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I've got a gr8 (very bad) anti theory for you

ok but,,,,,jack didn’t acknowledge the red lights…like…AT ALL….and red is associated with mark’s (dark’s) channel…..and jack liked someone’s reply on twitter that said “i wait for a danti collab jack” (danti = dark + anti)……and mark said he’s making something very special for 18 million that needs a lot of editing and work put into it…….which may have been a perfect excuse to post on the same day jack is planning on bringing anti back…..mark and jack were together in LA……ITS NEARLY 4 AM AND IM JUST FUCKIN SHOOK AT ALL OF THIS ANTI SHIT I SOUND STUPID DONT MIND ME
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“Don’t move! Yes, yes. That’s perfect, Nico. Hold that pose.”

Older Nico di Angelo commission for KelseyAh! I’m so happy I got to draw my boy, The Underworld Prince. Look at him, so clueless lol. Redbubble

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anonymous asked:

your neighbor aus are so cute!! can you do jun, jeonghan, and hansol please??

aww thank you!! sure, ill also add in dino to complete the neighbor!17 series ~

joshua, mingyu & seungkwan can be found (here) ~
wonwoo, hoshi & seungcheol can be found (here) ~
seokmin, woozi & minghao can be found (here) !~ 


  • you’re pretty sure you saw him in a movie once, but you’re not a hundred percent sure. everyone in the building is sure they’ve seen him on tv,,,,but was it a movie? a commercial? a show? no one ever truly finds out,,,,,
  • sometimes every1 is like “he looks too rich to be living here”
  • but tbh jun loves the attention like he won’t admit it outloud but please,,,,,,,he probably poses in the elevator ever so subtly and everyone is like oh my look at how handsome and in jun’s head he’s like ‘mhm this is my angle take it all in, i look great from a 45 degree tilt to the left’
  • jun is doing the most basically 
  • model walks in his plaid pajama bottoms and flip flops, bends and snaps when he throws out the garbage. you will nEVER catch him off guard
  • his apartment is pretty cool though because jun is the type to splurge. so like big TV,,,expensive blankets,,,,,,,probably one of those glass coffee tables that are super fancy and jun doesn’t even know he has expensive tastes it’s just like second nature to him 
  • oh and he has mirrors
  • like a lot of them
  • when will any of us reach this level of Self Confidence t b h
  • and you’re like pretty familiar with jun because photography is your hobby and he’s always asking you if you guys bump into each other if you can ever help him take some headshots since he wants to try out for modeling
  • like you always agree but halfheartedly because you’re not sure if you want to work with someone,,,,,,,,,,as high maintenance as he seems
  • but one day you get caught by jun coming back from the park where you took some photos and he’s like are you free now??? and you’re like mIGht as well get it over with,,,,,,,,,
  • so you tell him yes and that he should come over since you have some lighting equipment @ your place
  • and jun,,,,you notice as you’re setting up is a little fidgety. like he keeps looking at his reflection in his phone and biting back his lip and you’re like ???? i thought he was like super confident about his looks but he seems,,,,nervous 
  • and you’re like “are you ok?” and jun snaps out of it and desperately seems to try and hide his feelings with a sly looking grin and he’s like “of course~!”
  • and you ask him to sit and face forward and,,,,,he does but then he like tilts his head a bit and you’re like “i need you to look straight if you want me to get a good shot” and he’s like oh! sorry
  • and he does it but you can see his eyes flashing worry and you’re like “,,,,hey are you really ok?”
  • and jun laughs, again obviously hiding what he’s really feeling and he’s like “fine! i just don’t think i look too great if you see all of my face like this”
  • and you damn near drop your camera because what the HELL is he talking about and you even say it, like literally, you’re like what the hell are you talking about
  • and jun scratches the back of his neck and tries to wave it off but he’s like “i look the worst from the front, my angle and profile is way be-”
  • and you’re like picking your camera back up and you’re like “you look like a handsome actor up front, don’t even say something like that.” and jun looks at the lense and you snap a couple of photos then go over to show him 
  • and you’re like “look at your jaw, and your skin??? it’s a gorgeous color, softly tan,,,,and your eyes are so strong and distinctive?? your nose is like the perfect size! you don’t even need touch ups - you’re naturally stunning.”
  • and you don’t notice it but jun is looking up at you and his smile turns into a bit of a smirk and he’s like “you think im stunning?” 
  • and you’re like yes!! and his smirk gets bigger and he’s like “i think you’re pretty stunning too-”
  • and you’re like me???? what- but then you catch the smirk from the corner of your eye and you like playfully push his shoulder and tell him not tease
  • but jun shrugs and he’s like “what, it’s true. you’re very nice to look at too.”
  • and you brush it off, hiding your face behind your camera as you get ready to take more photos of him
  • but you know,,,,,,turns out he isn’t all that high maintenance,,,,,,,tbh he listens really well to you and you get a lot of shots
  • and as you’re both looking at them you feel jun’s hand sneak around your shoulder,,,,his body closer to yours but like,,,,,,,you don’t mind,,,,,,,i mean,,,,,,,,,,,,,who would mind lbr
  • jun insists that he should pay you back for taking his photo and you’re like it’s fine and then he’s like ‘ok, then let me just take you out on a date because i really really want to.’ and you’re like DONT joke about that but jun’s like im not joking????? let’s go on a date??? gorgeous people need to stick together you know~~~~


