each other off like
  • “How do i look ?  ”
  • *feigns uninterested* ” Not bad”
  • “Hoe on the scale of 1 to 10 im 11″
  • “Lol 11 maybe on PH scale cz you’re basic”
  • Backhanded Compliments
  • “Woah you’re the prettiest face i saw today ….still early though”
  • Being torn between giving him a bone crushing hug for a second and strangling him to death for another
  • he’ll secretly always want to impress you with everything he does, whether it is dancing or rapping because he wants you to be proud of him 
  • showing up at your doorstep late at night after practice to sleep or just cuddle and enjoy your company
  • his hands always got to be in your hair
  • imitating your voice very high-pitched when you fight
  • will only tell you he loves you every once and while, but hopelessly means it when he does
  • you playing with his hair and brushing it back from his forehead when he’s sleeping only to be scolded for messing up his hair style
  • Forcing him to take lots of cute and ugly selcas with you
  • “who changed my phone background ? ”
  • “Oh please. It would be an honor for my face to graze your stupid phone” 
  • Occasionally picking outfits for you
  • When you’re working you’d 12 msgs and you’d start worrying something that happened but it’s just 12 selcas from different angle
  • Getting jealous of suho cz they are always together
  • Over the top flirting when you two are alone but when the members are there he’d be shy af
  • He’d pretend to be all tough around you but you know deep down he’s such a softie
  • “If you keep teasing kyungsoo he will kill you and im not into necrophilia” 
  • When you try to leave the bed he would drape one of his long lanky legs around your lower body to keep you pinned down
  • When he tries to leave you would lay your whole body on top of his to keep him down
  • “You do realize I could just lift you off right?”
  • Well you  sure can try
  • *groans at the weight* jeez you need to lose few pounds im telling you ”
  • When he does something right for the first time he’d be like
  • “Yehet bitches  that’s me bow down to the almighty oh sehun”
  • But when you win he’d be like : “ congrats you dont suck as much as the others CONGRATS YAAAY”
  • Catching him playing with rubber ducks and secretly taping him to blackmail him later 
  • Often pulling pranks on each other
  • Inside jokes , like you’ll be sitting & when someone refers to something you’ll just give each other a look and start laughing 
  • He’d never forget your birthday or anniversary date
  • Happy 2 years anniversary. I’m glad we haven’t killed each other yet
  • Whenever Suho would drop him at your flat he would give you “im sorry and be please be strong” face
  • You’d sass him out when he’d get pissy about random things  he’d be really shocked at your reactions and start wondering how so much sass could fit into your petite frame
  • He’d always make fun of how tiny you are to him and he’d often pick you up and throw you over his shoulder
  •  Dates would consist of the beagle line following you secretly but getting caught each time 
  • Instead of visiting the dorms ,the dorms come to visit you ; beagle line always creating mayhem, kyungsooo chasing down beakhyun, chanyeol eating your food bottom line it’s a mess
  • “-Don’t you have anything else to drink than bubble tea for godsake”
  • Only when things start heating out beagle line would ruin the moment
  • “oooh get it maknae”
  • “just use protection we don’t want any accidents running around” 
  • He wouldn’t be able to help nuzzling into your neck when he’s had a bad day, and you wouldn’t even mind cz duh who would
  • Never being able to stop staring at him, completely enthralled in his beauty and taking secret photos of him when he isn’t paying attention, never realizing that he does the same to you
  • He may be a lil shit at times but under all that sass there is a caring cinnamon roll who’d fight anyone who dare to mess with you & vice versa
  • ‘No one messes with my babe’
  • Always cheering for each other
  • There will no secret kept from each other  tbh
  • Being the first to go and knock at the other’s door if something happen
  • You’d both be so in love with each other and at the same time wanting to rip each other’s guts 
  • Suho : ‘ Sehun is a typical true & genuine man but he easly cry & can’t tell lies’


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MY DEAR YOUNG ME. I'LL BE YOUR FUTURE, AND YOUR SHINE IN DEATH. I-i think so... AND I'LL GIVE YOU SOME fo0d maybe... Well, the thing is that I'll be your company because I think you're cute, and I will protect you, befriend you, respect you, defend you, LIKE WINNIE THE POOH >:c -Badlydrawnnerdkyoin

“Will you let me win all of the pokemon battles too?”


