im not playing i need to win


ok. peeps who play battleborn. What. is the fucking secret to Incursion 

it doesn’t matter what our team lineup is, we always lose ?? 

i’m pretty sure out of like 20 incursion matches, we win maybe 2, if that. Is that normal…… 

I don’t think we’re that awful???? I mean my win/lose ratio in Overwatch is pretty well 50/50 without needing a mic to communicate with teammates (mics give me severe anxiety unless i know the people; i usually mute them if i dont because games are supposed to be fun and I don’t like getting yelled at) 

and in PvE we both do really well??? I’d like to think we’re not terrible at this game??????

what am i missing, why is it like this???

pet daycare worker!mingyu

not sure if im gonna make this a series bc it just suddenly pops into my head and i feel the need to make it so:

  • mingyu loves his job i mean who wouldnt maybe someone who doesnt like animals
  • he got the money and an adavantage of playing with these cute little creatures
  • the daycare actually accept almost all pets but the place is full of mostly dogs and cats and honestLY mingyu couldnt be happier
  • and it seems like this daycare is getting known more bc you know what theres this boy greeting everyone with that world winning smile
  • and he’s cute af so thats a bonus, lot of girls come by to get their pet washed/or to drop them here for a while + theyre here to watch this cute guy named mingyu based on his nametag
  • he’s basically popular, everyone address him as the tall boy bc duh
  • “wheres the tall boy who usually arranged the snacks over there?”
  • customers like giving him tip bc have u seen him he’s glowing and he looks like he enjoys this so much
  • likes to play with the dog more
  • he likes to wash them as well
  • “ok no saddie, thats soap you cant eat that”
  • “noooooo my clothes are all wet now thanks to u”
  • probably brought extra clothes with him
  • “i love u tho dont worry come lets dry you up”
  • when its play time lots of dogs want to play with him and some even climb up to lick his face and he cant stop smiling basically
  • and when he’s tired he’d go to check on the cats bc everyone there is basically chill and quiet, perfect when u want to take a break
  • when he lay on his back, small cats would climb up and just sleep there on his stomach and mingyu wants to cry bc cuteness
  • “omg nora dont eat my socks!!!”
  • he loves talking to them duh
  • “have u eat yet??? no??? ok lets go get u some nutrition so u can play with me”
  • “you think you can catch this???”
  • “ok dont eat that”
  • once somene dropped their goldfish here and he doesnt know how to play with it, he feels bad bc it doesnt have friends 
  • protecting the goldfish from the hungry cats like he went into panic mode when he sees a cat approaching him and the goldfish
  • “STAY BACK!!!!”
  • lowkey loves looking at the hamster when they run on the thing i dont know what its called in english but you know what i mean!!!
  • the daycare rarely get any bunnies to take care of but then ba bam one day you came in with your cute bunny and mingyu felt like he couldnt breathe was it bc of u or the bunny?
  • “um hey so do you take - “
  • “YEAH YEAH WE TAKE CARE OF ANYTHING HONESTLY” he said a bit more enthuasiatic than he should have he felt embarrassed after that
  • and youre like ah ok and told him youre going somewhere and want to drop him here
  • “oh great” and youd smile bc this guy is super cute and u stole a glance at his nametag and smiled wider bc the name suits him very well u dont even know why
  • you pay and all that and introduce ur bunny to him “his name’s bambi he might be a bit annoying to new people sometimes so.. .. .. “
  • “OH ITS OK IVE HAD WORSE HELLO THERE LITTLE GUY” mingyu doesnt know why he is too hype whenever he talks
  • “uh so…..ok? i hope u take good care of him”
  • “DONT WORRY ….?”
  • u told him your name and he repeats it bc he thinks its so pretty
  • “ill see you soon mingyu! and hey you be nice to him” he saw u kissing bambi and feel a little jealousy as you waved him goodbye
  • “u lucky guy!!!!! i cant believe im jealous over a rabbit”
  • he would scoop bambi in his hands and stare at it
  • “i hope we can get along and u can tell me more about ur owner”
  • u know what he’s gonna be with bambi for days and talk to him to the point he realizes he’s not gonna answer
  • “do u like carrot or this canned food oh wait she said u like carrot more so im gonna pick it up ok”
  • “im so nice to u now tell me something abt her”
  • “im more a dog kind of guy but youre cute and ur owner is cuter tbh”
  • “ok lets shower”
  • “you have long ears man”
  • when u come back 4 days later to pick bambi up he turned all sad and gloomy, like he’s not glowing anymore he’s SAD UR LEAVING AND MGIHT NEVER COMING BACK which is false
  • “please comeback soon”
  • and you only giggled at that this boy is finally calm
  • “ill see u soon mingyu” u hand him a tip and wave at him, forcing bambi to wave at him too and he smiled bc ill see u soon HECK YES
  • and he noticed there was a paper along with the money he wants to burst bc your number was written on it with a cute little bunny doodle AND HE SQUEALES THE WHOLE DAY AND TALK ABOUT IT TO EVERYONE (read: the animals)