  • the neighbors call him ‘the perfect son-in-law’
  • because they want all their daughters to get married to him because he seems like the perfect man: good looks, good manners, good brains like WOW the whole damn package
  • and jeonghan is always so humble and modest about the nickname he’s like “marriage? oh im not ready” or “im nothing compared to your daughter”
  • (but in reality he’s just like lol please leave me alone i want to go home and take a nap. he’s just,,,,not saying that because that would be rude LOL)
  • he’s always really soft looking. like he never leaves the house with bed head, owns many warm looking sweaters, always reading some classic literature and seemingly listening to au clair de la lune 
  • just a real live fairy human,,,,angel,,,,,,,glowing force of beauty?
  • and his apartment is the same. like fight me on this but jeonghan would have some dried flowers hanging on his walls, paintings by like monet, a fuzzy white carpet, and like vintage looking furniture you’d feel like you were in a story book
  • and he like even set up a little corner of his apartment with a drawing easel,,,,,,,,like im talking instagram level aesthetic here
  • collects like ,,,, idk,,,,,,, little glass statues or something like bare with me it’s just so pretty because he’s so pretty
  • and you know him (how could you not) because every time you two leave at the same time he smiles kindly at you and you’re just like wow. this day? blessed
  • but one day you’re coming home and you’re in the wORST mood because of work/school plus you got soaked in the rain since your bus came late and you get into the elevator with jeonghan who smiles at you but you can’t even bring yourself to feel the usual happiness you do when he does that
  • and the elevator ride is slow up but then suddenly you feel something warm on your wet shirt
  • and it’s jeonghan putting his cardigan around your shoulders and he’s like “you can catch a cold walking around like that.”
  • and like holy shit an angel just touched you but also you’re like ,,,,, i,,,,,,i can’t take this from you
  • but jeonghan is like don’t worry, also make some tea when you get inside.
  • and you both split ways when the elevator door opens and you’re inside your apartment looking down at the cardigan in your hands and you’re like ?!?!?!?!?! what,,,,just,,,,,,happened
  • and the next morning you plan to return it but before you do you close the door and see a note stuck to the front and it reads ‘keep the cardigan. i hope you don’t get sick.’ and you’re like ,,,,,,,,,,, am i dreaming
  • but you hear another door unlock and you look over to see jeonghan again and you have no clue what to say because the most beautiful person on earth is being so sweet to you
  • and he smiles again when he meets your gaze and he’s like “glad you’re not sick” and you’re like “um,,,,thank,,,thank you for worrying about me?” and jeonghan shrugs and he’s like 
  • “ive always worried about you, you come home looking tired and i hope you’re not overdoing it.” and you can’t help but want to like d i e because,,,,w h a t,,,, he’s been worrying about you???? what kind of romance movie plot,,,,,
  • but then jeonghan leans a little closer and he’s like “if you feel sick, knock on my door. i have some medicine and ginger my mother sent over.” and you’re like ,,,,o,,,,,okay,,,,,,,
  • and jeonghan touches your cheek softly and heads for the stairs 
  • and you’re like am i imagining things or is,,,, ‘the perfect son in-law’ interested in me,,,,,,,
  • but no you’re not imagining things because jeonghan stops midway down the stairs and is like leaning against the wall because he’s happy you’re not sick but gOD he really just invited you over,,,,,,to his house,,,,the neighbor he’s liked for so long,,,,,,,,,,,,