I know people are probably tired of hearing this but I’m over this new version of big brother. I know there needs to be drama for ratings and things but I’m tired of people coming on big brother to be famous, im tired of people coming on big brother for a summer vacation or a summer hookup, I’m tired of people who aren’t here to play the game just to float to jury and blindly follow some big alliance and make no moves. So many of the people caster this year were a waste of a spot for a person who actually dreams of playing and winning big brother and it’s disrespectful how these houseguest are playing


i queue for conquest, and call jungle first.

three people call it after i do, and one of them just autolocks rat.

OBVIOUSLY, at first, im pissed. like.. its 1:30 in the morning, i just wanted to play loki, i didnt need this.

these guys in lobby were all “hell yeah full jungle”, and bc i was too tired to care, i kinda just went with it while odin actually played the game like it was supposed to be played.

none of us took a lane, we just ran haywire around the map, and we got first blood by invading early.

40 minutes later, we fucking win with a ridiculous amt of kills and honestly i just laughed the entire time because nobody expected this shit to work. hell, we even went into the game like “holy shit if we win”. we were all set up to lose and everything, but no.

watching this unfold was so funny because we’d all move in one big cluster through the first few levels, so if one of us ganked, we all ganked. throughout the entire game though, it was like we were ALWAYS in teamfights, regardless of our lack of teamfight potential.

odin was basically like a babysitter lmao, he’d follow us around and place cages to save our asses.

this had to be the most fun ive had in a while omg.

these guys were so chill too. none of them were toxic, even, they were just looking to fuck around and even said they were glad to run into odin and i because they thought theyd get banned/reported. i guess it was a good day to run into a loki main ahah

How About a Game of Chess?

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Pairing: Erik Lehnsherr x Reader

Request: “Hi! Can I request number 10? one where Erik (magneto) tries to teach the reader chess, he gets frustrated but it ends in fluff :) thank you so much”

Prompt 10: “Teach me how to play?”

Warnings: None

A/N: First Erik request yasssss this was so cute 

List of Prompts- Prompt Me!

“You’ve never played chess before?”

You grinned at the wide-eyed look your boyfriend, Erik Lehnsherr gave you when you told him you had never played the game before. The two of you were relaxing in the lounge in Xavier’s after a long day of training.

You motioned towards the chess board set up on a table, raising a single eyebrow. “Teach me how to play?”

Erik nodded, sliding out a chair eagerly. You had never seen him so excited as he set up the chess pieces, giving you the white ones.

“Okay. These pieces in the front are pawns. They move one space forward or an optional two spaces on their first move. They capture other pieces diagonally.”

You nodded, internalizing everything Erik told you. He explaine every piece painstakingly, going along the line of pieces.

“And this,” Erik held up one of the most elaborate black pieces. “Is your king. The king can move one space in all directions, but he cannot be captured, or the other player wins.”

“So you’re trying to capture your opponents King?” You asked.

“Yes, or put it in ‘check’, meaning it is in danger of being captured.”

“Okay,” you sighed, looking over your pieces one more time. “I think I’ve got it.”

“Alright. White goes first.” Erik waved a hand towards you, taking a sip of the whiskey he had poured himself just a bit earlier.

“So… Pawn moves two spaces forward?” You murmured under your breath. You cautiously moved the piece forward, glancing up at Erik for approval. He nodded, setting his glass down.

“Now my turn.”

The game went rather fast, even with Erik going easy on you. But every once and a whole you would forget the rules, causing Erik to face palm and sigh.

“"No, you move the horse three up and one over, not two up,” Erik said, exasperated.

“I’m sorry, this is my first time playing,” you said pointedly. 

“"I know,” Erik drank the last drink of his whiskey. “"I’m sorry, im just used to playing with someone more experienced.”

You blinked slowly, pursing your lips. “"Well, I’ll just have to become better, won’t I?”