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Coke or Pepsi: coke altho i rlly rlly prefer like water

Disney or Dreamworks: dreamworks bc of spirit

Coffee or tea: coffee my tru love altho i can enjoy tea

Books or movies: books

Windows or Mac: always had windows

DC or Marvel: im rlly not into either

Xbox or Playstation: never used either

Dragon Age or Mass Effect: i know nothing about either one but dragons are always a win

Night owl or early riser: night owl by nature but my work schedule is forcing me to change that

Cards or chess: i don’t know how to play with either but i used to reenact LOTR battles with chess pieces

Chocolate or vanilla: chocolate probably

Vans or Converse: neither, doc martins

Lavellan, Trevelyan, Cadash, or Adaar: what are these

Fluff or angst: i need both in about equal measure

Beach or forest: forest!!! forest forest forest oh good god i love the beach and i miss it a lot but i always need forests

Dogs or cats: ????? both????

Clear Skies or Rain: the sky is my light and love in all forms

Cooking or eating out: i think i prefer cooking tbh

Spicy food or mild food: ooh spicy

Moon or stars: oh how i adore the moon but i must say i love the stars more

Whales or dolphins: ???? this hurts me to choose but whales

Hogwarts house: it changes throughout my life apparently but lately i’m feeling gryffindor

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The Signs as Equestrian Instagram Nightmares
  • Capricorn: um im actually 14 ok not 12 and i know how to train a horse
  • Aquarius: *over-edited jumping video playing hip-hop*
  • Pisces: *rides in a neck rope once* omg you guys liberty is the ONLY way to train
  • Aries: omg you and your horse look so good!! check out MY account!!
  • Taurus: you guys need to be more active my likes are dropping from 800 to 790
  • Gemini: learn the TRUTH about spiritchloe
  • Cancer: omg riding btv isn't ALWAYS bad ok learn your facts sometimes it can be good
  • Leo: comment "!!!" if i inspire you
  • Virgo: shoutout4shoutout? f4f? spam4spam?
  • Libra: i taught jojo how to rear today!!!
  • Scorpio: i'm not anti-bit, i'm anti-stupid
  • Sagittarius: if you've never barrel raced dont tell me that kicking with spurs is bad ok sweetie

When are they going to come out with a Golden Girls Monopoly though… I can see it now

-you get mistaken for a prostitute, go directly to jail
-the get out of jail free card is a Sophia card
-you need condoms for your romantic cruise pay the bank $15
-you win 2nd place in a mother/daughter talent show collect $75
-your house gets broken into and you install a security system pay bank $200
-you won St. Olaf woman of the year collect $25
-you broke Blanche’s citrus festival plate pay bank $200
-you won 1st place in the dance marathon collect $100
-you make a charitable contribution to save the Mckinnley Lighthouse pay bank $75


When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die.
sooo have part one of my mcl GoT project thingy. There might be a part 2, but I’m so done rn and I’m not sure when I’ll start this up again. aaanyway, welcome to Westeros. 


Lay - 150624 Zhang Yixing’s Studio’s weibo update: “今天听我老板说的,关于《极限挑战》教给他的那些小事:”

Translation: “Today my boss related the little things which 《Go Fighting》has taught him:

Life, It isn’t enough to only work hard,
You also need to choose the right methods, and employ right skills.”

I thought,
This is just a simple game,
But it is more complicated than I thought.
To win,
You have to learn how to play it.

Being clever is not enough,
You still have to learn
How to face problems calmly and rationally,
how to apply your knowledge.

I join the variety show,
Wishing to show everyone my positive points,
But am not afraid of my flaws being broadcast,
I was mentally prepared,
Before coming.

When I can forgive someone,
Yet am afraid of trusting him,
I cry.