  • tries to act cool and independent but always has to call over someone to kill any bugs he finds in his house
  • he’s got really bad luck because while he tries to look aloof and grown up he ends up tripping over things or walking into walls or getting himself stuck between the elevator doors and ,,,,,,,,, everyone in the building is like “he’s such a cute kid!” and vernon is like im NOT a kid,,,,,,,,,,,
  • but c’mon he once screamed because he thought the shadow of the neighborhood cat was a ghost
  • but this unconscious dorkiness is what makes him so lovable and everyone’s always asking him to say something in english and vernon is like “good morning” and everyone’s like WOW SKILL TALENT
  • the type to ride a scooter everywhere,,,,,,,,seungcheol passes by on his bike and is like ??? and vernon is like “scooters are the new Aesthetic”
  • has one of those cool beds that’s like a bunkbed but the top is the bed and the bottom is a desk area 
  • and he’s bought a lot of composing equipment and he has a collection of headphones and other cool things that pertain to music all around his apartment
  • and it isn’t that messy, but it’s all in dark tones like his little sister visits and always insists that vernon change his bed sheets from grey to like yellow and vernon is like ‘im a cool guy, cool guys don’t have yellow sheets’ and his sister is like uh huh ok
  • you actually don’t know vernon that well, but you know his sister because you work part-time at a grocery around the block from your building and when she visits vernon she always stops by to get food and complain a bit about how brother n EVER eats actual meals
  • and you think she’s the most adorable girl on this side of the planet so you always sneak in free ice-cream or candy for her 
  • and as you’re getting home from your shift one day, the elevator opens and there’s vernon and his sister and once she sees you she’s like !!!!!!! and drags vernon over to you and she’s like 
  • “i didn’t know you lived here too!!! this is the brother im always talking about, are you guys friends???” and you and vernon are both embarrassingly like not really,,,
  • and his sister pouts and she’s like “when im not around, can you take care of him for me? im worried he’s not getting enough sun and -”
  • and vernon coughs because sOFIA you’re embarrassing,,,,,me,,,,,
  • but you’re like “ok, i will!! good neighbors take care of each other ^^”
  • and vernon kind of tries hard to keep from turning pink when you ask if that’s ok with him and he’s like ,,,,,, sure anything to calm down my sister
  • and it’s funny because sofia is looking between you and vernon and she’s like 
  • “you’d look cute together you know, my brother is single-”
  • and vernon is like OOOO KA ay,,,,,,time to go nice talking to you neighbor bye bye
  • and you watch as he like dashes off and he’s like c’mon sofia but she stays back a bit and leans over like 
  • “i think he’s shy,,,,,he’s like that. but it’s a good sign, i think he’s interested too~~”
  • and you’re like oh my,,,,,,,
  • but also can you believe sofia. the real matchmaker mvp 


  • get mistaken for someone who doesn’t live alone, but who still lives with their parents because what???? you can afford to pay rent on your own?????
  • but tbh he’s quite independent, and a quick learner like ask any of the other seventeen neighbors who self taught themselves to make chicken tenders from scratch??? no one. except dino who learned from the nice grandma down the hall
  • sometimes gets in trouble for playing music too loud but he’s too cute for any1 to stay mad at for 2 long
  • can be spotted playing tag with the younger kids if their parents have to go get groceries or something, he gets a side job as a babysitter sometimes because kids love him???? he’s so good with them because he has so much energy??
  • his own apartment is a lot like him, it’s colorful and the most important thing is his speakers that are the only thing he keeps relatively clean. his desk is littered with clothes and notebooks and candy wrappers from late night snacks
  • has photos of his parents performances up on his wall and in his closet he has it separated into : dance costumes and normal clothes 
  • all his refrigerator magnets are in the shape of dinos,,,how cute
  • he practices dancing by himself late into the night so a lot of the time he ends up getting hungry and ordering pizza on a whim and,,,,,one day he gets a pizza but it’s like???? an extra large size because the orders got screwed up and dino is like: i cannot. finish this
  • and he considers calling vacuum cleaner hyung (minghao + mingyu) but it’s late so instead he’s like “maybe the neighbor will want some!!!”
  • that neighbor is you,,,,,he’s also up doing some late night work and when you hear the doorbell you’re like ?????? it’s 1 in the morning,,,,,is it a robber??? and you grab a nearby pot just in case but when you open the door slowly
  • you just see dino,,,,,with his kindhearted smile and a plate stacked with??? pizza slices
  • and he’s like “i don’t know if you like pizza, but i have a lot left over and i thought if you were awake you’d like some !!!” and he grins and puts out the plate and you’re like ???? but also,,,,,,,,pizza for FREE,,,,,,,yum yum
  • and you gladly accept and dino is like happy because he’s made you happy and for a second you two stand there a bit awkwardly and you’re like “do you want to come in?” and dino is like “well,,,,it’s late but we never properly introduced ourselves as neighbors so??”
  • and you’re like it’s fine come in sorry for the mess and you go over to your kitchen, dino following behind and you’re like “so why are you up at this ungodly hour?” and dino is like “im practicing!! i dance~” and you’re like OOOO show me 
  • and dino clears your sofa a bit and starts busting out all these cool moves and you’re eating pizza and clapping and you’re like encore!!! as a silly joke but he really does start doing another routine
  • and you’re like holy hell i never knew i lived next door to such a talented person!! 
  • and dino blushes red and he’s like “im still practicing, it’s just a hobby for now,,,,” but you’re like “seriously, you could be a PRO, you should try becoming an idol?”
  • and dino is like wHA,,,, i could NEVER and you’re like “you’d do great!! you’re a nice person, you dance well, and you’re cute!” and the word cute just makes dino scrunch up his nose,,,,,but he likes it and he’s like 
  • “maybe ill look around for some auditions!!” and you set down the pizza to give him a thumbs up and you’re like “once you become an idol, ill be your number one fan - i promise~” and dino is like alsfgkfsdkh don’t say that that’s so cheesy
  • but you’re like “you know what’s really cheesy? this FREE PIZZA”
  • dino: “good pun!!!!!!!!!!!”
  • you: “i know right!!!!!!”
  • you’re both laughing so damn hard you accidentally wake the other neighbors LOL 
the situation on bts’ colorism in the japanese magazine