“We’ll see,” Erik muttered.

“Excuse you,” you huffed, folding your arms. “"I’ll become one of the best chess players ever, you’ll see.” 

Erik held up his hands, motioning for you to go. “You'll need plenty of practice, then.”

By the time the clocks struck midnight, the two of you had played three games, you winning the last game with a flourish.

“Checkmate!” You called out proudly, Erik checking over the pieces quizzically.

“So it is. Nice job,” he praised you. You grinned as he gathered the pieces up, putting them back in a small wooden chest by the board. You followed him out of the lounge, his arm winding securely around your waist, his now-empty whiskey glass still clutched in his other hand.

“You were pretty good for your first time playing,” he said. You shrugged.

“I am pretty awesome.”

Erik chuckled softly, stopping at his room door.

“Can we play again tomorrow?” You asked hopefully. Erik nodded, giving you a quick chaste kiss. “Of course.”

i have another beat battle in a few hours and like??!??! im not as much of a nervous wreck as i was last time butttt

my last beat battle was a very humbling experience???? i realized that i needed to improve A LOT and that i should be careful of having high hopes for winning

this time i didn’t do any research on the other producers cause when i did last time i thought for sure i would at least be in the final round and THEN I losT in the second so yeah

i guess im going into this with low-ish expectations but at the same time i really wanna fucking win?????!? just so that i can prove to myself that i can win something?? ? i  dkkk 

but yeah wish me luck guys im about to play my music in front of the biggest crowd yet it should be a blast

a summary of shostakovich and symphony no 7
  • world war ii: die die die
  • stalin: loollll bye leningrad
  • leningrad: nOOOO
  • shostakovich: =_= snare drums it is
  • -
  • nazis: eugh we are winning war
  • nazis: oh hey its russia
  • nazis: ima invade you i forgot about you
  • shostakovich: oh fuck ugh
  • shostakovich: i already hate enough people oh well lets write a single movement symphonic composition because i hate everything
  • shostakovich: yo leningrad this goes out to you
  • -
  • shostakovich: woooo this gonna be played in 1941-2
  • everyone else: wait when the fuck did you write this then
  • shostakovich: SHHHHH YOu doNT need to knOWWW
  • -
  • shostakovich: hello students im going to play my 12 variation thingy
  • media: ahh im excited for the invasion theme!
  • -
  • leningrad philharmonic: *plays the single-movement symphony*
  • sollertinsky: ima have to leave with the philharmonic bye
  • shostakovich:
  • shostakovich:
  • shostakovich: lol turns out i never finished it i just realised
  • shostakovich: it should be a four movement symphony instead lol tricked ya
  • -
  • shostakovich: should i stay and risk my life or just finish this like 83 months later
  • shostakovich: lets go lol byee
  • nazis: *cut off public transport*
  • shostakovich: well fuck
  • -
  • bombs: *boom booms everywhere*
  • shostakovich: *runs around bomb shelters*
  • shostakovich: ok lets write this second movement
  • *2 weeks later*
  • shostakovich: done
  • -
  • radio leningrad: heyyy shosty you wanna talk
  • shostakovich: sure
  • *talks*
  • -
  • shostakovich: *plays the two movements to musicians*
  • air raid siren: WOOPO WOOP WOOP WOOP
  • shostakovich: lol brb im gon take my family where they wont explode
  • shostakovich:
  • shostakovich: ok im back lets play more
  • shostakovich: lolk
  • -
  • shostakovich: TO MOSCOW
  • shostakovich: i dont like it here TO KUIBYSHEV/SAMARA
  • shostakovich: well darn would you look at that i just completed the 4th movement
  • -
  • shostakovich: lets play this bad boy on 9th August 1942
  • leningrad: no no its ok
  • hitler: ok then
  • leningrad radio orchestra: this is so difficult tho why are we doing this its not worth it
  • shostakovich: EXCUSE ME!?
  • leningrad radio orchestra: ok ok ok ok ok we play now
  • -
  • shostakovich: what do you think world?
  • virgil thomson: why. what is this shit. thIS IS FOR THE DUMB AND EASILY DISTRACTED
  • audience: *crying bc so emotional*
  • new york and london: this is for a bad war movie
  • rachmaninoff: well! lets have some tea
  • the entire west: eh its long
  • testimony: *like 30 years later* WAIT THIS IS ANTI-STALIN AND OMG
  • shostakovich's spirit: finally you motherfuckers can appreciate this

