im not perfect

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Can you give me any tips for improving anatomy? ヽ(´o`;

feshdefishfsdk idk honestly i’m so bad at giving adviceses sorry ?!?!?! but  im practicing from online clothes stores sometimes 

there are so many good tutorials out there : /

I’m just going to say that putting Kendrick and Rebel together for press might’ve been not such a good idea.

And not because of sendrick hell no.

But because they literally don’t give any fucks.

You put Capitan Kendrick and Second on Command Wilson of the S.S. Bechloe and you expect nothing to happen?

Universal just dig your graves already

When Infinity War comes out if someone doesn’t make one of those dramatic AF and very emotional 10 Year Anniversary Videos of all the greatest moments of the MCU and it’s characters set to the wonderful epic fan video classic “How Far We’ve Come” by Matchbox Twenty I am going to be very disappointed in all of us, collectively, as a fandom.


this is too fucking funny god i watched it 5 times already


Christmas came early. Mom and Dad just did a duet together and it is Perfect (literally)


we all held hands
and all 6 of us with two feet worked together,
so that no one would fall
and we were ready to run again
,” - #151115WithBAP


For you. Merry Christmas.