this is a long post, however i believe theres lots to understand on this subject that cannot be dismissed. i have two disclaimers: first, please read until the end before criticizing because when i say i made an effort to include all views i mean it. second, there will be hetero references in this since the interview was about their ideal girl.. i apologize n i dont mean to assume their sexuality or anything.

there are three main parts to this; 1) lets understand the whole picture, 2) be fair and 3) for those who were hurt by the “interview” and to those who want to dismiss them (this is not patronizing, i really fucking sympathize here)

lets understand the whole picture

to begin, I’m pretty much positive they didn’t actually interview bts for the magazine… rather, they drew on old interviews for the magazine… i don’t think the members were actually involved in any way with this magazine specifically. there a few posts about this and i’ll like them, but the best was by @jkguks. they showed how each exact response was recycled from an old interview. the post can be found here. comments have also been made that this magazine is known for such moves in the past and that their credibility isn’t so great. @allforbts pointed out here that the magazine didnt have a photoshoot – they reused pictures from other sources – which probably indicates they didn’t have an actual interview; however this isn’t real evidence. in my own personal opinion i dont trust the person who posted the translations on twitter. yes the translations are correct as far as we all know, but what i mean is… i think she knew the interview was old/reused. everyone that asked about the interview’s date received no response from her. she even made a comment about how many followers shes gained. if she cleared up that the interview was old or reused then this whole thing would die out n she’d stop getting followers. anyway i find it suspicious but i could also just be reading too far into it. the whole point of this is that at this point we can pretty much conclusively say that the interview is recycled n this is not something they said recently. this is not to devalue the weight of their words because it still hurt a lot of people. old or new, getting told your skin color is “unideal” is painful. however we do wanna look at this because we at least now know that their status of “since educated on colorism and racism and now pretty pc/sensitive” is not going to be revoked! they’ve since educated themselves, that is still the truth. this is just the ugly past come to rear its head.