I’m not even pissed that the Hawks are not playing well. I’m really sad because everyday of my life, I somehow end up talking about them and thinking about the fact that they won’t make it to the second round again, makes me cry. I love this team so much but they really have to step it up. Shout out to Crawford, Kruger, Kane, and Rasmussen for actually being there at the game.

What it’s like playing as Ana

- [chucks grenade] KOBE


- Lemme just lightly pepper these bitches with my trusty water rifle

- [sleep dart actually hits]

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- Stop moving I can’t see with my cataracts

- [teammate dies because I’m missing all my shots] Unfortunate

- [sleep darts ulting enemy] 

- [sleep dart whizzes past ulting enemy] OKAY I NEED A BIGGER RADIUS ON THIS THING



Spread this MV like FIRE everywhere, they bring the best quality music and visuals so they deserve it!! for the past 2 days ive been very well but have done nothing else than promote nu'est, thats how dear they are too me, I can do nothing else but think about them every second and worry too many people arent playing attention despite this being their highest quality video EVER. It seems everyone moves onto rookie groups with frank;y mediocre songs compared to Nu'est who developed their unique sound by themselves as they LITERALLY made this album themselves with Bumzu- the lyrics, the composistion, even the visuals ren helped with

Remember its been 4 YEARS AND NO WIN!! we need ONE.

I know as an international fan its hard to support and i mostly see casual fans here, so IM BEGGING you please you need to hardcore support them- NO ONE has been though more shit than nu'est, being badly promoted, being shipped off to China and Japan while Korean and international fans forgot them. The boys Aron Jr Minhyun Baekho and Ren are the sweetest boys you could ever meet, Jr personally blames himself for their downfall which is horrendous.  SO PLEASE SUPPORT NU'EST THEY AND THEIR AMAZING TALENT DESERVE SO MUCH BETTER!!

Kagehina week day 6 Future/Accidentall confession

Hinata and Kageyama walked hand in hand, roaming around in miyagi, enjoying one of their early morning dates. Even as adults, the duo still played volleyball in every spare moment of their life. But it was no longer for aiming for the top. They didn’t need to win, they already did so. They were already on the top several times, holding the medals for first place in national volleyball tournaments. Now, it was only for fun, and for memories.

Every single memory they shared had something to do with volleyball. Their first meeting, their first date, even their confession. Hinata was still a bit embarrassed about that one, even after years of dating. He always remembered that day when passing by Karasuno high school, the school he never once regretted applying to, and he was there often, as the official, one and only boyfriend of Karasuno’s new volleyball coach.

Kageyama knows why is Hinata always so flustered in that moment, squeezing his hand and whining under his breath. He chuckles at his partner’s behavior and leans down to place a kiss on Hinata’s cheek. „Are you gonna think bad about it for the rest of your life? It wasn’t that bad. And anyway, that’s the point when we started dating so it was a good thing.“

„I know, but..“ Hinata trails off.

Kageyama suddenly nudges him forward, walking faster and faster until they are running.

„Wait, Tobio!“ Hinata tries, but Kageyama doesn’t stop, and he doesn’t say anything. Hinata can’t see his face, but he bets he’s smiling dumbly. So he smiles too and lets himself being pulled to wherever Kageyama wants.
They pass the gate to their old high school, heading into the direction of the gym. They stop at the locked door and there’s a silent moment while Kageyama searches for his key. That’s one of the benefits of being a coach – you have non-stop acces to the gym. Not that dating Kageyama doesn’t have any other benefits. Kageyama is a pro athlete so that means he’s strong and he has a nice body, for one, so the private life is great. And also, he’s tall so he can reach the high shelves.

