im not orginal

happy 420 connor day

i cant believe the greasy boi is growing up yall


we know hunk has a family he misses but we know nothing about them so i took the matter in my own hands



707 thinks Santa is a spy and tbh he’s persuasive

I can feel you holding me, yet you’re not here.

CLYDE: “You know, I’ve seen a few of you guys mention mean anons, but I still don’t know what exactly happened.”
CLYDE: “I wonder if I can find them in here—“

CRAIG: “Hey dude, I’m done. We should probably hit the hay soon, I’m exhausted.”
CLYDE: “Hey Craig, do you mind if I ask something?”
CRAIG: “Shoot.”
CLYDE: “….”
CLYDE: “Where are you sleeping?”
CRAIG: “…?”

CRAIG: “The floor? I don’t want to punch your broken arm or something in my sleep.”
CLYDE: “Oh. Haha. Alright then.”
CLYDE: “I’ll go ahead and turn off your computer dude.”

160103~ [TRANS/Jimin]              Q: Jiminie can't do agyeo verbally so please write it out!!    A: Aing. Euhong (they’re sound effects)

(cr.+ trans.)

it’s late at night but you’re on my mind 

it’s been over a year since we last spoke

i wonder if you think of me just like i do you

when i’m feeling so alone

i wonder if you’re happy 

if you’ve achieved all you wanted

i wonder if you ever want to catch up

put all our feelings behind us and start anew

i know that’s not possible

but where’s the harm in hoping

we’re both different people now

but maybe somewhere we are both happy

in a different time maybe

i’d like that to be true

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What it's like to hold each signs hand
  • Aries: Exciting, they'll make the first move, confidently taking a hold of your hand and then acting very nonchalant about it, even though inside they're dying of excitement.
  • Taurus: Joyous, you won't expect them to make the first move so when they do, it feels like the world is spinning with surprise and joy.
  • Gemini: Epic, they'll grab your hand and pull you close as though they're about to kiss you but instead they'll just interlace your hands and keep walking with a big smile on their face.
  • Cancer: Romantic, they'll be making nervous conversation trying to distract you from their hand slowly reaching towards yours.
  • Leo: Fluttery, as their hand touches yours you'll feel butterflies fluttering through your entire body.
  • Virgo: Magical, when a Virgo takes your hand for the first time there's no going back, it's the most magical feeling of all.
  • Libra: Playful, they'll lean towards you and rest their hand on yours and flutter their eyes at you waiting for you to take hold of their hand.
  • Scorpio: Pleasant, they'll brush against you a few times till they feel comfortable enough to grab hold of your hand, and then they'll walk confidently with you by their side.
  • Sagittarius: Giggly, you'll be blushing brightly when they take your hand, they'll make you giggle with glee.
  • Capricorn: Intense, they won't have doubts when they take your hand they'll do it confidently and they'll do it knowing how nervous they make you with their confidence.
  • Aquarius: Lovely, they'll take your hand into theirs and look over at you with the most charming smile you'd ever seen.
  • Pisces: Sweet, they'll be so cute about, like when you want to kiss someone and you look at their eyes and then their lips but instead they look at your eyes and then your hand.
  • Use your Venus sign as well!