on the other end of understanding the whole picture, i’m going to make a sorta controversial statement. hopefully in fully explaining it, you all will get the full idea… but for the sake of k-armys who are getting attacked by intl fans constantly and also for the sake of perspective – which may lessen the blow of their words for those hurt by them – i need to say this. the concept of colorism is alive and well in korea… it just isn’t the same as it is in the west. in the west – for the most part – we are more ethnically/racially diverse while korea is almost entirely racially/ethnically homogeneous. so how does this effect the meaning of colorism? well because one of the largest identifiable traits when looking at the differences between the world’s races n ethnicities is skin color, race/ethnicity will always be tied to skin color, especially in really diverse areas. in the west where we are consistently exposed to different races/ethnicities as part of our daily lives, a preference of skin color holds not only colorist implications but also racist implications. if some mayo dude said “i think darker skin is ugly on girls” we can safely assume hes a racist fuck on top of being colorist. however, since korea is homogenous, there isnt any real racist implications. let me elaborate: korea has issues with being racist against other poc, however in an interview discussing ideal types where the ideal type is already assumed to be at the very basis korean (or maybe another east asian ethnicity if you’re stretching it), the statement on skin color is directed at people of their shared race. so how is this less problematic? it is still problematic definitely – i’d like to make this clear – but in korea, the concept of skin color amongst koreans as a beauty standard isnt racially or ethnically motivated and therefore its more akin to saying “i prefer blue eyes over brown eyes on white girls” because they’re discussing a physical variance within their own race. in the end, it’s still colorist, but please try to understand that in korea the remarks arent as horrible. they still shouldn’t say that, and really, any discussion of skin color preferences is ugly, but it’s extremely important to be considerate of korean culture. intl fans forget constantly that we are guests to korean culture. if you were invited to someones house you wouldnt bust in there feeling entitled n doing whatever the fuck you want. you’d try and respect their rules and how they run their home. if you had a problem with something there, you’d politely ask them to accommodate you, explaining why that accommodation was necessary. you wouldnt fucking trash them for not having their house already equipped to your preference. thats incredibly selfish. this is the same way. you are guests to this culture, and while you shouldnt allow colorism to continue, this theme of entitlement amongst intl fans – especially when we have done very little to respect their culture; we demand they understand ours while continually paying theirs no regard – is really shamefully. i ask that people reading this do their best to be more considerate in the future. not everything is black n white… lots of things have grey area and we can afford to be more socially conscious. im pretty sure most k-fans have it about up to here dealing with koreaboos criticizing their culture… 

be fair

this is a short statement but i need to remind you all that most of the members were problematic in that interview and if you are only trashing namjoon you need to fucking stop. you are allowed to offended, of course – i was pretty bothered too seeing how im the opposite to namjoons ideal in every way, my bias who i’d fucking die for – but if your whole focus is “namjoon this and namjoon that” than youre being a biased ass and im gonna need you to sit down. if youre going to be mad, by all means, be mad, but dont fucking pretend the other members said nothing wrong. im sick of people pretending every member but namjoon is perfect and unproblematic. present day he’s probably the most un-problematic member since educating himself on racial issues, feminism, n lgbtq rights, making himself an advocate for them all while idols remain silent…. hmm…. but keeping pushing that “problematic member” agenda sure. yeah lets pretend the facts dont exist ok

for those who were hurt by the “interview” and to those who want to dismiss them

fans who read through the interview n realized they kinda fit their bias’ ideal type – esp in terms of skin color – please don’t make comments on how people need to “get over this”. for many fans, especially non light skinned poc, this really hurt. not only as a “i don’t fit my bias’ ideal type” but also as a betrayal of trust. many non light skinned poc have experienced some type of discrimination for their skin color and many had their sense of self confidence fucked over for it. its not just a “you dont think darker skin is beautiful, aw :(” its more of a, “you are someone i love and support and the fact that you’d call my skin color less attractive – the skin color for which i’ve had to struggle to find my own confidence in – just like so many others, feels like betrayal”. its really hurtful. so don’t be dismissive. you don’t understand. this isnt your discussion, im sorry.

and lastly, to the fans who were hurt by the interview. im sorry boo. im sorry that the industry you support continues to hurt you. im sorry someone you decided to love and support made you feel like that. please remember that the ideal type is such a flimsy concept. they really dont mean anything. those questions were grossly specific n they were so unnecessary, but at the end of the day, they are still made up preferences. the boys wouldn’t find you unattractive for not meeting the bits on their checklist – fuck no. attraction just doesnt work like that. no one falls in love with the person that hit everything on their little “ideal type” checklist. honestly, if you asked me to describe my ideal type n i just listed shit off the top of my head, it probably wouldnt add up to namjoon…. but in every way namjoon perfect to me. im fucking whipped. this is the same. dont take their ideals to heart, dont feel like anything on you needs to change. you are exactly the way you need to be, and dont ever let some guys “ideal type” make you feel any less. n if anyone every tries to tell you that you’re failing to meet their beauty standards… fucking kick them. fcuk them seriously. dont let this shit effect your self confidence. gross comments like that dont deserve a thought in your head

  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: i don't understand why yousana didn't talk together during the entirety of that party, its so unrealistic???+???? and why hasn't yousef absolute desperate dork acar contacted her yet, i mean he could clearly understand the connotations behind that smile when right before she was talking to noora??+?+ and are we seriously supposed to believe that sana after hearing that the guy she cRIED over thinks they're soULMATES, isn't going to take ANY sort of action=00+?+? we're on ep 9 already and they havent had a real conversation since ep 4 and time is running OUT and at this point yousana isnt even a slowburn its pure TORTURE and i NEED MY YOUSANA FIX its been way too long and i dont get why julie is torturing us like this i neED TO SEE MY BABY SOULMATE DORKS TALKING AND CONNECTING AND REALIZING THAT THEY'RE PERFECT TOGETHER BECAUSE THEY ARE

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you should honestly try harder with your english it's quite shitty

Honestly english is my third language, I also draw, sing, am an actor, I’ve also won a free college cause Im so damn smart that I didnt need to pay for it, I am also VERY successful in every fucking thing I do. 