„Do you remember?“ Kageyama asks and interrupts Hinata’s thoughts, as he steps into the gym.  

„Of course I remember!“

„That was the best day of my life. Realising that my love – my only love – has something for me. For my abs, exactly.“ Kageyama says seriously, and tries to stifle the giggle that escapes his mouth with the last sentence.

„S-shut up!“ Hinata protests weakly, clenching his fists. But no matter how hard he tries to look angry, his blush gives it off right away.

„Hinata, noone ever told me something nice before that. For me, it was something like when someone – me – compliments your height.“ He explains, walking back to Hinata to ruffle his hair.

Hinata leans into the touch, still trying to arogue. „I hated my height.“

„Now you don’t.“ Kageyama points out, squeezing his boyfriend around the waist.

„..because you like it.“ Hinata squeezes back. He was always way shorter than other people, and his classmates made fun of him for being a gnome. But now, he doesn’t mind being so small. Because now, even though he doesn’t know why, there’s someone who likes it. It’s the right size for cuddling, Kageyama often reasons.

Kageyama lets go of his boyfriend and sits down on the floor, just next to the white line drawn on the floor, so they’re still in the court.

„We were just here. An afternoon practice, in early spring.“ He starts and leans back on his hands to look up at the ceiling. „We were just taking break from spiking. You were so energic back then, and you still are. I don’t know where is all the energy coming from.“

Hinata plops down next to him, getting ready for the story Kageyama is about to tell and leans his head on the taller boy’s shoulder.

„It was so-“


„-embarrassing.“ He hides his face in the crook of Kageyama’s neck.

„You can’t be embarrassed about it forever.“ Kageyama protests. „You were honest, weren’t you?“

„I was.“

„Then what? I also like your abs.“ Kageyama ruffles his hair once more and kisses his temple.

„That’s not it.“ Hinata mumbles into his shoulder, wrapping his arms around the taller boy chest.

„Then what?“ He asks softly.

„Noone even asked me! I just blurted it out.“

„But I asked you.“

„YOu didn‘t expect that kind of answer. And i didn’t mean to say it out loud neither. I was just..“ Hinata leans away, throwing his arms around, gesturing wildly. Then he whines because he can’t find the word he was searching for and covers his face with his hands.

„I didn’t. That’s right. But as I said, I was pleased.“

„First off, you didn’t look like you were!“ Hinata squeals. „It looked more like you were horrified.“

Kageyama sighs, looking around the gym, wondering if there‘s something to say that would make Hinata stop complaining. His stare lands on the other end of the court, where is a big cart of volleyballs that he forgot to put away after the last practice. He stands up, almost making Hinata fall to the ground.

„Oi!“ He yells, but he’s shushed by the ball that is aimed at him. He smirks at it, then looks up to see Kageyama walking closer to him.

„Wanna play?“ He asks with a tone that says that he doesn’t want to continue with this. Hinata steps closer and looks up at his boyfriend. He can see the look in Kageyama’s face. He knows this boy is determined to prove Hinata wrong. And maybe Hinata wouldn’t mind, finally being able to look back on that day without feeling so weird inside.

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urg like ik its not their fault but like im so annoyed that got7 had their comeback on the same day cuz its gives our boys less of a chance and its just so fucking unfair they need this so much more than got7 does

Im sorry love but I really have to disagree here. Its not Got7’s fault they came back on the same day as comebacks dates are planned quite some time ahead. You have to remember NU'EST are extremely popular in Korea- and im not about to play the blame came lol. Got7 will be successful and so will Nu'est :) to get 1st win you need chart well, and Nu'est have got no.1 on every chart already, now all we gotta do is keep them charting high by streaming on melon/other charts and on youtube!

pet daycare worker!mingyu

not sure if im gonna make this a series bc it just suddenly pops into my head and i feel the need to make it so:

  • mingyu loves his job i mean who wouldnt maybe someone who doesnt like animals
  • he got the money and an adavantage of playing with these cute little creatures
  • the daycare actually accept almost all pets but the place is full of mostly dogs and cats and honestLY mingyu couldnt be happier
  • and it seems like this daycare is getting known more bc you know what theres this boy greeting everyone with that world winning smile
  • and he’s cute af so thats a bonus, lot of girls come by to get their pet washed/or to drop them here for a while + theyre here to watch this cute guy named mingyu based on his nametag
  • he’s basically popular, everyone address him as the tall boy bc duh
  • “wheres the tall boy who usually arranged the snacks over there?”
  • customers like giving him tip bc have u seen him he’s glowing and he looks like he enjoys this so much
  • likes to play with the dog more
  • he likes to wash them as well
  • “ok no saddie, thats soap you cant eat that”
  • “noooooo my clothes are all wet now thanks to u”
  • probably brought extra clothes with him
  • “i love u tho dont worry come lets dry you up”
  • when its play time lots of dogs want to play with him and some even climb up to lick his face and he cant stop smiling basically
  • and when he’s tired he’d go to check on the cats bc everyone there is basically chill and quiet, perfect when u want to take a break
  • when he lay on his back, small cats would climb up and just sleep there on his stomach and mingyu wants to cry bc cuteness
  • “omg nora dont eat my socks!!!”
  • he loves talking to them duh
  • “have u eat yet??? no??? ok lets go get u some nutrition so u can play with me”
  • “you think you can catch this???”
  • “ok dont eat that”
  • once somene dropped their goldfish here and he doesnt know how to play with it, he feels bad bc it doesnt have friends 
  • protecting the goldfish from the hungry cats like he went into panic mode when he sees a cat approaching him and the goldfish
  • “STAY BACK!!!!”
  • lowkey loves looking at the hamster when they run on the thing i dont know what its called in english but you know what i mean!!!
  • the daycare rarely get any bunnies to take care of but then ba bam one day you came in with your cute bunny and mingyu felt like he couldnt breathe was it bc of u or the bunny?
  • “um hey so do you take - “
  • “YEAH YEAH WE TAKE CARE OF ANYTHING HONESTLY” he said a bit more enthuasiatic than he should have he felt embarrassed after that
  • and youre like ah ok and told him youre going somewhere and want to drop him here
  • “oh great” and youd smile bc this guy is super cute and u stole a glance at his nametag and smiled wider bc the name suits him very well u dont even know why
  • you pay and all that and introduce ur bunny to him “his name’s bambi he might be a bit annoying to new people sometimes so.. .. .. “
  • “OH ITS OK IVE HAD WORSE HELLO THERE LITTLE GUY” mingyu doesnt know why he is too hype whenever he talks
  • “uh so…..ok? i hope u take good care of him”
  • “DONT WORRY ….?”
  • u told him your name and he repeats it bc he thinks its so pretty
  • “ill see you soon mingyu! and hey you be nice to him” he saw u kissing bambi and feel a little jealousy as you waved him goodbye
  • “u lucky guy!!!!! i cant believe im jealous over a rabbit”
  • he would scoop bambi in his hands and stare at it
  • “i hope we can get along and u can tell me more about ur owner”
  • u know what he’s gonna be with bambi for days and talk to him to the point he realizes he’s not gonna answer
  • “do u like carrot or this canned food oh wait she said u like carrot more so im gonna pick it up ok”
  • “im so nice to u now tell me something abt her”
  • “im more a dog kind of guy but youre cute and ur owner is cuter tbh”
  • “ok lets shower”
  • “you have long ears man”
  • when u come back 4 days later to pick bambi up he turned all sad and gloomy, like he’s not glowing anymore he’s SAD UR LEAVING AND MGIHT NEVER COMING BACK which is false
  • “please comeback soon”
  • and you only giggled at that this boy is finally calm
  • “ill see u soon mingyu” u hand him a tip and wave at him, forcing bambi to wave at him too and he smiled bc ill see u soon HECK YES
  • and he noticed there was a paper along with the money he wants to burst bc your number was written on it with a cute little bunny doodle AND HE SQUEALES THE WHOLE DAY AND TALK ABOUT IT TO EVERYONE (read: the animals)