I have never thought,
How I am seen by the audience,
I only expressed my true emotions.

Everyone thinks that the determindation of those born in the 90’s
Is at times reckless, and wrong,
But that is their true self.
I will not avoid my shortcomings in the future,
I will slowly learn and grow.

One who abandons their principles,
Is not strong.
Being recklessly stubborn,
Is also not right.
He who is able to hold onto his principles,
While overcoming all challenges is the most impressive.“

Credit: 张艺兴工作室 .

Its hard for me to sometimes put thoughts into words, so Im going to try. First yes, I admit to being a card carrying Dean gal and I won’t apologize for that. So yes, that plays into why I want Dean to be the one to dispatch Amara, but its more that that. More than anything I think Dean’s character needs a win. A win for Dean, not a win for Sam is the same as a win for Dean.

*I also want to say that some of the things I’m saying isn’t how I personally feel about Dean but am expressing frustration at the writers.

I love to watch Figure skating and one of my favorite skaters was Kristy Yamaguchi. After she won the worlds and the olympic gold, she retired. She was still at the top of her game and when asked why she said, I have nothing left to prove.

This is really where Sam is at. There really is no where left to take the character. He’s had multiple reluctant hero journeys, he’s got to prove his strength after hell and taking on Lucifer, and prove himself to Dean with the trials. He even got to confront Lucifer this season and a few other demons.

What’s left for Sam to really do? What’s the point of giving Sam another “look how he suffers isn’t he so strong storyline.” (if they are) The character has done it all.

This is the problem that makes it hard to root for Sam. He isnt’ the underdog anymore. When things like the trials comes up its automatically Sam (confirmed by the writers. Dean wasn’t considered). When this episode description came up many people I guessed that it would end up being Sam saving the day half dead. Its exactly what happened.

I have not been a fan of the way they are writing Dean this year. I find the character far too passive. May times he seems like he’s just there while Sam does the lions share of the lifting. He’s been the “witness” Its like Dean’s lost his spark. The writers reduced him for this complex, multilayered, 3-D character to one that only worries about Sam and that he’s crap and only Sam matters.

We even had an entire episode written this season that seemed to be written just to tell us how awesome Sam is and how great it is to take care of him and how only he can do things.

Things like this make it hard to see Sam as the underdog.

When I watch Dean, I feel like in some ways the character has given up. There is this real air of hopelessnes about him. It’s a lot like s7. When they did the depression story line. At first I was intrigued because Dean’s mental state was always interesting to me, but it progressed exactly like I thought it would. They dumped more grief and guilt on him and then told him to suck it up and stop being a nancy.

I keep hoping it might be storyline related that we’ll find out his apathy is because Amara messed with him, but it sounds like the writers have no clue what they’re doing with that storyline. It speaks volumes when a huge plot point, like Amara not being able to take Dean’s soul, or deciding not to, that they are perfectly happy to let Dean decide.

If you really look at Dean’s storyline’s most of them set him up to fail. Going to hell, he broke and opened the first seal. With the nature of the show Lisa/Ben could only end with Dean leaving them or them getting hurt, taking on the mark it was only a matter of time before he gave into it.

Whether the writers realize it or not they did Dean a huge disservice at the end of Love Hurts. While I can admit their intent was to show Sam being supportive he really wasn’t. When someone feels like they can’t do something, doing it for them is one of the worst things you can do because it just reinforces the person’s belief. All the writers did here was tell Dean he wasn’t good enough. Being truly supportive is “I have faith in you Dean. I know you can act when the time comes.”
Another lesson about letting Sam go, (if the writers go that route) is only going to end in another failure for the character. Because we know that Sam will come back next season, probably have something wrong with him, which only increases Dean’s guilt and worry and make him cling tight to Sam again. Which is why this can only end in more character regression.

Whats the point of making the character learn this lesson (again) when we know it won’t stick.

Dean needs to gain some self esteem. The show never gives Dean a chance to confront his demons. They never give him that big moment to show his strength. If they have Sam been the chosen one again while Dean is a witness, again its just lather, rinse and repeat.

I think the character needs to get out of the rut he’s been in and move forward and come to realize that he matters as much as Sam. He needs that opportunity to prove himself.



alright listen up cute tmr friends!! today, i have a mission. that mission is to help newtmos lyca have a better chance of meeting ki hong!! it’s always an incredible thing to see your close friends meet their idols and i really want lyca to have that opportunity so i need your help!

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