 So I need to ask for you, AMAZING PERSON THAT CAN WRITE ON ENGLISH RIGHT to fuck yourself :D Come here and talk to me in my three languages and I may take you seriously.

 I SHIT to english. It is not the most amazing-perfect-beautiful language in the world. Is not my obligation to know it perfectly. I DONT CARE :D I only speak english here cause most of the guys here speak english cause it is MORE EASY (you can read my language is harder for you to learn).

 You ppl are really arrogant, u really think non natives should not just speak your language but also do it perfectly. Guess what, GO YOU AND LEARN SOME LANGUAGES LAZY ARROGANT ASS :D

 You should honestly try harder with yourself, you are not half of me, its quite shitty. 

im really worried about dan. like i constantly worry about him bc he used to be so sad and i just sit and worry sometimes that hes angry at us shipping phan or if hes eating enough or if hes taking care of himself or if he hides razors from phil and covers cuts and is silently sad like 2009 dan.  and i know this sounds so stupid but i just care so much and i dont want him to ever be sad or upset or anything but happy. and i know he says hes happy but ive seen so much hate recently towards him and phil and it just makes me think how much of it he lets get to him and i just hate not knowing if hes ok or just puts on a smile for the camera. and if he sees this (doubt it)  please know, we love you no matter’ll always be special to us and you dont need to change at all becasue you’re perfect. and i know that im over thinking this but when its someone close to your heart and someone that has changed and saved your life, you worry a little bit

happy pokemon day everyone!! we’ve come a long way since generation 1, and i cant wait for future generations for even bigger adventures!! :3


Oh, oh, oh, sir, I cannot.
- What, my lord?
Make you a wholesome answer.


See this kid here? This is RICKY FUCKING ULLMAN. He was the ORIGINAL DISNEY CHANNEL BAE. Let me educate y'all on this motherfucker right here okay he was Phil in Phil of the future an ICONIC Disney channel show about a family from the future who travels through time and gets stuck in our time aka 2004 and they had fucking BROWNIES IN A CAN and PENNY ROCKETS and FOUR TOES AND THEY WERE FUCKING RAD. This iconic star of my time also starred as Roscoe in the LEGENDARY DCOM pixel perfect where he played a genius geek child who created ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE TO BE THE LEAD SINGER OF HIS BAND BC THE OTHER LEAD SINGER COULDNT DANCE. ICONIC. (Then the other chick tried to live up to the AIs performance and cartwheeled off the stage and fell into a coma and the AI took over her body for a while it was lowkey dark as shit)
Ricky Ullman was the ORIGINAL Peyton Meyer and Ross Lynch and even predates the biggest heart throb in the history of Disney channel early zAC EFRON. MY GUY RICKY WAS THE OG Y'ALL. Let me tell you when I was seven years old and I first saw his fine ass in that time machine my world was shook. THE ENTIRE WORLD WAS SHOOK AT THE FIRST GLIMPSE OF THIS ICON OF OUR TIME. Every kid was in love with him and we were all lowkey hoping Phil would make us part of his future.
I don’t know why at 2:30 am at night I felt the need to educate the masses on the ICONIC Ricky Ullman but i did. It’s a thing. A tribute to an ICON. A LEGEND.

My Top 11 (again)

after i’ve gotten to know the trainees and because after the third elimination my heart has shattered and I can only hope to painfully piece together the people whom I hope will debut

(kind of in an order but at this point how picky can we be)

1. Park Jihoon // 박지훈 // ‘99 // poppin dancer // level headed and calm // decent rapper // visuals // jEOjang and neon shoelaces

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2. Kang Daniel //강다니엘 // ‘96 // excellent dancing and rapping // able to take care of his dongsaengs // cute laugh // charismatic // not over harry pote yet

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3. Ong Seongwoo // 옹성우 // ‘95 // dancing mAniac // meme // strong vocals especially for someone who specialises in dance // unique voice // clap the SLATE

4. Kim Jaehwan // 김재환 // ‘96 // knetz do you want your main vocal?? // selfie king // individual trainee like hOw //  mature yet funny // how can he not debut tbh

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5. Park Woojin // 박우진 // ‘99 // dude this dancing MACHINE // suWEg and unique rapping // off stage charisma tbh // on stage charisma tbh // that serious member that judges the rest but then joins in on the stupidity

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6. Kim Jonghyun // 김종현 // ‘95 // national universal leader // patient and caring // looks like a pure bean // but then he raps // a true gentleman // rapping so good im sh00k // ur not balding jonghyun dont worry

7. Ha Sungwoon // 하성운 // ‘94 // a strong vocal this group needs // give him some justice this guy is so talented // a strong dancer too // well rounded overall

8. Kim Samuel // 김사무엘 // ’02 //  perfect expressions // english speaker (for intl fans) // an amazing young dancer // a voice that catches attention // stage charisma on point // oH My GOD

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9. Bae Jinyoung // 배진영 // ‘00 // cute and dorky // unique yet strong voice // hard working // reverse charms on stage // VISUALS MAN // stable vocals // the deep in winkdeep

10. Hwang Minhyun // 황민현 // ‘95 // talented vocalists // calm and quiet // yet a beast on stage // centre for never i ded // seems to be knowledgable on where talent lies and can help the other members // truly CEO hwang

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11. Ahn Hyeongseop // 안형섭 // ‘99 // one of the best stage expressions imo // not given enough credit for his dancing skills // charismatic // would do well on variety shows // fan service galor // roses4u

Honorable Mentions (aka the gems knetz missed that im salty af were eliminated):

Takada Kenta

can i just emphasize how devastated i am that he’s out

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Hong Eunki

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Yeo Hwanwoong

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Kim Donghyun

Originally posted by ong-seungwoo

Kim Yongguk

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Noh Taehyun

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Lee Woojin

he’s tbh too young but i would have liked to heard more of his angelic voice

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may 7, 2017 // happy may!!!

i haven’t been journaling in a while bc of all my dance classes and trips. but i finally had free time and im so happy with how my spread is starting out to be like!!

ive been watching movies more often this week bc i needed some happiness back into my life and movies are the perfect remedy;; is it bad that yesterday was only the first time i ever watched the notebook?? haha my friends were so shocked!

ANYWAYS thanks so much for over 2.7k followers @-@ thats amazing! i wanna give advice and just tell u guys to listen to music that makes u feel good and brings back good memories, rewatch some of your favorite feel-good movies and shows and dont forget to rest when u can 💝 its been helping me out so much to do so.


munday bullshit !!


im haider lol i live in the uk and im 17. just looking for new mates across the world - preferably around my age :))

basc rly wanna find new friends to have fun convos w and get to know lol - i promise i can provide some humour and will be there as a shoulder to cry on if u need it <333

rly dont care about sexuality/religion/race so anyone can feel comfortable talking to me !! i have no preference from any country but i can only speak english :(( i will try and leanr a bit of ur language tho!!

tbh my perfect penpal is just someone who is as dreamy and lost as i am, i dont really take life too seriously at all and someone who can be rly jokey at some points and then rly deep at others would be mad cool. 

i dont mind tryna send letterS?? but my handwritin is kinda shit tbhhh hahahaha

also i luv anime and films n stuff

top 3 films: la haine, ocean waves and midnight in paris (check them out !!)

anyways yh ive said a lot of useless shit but pls dont be shy hahaha

tumblr: haiduh

instagram: haiduh


ill c u in my inbox

safe x 

yknow how theres tons of posts of rogue in a wedding dress as a joke

consider: (non-binary) rogue wearing a wedding dress to their wedding totally seriously

shopping w/ yukino and minerva and having them help rogue make sure they look perfect and glowing

sting fucking sobbing at the altar because they look beyond beautiful (and they’re in white, what a plus)

rogue feeling more beautiful and special than ever in their whole life

b y e

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can you do an astro reaction to their foreign s/o having to go back to their home country and they don't know if they will ever come back✨ thanks you!

YAYAYA AN ASTRO REQUEST! I’m so happy they are my favorite babies xjccbzzsthuj

note: I knowww I’m being slow with requests I’m going to get a bunch posted today, promise!

Anywayss, here ya go!~


  When you tell MJ, you can see his entire world shatter, just by looking at his eyes. He would hold your hands, and look you hopefully.

“B-but why? Why do you have to leave me?” His voice would shake with every word he said.
“Y-you have to come back, right?” He’d say, grabbing your face. “Y/N?”

“I-I don’t know Mj” You would respond.

He would stop himself from getting upset, And just hold your face with both hands gently, brushing the hair behind one of your ears.

“And that’s okay… we’ll get through this.”

He will say, tears in his eyes at the thought of losing you.

i got really soft with this my soft mj baby

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  Jinjin would stare off into space, lost in his own thought. You could see the gears turning in his head, as he thought of any way he could possibly fix this, anything that could keep you from walking away. After a few moments, he would sit you down, and motion you to lay with him. You would lay on the couch, body meld with his own, staring at the ceiling.

“Jinjin, say something, please.” You plea.
“..I love you.. no matter where you are.”

plsno plsno plsno plsno

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  After you told Eunwoo, he would be heartbroken, but he’d be more so trying to let you depend on him in a such a tough situation. He would pull you to his chest, where you’d grab handfuls of his shirt, and just cry. After you settled down, you pulled away, only to see tears streaming down his own cheeks. He’d give you a soft smile, and kiss you on your forehead. He wanted you to realize everything was gonna be fine. If he never saw you again, it’d be hell to him. But he just wanted to know you were safe, and happy.

“Please smile for me..”

perfect time to use this gif bye

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  Moonbin would be distraught, in a way that was more towards the world than anyone in particular. Why did you have to leave? Why was there a possibility you couldn’t see him again? His world would crumble, and he would struggle to find a way to fit the pieces back together.

“But is there anyway you could stay?” “What can I do to fix it?”-

“You don’t want to leave me, do you?”

“Oh course not, Bin.” You respond.

“Then please, stay here with me..”


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  Rocky has a big heart, yet he is strong. Once you told him you would have to leave him, and return to your country, he would remain silent. He would grab you and hold you to his chest, and stroke your hair in utter silence. Rocky would want to cherish the time he had left with you, there didn’t need to be words. He needed to feel you, and remember your smell, how your body felt, and your warmth. He wanted to hold on to those feelings. He needed something to know you were real, and not just a perfect dream, that he could never see again after waking up. When it was time for you to depart, he would hold your face, and caress every festure on your face before bring your face to his for a deep kiss.

“If you dont come back, please don’t forget me.” Because he will never forget you.


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  Sanha is very young, and he tends to let his emotions get the better of him. Sanha would be a crying mess the whole time going to your departure. It would tug on your heart to see the tears streaming down his face, and to hear his pleas.

“You can’t leave yet!” “There’s so much I wouldn’t to do with you!” “How will I smile again without you?”

  The moment you had to leave, they would have to pry him from your arms. He loved you, he never wanted to let go of you. You were his first love. omg that reference please kill me i will cry stop


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I'm in a bit of a sad mood and wondering, do you know of any ml fics where marinette and adrien don't end up together/sad ones? i need to wallow

oh no im sorry!! :(

in case you didnt see yet, heres @ladrieneds list of fics so ill rec stuff that isnt on that one. 

heres a Mix of Fics (including lots of mine bc they were the easiest to find?? i hope you dont mind). feel free to ask for more!! and i hope you feel better soon <3 <3

(ive got more sad ones than on this list, but a lot of them have mari and adrien together at some point. if youd like them lmk) 

  • perfection rusts with age (sad fic) - adrien freaks out because his dad is coming home soon and his room isnt clean 
  • making it work - adrien designs fashion in secret with the support of his internet friend ladybug
    hints at a crush but it doesnt come to anything
  • already home - mari, alya, adrien, and nino are long distance internet friends
    mention of crush, dont get together
  • position and time (sad fic) - adrien has a bad night and goes for a run as chat
  • there’s no crying in marching band - everyones in marching band and thats kind of it
  • nightmares are two steps from reality (sad fic) - adrien has nightmares about ladybug dying 
  • traditions - adrien and alya experience the miracuclass’ hot chocolate chugging contest for the first time (christmas fic) 
  • zucchini by @ladyserendipitous - adrien and marinette are queer platonic partners 
  • what the cat dragged in by kryal - a marvel/ml crossover where tony, natasha, and clint are in paris and run into everyones fav superduo 
  • a trail of breadcrumbs by @matchaball - a really sweet fic about adrien and marinette and food and yeah its just great and makes me happy
  • sleepy cuddles by quicksilversquared - adrien and marinette cuddle and there are some core four shenanigans 
  • silver over everything by seejessroar - mari cant find her makeup
  • over-familiar by gemiinous - based on that one caprette comic where adrien puts his hands over marinettes eyes and she thinks hes chat noir

im sorry i dont have more!!! especially ones that arent mine but i dont read a ton of ml fic atm and also i havent found as much gen fic as id like. if anyone else has any fic recs that fit the anons requests feel free to add on!!!